Second Life Ranker

18. Clarence (7)

The abandoned laboratory on the 28th floor.

Despite all the research work and reagents that were there, there was no way to know what the hell Baye was working on at the time.

There's just a big experiment going on, and that's all the speculation that it might have anything to do with what he always said, ' i .'

Since it was poison that poisoned the ghost, it was one of the products that could be guessed. At that time, the extracted poison was still being analyzed by purity.

Of course, I didn't find out anything at all.

- This poison, I think, is some kind of mangrove.

Manganese poison.

It was a poison in which the constituents were based on the alphabet, not the substance.

A realm of spiritual material that cannot be consumed in alchemy without a proper greeting. Hahaha - Recently, using this spiritual material as poison also meant that it was highly understandable.

So manganese poisoning was very difficult to make and handle.

Although he surpassed the level of civilization built by the world of the Tower of Education, he also did not build a broad system of knowledge for the spiritual world.

That's why we used Barry Mantis poison.

Abraham also questioned how he had accumulated that much knowledge.

- The problem is that this teletoxin is not the product, it's most likely a byproduct of some kind of research. What kind of research did they do? I know you're trying to manipulate souls.

- But there's no guesswork at all.

- Comparison with existing data from the laboratory shows traces of trying something primarily related to human flexibility before studying the soul.

- I guess.

- I'm starting to think he was trying to make a homunculus.

It means "little human." It meant the artificial intelligence created by alchemists. Brahab had only succeeded in half, and failed in his full maturity.

Now Abraham was nothing but a lump of ointment that pierced his soul with the power of black magic in the flesh that he had stopped making.

By the way.

"Made a homunculus like that?" No matter how much of an alchemist he is, I can't imagine he has that kind of knowledge system. "How can he have knowledge that Abraham does not have?

So I wanted to deny it wasn't Yeon-woo.

The cold reason and sensitive senses have been telling us that standing to protect the baked goods is right.

I could see that it was a battle doll without emotion or reason because of its expressionless face.

But I knew what it was built on, so I couldn't cross it easily.

And, in addition, I could feel the question of Yeon-woo's resolve naturally.

“Why did you betray me?” “What could it be? That's what this is about. I assure you, none of the many people I've seen are as close to Goddess as you.” Of course not.

Following Yeouido, a ferocious gust of flesh surged violently.

Bakok has been trying for a long time to find experimental materials for his nephropathy, and finally, after several observations, he realized that the subject is' unfit for friendship. '


He betrayed me.

To get the DNA of the Jungwoo.

Precisely the genetic and spiritual information stored in it would have been needed.

But at the time, the walls surrounding the friendship would have been very hard.

He must have spent a long time on it to make gold.

While he was constantly feeding Jungwoo 'Home Run's Eye' and being addicted to it, he tried to trick Baldevich, who was like a bodyguard, to get him to leave, and leaked Artiya's information to the outside, leading to continued defeat.

And since Artia has fallen again and again and again, she's fallen to the bottom of the pit.

Once the snowball starts rolling, it will keep blowing and reach this point. • • Whoa! Realizing everything that had happened the other day, the storm became more intense and covered all the commercial areas.

Without covering up Arnia and Elohim-Marra, all the players in place quickly started to retreat.

The only one standing here is Bakk.

Roaring_Heat gusts from Yeon-woo did not reach Barry. Homunklace, who resembles Jungwoo, stepped forward and blocked it.

As I swung my wings and put my sword on the bartable, a pillar of light descended from the sky, clearing out all the heat winds.

“It's warm.” The rain whispers a little as it hits the cheeks that have been swallowed by the heat.

“What the hell happened to you? No matter how many years have passed, how can a person change like this? Doesn't the personality, trait, skill, blessing, etc. all differ from the previous you? I don't think I can hear you when I look at biometrics.” While Bakok still looks incomprehensible, he does not conceal his curiosity as an academic. Then I smiled coldly and stared at Yeon-woo.

“Can I tell you more about the way things turned out?” The eyes of the baker glow coldly.

“It was my plan to capture you alive. But it will fail. What? The Home Runs Eye was a surprise to me. I didn't think I'd make it that far. Originally, if the calculations were correct, even if the dragons of the past were large enough to collapse straight away, Yeon-woo no longer wanted to hear him talk.

Keeping listening seemed like my ears were rotting.

“But I was convinced.

In this tower, there will be no raw materials like you in the past or the future! ”The moment I saw his eyes slowly getting wet with frenzy.

Guaiang_Yeon suddenly appears from behind Bakok as she treads on the Blingg.

I'm only as good as a reader and alchemist, and it's only a matter of time before I realize that I'm just a regular baker.

Instead, Horunklaus quickly turns to the side, surrounding the bay as if protecting it.

The white sword holding onto collides with Beagrid as he draws a dash.

Shrimp! At the same time as the sound of clear iron makes a big wave.

Oral, Huaiak-The tremendous wind pressure that was there knocked down the ground that two people hit, and the hot wind swept back around 17 *.

The commercial district boasted the largest area outside of the tower, losing more than two-thirds in a single collision.

“It's not going to be easy. At this point, whether you were using the data as a Habonwing or as a base, Yeon moved her body to chase the noisy Barry, but every time she drew it, the Horunklaus moved quickly and avoided all the steam.

