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8.Artiya (3)

The wealthy Laputa was originally a rare Calatus, and was at the center of the labyrinth in the underworld, wandering the skies of the 50th floor stage as the manager Uvala disappeared.

It would have been nice if you could hide yourself with your own stealth capabilities.

However, even I was certain that once the built-in magical power was exhausted, the stealth function would disappear or fall to the center of the stage.

Fortunately, many other functions still seemed to be functioning properly and there was nothing wrong.

['Wings of Fire Activate'] [The wind of the 'Wacholine' helps to float and fly.] The bee begins to drift back to the Laputa, its wings flapping widely. Then the winds blown by Yiddishan helped me fly fast.

The wind is not soft to Abraham, Galilee and Edora. Mage Castle was told to wait downstairs, so they didn't try to follow, but they all kept their eyes open.

Abraham ran small while landing on Musahira Futa along the pond.

“There are many strange things about the First Lord of the Demon King and King of the Demon King, but the first of them is the Wave Ship. What a mysterious wind.How the hell did you pull that off?” “That's how it happened.” To prevent Sada from escaping, the wavy line, which was ripped out by Hades' mandrake sword, was someday fully synchronized with the lily.

[Wacholine (Partial)] Classification. Two-Handed Weapons Deg • Si Description: The debt given as a wedding gift to his wife Nakhon Wong, the First of the King of Dongju.

It is a legend that the wind blows once, the wind blows twice, and the wind blows three times. The more it blows, the more powerful the wind is.

However, at present, this wavy line is significantly weaker in power than the one that ripped off part of the original.

You get a deep affection from nature's phenomenon, 'Ram. Just what you possess naturally increases the movement speed of the wind, and with a higher level of skill, skills close to power are naturally opened.

This option cannot be verified because it is not genuine. However, some openings may be possible depending on skill level.

This option is never available as it is not authentic.

Though what Yeon brought was only part of the real waveline.

But this alone was a tremendous accomplishment.

“Thanks to the appetite stone, right? Seek him out, but he might be of some help.

Abraham carefully looked at the wind with the eyes of a curious scholar. I quickly realized that the source of the magic that draws the wind was the Wise Man's Stone beside the heart of the storm.


"My stone! Give me my do-ol! Give it up!" Suddenly, in the minds of Yeonwoo and Abraham, there was a lamentation of the emperor of food.

Although he cried out in agony, his consciousness was still as clear.

“What a noisy guy. The others did, too.

Even after joining the soul collection. Ha! Is he still King Eun King? ”Abraham laughed in vain.

In fact, besides the emperor himself, the soul collection was a very noisy opponent because of Magnus and Tom.

Becoming a creature, becoming mortal, how could you commit such atrocities! "Please! Please untie me! I will do whatever it takes. In fact, the souls that were killed or absorbed by Yeonwoo were often possessed by the power of the Black King and their selves were destroyed by the placenta.

However, the dead kings, in Abraham's words, were seldom losing their ego, as if trying to show how they could rule at the top of the tower.

Rather, I'm hovering like a jerk trying to get out of here alive.

However, every time Yeon-woo saw such creatures, she only smiled as if it was unfair.

They were already in control of themselves, and the more they endured, the more they suffered.

My diol "The most persistent thing in particular was the dietary emperor. I couldn't easily conceive of how much my soul had grown while holding the female adra.

“If I had the slightest mind, I would take care of my dying people before the stone.

Choi said, "There is no such thing in Abraham's eyes.

Even at this moment, the Blood Castle was on fire, and the souls of the players of the bloodline were being consumed by the monsters inside.

He must know that, too, but instead of worrying about his children or the people, he keeps stoning them like a parrot.

“But isn't there something we can use?” [The power enslaved in the throne of the Four Kingdoms, 'The Inferno' has been manifested "Aaaaah!" Please, stop! Will you stop it! Aaaah! "Gaaaah! Help! Help me! Or Zari, kill him!" The throne of the four kings is the god who rules over death and the commandment.

Of course, some of them did not listen or had the power to govern the souls who had accumulated a lot of sins in their lives.

[Purgatory Grade: Explanation of Power: Burn the spirit's business with the scare that was pulled out of hell and draw out grudges, grudges, and grudges to use it as an energy source.

Usually you can use it in the form of a magical institution that sacrifices a possessed soul to draw out its magical power in an emergency.

I had already taken two adra stones, so I was using them in a different direction because I didn't have to work my magic.

In this form of torturing souls who do not listen.

This will make it easier for them to read their thoughts. I was able to choose and use only the useful information in it.

High-quality information that kings have. Each clan house was able to locate the coordinates of the outer space, a secret warehouse, etc. It was all thanks to purgatory that the overweight were able to move to find the blood country and Elohim, respectively.

Besides, it was very effective at pulling out the Hidden Piece that only they knew about.

Yeongwoo was able to reconsider the attacking methods of steps forward and without any dogs, integrating with hidden pieces that her brother had learned through various privileges.

But the thing I like the most.

"The mystery of the soul is solved. 'I strangled my soul, and ironically, I was deepening my understanding of the soul.

In the meantime, Yeouido has the power of the King of Questions, but she only thinks of using the dead souls as tools. She can't even analyze the eleven won.

