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16. Clan establishment (5)

“Samcheo-Ohon!” Cesar sprints to meet Yeon-woo with the sound of Udda.

Maybe it's because he's the age to grow up differently every day. Almost a year later, there were more prayers than ever before.

Such a tax collector was so cute, but I only put him up to regret it. The clock hasn't been responding to anything for a while, so I'm going to cover your back.

• • • Sesaya? ”Cesar pinches her lamb's cheek with a puffy face and pulls it up to the side.

“Bad uncle. Why didn't you come out? Hate!” • • After this.

“You said you'd be right back! It took me a long time! I knew my uncle would be back in the tower soon. Gud, 2." Cesar shreds the kite's cheeks longer.

Yeon-woo smiled bitterly. It seemed that growing up was not deception. She's a smart kid, so she knows what Yeon-woo's been doing all this time.

This is why I was a sinner. I have no choice but to say, "So what happened?” "I used to do. How did it go?" “It's going well.

“Then I forgive you.” Cesar hesitates as she takes her hands off the lamb's ball and lays them on her hips. Yeon-woo was so cute that she hugged me harder.

“But what's wrong with your face?” Then Cesar later found the pant behind the lotus and laughed.

Fant's eyes turn blue. He stared at Yeon-woo with a fat look and was rubbing snowballs with his eggs.

His fucking personality.

He's the disciple of the teacher, very much like his father. That's what I heard myself say.

“I'm on my own.

I said, "Yeah? Why are my eyes closed when I fell?“ Maybe they were selling eyes. ”“ Brother, be careful. ”“ I see. I should have been careful; ”Fant who was listening to his uncle and nephew's conversation looked like no one else.

Yeon-woo still pretended not to know, but quickly turned to talk.

“What about your mother?” “Mom, you were reading a book with me! I was reading it to you. You did good, right?" “My Sasha, you're all grown up. She reads all the books next to her in case she gets bored. I learned all the letters.” Yes! I'm a big girl! It's fun to study with your mom! ”Cesar came down from Yeon Woo's arms and grabbed him with a scruffy hand and led him to his room.

At her word, Anathane sits quietly in a one-wheeled chair. A blanket over my knee and a book on my foot were trampled on my eyes.

“Do it! Mom! Did you get this for me, too?” Cesar smiles brightly as she circles around Ananta. On the way here, I was busy boasting about the gift box that Yeon-woo gave me as a gift.

Anantara's eyes remained blurred, unfocused. Cesar is busy waiting, chattering as if she were smiling at herself.

Yeon-woo stands beside her silently, gazing at the sliding Ananta.

And then I pulled out the shivering crowd watch. You kneel down on one knee and reach the eye level of Anatta.


“I don't know what you're dreaming about. It's probably where Jungwoo and Cesar are happy together, right?” Abraham said that a long time ago. Even though we seem to be getting better, it's probably because we're stuck in a dream that we still can't get away from our autism symptoms.

Unlike the world outside that was filled with only worry and anxiety, there will be repetitions of the happiest moments that I have ever wished for.

So Ananda doesn't want to subconsciously leave the world.

It was because I was afraid of the mental shock I would receive when I came out into the world.

So, to wake up from the symptoms of autism, it was a major goal to have to break that fear, but I can't offer it to my father, Boram, or to my daughter.

I needed something else.

Something that will warm her, comfort her, and lead her here.


Yeongwoo places the clock on the palm of Ananda's soft side. Clipped, and the lid was opened.

Tick, tick.

You hear the clock ticking.

“I don't know what Jungwoo's doing there. From now on, even here, he will protect your taxpayer. So don't get too worked up.” Anantara still said nothing.

Yeon-woo thought her words had been conveyed to her well, and slowly got up from her seat, holding the Community Clock in her hands. Cesar tugs at the smile of Yeon-woo, “Uncle! Uncle! Is Daddy home?” “Yeah. He'll be here soon.” Ha! Really? When? "“ Wait a little longer. It's so far away that it takes time to get here. ”Yeon-woo stroked her head as she saw the soap shining with sparkling eyes.

Then I thought to myself, Ananda and her sister who wanted to hold Cesar.

“It must be precious. Can I give him that?” On my way out of jail to play with Cesar. Abraham looked at Yeon-woo with a little concern.

It was because I knew how important it was to Yeon-woo. It's the only thing he has left. It meant that I could just give it to Ananta.


I didn't give it to you. ”Yeon-woo grins and shakes her head boldly.

“I just made time for the two of you to be together.” My brother wanted to see Ananda and Cesar. It was a little late, but now I'm just trying to do you a favor.

Yeongwoo pauses - stops and looks toward the birthing place.

Between Yeon Woo leaving her seat.

Tick-tock, tick-aanatta. The sound of the clock rolling in the room shakes silently.


Anatta's unfocused eyes were firmly fastened to the round clock.

But what she was looking at was not a clock.

Tick, tick. With the sound of a second whirring, the past is touching her eyes.

- Anantara, right?

_Anantara? - Anantara • • - Thank you.

- Don't ever show your face again. The greeting we shared when we first met.

When I confessed that I like you, I was embarrassed.

