Second Life Ranker

13. Clan Establishment (2)

The outside was buzzing with the return of Havon Wing and Arnia.

The village of the Lonely Tribe was no different than usual, as if such swift arrows had completely missed.

If there was a difference, it was that I was busy watching the masked face of Yeongwoo.

“What? He's handsome without his mask, right?” Did you forget what I just said? He's the twin brother of Habonwing, so of course he's handsome. ”“ Shit! But I thought it would be ugly to hide it in a mask. Deception! Deception has deceived us all! ”“ I think I've gotten pretty strong. Compared to ”“ & King. "I want to fight. How can you say," Aah! Order up, guys! I said first! ”“ Whatever. He's the one with the first dibs. ”“ Aah! It's noisy! ”Just because the one-horned tribe doesn't interact much with the outside world doesn't mean they all stop caring. They were always mindful of what was going on around the tower, and there was, of course, something about Yeon-woo in the news.

Moreover, Edora already reminded the tribesmen that Yeonju is not a real kitten, but a twin.

So there were no misunderstood tribesmen.

Rather, most of the tribesmen were eager and devoted.

Even if Yeon-woo really did have wings, it was not important to them. The important thing is that Yeouido is in the same ranks as their king.

Of course, they did not believe it was enough to be alongside the King, but it was their idea that they would receive such an assessment because they were still somewhat skilled.

Of course, the tribesmen who lived for the battle and made honor and pride the best branch had the urge to try to compete with Yeon Woo. Even though she didn't say much, they had already started ordering a battle order with Yeon Woo among themselves.

Bets were being made among the backwards. How many wins will Yeonwoo win? How good can 'real' be?

If they say that Yeon-woo doesn't want to fight here, they're ready to go first.

“Get in line, you guys!” Order can't be found if you wash your eyes. It's just chaos.

“It's been a long time.” The elder greets Yeon with a warm welcome.

“I'll see you soon.” “I heard you took off your mask. It's a lot clearer than I thought.” “Thank you.” “So.

The smith pauses, fixing her glasses, and sweeps Yeongwoo up and down. The eyes were intense and glowing. It was a deep curiosity.

He was not neglectful of his individual lamb, so even the quiet one was excellent enough not to let his excitement subside.

What kind of experience did I have before I saw it? What kind of battlefield did I fight and how many times did I cross the line to become so strong?

The blacksmith read the eyes of those who had such great experience that others could not easily encounter, amidst the myriad dangers of death in the eyes of Yeongwoo.

Even within the tribe of loneliness, it was only the eyes of some elders, including the elders, and generations who had experienced the "Great War."

So I tried to ask him what he was going through, if he could teach me later.

“Ouch! The Elder is trying to cut through!” “Stand in line, Captain!” “Woo! The ruling party retreats, whoo!” The elder sighs and clears the way, staring at the noisy tribesmen once.

I thought I'd have to wait quite a lot of order to battle Yeon Woo. Or kick them all out by force.

“Oh, right. And Cesar's doing well. He's very anxious to see you.” Yeon-woo stopped on the way, not trying to cross the elders. The left chest of the watch was trembling nicely.

When it comes to "daughter," he reacts.

In fact, this was the reason why Yeonwoo did not immediately visit the villages of the Lonely Tribe after Tartaros.

I couldn't face Cesar and Ananda.

But that doesn't mean we can't keep putting off. That's why I came back, but I couldn't help but feel that one side of my heart was a weapon.

Tak! Back then, Abraham said he was fine and put his shoulder on Yeon-woo. Yeonwoo glances at him, nodding heavily, and enters the center of the town from the mouth.

I had to see the teacher first before taking Fant.

By the way.

“Inooo! Not until the dirt is in my eyes, not in front of the Tribal House." He was lying on the floor with his hoodie on his head.

Edora, who had been following behind Yeongwoo, had already turned her head and pretended not to know.

• • • What are you doing? ”I saw no one but Yeon-woo.

But do it or don't. The king yelled at the whale, rolling the floor like a weeping child even more.

“Not as good as my daughter, you bastard! How dare you take my precious daughter! Step on me to do that!” I'm here to pick up the • • • pant. "“ Yes? Isn't that right? ”The King jumps up and asks.

Yeon-woo sighed lightly.

“Yes, you're mistaken." "I've always wanted to do this. Like a father against his son-in-law trying to take his daughter.” The king looks at Edora and looks at her, making a bad impression.

“What have you been doing for years? I can't leave him behind." “Dad!” Edora screams with a red face.

While blocking his ears with his index finger, King hurriedly turned to Yeongwoo to see if he had any unusual premonitions.

“Or else. Student, you're not interested in Edora, you're talking about Panels.” “Right? Whoo! Thank goodness. Even though my sexual orientation and all that were individual, I still wanted my students and children to be rational. • •“ Shut up, please! ”Edora's face now rises red, unable to soak in the basins and basins.

But he still had the audacity to press his ear with a kimchi.

“Okay, you son of a bitch. You sound like someone. Haha! Honey, no way. I can't believe I told you that. The King was in a hurry to make excuses about where he heard the message.

I thought I heard a loud voice from a spirit who must have been looking here somewhere, when the Summer Queen died. Aside from Allfowon, he was called the best and most practical man in the tower. Even that was a weak man in front of the house.

“Oh, yeah. Of course. Talk to me.

Yeah, yeah. I'll pass it on.

Huh? Are you being sarcastic? Never. Grillie. Uh-huh. Yeah. I'll see you later. ”The king sighs deeply as he makes excuses. He shakes his head with a weary face, then returns to a familiar look.

