Second Life Ranker

15. Creating a Clan (4)

Just as the dragon awoke or roared in his long sleep, Yeon-woo also roared roughly.

As the light burst, the world sounded the same way.

A bright yellow concussion filled the world.

Phage job-warped brain metastases all around. I pushed away the land around me.


“This is actually quite useful.” The king smiled lightly.

“It's far.” The King pushes it too easily into a single gesture that blends' Chain 'and' White Satosin '.

“Becoming a tool doesn't mean you have to be careless. Fear not, but judge the situation calmly and confront the opponent in the right place. To do that, you have to follow them.

Don't lose sight of your enemies.

As a twilight, the attack on his own troops has gone back to nothing.

However, I continued to attack without letting go of the gap. From 'Dancheon' it was the eighth generation of storms that became 'soil'.

He had to have a beagrid in order to show off his true skills.

'Like a tool.' What the king just said still lingers in my mind. Yeon-woo did not rest but became that word.

Like a spear-tool. If you don't have a sword, you can use your fist. If you don't have a right arm, you can fight with your left. Why? Because it's a tool.

With that thought, Yeon-woo did not stop attacking the king like a villain.

The "here" door is not just a naked eye. 'Feeling'. Trust your gut. Feelings, premonitions, all of your senses. If you do not miss, you will be seen, but if you do not, you will be covered up. ”Spilled, blocked and torn.

I focused more than just on the attack, I focused all my clothes on the king at hand.

He wanted to know everything, every movement of the fine muscles, every breath, and he wanted to chase them somehow and tear them apart.

Because of the 'regeneration' skill, there is still no wound where a new arm needs to be raised.


All the magical powers entered the eyes of the kite, and strengthened the wearer's clothing firmly.

And more precise control over the flesh.

[Parallax Distortion] Occasionally, the temporal disruption focused on appropriately distributing the time and predicting the king.

There's only one objective.

It was only a matter of defeating the King in front of us.

Physical, Magical, Mental, Willingness. Everything is focused on the King. I didn't have time to accept any other information.

[I fell in love with excessive immersion.] [Warning! Extreme stress has left me in a state of artificial overload.] [Opponent or better, became a 'foal' opponent.] [Above the opponent, you have become a 'Lost Yourself' opponent [Bimarzilla is interested in more than the opponent you are experiencing.] [Bimarzilla wonders how you will overcome your opponent's ideals.] [If you don't cope well with your opponent, Bimadara may be greatly disappointed.

Please note] I didn't notice a lot of messages.

It hurt as if it were all hot and dirty.

In the meantime, be a tool.

Yeon-woo recalled the words.

The numerous powers that assisted him were carefully compressed and firmly loaded into each strike. To do this, all the computational devices were overloaded with dizziness.

The effect of various powers spreading from the wings of the sky made the space warp. It was not an easy task to control not only the solvent awakening, but all of this at once.

At this rate, it was one of the two.

Fall down, throw it all away.

My consciousness faded away at any moment, and I became a state of mind.

Like a machine that only has Marge left.

Be a tool.

Focus on breaking enemy lines.

Only two command statements remained with Yeon-woo, no.

There was one more thing.

Follow with your eyes.

Trust your gut.

That's why the attack on the King has become more concise and sharp. It wasn't sharp enough, so I thought I'd cut it off just by being next to it. The hellfire that followed him burns fiercely, adding firepower.

[Extremely injured.] [Anemia is the target of status disorder.] [Opponent or better, became a 'critical' opponent.] [The 'mangy' condition has worsened, making it an 'opponent'.] even though you've already burst your flank, and one of your eyes is cracked, and blood is pouring out.

Though the left leg almost flew away, he made a dashing move to find the King's Gap.


At some point, Yeon-woo was able to find various lines around her.

It was three thick lines and dozens of thin lines.

I intuitively realized what it was.

Employment, Skills, Power: Other little things, magic, blessings, options. They were all tangled up in a tangled thread, all incompatible.

I thought Yeon-woo used a lot of that stuff in the right combination.

In fact, it was only a simple combination, but it could not extract any more effect.

So now, I was going to mix them together.

It was not easy, but I thought I could do something about it. I was definitely focused on the unconscious king, but the consciousness followed only those lines.

And when they merged, a single line was formed.

There is a grain, [I'm very excited about the world through the eyes Bimagildara gave you. [Vimagildara squirms and knees] [Vimagildara looks at you warmly.] Yeongwoo feels like she was hit in the back with something strong.

If someone else had a weakness, why didn't they think the line would be with them? If I had tried, I would have been able to see how much.

And I wish I'd erased them one by one. Could it have been possible to grow faster?


Then Yeon shakes her head.

'Because it's now.

