Second Life Ranker

11. Artemia (6)

Elohim's central institution, the Senate.

“That's right. I would have made a big splash without me back then.” Watching a man cross the parliament hall that had become a mess.

The Senate gripped together. Their heritage boasting a long tradition and history is not enough to be humiliated by an unknown hybrid. They are now in a position to hope for the hand of salvation from the one they despised as an Aman.

It was too long ago that an army of undead and shadows appeared to be the zeroes of the gods attacked the Senate.

While Magnus the dictator and the seven armies were trapped in the Dragon's Maze, the stage was cut off and during an emergency meeting, the raid took place.

It was so sudden and intimidating, even the Senate members were nowhere near it.

- Take them all down, and if you think they're dangerous, fall right back.

At the time of the death of the great masters of the Protogenoic family, the famous Elohim family.

Even though Elohim's power had already been cut by more than half, it was no exaggeration.

Of course, the Elohim have more power than just the Protogenois.

Elohim has a long history that began with the birth of the tower, and has a strong group of talent that has always been dominated by the most powerful force, without ever experiencing a large surge. By central administration, the brain stops functioning when it flies, unlike the Sand Castle, it easily collapses and dries like a bloody country.

Elohim had a republic system that distributed power evenly, focused on individual obligations and honor, and was equally talented because of his long-standing efforts to preserve the outgoing genes that had come from the transcendents.

There were descendants like Banma, Tajeon, and High Elves, as well as some of the old Divines like the Banir.

So, even if a new war were to happen now, it meant that the same work as before would not be easily achieved.

But this time it was different.

In the middle of a meeting of the Senate, a 'precisely' portal opened over their heads and was ambushed.

It was a situation I never understood as a senator.

The outer space occupied by Elohim had its coordinates completely hidden, and the Senate position, among them, was even more secrecy.

Even the Senate coordinates were not allowed to access even the ultrasonic members, who were only the first or second line.

There are even triple and quadruple security systems to access.

To dismantle all these security systems and open the coordinates directly, we need special emergency privileges.

It would have been impossible had not been opened by Dictator Magnus himself.

So the Senate, as usual, was disarmed and engaged in discussions according to the Senate rules.

I was forced to take heavy damage as a result of the surprise.

The troops waiting outside urgently tried to infiltrate the interior building, but the Phantom Army was very willing to control all the entrances and exits.

After all, nearly four congressmen were wiped out at once.

The rest of the Senate struggles to counteract at will, but they continue to be torn down by a weak, poorly armed force.

Especially when he was at the forefront, he was dazzled.

The swift senators quickly realized that he was the Lord of Purity, and a man traversed between the senators, handing nine swords free.

The knife dance that became sharper than when it was known to be dead was just so terrifying.

It was at this moment that the emergence of the force.

Elohim had specially invited the alchemist Bakuk to help with his ancient restoration plan, which had been a deep business for a long time.

When I heard that there was a commotion at the Parliament Chairman, Bakuk tried to enter through the control of the passageway, boasting overwhelming volatility.

In the past it was an enemy force of Artyria, but now it was Artyria, and Annie Venom, who was an enemy, was very tough.

The chairman of the council who was crumbling so quickly was completely disintegrated, and the number of senators who were killed by the blinding wind and poison was not great.

Like trying to prove why he heard the sound of 'disastrous' from many players, he used a lot of poison that had never been seen before.

It was then that the Phantom Army, which was unlikely to collapse, began to melt.

It was zeroes who could never die, but even such spirits were dissolved in Bakok's venom.

And as the chairman slowly turned to the realm of Bakok, he quickly tried to retreat. It was defeated.

Eventually, the Senate was able to escape the crisis.

More than half of the congressmen died and the catastrophe was irreversible. Each one of them was the head and progeny of an important family and power that supported Eloquy.


The Senate quickly spread among the members of Elohim, and many opinions began to spread.

There was a demonstration with Operation 1 rally outside the temporary chairman of the parliament.

As well as provocative phrases such as "Declare War" and "Death in Artyria."

'Give power to the Savior, Bakruk, and occasionally I hear relief.

The prestigious elder, who could barely eat Elohim's honor, retreated and quickly raised his head to Bi 1, the hero, to give him the right to fight for the new violence of the forthcoming Artyria.

For the elders who remained still and were forced to take away their power, it was a relief like lightning.

It's true that they were saved, but their power was a separate story.

However, this led to an evenly formed ship 119 years ago.

To an outsider who has no idea.

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well. Well, well, well, well, well, well. Well, well. Well, well, well, well, well.

But unlike many of those senators, public opinion has already turned its back on the Senate. He was in a daze as to how to capture the public mind.


Bakok also had a very clever mind for opinions. I wonder if he's really just an experimenter stuck in his backroom.

He was very clever.

When the congressmen were so busy fixing the confusion that they barely regained consciousness. He was naturally present in Congress even though he did not qualify for Congress, and was already in a position to make important remarks.

That's why.

The whole time Bakuk was sitting in an empty seat across the center of Parliament. The eyes of the Senate were prickly.


Bakok only snores and doesn't care about anything.

Rather, he was surrounded by young senators and supersenators who didn't notice him around.

The number was also blowing fiercely. It was the beginning of a new party.

A storm was brewing. "What are you doing? Why don't you start the meeting? It's an urgent situation77h” The senators frowned, but now it was an urgent situation, so there was nothing they could do.