“Was it you guys?” What is it? What does she already say? ”“ I heard. So I was told not to bother my daughter. Yeah, is that right? Pooja, if you say so, just say so. Something new.

Mwahaha! "“ Ah, Mom • “Bwahaha! Puerto Rican!" “Stop laughing!" “Puerto Rico!” That's why I didn't want to be lifted by my father. Edora presses down on her temples.

I thought it might have been as obvious as my mother to look at nature while sitting still. But I didn't think I'd tell that stuck-up dad straight away.

“My daughter finally fulfilled her wish," he said, "and finally, Edo had to pull her half of the way out of the knife. I was in a mood to make a death sentence just a little bit more.

“Heave-ho! Got it. Isn't that enough? Phew.” Still, he didn't let the tail of his mouth get dried up.

Then he rolled his eyes slightly and said to them.

“By the way, Edora, stop by the place before you leave.” Why there? ”I wonder what this damn father is up to. Edora stares at the king with a suspicious expression.

The King's smile spread even bigger.

“Does this bitch always look like she's the bad guy?” Don't pretend you're not • • •? ”Huh-huh. Yeah, but it's true. Your mother's party asked me to stop by the consulate." You're going to do a month? ”“ Should we open Yang? "It's time to start welcoming. Edora's complexion is hard.

30430; Welcome • • • • ~ Why already? ”“ I think you saw the cost price.

Period. ”Edora looks at Yeongwoo for a moment, as if she had realized the cost price.

“What's the matter?” “No.” Greetings. It didn't say what it was in the journal with so much information. That's all she could ask: Edora shakes her head, grinning bitterly, and looks back at the king. She soon became a hard-working face.

“Very well. We can leave now, then.” The king nods quietly.

Edora sighs lightly, then says to Yeon-woo again.

“I'll be right back, but in the meantime, I'd like you to meet Fant.” “Sure. I don't know what it is, but have a good day.” Yeon-woo did not ask where the spirit is or what reception is. The situation seemed to have something to do with the spiritual sister, Edora's mother, but she decided it was not a matter for her to intervene.

However, seeing Edora's spleen, I thought it would not be easy. Cheer. =.

It was all I could do.

Edora smiled as if she was finally relieved, then turned to the other side and disappeared, when only Yeon and the King were left.

“Now you're making excuses.” The King smiles and looks up and down at Yeongwoo. The fangs pop out between my slightly flared lips.

The atmosphere changed greatly. I felt like I saw a tight-knit predator with a desire to play with a fun food as a toy.

“Well, I guess I'll have to check, won't I?” There's something I need to • • •. I will take your teachings later. ”Yeon-woo suddenly felt anxious and tried to take a step back.

I have to be dignified now that I'm the leader. It's a nice detail, but "The eyes of the King in the 7th Reich sparkled fiercely.

“But it's not that easy.” Yeon reflectively pulled out the arena pole and Karshna's dagger from the waist dance.

The explosion followed.

Puppy - “Aah! That damn chieftain did it again!” “Never mind! That personality, real • • • •“ Chief and Cain are fighting! ”“ Shit! Everyone step back, the boat says, "The explosion created by the collision between Yeongwoo and the King suddenly expanded beyond the anamenfath's residence, covering the premises of the village, and it was fierce and hot as if the town had been burned to the ground in a fiery blaze.

The tribesmen don't worry as much as they do about campfires.

It was because they knew that the settlement in the village would stop the damage, not that they would be hit this much.

And even if a few houses became limp, he also firmly shared the fact that it doesn't matter because it happens all the time here.

Rather, the only reason they're angry is because they've already been on a routine.) Despite this arrangement, it was that the King seized the spot first.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! But Yeon-woo didn't care about that. It was because I couldn't predict where the King's fists and kicks would come from in the flames.

Even if I simultaneously activated the eyes of HUM Jing and the wise man, I could not predict the King's thunder.

[Vimagildara looks at this place with an interesting view.] [Kernunos watches over you and your S0.] “If that's all, I'm a little disappointed. Student?” Tearing up the flame storm that caused the waves of fire. The King appeared smiling coldly.

His mouth was clearly smiling, but his eyes were deep. If this was really the only thing he had to discuss the rank of 'king'. And even when he saw Yeon-woo's manhole, he was not surprised that he would never let anything happen to him. Which means he either knew who he was from the start, or he guessed something.

Maybe it was close to the area of ​ ​ the "senses".

So, Yeon-woo was thankful to the king who was no different from before or now.

On the other hand, I felt a bit resentful because I suddenly remembered the image of the King who refused his request in the diary.

So I suddenly have an idea.

If only I could punch that teacher in the face.

How refreshing would that be? So.

[Wings of the Sky] Whoa! Yeongwoo pulls up both the wings of death and the wings of battle without hesitation. At the bottom of one of the retinas, the Limited Time is rapidly rotating, and numerous powers are firmly concentrated on him.

The power of the Throne begins to awaken.

“Yes. That's a good way to kick ass! I was so frustrated that I couldn't do it in front of my daughter!” At that moment, the King smiled and waved his fist roughly, revealing his teeth in his heart. A hurricane strikes.

It was the power that defeated the city in one punch.

Kuaaang! Car! It's the same for those who want to punch their teachers in the face or those who want to beat them up! How is it the same? I'm thinking of becoming a master of the human race.

Isn't that about the time I became the Emperor of Families, or, you know, human nature? "Sanon's joyful voice resounded.

"It's a battle between the human and the human kings! Big party!