It seemed to be because it was now called ecstasy. I faced the great wall of the no king, so I had a chance to seize Aaron.

I wish I hadn't fought him. I wonder when I could have peeked at this. It could have been a lifetime of hardship.

'We have to confront the teacher more face to face. And smash it.

Yeon strenuously lowered the grain around her.

[Bimarzilla endorses your choice.] [The Black Gubidara's blessings are always with you.] Screaming. You hear the cost breaking. It was an inner voice, but it sounded louder to Yeon-woo than the sound of the heavenly host.

Through the cracks, the Catarrhea rushes in, wrapped around your body and soul. As the body cracked in the prison, it seemed that the soul that had been trapped all this time had found a little bit of freedom.


The time that was significantly slowed down came back.

I was smiling at him as if he were something else.

• • • You've barely got your tail on.

Yeon-woo quickly realized what it meant.

It meant that he had finally mastered the proper use of this great flesh. It was just a clue, but if you keep practicing, you might become proficient.

And that means... It also meant that Yeon-woo had opened up a new land.

The final step of Master to Master and Master.

A realm that anyone with a sword wants to challenge someday.

He finally took his first step there.

[Bimachildara is very satisfied, but Yeon is not intoxicated by that accomplishment, and pushes her hand toward the grain that still surrounds her.

Grrr, a red flame, compressed sword, dug into it, slicing open the King's arm and stuck it directly into his left chest.

It was just a scratch on a skin that couldn't pierce it. Given that I had never hurt anyone before, it was the development of the elders.

For the first time, a satisfied smile spread over Yeon-woo's mouth.

The King nodded his head as if it were not bad.

“Too much.” “Thank you. Thanks to you.

“Of course. This body is so great, you're the one who pulled up such a blunt object.” Yeon-woo smiled at the self-indulgence of the King. In fact, unlike the one who became stronger thanks to consuming various things, the word "king" was enough.

Genius. I wonder how stuffy Yeon-woo looked to him.


“How dare you let me see the blood in your prison?” The King rolls one tail of his mouth and twists his head to the side.

“Do you want to die?” Yeon realizes that Vigrid is still stuck in the bosom of the King. Immediately, his work got embarrassed.

“Now, wait a minute! It's a force majeure.” “Shut up. Let's get you killed, pupil.” Phew! The King slaps Yeon's abdomen with his fist while erasing the beagrid to the side with his left elbow. The moment I fell into a state of shock. I couldn't breathe.

Into the ear of a soft cow like that. The King smiles wickedly and whispers in a sweet voice.

“And I think I forgot. Apart from this teacher in front of you, there are eight more Nestors.

“Let's take some time for training.” Before Yeon-woo said anything.

The other kings who had fallen behind rushed in unison and began to trample on the honeycomb.

The stone gate that was blocking the cave was opened.

The pant frowns slightly in the sun, smiling heavily.

Every day since I started training Blood Mines. I couldn't help but notice how much time had gone by while I was training for the pulmonary canal.

But sometimes I heard about outside news. You finally came back, took off your mask, and tortured the world? The more I heard, the merrier and heartwarming it was.

I know how much you've been looking forward to that moment. And taking off your mask means you're ready to fight the world.

It must be full of thorns, spun around on his way.

It's a bloodbath there, and I'm already starting to get excited about how fate can get me to grow up and get me excited.

In addition.

I wonder how strong he was again.

I was curious about that.

You've become stronger, that's for sure.

It was unparalleled, and I could boast that I would never be left behind even in my father's youth when he said he was a 'genius' in my family.

Perhaps you shouldn't be weaker than me, but I suddenly thought about it.

If so, how should we establish a relationship? The first reason they were called Aura, brother, was the logic of power.

Then I'll be the big brother, and I'll take care of him.

Now that you think about it. He laughed in his mouth without knowing it. I think it will be interesting in its own way.


I can see a man standing just beyond the wide open entrance. It was a masked face, but I couldn't tell who it was because of its unique eyes.

“Brother!" You came to see me yourself because you said you would. I'm glad to see you. I'm sorry I didn't think I'd like you to be my older brother just now.

By the way.

• • • Mm? Why does his face look like that 0 2 "Yeon Woo's work was a little strange.

His eyes are puffy and his cheeks are puffy. The clothes were covered in footprints.

It seemed to be beaten up somewhere.

“Fant." “What's the matter?” The Pant takes a step back from the blemish without even knowing it.

I felt ominous in Yeon-woo's voice calling to me. My back is creepy.

Tudabuck - walking towards this side of the swamp is like a zombie.

“I didn't know that. You look a lot like your master.” “Looks a lot like • • before Pant even answers.

Yeon-woo's fist was flying first. It was the love of education.

“Do you remember? Me, too. ”