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“Bunny • • • • • • Please forgive me, despite my past relationships," I ask. ”The Queen of Spring, Waltz, kneels before him and looks at those who tighten their heads.

The delusional 'karabito,' the Iron Chancellor, 'Bismarck,' Lion Heart, 'Richard,' The Twin Killer, 'and the Red Dragon, who once ruled over the answer, and who always thought that as a backdrop and ally of Waltz, they would someday be the hands and feet that would tell the Red Dragon who would succeed her.

Now I'm just a straggler, and all I see is a crook begging me to save his life.

Following Tom to the Black Dragon, I felt like I wanted to snap my neck at the Loyalty Garden that had been aiming my sword at her.

Is it the futility of time, or is it the fate of the past that is now unpleasant? My hands did not move easily.

Hardened waltz's face shows little stretch.

“Hawk Eye.

Troy's shoulders tremble with a faint call.

“You are 'Mother's' and, in fact, everyone except our brothers and sisters' was acting as the head of them. But why did you take Tom on a day of authenticity?” Troy looks up at Waltz for a moment. I hid the sad color of my eyes for a moment, and I smiled bitterly at my mouth.

“What difference does it make now that you're making excuses? It's my eyes that can see far, but not near. But take my ugly eyes, and forgive them instead. If they are guilty, they believe in my wrong judgment and wrong decisions and follow them.” Troy pleads sadly with his colleagues.

“Just as Great Mother did, please have mercy on your children who were momentarily misguided.” Troy doesn't raise his head, as if that's all he really wants.

Waltz quietly looks down at the Troy and turns his gaze to others.

Waltzwago together: Root = circle. - You turn your head to the side, without encountering any difficulty.

Having watched over the Summer Queen for many years, Hanan, who is no longer foolish in life, or Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor, has shown his willingness to follow behind Getroy.

The others avoided Waltz's gaze, but were desperately trying to get rid of the Troy. It was a vague expectation that they would be able to survive through that one sacrifice.

Peace-Wallz makes a sound of cheating on his mouth without even knowing it.

Yeah, what do you expect from these guys? After all, it was just bad guys who thought they'd only ever get to carry her on their back.

Whether they knew it or not, things like karabitos and books understood her whereabouts with laughter, and I thought to myself,

Waltz raises his hand, which he was bending without going, and draws it across.

Seconds} All but Ack-Trois, Bottom and Bismarck 'leaned sideways, losing their heads.

“Ah, ah, ah. Troy was fasting a little while watching the dead comrades' bodies. His eyes flutter.

Waltz smiles lightly and says,

“You know better than anyone how to move, now and then, Hawk Eye.” For a moment, Troy's sadness fades from his face, and his jaw slightly dries up.

• • • Noticed? ”“ I absolutely care about you, not 51070; as a gunsmith. Didn't he follow the wall because he thought he ate his brother and got closest to his mother? ”Troy grins and crushes his forehead to the ground.

“As I said, my eyes were so far away at the time.” “I've been blind. Once I get it back, I'll fix it. But I will forgive you once, and I will not forgive you twice.” “I thank you for your mercy.” Bottom, Bismarck. ”Hanan and Bismarck, who were suddenly in ruins on the rocks of Troy, quickly recovered their minds. Then I tightened my head again.

I couldn't bear to look up at the waltz.

Kick Qi to overwhelm the left hand. And charisma.

This was the dominance they had felt in the queen of summer for a long time.

That's how I felt about Waltz.

The bottom and Bismarck were able to desperately realize that their last choices were wrong.

We don't have enough years yet, but Waltz was already in the King's bowl.

We don't have enough time to fill our time.

And when all that was lacking was filled, the white dragon would dare to be called the new red dragon.

Together with Jimjim-Jim, the two of them realized that Waltz and the invisible ring were connected.

The Ring of Dependents. With the magic that Mother Summer Queen had made with 81 eyes, they had the effect of taking their own life-suicide rights instead of sharing her power and power.

Now they are slaves to Waltz, and they have to bark if they want to be dogs.

“Like I said, I'm not giving you a second chance. Follow the Hog Kid, erase everything Tom left behind.” “I will follow my orders.” “I will follow my orders.

Bismarck and the bottom move quickly to clear out the remnants with Troy.

Waltz steals the blood from his blade with a handkerchief and turns his head to the man behind him quietly.

“This is it. Elohim and the horsemen have officially joined hands?” “Yes." At that moment, "said Bashan," instead of speaking, he lowered his head in haste to make eye contact with Waltz.

Even her allies knew better than anyone that it was dangerous to look into Waltz's eyes, especially his left eye, at this moment.

< Copycat >. It was due to Waltz's 'talents' and innate traits that were not well known to him.

Copy dogs had characteristics that could analyze objects and people once viewed and mimic their behavior and habits. And the more comprehensive the target, the broader the scope of the imitation.

Because of this, it was easy to analyze and capture weaknesses for those who met the enemy, and if they were good enough, they could steal his know-how and use their support for growth.

