Second Life Ranker

12. Clan establishment (1)

“W-what the hell is that?” "Huh, huh?” It was another day when the area outside the tower panicked.

Though it was a commotion because of the news that my wings had returned.

Outside the tower, the land where the stragglers live, such news was only interesting news from the stars.

It was fun in terms of being a good topic to put on the cube, because it wasn't a reality for them to touch with skin.

However, the moment that Floating Laputa slowly appeared from above, tearing the space.

Players were busy wandering outside the tower, and even the natives began to look up at the sky in surprise.

A huge shadow envelops much of the area outside the tower.

Even though many were destroyed by the chaos that crawled around, Laputa was the last place Calatus made Rare.

Of course, the enormous scale was the most magnificent thing in the tower.

As soon as it reaches the sky, players and nationals will be overwhelmed.


As a response, a message window appeared in front of all players and nationals outside the answer area.

The moment I saw the Pog shipment from Laputa to the rest of the world.

“Ah, there's Artilla.” “Havon Wing has declared war!” Everyone was appalled.

It was a moment when a new shock struck the world of the tower just as the Havon Wing resurfaced.

- I announce that Artiya has returned to this part of the day.

There was only one line of messages sent to all the players from outside the tower.

Other words are just useless rhetoric.

It was arrogant enough that everyone would hear 0.

But their arrogance was accurate.

In fact, everyone who saw the torture was trembling.

Just until I heard Wing 1 was back.

Even though the rumor that the three "kings" were dead was circulating, most players were not realising it even though they had rated the future.

There is a war going on, and it is easy to predict that there will be a great war ahead. And I thought a lot of players were going to get swept away, but I ended up thinking it was someone else's job.


After experiencing the torture in person, the degree of fear was so different.

I have read the truth in it.

I will never forget the horrors and grudges they faced the other day, and I will never be able to throw that kind of torture unless I am ready for all the retribution and counter-responsiveness that they have experienced, and I am ready to face the tower alone! And actually prove it.

New news strikes the world of the tower just in time.

- The bloodstream, it collapsed.

One of the eight great clans, a bloodline that stood out like a solid fortress and held its pinnacle for a very long time, news that all the bastards had been slaughtered without leaving one. 'The tower was enough to put players who had anticipated that they had no place to go up for a long time into panic.

Afterwards, they had different reactions.

Is there anyone who expressed concern about the war?

Someone couldn't hide their excitement from the fact that a new storm was coming.

Others try to keep a low profile and watch what's going on.

And as we responded to this, other big events also erupted.

- Elohim, half-wave! - League of Lions, voluntarily disbanded.

- Fantasy band, charcoal from a high-rise raid on a dragon.

Black Dragon, self-destruct.

- White dragon, inhale through staircase closure.

In fact, the League of Lions, which had already seen no other action statues at the Dragon Maze, ended virtually every lifespan with only the collapse of the Mercenary Alliance and the destruction of the Martyrs and other clans.

In addition.

Along with the news that Elohim was attacked by Arnia suddenly and was on the verge of collapsing like a bloodline and succeeding in the winter defense.

The phantom brigade, which has only been regarded as an emerging clan, turned the blade upside down, and the dragon that drew it in one fell swoop gave out the territory that was close to annihilation.

The Black Dragon, who had lost its leader, once again began to quarrel among their factions.

The white dragon immediately halted its external activities and withdrew to outer space for an indefinite rest.

The ripples that began in the Dragon's Maze spread far and wide, far beyond what Plays and Natives had expected.

It meant that the subjugation of the eight great clans, which seemed to last forever, was shaking and that the existing order system was beginning to shake.


Of course, the players had to resonate.

It was around this time that various voices came out from all over the world.

“We need to reform the king! The collapse of the bloodline is just the beginning, and the collapse of a sphere of eight clans will now create a new system centered around Artia.

“The history of the tower will then be rewritten by the returning Lord Haebon- and Arnia.

The first change was a list of nine kings and eight clans.

The nine previous kings were as follows:


No king.


The Queen of Spring, Waltz.

Dictator, Magnus.

The food emperor.


0 0 01 Originally, there was a place where Queen Summer and Kim Mu-Sin were excavated by Waltz and Tom, respectively.

Now, three spots have come crashing down, even completely.

And those who liked sequencing replaced vacancies with other people.

The Havon Wing, the Fantasy Captain, and the newly discussed figure, Antivedome.

Havon Wing has defeated the appetizers and Magnus, and has now begun to be regarded as comparable to Waltz, or as a worthy archbishop.

The illusionist commander was able to sit on the "king" 's throne as he defeated Tom and rose to the black dragon clan.

In addition, Anti-Bedom and Bakok were outstanding enough to be considered candidates for the 'King' even though they were not affiliated with each other. Then, this time, I was able to put a new melody on my back and put the name of the horse stone ( 24109;).

It turns out, there's been a big change in the list of eight clans.

The blood country and the Black Dragon are gone, and the other two organizations are on their own.


White Dragon: Horseman.


The Darwood Brotherhood.

Sea of poetry.

Fantasy regiment.

And Artie.

Looking at the reorganized order overnight, the Natives were worried about a hurricane that would not stop here, and the players began to wonder how they could become that celestial star that had to rise in the hurricane.


