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19. Creating a Clan (8)

[Agares looks down at the stream with unbelievable eyes.] [Agares vomits violent anger.] [A message from Agares has been intercepted.] [Message: These lunatics don't have the courage to touch my things.] [Message from Agares]] [Message: I had no idea. I'm not the only one who watches all the Summers every time.

But this is unforgivable, unacceptable, and I will never, ever forgive them.] [Agares' fury is announced in the heavens.] [At Agares' strong request, 'Le Infernal' votes on the agenda.] [The majority of demons are negative about an agenda that intervenes in the summer.] [Agares' furious gaze is upon them.] [The Grand Duke of the East reveals his will.] [The lower demons are deeply terrified.] [Most demons have changed their minds,] [Voting resumes] [All votes except one vote have changed to a vote.] [Demonic society, Le Infernal, has declared hostility to the Iklan Elohim.]] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: Unless this matter is resolved, my blessing and ours will follow you.] [Blessings and blessings from the Demon Society, Le Infernal!] [While 'Artiya' is hostile to 'Elohim', this blessing and blessing will not go away, but will continue to follow you.] The news of your brother's homunculus angered Against you.

He lost considerable strength because of the wounds inflicted by Hermes and Athena, but for a while he was unable to escape his moral obligations within Le Infirmary.

But he still had the power and influence not to lose his place in the Grand Duke of the East.

As he expressed his genuine anger, Le Infernal changed his mind and began joining his doctor.

At first, the demons who refused participated were startled.

Of course, there must be limits to what Le Infernal can interfere with because of the formulation of a system called the Causality Rate.

However, that little difference could make a big difference in the argument.

As Elohim, he was struck by lightning.

Yeon-woo clenches her fists, leaving behind many messages pouring out like that.

'Good thing I didn't bring my pocket watch.

Standing beside the leader, he is filled with the remnants of the flaming homuncles.

They were still breathless1- ~ They were dreaming about their near-functional opponent. It meant "battle doll loyal to command only."

Seeing Yeongwoo grip her teeth harder, she squeezes her foot against HoMoon Claus. The sound of the howling and the seven crabs scattered into black ash.

It was only scratched at first, and then it was not hard.

Even with his face, they're just clones based on his data. He is not a 'real' brother.

That's why it wasn't that hard to deal with the rest of the homuncluses to escape Bakuk.

One stage was enough to bring him in alive for analysis.

But even so.

The anger that began to wriggle from one side of my heart did not stop.

Beida Elohim • • Nihee has not changed to the end.

Yeon-woo gripped her teeth. Ahn Gwang-yi's fury intensifies me.

'Come. If you do that, I'll have to do the same.

Yeongwoo went straight up to Laputa while being greeted by Groitz or Heidi.

The members, as well as the welcome knights and the children of the forest, followed behind without hesitation. Izzie's welcome stairs came down from Laputa to the ground.

Then I became a fallen duck egg. There are clans, including the Iron Throne and the Endless Apocalypse.

Unlike what I thought they would be able to negotiate in 'equal' positions with Havon Wing, the plan has been in a tight disadvantage since Elohim and the Horsemen appeared from the meadow.

Moreover, what they had just seen before was truly a frightening thing, as they chased away the same clone in the past.

It was also a rebuttal that said he had become much stronger than what he called his heyday.

Moreover, the fire that exploded almost as it burned outside the tower was still catching their eye.

None of the players who are already here thought that they could still make 'equal' negotiations with him. I can do a month in my backyard with all my shoulders shrunk.

At least the pride of what was left of them was tying their feet. This will only be a sign of our willingness to follow the welcome knights and the children of the forest into unconditional devotion.

So I could be a dog that was chasing chickens without getting anything done.


Th-the one-1- • • will rise, ”An excessive batch of poison left over by Lady Bakok stood up as she gripped it.

Shortly before suffocating, he was able to recover from the antidote given by Yeon-woo - precisely the one that Abraham refined and drank - and barely recovered consciousness.

Though his strength seemed to be lost considerably, he was exhausted.

So his eyes glowed more vigorously than ever before.

The vengeance and anger were burning like flames in Heman because he had already died once.

And so were the members of the Iron Throne following him.

Even though they are a group of mercenaries who pursue their interests, they have lived with only one honor and one pride.

But it was trampled on by Bakok and Elohim.

“I cannot give no thanks to the mercenaries, but I and the Iron Throne cannot live through the heavens like Elohim, unless I detect them all. Let's go.” One by one began climbing the welcome staircase with the clan members, all chewed up and swallowed.

“Let's go with • • • • • •.

“We're here to atone for the past. We shouldn't turn back this time. In the past, I have been assisted by Haebon Wing and Artiya, but I have not been able to do this.

When I gripped my teeth in the word 'Boeun', which was thrown one by one, I came to work.

On the other hand, they were relatively light on their feet because they saw the hope that their wings wouldn't collapse like last time.

As you begin climbing the welcome stairs one by one, the other clans follow each other.

Many were enthusiastic in both eyes.

Pure followers were mixed up as they chased after Yeongwoo up the tower to see something big.


• • • A lot of them. ”Yun was watching the scene quietly through the screen in the control room.

Floating Laputas outside of the tower and clearly distinguishing those who are coming. And forcibly capturing those who came in as allies was the main goal of the plan, so it was a perfect fit for this intent.

• • • • • • So it's not just a clone. As you can imagine, it's a clone based on Hanhomunculus. A battle doll, based on rich data. It was still boiling firmly because of unexpected variables.

It was around that time that Abraham's report came up.

There is a fake process to comply with the order of the person designated as the owner. The cryptography that makes up the algorithm is so complex, it's going to take a lot of time to analyze it in more detail. Where in the world do you think you can hack a structural formula like this? "” I'll give it a try. You mean don't get your hopes up. ”The formula is too complicated.

