Second Life Ranker

17 p.m. Clen Xue (6)

The liver grimaces as it slits its palms and lengthens the 'Blood Sword'.

Even just now.

When he heard that the kite had opened the dragon's labyrinth, he moved toward it, but the layers were closed, tied off, and he was on his way back outside the tower.

Having said that, Havon Wing 1 • • I had already heard something from Yeongwoo, but I knew his identity.

However, I was surprised when I heard that it was a Haven wing.

He was one of those who remembered the blue of his wings and mourned his sad death.

In fact, Doyle and I went to the tutorial. There was also quite an impact of Havon Wing.

And now his twin brother thinks he's going to create a bigger blue, or maybe an uproar, and his heart is going to pound. Gan confronted the welcome knights led by Groitz in front of Laputa, and while we were waiting for the alliance, we also encountered an elf named Heini and the forces following her.

'The child of the forest. It was a place where the liver had recently started to emerge, just as it had been overheard.

It wasn't just because it was great in the power sector. You could see that much power easily from inside the tower. Rather, there were many things that were lacking compared to other clans.

But the reason the children of the forest were considered great was because of their defeated traits.

The children of the forest were 'everywhere'.

They never discriminate against accepting the clan. From stragglers living outside the tower, to merchants, nationals, to residents blocking every staircase.

There were many occupational groups: bard, scientist, poacher, smuggler; mercenary, free knight, wandering wizard, minority, etc. who could not be found even after washing their eyes. The planet from which we came, the environment in which we lived, what we pursued and the purpose of life were different.

But there was one thing that penetrated all of them: they were corrupted by the world, and they could no longer be called plays by pride, by putting down their own weapons.

Normally, clans have their own goals, including staircase attacks, expansion of forces, and the pursuit of power.

The children of the forest did not give up such things, but simply wanted to provide shelter to those in need of shade.

'The world has forsaken you, but we do not,' that was the mark of mine for the children of the forest.


I was tired of the tower's past competition and turned my back on the world, but many who longed for human warmth began to gather inside.

Each clan and Hank laughed at the children of the forest.

The ugly ones think they stick together to comfort themselves.

But as the numbers started to rise, and those of us who had once walked the first steps in each field began to blend in.

The power of the children of the forest was immeasurably great, and the power was enormous in an instant.

Members are scattered throughout each staircase, and there are many jobs that can be synchronized in countless ways, including large information1 = all = to incite public opinion, 0 = to create flow, or to construct an approximation of the players who have previously used force. Not only in information, but also in a self-contained military organization.

Thanks to this, it was noisy between the various giant clans. The influence of children in the forest was growing every day.

However, the leader of such a place wants to come and become an organization.

It was a surprise to the liver.

Heidi said she came here to repay the galaxy she received from Yeon Woo. This situation was so low because Yeongwoo, whom the liver knew, was only famous for her 'personality.'

In addition, there were a lot of powerful people near zero who came to join the ranks of Artia.

'Palbo Pirates', 'Star of Green Salt', 'Cursed Half Moon', 'Sophie's World', 'Sungkyo', 'Remarriage', etc. • • • • • • • They were usually part of, or were in common relationships with, Artiya.

With the news that the Hebron Wing had returned, the fact that Artija had been rebuilt and killed three of the 'kings' came to light.

Moreover, there were some who were considered to have equivalent power even if they did not belong to the fourth generation clan, such as the 'Endless Religion or the Throne of Sect'.

For them, they want to observe the emerging divinity of Artiya and decide whether or not to participate. Just working with Artiya will change the proportion of self-reliance on order that will be reorganized in the future.

Thanks to you, the liver was able to feel the different state of Artiya in one day.

Even just a few days ago.

In the players' minds, the wings were marked with the modifier 'ill-fated hero of the wrong age' or 'broken wings of Icarucin'.

I remembered brightly, but in the end, I lost all light and fell.

It contained fasting and admiration, but on the one hand, it was also a mixture of ridicule that they had disappeared without accomplishing anything. It was time for him to show such a great presence that no one could easily follow.

But now it's different.

The name Habonwing was shining more brightly than ever before.

