Second Life Ranker

10. Artiya (5)

I know that the things she is discussing right now are not 0/to Jungwoo who is curving/because she has a letter with 0/to console me/uh/g/nothing.


It was as much as 0/horse.

g/Anne 20111;//, Seventeen-wook letter was starting so fast.

Coden Marquette was a quote/bird of 7.

“Bakok?” I had no idea.

Jiaying! Even the crowd watches were shaking violently.

Yeongwoo had to squeeze the clock tightly to soothe it: In fact, Bakok was the largest shareholder with Viera Dun in the fall of Artiya and her brother's death.

The one who secretly fed the 'Eye of Crimson Flame', a poison his brother couldn't heal.

The process that led to addiction was also cruel and intimate.

Bakok took a slow dive for a long, long time to make sure he never noticed.

That's why he was addicted to the crotch rain like he was getting his clothes wet, and then he collapsed.

He felt something was wrong after the poison had already invaded his bone marrow and became impossible to decipher.

It was around that time that his condition dropped and his nerves became sharp rapidly.

It was the main cause of the dismantling of Artyria, but the problem is.

'I haven't heard from him since.

Bakok hides his tracks silently as his brother collapses. And since then, there's no way to find out where he went or where he went.

You're telling Valdivi his name? “Aren't you going to plant the tackles?” BeÖ/Le/is really 74 words without aura. It was George 77b with Clan, the girl who was playing Poole for a long time.

Pyeongjoo/Different/Up was a day. It was a zero/moment moment day for me to master heights.


It was a desperate word for me who didn't know who the symbiotic Naga was.

I didn't even think of that.

It was right there/I was leaning toward cooking something.

BeÖ/Le/has always been a mere braid with a plain look on his face.

“A trifle smaller than the 77.” That arm is nothing but a stump.

B/w/i/i 52449; h 7/g//.

Baldevich has always had a lot of confusion about his identity.

Giants, non-humans, half-blurry.

Of course, as there are so many planetary origins and species, it was the world of the tower that there was nothing special about blending.

But the conflict that Valdivich was facing was different from that.

He wasn't as smart as Humans, and he wasn't as determined as Giants. Not immortal, not immortal. I don't belong anywhere.

However, since he was a descendant of a Giant tribe that had been known to have been destroyed for a long time, he had to receive a lot of attention since his arrival.

Baldevich has always been troubled and traumatized.

And most of all,

Baldevich had no idea where he was from.

There were still some fuzzy childhood memories. A house with a large garden, brothers and friends who were playing a prank together, and parents who saw themselves and whispered and laughed.

But when I try to think about it, my parents' work was never drawn as if the shadows had been lost. What memories I had were like cloudy fog.

It was around the time I was 5 years old that I still had a specific memory.

When he forced his grandfather, who had declared himself 'rented house', to practice the basic physiology of the Giants ( f ⁄ 26689;) and speculation (Fee 39722; Martial Arts).

Grandfather remained totally different from the parents who felt sorry for them.

I always trained Baldevich because he was "Mozi" or "Moron," or "Suzanni of the Giants" with all kinds of contemptuous little words.

Baldevich told me to go to an insecure child, and I found myself completely useless and insignificant.

And that trauma continued after being nicknamed the Sword Yarrow, in the middle of a storm in the tower: Valdivich became even more obsessed with the word 'family'.

What kind of birth do you think you are? Why are we so far away from the family that loved us so much? Is it self-deprecating? What's the story with Anirad, one-sided zero? If only he hadn't been raised in the hands of a strange grandfather, and continued to grow up in the arms of his family. Then couldn't she have grown up like a normal child? So Baldevich tried to find his roots.

I failed every time I drew it.

The polyp existed even as the last individual, the Summer Queen, but it was because the Giants had perished much longer before that and had avoided almost no legacy.

It was controversial how the original rebels could exist, whether the Giants kept the vein in their stoops, or whether Baldevich was simply a deformity, rather than a rebel.