But the story changed as the abyss opened.

Freeing the soul means you can explore various ways of using it, but after dealing with king-class souls as much as you want, various experiments were possible.

What structure the soul is made of, what mechanisms the remaining self operates on the soul, and what patterns the cognitive and thinking systems work on. It seemed to open up mysteries that were taught by Abraham at university, encountered with the knowledge of the dragon, but not completely understood.

After using it as an experimental ingredient and your ego completely disintegrates, you can throw it to Sanon or Han to drive growth again.

They were a useful resource that could not be disgusted in any way.

“Sometimes I get a glimpse of what you're thinking, and I get why Sanon sings so much about personality, personality, and song.” Abraham dismissed the link with his soul collection while reading the thoughts of the brothel and smiling deeply.

Yeon-woo smiled.

“It's useful.

“Yes. That should do it. Researchers don't have to worry about their problems. Haha!" Abraham chuckles.

In fact, even if I do this, I still have the same worldview as Yeon-woo. He only opens his heart to Yeonwoo and Cesar. He doesn't mind anyone else's sacrifice for the sake of exploration.

“I see.” Abraham stops smiling, his eyes narrow. “Is Calatus still not responding?” Yeon-woo nods quietly.

“Yes, I think the loss of the soul itself is great.” “That's the worst part.” Abraham tasted it.

After the fall of Calatus, Yeon uses Hades' edict to absorb Calatus' corpse as well.

Thanks to this, the body was able to achieve remarkable growth again.

Calatus' soul, which is truly the most important, could not be restored properly.

Since he had been enslaved by the chaos that crawled around, his soul had already become empty as if it were going to fade away, and even if he wanted to force his memory to be restored after feeding it, he had to stop at risk as if it had quickly been destroyed.

“We'll have to find another way later.” “We should.

Calatus still has a lot to figure out. Yeon is determined to somehow restore Calatus' soul.

If we analyze and enlighten our souls with purgatory, we may find a way. If not, I was vaguely hoping that a new path would be opened if I learned more about the power of the king of vaguely.

“More than that, Yeon-woo smiles once more, sweeping around.

As the ruins fall, a laputa catches my eye.

A place where Calatus was forcibly summoned and then messed up. It seemed like it would take quite a lot of time and resources to restore it to my brother.

There seems to be quite a lot of infection in the crawling chaos. 'There are more mystics left in the Crawling Chaos than the energy of Calatus. I wondered if this place really should be called the Dragon Ray or a shrine in honor of God.

Maybe if it had been a little later, it would have completely fallen into the hands of the crawling chaos.

'Cleanse before restore.

Yeongwoo narrowed her eyes quietly.

'There's nothing I can do.' Yeon-woo thinks we should slowly restore. Wave your hand gently into the air [A new user attempts to access the operating system.] [System recognizes new users.] [Check for carrots (Ubala).] [New user registered [Welcome, # # #.] The operating system that dominated Laputa came under the control of the pond according to the awareness of the carpenter. User registration was very simple because there was already a record that was recognized as the new owner of the maze.

Now, like the Dungeon of Wealth, Laputa can be easily handled at any level.

It was the birth of Rare's new master.

[By the user's authority, the passageway to Arniya's Klan 1 House will be opened.] Using the setting permission, Yeouido opened the passageway to Clan House, which had been hidden in the deepest part of La Fuda.

As I stepped inside the portal, the surrounding light changed, and there was a large level and large house in front of me.

Before it was actually built, the Clan House in Artiya was designed for the thorough condition management and welfare of the clan members.

Laboratories, Archives, Warehouses, Armories, Rest Rooms, Rooms, Training Grounds.

Each compartment was as distinct as needed, and within it was a private space for each clan member.

It was originally an outer space, designated by different coordinates than Laputa.

After all the clan members left, Jung returned to Laputa, where his memories of Calatus were, and set the coordinates for Clan House here, which has been continuing until now.


The infection has progressed this far. 'Whether crawling chaos had already infiltrated the center of Laputa or even Glen House was mostly a blackened opponent, the mysterious power of the wandering chaos was shaking like a living creature and completely cutting off the intruder's approach.

“If you come any closer, you'll be eaten.” “It already has its own spirituality.” Abraham frowned, looking at the ominous wiggling spirit. Edora frowned, looking at the power of the shore.


74 7 `The spirit sensed Yeongwoo, and slowly began to approach this way. Occasionally, I opened my jaw and showed my teeth and prepared to stretch out my tentacles.

“I'll erase it quickly.” Abraham stepped forward as he slowly pulled out the Book of Mars, Galilee's bow and Edora.

Yeongwoo also swings the beagrid to the side.

[The power of the Four Thrones, 'The Terrorism of Hell' is exercised.] [& Naturalization 'attributes are added!] The blazing flames of hell roam through the earth. Mixing the fireworks here, the black flame ignites the mysticism in an instant.

As the purification is done, the power of the wandering chaos is scattered to ashes.

Watch it, watch it, watch it! [Hades' Sword of Ritual Sword absorbs the power of crawling chaos!] When Yeongwoo reaches out her left hand and absorbs the remnants of mysticism. I slowly began to open the road.