“The agenda from now on.” Eventually, the agenda speaker notices in a calm atmosphere and starts speaking on the floor.

“This is about the Declaration of War on Artyria and the Alliance proposal with the Horsemen. • I've seen the ugly look of the kite, and it's all collapsing, but I've opened my eyes sharply as I see the spirit trying to get into position somehow.

Yongsin said that the poison that has already been infected by Ghost is fragmenting the components of the emperor, so it's really dangerous to stay like this.

Another death for a man who's already died once.

What a ridiculous contradiction.

The problem was that the speed of black airway poisoning offered in the soul collection was not at all empowering to detoxify slowly.

It is like this even after giving a message. There is no face. "Yeon was the one who distributed the karma • I • God to Han, living, wealthy, and Rebecca respectively. It was because I thought Goural was best suited to the nine sword-wielding spirit.

Thanks to you, power was able to grow more than ever before.

It is said to be blood 1 for Bakuk.

“Who?” "It was Anti Venom." 01 I hope he was in Elohim.

It was completely unthinkable.

He had a poison he couldn't ignore.

Does he have a venom of this temper? There was none.

I mean, yes.

'It means a new poison made after Jungwoo died.' Yeongwoo suddenly remembered the feeling of overbearing power on the 28th floor.

People have been hiding their tracks as if they were evaporated, and the lab remains empty.

It was clear that all kinds of experiments had been conducted there.

I still haven't figured out what I was studying there. whether or not the outcome is related to it.

The poison was too nasty.

Severe injuries to the Death Noble Ghost have been done to many of the Phantom Army.

It was a situation that couldn't be ignored even by Yeongwoo.

Perhaps a weapon was made to withstand the power of the Black King.

"Hashimi. Hashimi. Oh." Find a solution. Somehow. " person. Heave." Leboo miraculously hides his tracks, and Abraham rises from his seat.

“I'm going to do some research myself. The nature of this poison is suspicious.” “Please.” Yeon-woo bows her head to Abraham and slowly approaches him.

The spirit was slowly trying to scatter, fading in color.

I have a humble request to the Lord. "Yeon-woo did not say anything.

However, Hanoi said that Yeon-woo would listen to his will.

You may be bothered in many ways. You may not think it's necessary, but even after I'm gone, I want you to take care of my ugly son. "I remembered Mother holding my hand until the end and earnestly telling me to ask for her brother.

Even as he's dying. Are parents concerned about their children the same?

I was unfaithful and once did a great wrong. He had to grow up without a mother, and he had to grow up without a mother. Poor Bunny. I wouldn't expect too much.

Only until I can be on my own. Take care of yourself until you can wake up. "So.

“No, I don't think so.

Yeon-woo resolutely refused.

OY, Han silently lowered his head to the fact that his last wind had been broken.

Looking at him like that. Yeon-woo smiled softly.

“What are you thinking? It means you're plowing for yourself.” “Drink.

Yeon-woo throws a glass bottle at the man who slowly raises his head again.

What is this? "Elixir.” An old Inferno site has grown large and firm. It was because he knew what the elixir meant to Yeonwoo.

Since the tradition of the "state troop, this is a tradition that has • • • • • • •," it will also have great effect on Yeongju. If it doesn't work, don't even think about saying you're going to die because you're going to come up with a solution. ”" But! "Do not forget. You are my family. I will not allow 7-1 to die.” Han looked at the muscles with wet eyes and suddenly put a knife on the floor. Then I knelt on one knee and bowed my head. As long as this life is over, I will protect the path the Lord wishes to walk, right next to the end of the world he wishes to walk. "After taking the oath of allegiance, I watched as I began to drink elixir.

Yeon-woo closed her eyes for a moment.

This should do it, right? ' Yes. I'm satisfied with this. Thank you, Jui. I'll have to say thank you.

Thank you for understanding.

Yeon-woo hears Nike's smile quietly.

In fact, he had a brief conflict. Either that or save him.

In fact, unlike Sanon, Han had met him from the beginning as an enemy. I killed Phoenix, your mother, and I used to look after my son because I didn't have that much material back then.

But now, there are ingredients that are better, or better, at a certain age. So we could get rid of the ghost and turn the other one into Death Noble.

- Don't do it, Master. I don't want you to go through the same thing I did.

Nike's jabbering words move Yeon-woo's mind. From one who worries about his son until the end, you see yourself.

'Maybe you're more mature than I am.' To hold an enemy in love. It wasn't something anyone could do.

Perhaps Hanoi knew Nike's request through the connections.

"Heehee. Can I cast one instead?" That's how I hear Niche's jokes.


Lee Le Yeon Woo quietly opens her shadow and looks back at Sanon. There is a silent display in the back of a quiet prostrate.

Sanon used to enjoy joking, but now she is in a harsh mood.

“Turn Lafuta's course.” Where would you like to go? "At that moment, I thought that I would go straight to Elohim's outer space. They would've already defended us if they weren't in heaven and earth. Breaking in now was a suicide.

That's right. This time, we need a little detour from the attack route.

“Outside the Tower.” Yeon Woo's eyes sparkled sharply.

“From there, I will announce that Artia has returned. And the propaganda pogo together. The first target is Elohim.” Residents living in the tower will soon have to choose. Where to stand.

Whether to stand in Artiya.


Whether to stand with the enemy and confront him.