Baldevich guessed that he had become like this because of an unusual student named 'Semi-Anniversary'.

To Baldevich like that, Bakuk threw a sweet shrine, not wanting to find his family.

Baldevich doesn't even know if it's a poisoned shrine, and bites it.


Baldebich moves to find the Giant Ruins, just as Bakuk taught him.

However, I did not speak to Jungwoo and other colleagues separately.

It was hard for everyone to fall alone while preparing for the war, and it was because there were so many things that I had failed after receiving the help of my colleagues after hitting the ground a few times.

It was a bit of a/sum/pole in trauma at the time. 4/Ö/e/Ö/ha/I thought there would be/money/because I didn't write it down. I thought it would be a quietly exaggeration and a problem with my brother.

But e//touch it was a LI/bird life.

Let me start with the results.

Bakok didn't lie to him.

There were traces of giants in the place I told you about. at such a large scale that you can't even compare it to the few ruins that have been discovered in the meantime.

There were traces of villages, giant graves, and quests related to the destruction of the Giants piled up in mystery.

And 'There was also a clue that my mother and brothers might be alive in the dungeon.

Baldevich swept right through here.

His obsession with family and blood made him feel increasingly strongly about Arthya.

I had no choice but to figure out how to solve the quest and find my mother and brothers who might be in crisis.

And time passed.

When I came to my senses, everything was empty.

It was then that I heard a breakfast in Jungwoo.

It was a breakdown.

I got my family and deductions.

You need me so badly/even the friend you gave me/the bad-ass.

I wonder if they gave me a chance to plant it with Ethan/me/Heaven.

Suddenly Jungwoo Whale Jo! e//JiL % 7/Nail 0/* The word IT}/is right.

You're the one who lost the dragon that you didn't give me, me/my family may be in Eden,//8552;/and I may be well. But there's a story, and I was told it might fall asleep with me! I begged the dragon.

• • • I don't know if it's because of the construction, which is the specialty of the impostors, or because I am arrogant enough to hold the H and the % prune members.

You know a lot about the Giant leader, but not only Punt, but 2ÖhLl/7.

The vast ÖD/s simply had to choose where John would go, where he would be so hard-working.

• • • Jungwoo was there/there. Quiet. Eyes on the same zero. It will be too late eventually.

• • • • That 51896;/, all/snow/dale/jokes, was a guarantee from the ruins of Giants.

• • • • The tease is then/used.

Since you gave/gave Jungwoo as a solid k.

As much as I looked like Ethan, Valdivich's reward from the ruins was kind of a ticket, hoping to have a week back in the arms of his family.

Tickets that can go beyond the influence of the law, regardless of coordinates and time zone, to the desired external resources.

Baldevich, who had completed all Hidden Quests in the original way, was a ticket he had to use to get home to himself and his tribe. Baldevich bites off the grudge that he wanted to go back to his family's hometown, opens a gate to Earth without hesitation until the end.

Yigo 9Ö//Öh tilt 7//.

It was more known/equal to the deduction left only as a Duck/Joe 7 company. I was a parent and I had a family that I loved and felt like I had a family.

Thanks to the use of tickets, Valdivich was unable to return to the hometown he had so eagerly drawn.

But he seemed fine.

Just like my brother. I wanted to help them welcome them to a peaceful homeworld without fighting and war.

A long time ago, when he first entered the world of the tower, When everyone thought about eating, for the first time, I reached out my hand and said, "Do you want to be friends? 'like I said.

After reading the contents of the letter several times, I folded it back into the envelope.

I tried to take back my home and my family, but I couldn't face the consequences. It reminded me of the sad face of Baldevich, who had to lose both his family and friends.

Perhaps he should have sent his brother to Earth with a lonely face and left Laputa on heavy footing, reminiscing about his family's old memories.


Next to the seat where the letter was, there was another box.