It was also spreading dark and choking the players. The Hae Bon Wing returned and laughed at him. There were so many eyes that he could not help but be bitter as he knew who the Hae Bon Wing was.

The herd is here after all. It's like a hyena chasing the splendor of a hawthorn wing and only the glory of the past. I couldn't see how dark and dark it was.

But it was only by these people that I knew I would rise up as a giant Glenn and survive the long war ahead. I was just observing them without saying anything, and...

It was around that time that a group of hostiles appeared who wanted to become AREIA allies.

Elohim and his horsemen led a group of troops.

I was going to faint as a liver.

It was never possible for two clans to hold hands on a common sense vessel he knew.

Elohim said he was afraid of God's descendants, but the other gods and demons were fake, so the horsemen who sought the sole idea that they were the only Saviors could never be mixed up.

He used to hold hands when he drove out Artiya, but it was an implicit alliance at the time, not a direct alliance.

But now it's different.

In order to eliminate the common enemy, Hae Bon Wing, we decided to bury the old Silver Garden or the thinker for a while.

Especially since the man who was leading the Elohist was without teeth.

“That's Clan House? I miss you. I miss you.” The renowned traitor of Artia, Antivedome Bakok, made an interesting face as he stroked his chin with his hands.

Then Bakok found the liver staring at him quietly, fainting and smiling lightly.

“Maybe you're the one who's in my new position?” The sound of the rain was very relaxed. The liver does not sow its hidden flesh.

The Bible holds a strong grudge against Artia.

Even if it is true, Arnia must have a grudge against the bay. On the other hand, there must be a reason why Bakok did something so vile.

Maybe there's some kind of critical trigger that Bakuk got to eat that poison.


I wouldn't have to worry about it. 'The liver was never curious about the reason for such a boat. Whatever it was, I was more than willing to dip myself in Artia, and I was forced to clash with the force! “I'll help." “A little power, but I'll help." ”According to Kreutz's orders, the welcome knights summoned the Wyvern together, and the children of the forest began preparing for battle as soon as Heidi ordered."

Suddenly, it was the other clans and parties.

“Shit, does it have to go backwards?” They haven't decided to join Arnijah yet. They came all the way here to establish a relationship with Artyria and to see what they could get in return for helping him.

Even if Arniya flies right now, we'll never be able to continue the war long unless they're in the wars to come.

They say Haebon Wing has the power of a 'king' class: And no matter how strong the face of the members of the AREIYA, it was not enough to surpass the white dragon or the Elo force that was so strong that it was full of talent.

Moreover, there was a big difference in the number of heads.

So many of the forces who participated in the battle believed that they would not win the Havon Wing and the Artija War, and that they would have a pretty big foundation.

It was under the impression that it could hold a very large stake in it.

Most of them are gathered because of their previous relationship with Areya. Had it not been for this calculation, he would not have responded to the summons in the first place.

And yet you have no deals. Abandon Artilla's side in a situation that doesn't clear up the relationship? They wanted to get out of this situation because they were pretending to be Elohim the Horseman without gaining anything.

Execute - “Are you leaving?” The army that followed him along with the Beastly Vigilante built a wall into the tower shield, stretching its spear through it like a hedgehog, and blocking the clans from leaving.

Mou Soldiers (35492 free; 22296 free;). For short, it was the elite group that Elohim boasted more famous as Muobang.

Since they were born, they have been thoroughly liberated from their parents and have undergone thorough military training. They only live for Elohim's prosperity. A place to live in fear of various forces through magic and magic skills, sword, archery, and shield.

Already Bakok is the first person from the Senate to say that he is a dictator, as well as a person who has been named "General" and has been given military power.

The Senate, which was so vigilant of the concentration of power, finally gave up and empowered him with all his strength.

Therefore, the infantryman, who was thoroughly underdressed, did not move according to his orders.

The fear was that even the most common speculation a soldier could have was not felt from him.

“We are not yet on the same boat with Artiya. So I need you to let me go.” At that time, a man made an impression and stepped forward.

“You?" “Hanata, in charge of a small group called the Iron Throne,” Blade Master. I know what I heard.

The Iron Throne originally started in a mercenary group and became famous as a military group by turning to Glenn because it was inconsistent with the wire.