That's why Waltz, who grew up in a shabby slum in the back alley, was able to survive.

The Slum is full of poor people. Because of this, a young and weak girl like Waltz was too susceptible to exposure to the target of crime.

But Waltz exploited his talents and struggled to somehow survive in a bad way by defeating those who tried to do something about him.

It was a filthy, filthy world. However, the happy memories of her parents when she was a child supported her, and the goal to make her go back to the one-horned tribe one day and pay the price for her past life kept her moving. It was the one who watched this.

She saw with one glance that Waltz had all of his talents and possibilities, and accepted him as her daughter, adding his blood to the blood of the tribe of loneliness to help them flourish with those possibilities.

Thanks to him, Waltz is the oldest of the mercenaries, and he has a formerly lacking frame with the characteristics of the body and solubility of the one-horned tribe.

Based on this, I was able to acquire new fruits that surpassed my talents while achieving a six-way solvent awakening.

The column of solubility. Waltzmann's unique skill was created, shining in a single digit.

This skill is created by combining Dragon Eye with Copycat and adding the properties of the solution.

The deeper the understanding of the occupant, the more effective it was to "replicate" and "hijack" what he had in turn.

The problem was that it didn't block the living and the dead.

Waltz took a step back from the battlefield by announcing the clan's extreme countermeasures of total dysfunction and staircase closure, moving secretly straight into the realm of the Green Dragon and the Black Dragon.

Unlike the White Dragon, which controls the stairways, Elohim, the Horsemen and the Blood Kingdom have settled in outer space.

It was because I thought that if Arthya were to go to war, they would first collide with three other places, not themselves.

No matter how talented you are with flying wings, it was expected that the new ranker who just broke through the 50th floor wouldn't be able to break through in a short period of time until the 76th floor.

And her expectations were accurate.

The bloodline will collapse and Elohim will suffer heavy damage. The White Dragon, whose daughter was an opponent, took no further damage.

In the meantime, Elohim, who is strongly divided, has formed an alliance with the roaring horseman like the enemy.

For Waltz, all he had to do was sit idly on the 76th floor and watch them collide, and take fishing spots for the time being.

Waltz wanted to take advantage of everything he could.

It attempted the integration of the old Red Dragon, which had been split into three waves.

Their leader has already fallen out of line. I thought it would be easy, and attacked the Black Dragon first.


The results were as follows:

It wasn't hard to charcoal a black dragon that was already causing self-destruct.

In addition, Waltz was not at all keen on purging during the integration process. I cut off all the unnecessary or disturbing shoots and selected only the ones that could help me.

The chosen this time were Droi, Hanan and Bismarck.

Troy is a well-versed steward who knows where to stand, and the other two are much more proud as dancers. The others were foolishly removed because they could stick a knife in their back at any time.

And in addition, Waltz cast a dragon banner to closely observe the bodies of the dead.

It was to collect the pieces of power that Mother Summer Queen gave them.

With a good angle, a good heartbeat, and the sound of a piece hitting something in one side.

My soul trembles.

The next awakening is now at 15%. 'Waltz clenched his fist and repeatedly muttered small.

The Red Dragon's integration was also important, but what was most important to her now was the seventh Awakening.

With only a seven-letter awakening, it is possible not only to obtain the Draconic, but also to essentially Polymorph for the Dragon. To defeat him, you need two things.

Waltz has not forgotten the duel with the pits that were still at the Dragon's Maze.

Although she was at a disadvantage, most of her powers were sealed. Nevertheless, I couldn't bear the fact that I had to 'run away' despite throwing a small spleen.

Fleeing is just a word she used to have as a troubled child.

The problem was, I don't know what Yeon-woo did, but it was only a five-letter awakening, and it was the same level as her.

If you achieve a six-way Awakening like her, you will inevitably face defeat.

Then there was only one way left for Waltz.

Collect the traces of Mother Summer Queen scattered in the highlands, and awaken it to the basin 'regeneration.

So having the absolute power and power of a summer queen.

Although the brothers who would have the biggest pieces were killed on the other side of the line, it was difficult to recover quickly, but they were somewhat shaped, looking at the puzzles one by one.

If we moved just a little more, we could recover more than seven, even if we couldn't restore all of Mother's power.

“Is the Green Dragon all that's left? He moves there." If you had been distracted by the battle between Havon Wing and Artiyagaelohim and the Horsemen, you would have been able to move quickly and undo the 7-letter Awakening, as well as your familiarity with Mother.

Hanbon Wing • • • • • • No, the exclusive. Just a little more of that jolly feeling. I will take your neck with me. '

Waltz leads the white dragon to the territory of the dragon that drew the portal.

Kung-Kung-Fruit, Fruit! The outer space that protects Elohim & '92; s bell of the Great One seems to be shaking due to continued resource interference.

Despite the imminent fragility of the sky, all of Elohim's clans began to rush to the waters.

“Nothing, it's coming down! Fix the seal at all costs!” “Artiya is about to invade!” “Take up all defensive positions!” Arthya's. It was the beginning of a full-scale invasion.