There were others who moved in the other direction as quietly as there were those who were busy moving.

The moving Kunahidi, instead of going up the stairs with his henchmen, clenched his fist as if he had committed to the cost of hearing the news of Arthya.

Born of the blood of the Shin, she has some foresight.

At sunset with the proprietor on the 29th floor. Heidi anticipated that one day he would rise above the Se71-} in more grandeur and splendor.

It was because the possibility he had was so great.

However, he was only invisible because he was the 'moon.'

The moon is usually buried in darkness, but the closer you get to the full moon, the more dazzling the night sky will be.

From what she saw, the monopoly was only half a month old.

After the moon was full, it was clear that it would burn more brightly than the oceans and burn all the nights.

And until then, I needed 'stars' to decorate the night sky with the moon.

Heidi wanted to be that star.

So I struggled with Delan and June, and I tried to get the force together somehow.

Finally, I was able to taste the fruit little by little.

“Heidi!” Delan sprints into a desperate hurry. I knew how much Heidi had been looking forward to this moment, so I was reminded of his work.

Heidi nods heavily.

“Yes, let's go. Outside the tower. That's where we need to be. Her eyes sank deep.

“Assemble all the clans.” “Khahaha! That's it! That's it! Havenwing! That's enough for you. It's understandable how Hanrim is holding him.” Faithless raises his knee and bursts into laughter. The voice of a middle-aged woman turned into a strong woman.

“Yes. I came back from the dead, and there's nothing you can do to stop me." Don't you, my children? ”The moment he looked down in his frenzied eyes.

Different origins swirled around him in strange shapes.

Over thousands of origins, reaching tens of thousands, have gathered their mouths and made a strange sound.

“Here, my children. Let's all dance together!” That day.

Five castles on the 46th floor were set ablaze, with an army of nationals vanishing.

Cough! Cough! The crows were the only ones flying around filling the void.

“As expected, my commander. You're funny. You're good at tricks, ready to be a character. The perfect length of the bow rests on his shoulders, shredding the torture on the wall.

The more you climb like that, the more you can do from this side.

That's what you think.

Zhang Wei calmly infiltrates into the dark alley and disappears.

“That's quite an uproar.” Edora deeply presses down on the robe. I peered at those who stared blankly at the sky with the laputa.

I was expecting such a massive fortress to show up with no sign of it.

But the reverberation was much bigger than she thought.

Most of the area outside the tower has actually been stopped, but it has become an opponent.

However, unlike the Natives who put their hands on the threat of war that was coming soon, players were always busy moving somewhere.

The fact that Laputa is a Klen House in Artia must have spread all over the tower because rumors are already spreading.

Of course, as Glenn, Miri will have to get sick.

With their common sense, Glen House is a must-protect place, and outer space is something that must be hidden and kept away from the enemy, but Yeonsei baked bread in costumes outside the tower where everyone can see it.

Like the labyrinth of the dragon, what traps lie there, if anything, can only be complicated by computation.

As a giant clan read in animosity with Artyria, you can't just let them touch you.

Because of this, the area outside the tower has been growing since morning.

Some may have even argued that we should target Laputa first.

However, Edora knew that despite the dangers of the alliance, she should leave Laputa alone.

It's hard to get to high ground anyways, and I knew that the attack would be over unless King Asak could do it himself.

'And I didn't think the Summer Queen would help me in person.' Edora now sits in the situation control room of Laputa thinking about the summer queen who will deal with the wealth.

narrowed it down.

- Home of the last dragon king. Ona.

Good. In a place like this, there are hidden enchantments and a lot of useful hoardings.

It was a wonder that the Summer Queen still existed and remained.

It was also curious to please Yeon Woo for asking her to protect Lafuta in her arrogance.

The Summer Queen replied that Laputa is rare in Calatus, so she probably has a lot to learn.

Edora's 'Hye-An' actually said that it was not the real reason.

It was because I missed my brother, Glen House in Artia. Obviously.

However, as long as the summer queen was staying in Laputa, there was little risk that she would be attacked from an outside attack.

And, just because Lafuta is so far outside the tower, Artiya has gained many advantages.

The first is that unlike in the past, we can now strongly defend our confidence that any hostile force will be able to survive.

The second one.

'It will be a milestone to gather the various forces that will come with Artiya, or under the mountain.' Although it was already a broken hawk in the past, the impact he had on the tower was never small.

They were just hiding it, but there were still a few followers who were painting the wings. There were many forces who had good relations with Ardiya.

They can't all come back. Even if only partially attracted, it would be a big help to the power of Artia, and there could be places where she wanted a new relationship. 'Unlike her brother, he never intended to end her with a clan like that.

That's what you make of it. Are you trying to build an empire? 'And the force so magnified will one day consume the tower completely, and at the end, it will be my hand against the battalion.

As far as Edora knows. Yeongwoo was meant to break the tower, not just play power.

And for that purpose, Arnia, the precious legacy left by her brother, was a person who could act like a tool.

That's it.

Edora tidied up in her head, also hiding her identity and following behind the lotus that was walking ahead of her through the crowd.

The destination is the village of the Onehorn Tribe.

'How have you been?' Bad brother, to take Pants.