Yeon opened it quietly.

Lacquer - inside.

A blue glass bottle was placed on the cushion that began to fade slightly.


He tried so hard to find it, but it was a drug he could not bring back.

“Can I ask you one question?” What. "Crawling chaos." How was it? ”At that time, Yeon-woo was wandering around Klein House, picking up traces of her brother.

The group sits on a bench in the courtyard and talks.

Edora was looking at the central building with a fierce gaze, and Galilee was temporarily absent, so the Abraham widows were the only ones who spoke to her.

Like an alchemist and Madosa, people have been sharing deep relationships under common interests for a long time.

It was mainly a transfer of research results. Recently, there have been many conversations in other directions as wealth gradually regains its memory and identity as a faucet.

A follower who wanted to follow Yeong-laek and God who were gods in the past. We have to ask each other a lot of questions.

In particular, Abraham had a lot of questions about the crawling chaos that Faust himself had.

“The tribes of the other gods are full of things we know nothing about.” In fact, for the gods and demons who had long been imprisoned in the 98th floor of the prison, what they called extraterrestrials, and what they called the mountains of Playa, were inevitably the subject of envy and envy.

At least in their own eyes. They were so full of sacks.

But the problem was that they had no idea about the council.

They too were once victorious in the vast universe with many resources and worlds. It was a cell and an omnipotent being.

So even if there was a place they didn't recognize, it was a place so barren and insignificant that they didn't have to draw it.

Even if there were other costs, there was no need to care at all.


Trapped in the tower, they were appalled when the other gods came out.

It was because they couldn't understand that there could be universal beings that didn't even have proper egos.

However, even though they may have been lost and new transcendents were born, history and mythology are as deep and wide as the gods of the other world have ever been.

I wondered where they came from, how they got here, and how they were able to escape the curse of the & tower.

If that's all you know. We thought we could get away from this inferno on the 98th floor.

But in captivity, there was a limit to how much God and demons could try to cost.

Even in the view of the gods of other systems, I soon lost interest when the birds of the chicken coop, who live like clumsy things, tried not to acknowledge their authority.

Even if Abraham wanted to study the other gods, he could hardly seize the opportunity.

No, it's hard to connect with people who didn't have the right identity in the first place.

Then, the archaic archaeologist who had made his first contract with the gear chaos that belonged to the top among the other gods and had obtained knowledge from it to create an emerald tablet was in front of Barabbas.

Of course, Braham had to pay attention, especially when the wealthy cow caught on to the calatus, and even came into direct contact with the crawling chaos.

I wanted to ask about what I felt then.

By the way.

None. "Nothing"? What's that supposed to mean? ”Abraham laughed because he did not understand the words of wealth.

"It's the Darkness." The eyes of wealth narrowed.

"Dark. False Darkness. I see. Empty. Darkness. C." At that moment, Abraham's face hardened. Questioning and emptiness. Isn't that the word you've heard a lot about?

I. I remember. That's all.

To think. Follow me. I have to.

Previous life. "Being Elder Rich and not being able to recall all the memories.

“So if you follow your past life, when Brazil was about to ask you something like that,

Fruit! The window - with the sudden burst of glass, the cost bounces back and forth between them as the space breaks.

Abraham catches him close.

Shards spill from the broken helmet and armor.

“What's going on here, Han?!” One of the men who sent me to clean up Eloq came back wounded.

Is there anyone in Elohim who can help us build a new life? Most of the Protogenous Household Members, including the Dictator, died, so there should be very little risk to Elohim. Besides, one of them was "flowing." Born of death, made up only of shadows, in the form of a man who can never die, whether wounded or wounded. It is' dying '.

This was the first time I had ever seen this phenomenon in my life as a Abraham and a rich man.

"Anti-Bedome • • • • • • This Elohim is born!" Anti-Venom, Barry.

Mentioning him.

One arm falls to the floor and breaks.