Especially one who is known to possess outstanding swordsmanship compared to a wire.

It may not be the 'king' class, but it is below the 'king' level.

How to break through the Muo Soldier's siege; the relief on the troubled players' faces was young.

I don't think they're gonna stop something that big. You want to avoid unnecessary damage for them as well. Then they seemed to follow behind the Iron Throne.


“So?” Bakok laughs, his head twitching.

The facial expressions of each group were hard.

"Avoiding unnecessary conflicts is a mistake in cost."

Bakuk rolls his mouth cold.

“An unnecessary conflict. You're full of shit. Erase all ties with Artiya.

Where you do business with them, 2012; 1-where you intend to do business with them • • • • • and erase none of them.

This is the agenda of the Senate and the goal of Elohim. ”Everyone was appalled.

You just want to make an enemy out of this? “And the horse army agreed with us.

Once the bay is fully stamped here, the clans have no choice but to stand firm and combat ready.

Players in the Iron Throne surround each other as if they were protecting one another. One of them stares at Bakok, his face distorted, “You'll regret that.” Regret? ”Ceremony.

Bakuk smiles and says hello.

“Don't be so hot. It's been over for a long time. Rather, that's what you have to say.” Just! You flick your fingers lightly.

Suddenly, one by one, I opened my eyes and grabbed my neck and started hitting my back. You can't breathe like a man on a marzi rope. Bubbles pour down the mouth.

“Clan? Clan!” What's the matter with you! ”Your players have caught it by surprise. Some quickly handed over the decryption potion, but it didn't help.

It was poison. Bakuk finally got rid of it. While no one noticed.


It starts to blossom green around the arrow-baking. Everything that was mixed with dark acidity and poison began to crumble.

“D-poison fog!” “Shit! Stay back!" The signature skill that turned Bakuk into the best alchemist and reader. Cursed that thousands of lives will be lost at once.

Players are in a state of turmoil, and they start to retreat.

Peug smiles viciously at them.

“Die, old ghosts.” As the poison fog spread, it poured over the clans' heads, and the horsemen and the horsemen were about to make their move.

The liver stepped forward. Blood droplets spill along the scar on the left palm, creating another red fog to counteract the poison fog.

Skills based on their characteristics, a technique that combines' Ballard Stream 'and' Yin 25844; 'during 72 statements.

The poison fog is blocked by the red fog in the middle of the process. The two forces start to collide.

The phrase - “I knew you'd show up, Blood Sword. It'll be entertainment until Jungwoo arrives.” Bakuk smiled coldly and was about to move to catch the liver.

Fierce flames have fallen from the sky, little lamb! Lightning lacked the poison fog at once, burning everything to the ground.

“Cain!” In the midst of the seaweed and smoke, the lily that emerges in between flourishes to Ebb 1.

With his brotherly vision, he was never able to keep up with it, so when he tried to take a step back, Beagrid was about to traverse his body. Yeon-woo didn't think he could overcome his aggression. It was now the attack that wounded the Prime Minister.

Just in time.

Pot | Something pops out in front of the bay and bounces off the swamp.

It was definitely a full-blown blow, but the power hit was also just as strong.

Yeon-woo straightens and straightens her posture, flapping her wings of fire with a slight crumple. "The rear is dangerous.” Bakok sighs in relief, smiling bitterly to see if his liver was cold.

However, Yeongwoo's gaze was fixed firmly against standing in front of him, not against the hateful Bakok.

I can't tell who it is because I'm wearing a robe, but I've been trampled by something. New Haran wings revealed between the robes. It was so familiar.

No way. 'That word quickly crossed my mind.

So Yeon-woo suppressed the ominousness of trying to remember, and stared at Bakok calmly.

“What is that?” Oh, you mean this? Haha! I had a present for you when I met you. ”Bakuk grins and grabs the robe tightly.

“It's been a long time, and I think there should be a proper surprise.” And then I pulled the robe.}

Yeongwoo's eyes were filled with horror, and she soon got wet with anger.

“Baahhhhhh!" Jungwoo's face stands where Rob disappeared. Holding silver armor, new Haan wings, and glorious vapors.