Pow, pow, pow_pow, pow, pow! The broken order bounced around, and when the fire set, Greater was created everywhere.

The struggle between Yeongwoo and Homunklaus was just as formidable.

“It's not just biometric information. It's a blessing I wore, and I guessed it to the extent that I wasn't able to follow all of my powers, my blessings, my skills. About 70 to 80 percent? Elohim helped me a lot.” Even when the atmosphere is boiling in hell. Bakok still hasn't lost his edge.

“Like this.

It goes, “You're facing the past.” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Yeon's lips spread to somehow get rid of Bakok, amidst the scattered battlefields of dust and smoke, once again with another large explosion.

Life. Hahn.

I was annoyed because I was just chattering loudly. Very well. "I will cut his throat." According to Yeouido's command, his shadow rises high above the sky as if it were a ground spider.

It was to catch the truck coming out the back. Homeunculus tries to catch up later, but the moat digs deep and ties his feet.

However, even though the shadow of the kite flew almost like a tentacle in front of her, she was still able to relax, rather than be distracted.

No, I even laughed as if it were funny. "And I made this, and I can't believe I only made one.” Scared to the end of the sentence, two more flashes fly as the space around the Bakuk sways. The shadow is stunned.

Gangs, Chakka-Shadow, called the Infini1Renault site 46964; changing to life and age, respectively. Intercepting them was a homunculus that boasted the same appearance and specs as what the pond was dealing with.

What is this • • • • • • | These crazy! "Then, Yeon-woo and others could clearly understand.

What Bakuk and Elohim have done together is unforgivable.

Ancient restoration plan. After a long trial and error by Elohim, the results of his research and his crazy obsession held hands.

It was so ridiculous.


There was something I didn't understand.

Even if Baker and Elohim did everything in their power, would it be possible to create nine long high-Hanker greetings? So if we can extract the DNA of all known High Rankers or "King" class people at this time and create a clone army, that's it? Then Elohim would have remained in charge of the tower. But why haven't I been able to do that?

The question was tails.

Yeongwoo could not be reasoned with by the clone of her glittering brother.

[Strong psychological disturbance has been lost.] [The characteristic 'Cold Blood' has failed.] [Characteristic cold blood 'has been incapacitated.] As the space rang in succession, a Homunklace of Jungwoo poured in.

Four, five, six. When those spilled objects reached a total of nine stages.

Yeon-woo eventually lost her mind completely.

“Baaarrrgh!" [Awakening five-letter solvent] [Powerful Front Opens] As the skin of Yeon Woo's skin turns upside down, a huge scale of dragons rises. The fiercely furious scale ignites a deep heat, and the insides begin to strengthen all the power connected by channeling.

Ten lightning strikes down along the crack in the crack in the crack of the crack.


There was something intense that made the seer overwhelmed.

The target is the homuncluses of Jungwoo coming this way. Yong Sin An, who had found out about Hwaseong Jing Jing, was messing with their grain.

But it wasn't that they didn't have a plan.

“Expand.” Along with the starter words of the 'Manganese Wings of Manganese Wings', homeuncles spread their wings like the wings of the sky, but with a gloomy feel.

The white wings were filled with various kinds of poison. They were gathering the genetic information of Jungwoo to its fullest extent, maximizing the possibilities while greatly reducing the lifespan of the body.

Of course, it was a power that lacked virtue compared to the motif of the wings of the sky.

However, as Jungwoo maximized his chances, his power was great. These things were triggered at the same time, so the whole area was blinded by the splendid extinction of light.

And it weighed down the wrath of Yeon Woo even more. He's not treating his brother's clones as tools or anything more. It was forcibly consuming the lifespan of a clone that was apparent within a few years.

Oh, and...

When the waves of Manganese 'according to the pattern of the waves of light, instead of being in both hands, they attracted and detonated the poison.

The explosion 'melted' the placenta outside of the tower, as well as the commercial district, as it spread with poison in an instant.

However, the agglomerates of the phantom toxin waves are blocked from spreading any further at any point. Mixed with the waves of fire that added softening power, it suddenly became a huge pillar that soared into the sky.

When all the firepower went down.

All four of the Horunklauses have been torn apart, and the other two are barely defending against the condensation.

The bay is far from the battlefield under the protection of the Horunklaus century.

For the first time, his relaxed face was mixed with annoyance.

• • • The monster-like creature became more monstrous. Even Clones are made from gray fragments of crawling chaos. I never thought I'd be so humiliated.

Despite the knowledge of the Elohim, the ancient knowledge, the experience of the Bakuk, and the materials that crawling chaos gave through trading, they were created by adding the knowledge system of the Emerald Tablet.

The middle stage of the treasure that Elohim had created with all his abilities and wealth was the only one that flew away in this blow.

“Still not ready for the main body • • • • •. We need to make some improvements.

Along with a soliloquy like that of Bakuk.

Before the new blow of Yeon-woo arrived, he disappeared mixed with the "intervened" energy somewhere. With the Unsullied, all of them.

It's like the space is cut out.

And Baker fell helplessly behind the scenes of two extra severed homuncles' heads with his right arm.