Second Life Ranker

14. Clan establishment (3)

All I could hear was the sound of an explosion so loud that my ears could fall out.

The King was really strong, but he was too strong.

Every time I set foot on the ground, an upheaval erupts, and every time I swing my fist.

When I was a young man, before I was nicknamed King, I heard it was a walking disaster.

Yeon-woo could understand why such aliases stick together.

How can it not be called that when the shockwave that happens every time it moves continues like this?

Much stronger now than it was then.

Though we are building up the wings of the sky as big as we can and are somehow preventing King Beagrid from attacking.

It was literally the only thing stopping him.

In Yongsin, it's only urgent to pursue the King's movements. I never had the courage to predict or predict the waterway. Countermeasures are unthinkable. Fighting is all that stands.

Come on. Come on. ”Even the King looks too relaxed.

He had yet to unleash a part of his power.

“Whatever you have, it won't stop there.

I've heard similar stories before.

- I thought you could use it now.

How can this be the only thing.

Still not enough, very much. Why do you have a bowl and do only that? When I encountered Allfoone. At the time of the crisis, Masang was talking while protecting his head.

He always used to ask.

Why is that the only thing. This is how much you have.

Matter of fact, Martha was right.

Yeongwoo had a peculiar characteristic of drinking dragons, which had been expressed for the first time since the creation of the tower, and also had two spiritual beings here.

Imagine Bierra Dun infecting the Mother Earth with just one adra. It was so low that it was still on the road.

So she joined him and showed him how to fight.

At that time, Yeonsei was strong enough to stand against Olfowon.

Now that you've absorbed one more adra and made Sin Stone.

Even if the effect of '1 +1 = 2' does not work, it becomes more likely.

The king saw right through this and asked why it was the only one.


Since it was the best branch that the King sought, "Your problems are pitiful, both now and then.” The King smiled nervously, but = 1- 0 he was flashing sharply.

“The mentality cannot keep up with the body.” “The talent I mentioned seems to have been artificially created somehow. And I think he's trying to match his body to it by pulling out all sorts of powers and skills.

Nevertheless, I still had no idea that, in the words of the Emperor, Yeon-woo might have been trying to fill the shortage by combining all sorts of skills and powers.


Energize the soul.

Other than having personally been raised in the mountains of misery in the 20s. I never tried to pursue a separate cost in this regard.

“Then there's only one way left. What is” “? At that moment, I went to dry {} 7 with the mouth of the King.

Very playful.

“We have to force it up somehow.” Leading a shortage of disciples.

That's what teachers do.

Although it seemed like the King was about to say so, Yeon-woo was impressed as if he was saying that he would die because it was so much fun for him to torture himself, at a moment when Yeon-woo was about to instinctively bite her back.

Bang! The King shot the earth strong.

Heaven and earth shook violently. At this moment, it seemed like there was only one in the world.

And like a snake standing up without a fault. Eight Unsullied appeared from the King in his place, and he began to run everywhere.

Eternal life. The upper art of self-immolation has been completed in the Dragon's Maze.

Naturally, they were much more perfect and 'real than Waltz'.

Chronicles. The art of releasing nine items at the same time. Each mandatory king surrounded Yeon-hwa with a different voice.

“Just one thing.” “It's such a hassle.

“Nine. Tastes like death, doesn't it?” “That's what I said.” The Aphrodites, with a giggling laugh, press Yeon-woo forward to unleash different tricks.

The armband of the eight poles, which the King boasts, was finished.

Sprinkle-thumping! The fist that flew in front of you shifted to the side, avoiding, and the blade that split at your waist could barely be pushed out into the beagrid.

Blah! Beagrid looks like he's been smashed. My wrist ached as if it were going to fall off soon.

But the moment she saw the smiling face of the King, she realized that this was what he was aiming for.

Just behind them, the two other kings had different manners.

Left, bam-bam! One was a mixture of 'me eighteen' in the 'wave' and the other was an aggregate of 'Gwangeek' and 'Howang's Trace.'