When I was wandering around with my father, I didn't know what to do.

He clearly realized that he was not willing to open up to me, and he raised his voice loudly when he went to tell me that I was with him, after all the laughter that made him unravel again.


- I'll take care of it.

Even what he said when he saw the Jungwoo.

And what I said at that time became the key to tying Ananda up. I had to do whatever it took to protect Caesar. The only marriage he left behind. A child born out of love.

She was a precious daughter who had to protect her body at all costs, even if her body was broken.

Those days were swiftly grabbing like a horse.

Unlike Yeonwoo and Abraham's assumptions, what they were seeing was not a 'dream' that would make them happy with Jungwoo and Cesar.

Rather, my heart was filled with sorrow and pain.

even though it was a hard and exhausting day.

I loved someone openly. I would not have risked my life for him. So there were moments when I could smile until the end while looking at Cesar.

If you look back now. Because there were the happiest moments for him, and... When you hold the clock in your hand. For some reason, I felt warm at the end of my body temperature, not the feeling of cold iron.

The visions that were constantly hovering around her retina shattered like glass.

A new piece emerges from the light in between. At the same time, they were hit one by one like puzzles, and the clock appeared a little bit.

Look familiar.

At that moment, I could hear Jungwoo's voice in her ears.

Oh, it was a gift from my brother. I got it for my birthday back home. Beautiful, isn't she? When I asked her what she was touching in the field, she still smiled brightly and answered me clearly. That was the clock I was holding in my hand.

On the clock, a few tears fell.

It was still a little out of focus. His pupils were shaking for the first time.

“Jing, Wuya • • And a trembling voice.

The clock rang quietly, as if to say he was here.

“What's missing?” “I can't. I want to do something.” “What is it?” “That face, can I just shave one off?” “If that's the case.” Oh! May I? "“ Of course. Traded with each other. What do you think? "Not working.” Pant grunts, pouting his lips as if he doesn't want to talk anymore.

I've already mixed my hands with Yeon-woo once and realized that. He was such a monster that he became a bigger monster.

But that was even more interesting. If he had that much power, he'd have enough answers and war. Although he was beaten by his father, he was originally an outsider.

On the way out of town, Edorado stood.

Standing there holding Shinma tightly was no different than usual. Pants felt strange from such a sister. Obviously, there was something familiar about it.

“What did you do?” Yeon-woo looks at Dora for a moment and asks the same question.

Edora nods quietly.

“It ends well.” “That's a relief.” “I thought it would take some time, but I'm glad it ended so quickly.” When Edora smiled, Pant realized what strange energy Edora had been holding back.

“Oh, would you mind making a noise?" Don't talk behind my back.

Pant looks at Edora's furrowed eyes, slicing her waist off and nods.

Normally, I would have been stubborn, but I could easily tell she wasn't in the mood.

If you're right, then what Edora went through last night is beyond imagination, and Deniedora is now completely self-aware. I guess Mother's decision was quicker than I thought. You saw the moon, right? 'Though you are always thinking and ahead of us, it is still clear that this is the only thing you will take care of. Just as he got a big weapon called' blood mine ', Edora got something like that. It would have been such a big help for Yeonwoo and Artiya.

Fant suddenly wondered.

According to Yeon-woo, Arthura has already begun to move. The members who were scattered soon said that the innards would gather. What is the criterion of Yeon-woo's 'strong', adding that they are very strong and powerful beings? And what happens in between? I was so curious.

How many of them are qualified to shoulder to shoulder?

Even though we were defeated by Yeonwoo, we should become the sons of the King, not the head, but the Son of Man.

I also thought it might not be a bad idea to try sequencing. I will also check how well the blood work for myself.


Such a wind of fants seemed to be happening soon.

“What, those?” Ordinarily, you wouldn't want to see the wealth that would almost cover the commercial district outside the tower in shadows.

Not now. It was close to a dispute.

It was always quiet in a noisy commercial district without a passerby.

Instead, there were only two groups in the streets who were facing each other with their swords drawn.

I didn't know what I wanted, but I was sure of this.

One is an ally and the other is an enemy.

It seems that the hostile forces have dispatched troops to suppress the allies who have begun gathering from the inside and the clans who wish to suppress the inferior group.

Or maybe the hostiles were trying to invade Laputa and they were trying to defend themselves.

Regardless of the reason, the battle appears imminent.

Fant's fingertips are tickling. Suddenly, a guy on the side of the hostile forces was trampled under his eyes.

Although it was hard to recognize his face because he was wearing a robe, he was a player who somehow created a sense of camouflage.

It didn't look that strong to me. The combat-trained senses speak. He's dangerous. It's very ominous.

Just then, Yeon-woo grunts and tries to break in, flapping the wings of fire as much as possible.

He looks as cold as ever, but in Fant's eyes he seems to be holding back his anger tightly. The speculation left over by Yeongwoo made my flesh tingle.

Looking at it.

“I don't know what I want, but I can't figure it out, so I followed him with a big smile.

“It's been so much fun from the start.” Paziejo, Paziejo, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The spa that was splattering up along the skin began to spill a lot of blood.