This was never the system used in the tower. It is a different form from the original from the original. Elohim probably doesn't understand this at all. Very high quality.

Magic, magic, justice, everything. It looks like you need quite a bit of intelligence to fully decode it. "Abraham omitted the latter. However, Yeon-woo could easily understand what it meant.

We're short.

Not only has he regained his power as a god, but he is not the same as he was pioneering.

Abraham was still unable to bring out the power he had originally been able to work with.

His intact ability, once classified as state-of-the-art in the Divine Society of Deva, could easily break through Homunklaus' psychic chambers.

Now I have no choice but to lose most of my knowledge and lose my power.

“I can't help it. But I ask you,” As a young woman, I wondered how Abraham could have possessed so much knowledge and so much alternative baking. But now I have no choice but to leave everything to Abraham, because I don't have time to figure it out right now.

I see. Once a spring • • • Master. Drill. Yes, there is. C. "At that time, I suddenly intervened in communicating with Abraham.

There were very few cases of wealth that were always silent behind the scenes. Yeonwoo and Abraham's consciousness are also headed that way.

"Now. This system. 'Eungai Forest'. Used at. System. Wow; Like. Same thing. Da" The Forest of Eungai? ” What? Is that true? Yeon-woo smiles at the first nomination she hears, but Abraham is surprised by it.

“Do you know what it is?” Aldama. I don't know. That • Q 02 `1-Abraham said it with a deep sigh, without connecting the words of cruel man-hours.

It is a place that exists outside the dimensions of and unobserved dogs. • • • • • • • other systems. At that moment, Yeon-woo felt a rush of spirit.

There was only one thing that the gods and demons of the 98th floor, including Abraham, refer to as the "passover."


A realm ruled by other gods.

Among them, Eungai Forest is controlled by crawling chaos. Isn't that right? Is it "crawling chaos" again? 'From sub-faucets and calatus to bakucks. The touch of the crawling chaos was reaching this far.

"Yes. E. The system is. Emerald tablet. Inside. Contents and. Structure. Go. Like." In your past life, you have made deals with the chaos of crawling around as a mephistopelles intermediary. It's not hard to find out. Haha! I thought the god of the other side couldn't reach into the tower. Is that not it, too? Abraham spoke to Yeong-woo in a solemn voice.

Wealth first has some knowledge, so let's try the spring.

If you succeed in hacking in any way, it will also help Jungwoo a lot. "” "Good work is what you do. I should say that. Abraham ended his communication with him.

Yeongwoo gently rubbed her knuckles, fatigued with her index finger and thumb.

But the inside of my head was swift.

Bakruck made a kind of deal with the crawling chaos of his former life, and everything would make sense if he made Homeuncles based on the knowledge he gained here.

We built a lab on the 28th floor. A mysterious poison called mangrove venom was created. It uses a magic system so complex that he doesn't understand it.

'Do I have to follow you as soon as this is over?' Even if I wanted to try to recover my lost memory of wealth, I thought I would someday chase the chaotic trail of chi.

If I was this close, I couldn't help but look.

Above all.

I instinctively felt that way.

I have a feeling that the chaos that crawls around the tower has something to do with the cost price that I'm trying to get myself into.

Then Yeon-woo lay down for a while to clear her mind.

Edora appeared with another One-Do screen open by Orabini.

It means it's time to step up.

There were many players waiting for him to appear in the hall. I tried to prevent it, but I could only get more repulsive if I kept going.

Yeongwoo slowly got up from her seat as she pushed her armrest.

I don't know what kind of deal Bakruck made with the crawling chaos, but it didn't really matter.

If he had some strength, he could someday destroy it with Zari Elohim and the horsemen, so I was comfortable.

And we exchanged business once for each other.

'This time it will be my turn again with that thought.

“The portal open rainfall moves along the portal beneath your feet, into a hall where everyone can gather.

In the grand and spectacular hall, clans and parties gather.

The members of Artia, the welcoming knights, and the children of the forest were relatively calm, but other players had already been overwhelmed by the overwhelming scale as they crossed the citadel until they came here alone.

As the last dragon king left this place, there was no better place than Barofuta.

Moreover, this place is the influence of the alliance.

They have been engraved with the sinewness of the kite since they entered Laputa without even knowing it. The horror and tension that I felt in Laputa is gradually becoming a fear of the breeding ground.

Then, in the middle of the hall, there were seventy-seven steps, when the portal opened and a kite appeared.

The rumbling stops, and all eyes turn toward you.

The moment the silence settled.

Yeon-woo broke the silence with a fierce voice. The echo echoes through the hall, as if the beast were roaring.

“I won't tell you again. I will start a war today, right now.” I've been in combat before, but now I'm right? Everyone's face became wet with shock. The members of Arniya didn't expect to be this fast, but they were surprised to see the lotus.

Yeon-woo continued to speak coldly.

“Death is a war, and it never ends. So I'm going to give you one last chance. Anyone who is afraid should leave now. After that, I will rule with death, except absolute obedience.

A moment of silence.

“Wherever you walk, I will follow. The King of Shadows.” One step forward, he draws his sword and bows to the ground. The clans of the Temple's Throne clan bow down in unison along with their leader.

Starting with it.

“I will follow the King of Shadows.” I will follow you, "as in the past, lead us back to the past. Those with wings and relationships who watched, in turn, tightened their heads, and subsequently other players bowed down as they raised their voices.

"The King of Shadows!” “King of Shadows • • • • • • •!" "The King of Shadows! The King of the Shadows!" The work of the Shadow, "one by one, became a relief and echoed along the Laputa.

The King of Shadows. Or the Lord of Shadows.

It was at the birth of a new 'king' called 'King'.