Eighteen hand shadows cover the head, and the claws of the tiger tearing the space at the waist dance fly away.

Yeongwoo used the waves of fire to force away the king who was holding her, but hurriedly turned around and sprinkled lightning.

[sirens blaring] [fireworks blaring] As the sky was torn apart, the flame suddenly tore the shadow of his hand.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo folds her wings and quickly sprints forward.

[Wind - Wind Storm] [Heaven - Necromancer] [Arm Necklace 1 Sword - Bigie Sile (⁄ )] You used the 'Wind Road' to maximize your attack power while simultaneously blowing the wind, forcing the beagrid forward while concentrating with your sword.

Different skills, skills, and artillery were caught by the hands of the King in unison.

Even without a weapon, you hear a loud pound of iron.

The king who spread his scars seemed to be quite good, but he stepped on the gaze and went deeper inside. And I punched him three times.

The 'Three Seas of the Fall' using 'The Ark'.

It was also a technique of increasing the effectiveness of other shameless splicing of armrests, and it was carrying enormous pressures that seemed to be easily crushed by each fist.

With every strike, the space flexes, leaving the sonic boom as far as the jet stream.

Yeongwoo managed to pull the beagrid inward and successfully defend against the first attack.

A moment ago, I realized that my wrist bone was broken, a piece of bone tore out of my muscle, and my shoulder was dislocated upward.

I'm gonna bump into you once, and you're gonna bump into me? If you think about the physical durability of drinking dragons, it was ridiculous. Beagrid bends like a snap.

Just a few more times, my body seemed to be crushed.


The king was a man who did nothing of the sort, and there were still two years left.

One on the chest and the other on the right shoulder.

Yeon-woo quickly flapped her wings and tried to pull herself back out.

A single blow to the chest bounces Beagrid upward.

The 666 death powers that have been triggered have not captured even the King's ankle.

[Nergall is appalled that his power has been so easily ravaged.] [Ishma-Darva wants to keep an eye on the situation carefully. Hel chews his fingernails with his grumpy face.] [All the gods of death shake their heads.] [All the demons of death stare at your opponent with a gaze of irritation and fury.] [Vimagila watches you fight with an exciting claw.] [Kernunos narrows his eyes] While the lost beagrid spins freely through the air, the final blow remains thunderstruck on the shoulders of the moat. Then I pulled out my forearm.

Blood splattered like a fountain.

Table 0 The whole right arm of Yeongwoo was torn out.

A fierce attack that is hard to think of as a duel. Yeongwoo's eyelids slightly trembled.

“Often referred to as being off-the-shelf with a sword. It's just a thing, not a body. Bullshit. If it's in your hand, what is it? However, when you have to discard it, you should dare to discard it.

She gripped her teeth at the words of the next king.

“Even if your arm is cut off, will you give me your neck? No, we have to fight well. Keep your eyes peeled. Somehow.” The fierce eyes of the King are etched firmly into the doubt.

“And don't use tools like your body, use your body like a tool.” Like a tool.

The word stuck in Yeon-woo's ear. I felt ticklish, as if I knew the cost.

I was comparable to what I used to think. Skills, power, no work. They were all weapons, so I've been using them, combining them and using them in many different ways.

He was despised by those who were proud of his innocence. Whenever Yeon painted a picture, her eyebrows did not twitch once. It was because I thought it was right.

However, even the King told us to use the body as a tool. So I was telling you to fulfill your purpose.

May I have a goal?

Isn't it simple?

There's only one objective in a fight.

'Enemy strings.' Vyrik-Yeon immediately turned and stepped on the back of the King.

Like a tool, he repeatedly stretched his left arm out in front of him and burst the Emperor's 'Rebound'.

The dragon heart and the sage stone crazily grip their magic.

0 Ö 0HH! as the body swells up tightly. A dark, red scale rises from the bloodstream.

Like I'm pissed off.

[Awakening Five-character Solvent] [Powerful Front Opens]