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Dream • • • low. The black dragon appeared along the sky and disappeared with the thundercloud.

"Hanmi. Han. Thing." Two large solid lines were drawn behind the floating laputa, and the Western Inferno site emerged.

Down there, countless insects are looking at them with swords pointed at them, screaming at the whales.

He could no longer forgive the vermin who refused his king who had begun to be reborn as a true monarch.

"Open. D." That's why Nemesis opened the dungeon's portals everywhere, along with the imaginary world where Nemesis attempts to invade.

Grrrgh! Khh, Khh, from the sky, a lot of undead ropes start pouring down like a bot.

This is Elohim's stronghold. The security perimeter went up to the highest level because of a raid a few days ago, and the seal was layered several layers.

The barrier on the outside was broken by a laputa-style magical force field.

It was still difficult to penetrate the enchantment because there were still many seals on the inside.


Although the swelling changed direction, a rope stood on the sky, outside, and not inside, of the portal of the dungeon.

It turns out the undead have fallen off the ropes without any other safety equipment.

My torso burst out hollow as if I was drowning.

Along the boundary surface, which is rounded in a hemispherical shape because of puck-perfuck-a, traces of bloody undead remain streaked like a yoke.

The green blood stains of zombies and ghouls remain here, and the broken limbs spill out like snowflakes. You can also see the skeletal pieces of Skeleton rolling along the chasm in vain.

“What the hell is he doing?” Ha! Haha! It's hard to get in because of God's blessings. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.

Elohim's players saw the scene and smiled as they had no teeth.

Even in the Undead, they must be heavily resourced.

Seeing these boundaries not being properly broken, but being consumed indefinitely, we can realize whether this water temple is beneficial to them every day.

Elohim was blessed and blessed by many gods from the past because of his birth.

There were just as many gods blessings as there were at the conclusion of protecting outer space. Especially since there was a tradition that the 'opposition system' at the innermost was touched by many creators and high lords.

It was not something only mortals could do. It was common sense for Elohim's people.

However, the senate's recent surprise was traumatizing and he was embarrassed by the sudden appearance of Laputa.

In fact, this was a perfectly normal development.

The senate's ambush was probably some vicious trick they used on the dead dictator Magnus to get the coordinates. But it's been closed for a long time, so it can't be tried again.

“Everyone, move to your stations! Counter will commence shortly!” That's why Elohim's players have moved back into their respective positions. In their heads, there was a man who was filled with the notion that he would somehow take down that wretched AREI.

“I will teach you that you have dared to touch anyone, and you have come to hell on your feet:" The eyes of the Chan Hoari, who was in charge of the defender commander of the 'bells of the mighty,' have also turned pale.

Since he was invaded by the Senate the other day, he has had to watch his esteemed superiors stand in line.

One way or another, I was eager to get revenge. Ha Bon Wing? The wings have already been broken once. No matter how hard I tried to put it back together, there was no way I could fly.

Purple-purple-purple-furple-even now. The result remains intact, though undead still pours out along the sheltered life in the sky. I didn't even move.

They just keep doing stupid things like that. That was the difference between them and Umin. Stupid bankers who don't even know they're doing the same thing all the time.

I just had a purple-fucking-smile.

The more I looked at Pufferpuck, the more he laughed.

Puck! Pufferpuck-and then Cheonjori hardens the first phase without even knowing it. I'm starting to feel like I don't know about momentum tablets. Something is going on here that doesn't seem right.

The undead, which Arnia has already consumed, are roughly tens of thousands.

And yet they still haven't stopped beating the numbers.

Rather, it seemed that the number of undead was pouring out steadily over time.

Each time, the broken side of the undead continued to add up above the boundary, and the hemisphere was somehow blocked off before the outer beam.

Even if you're friendly enough to let me know that undead aggression only leads to liver-ringing breeding and shaky vibrations, you can't afford that much resources. Don't you think it's common sense to find another way if you know you can't break up with an undead assault? But they never saw the possibility of that.

It's like it's natural.

Immediately, an ominous thought flashed into Cheonhoari's head.

“Power, under restoration • • • • • • note” but before he shouted.

Yay! Suddenly I hear something oxidizing rapidly through the sky.

The massive crack begins to spread along the squeegee-knot.

The cracks that crossed the center precisely spread throughout the hemisphere in an instant, drawing a spider web. The load of the undead that has been added over and over has not been sustained in the end.

Moreover, the undead have its own strong bushid dog. Wealth enhanced this poison and times as strongly as it did, adding to the cruelty that the lily had skillfully resurfaced, bringing the sequelae to the point where it was as toxic and acidic as Germany.

Those dreadful things; I've spent them all and used them to my heart's content.

No matter how hard the blessing and blessing were added, there was no limit to the beating.


The consequences were broken.

Wow! Pufferpic_Seeing how many undead sculptures spill through the cracks. If someone who was squeamish saw it, he was odd enough to collapse.

What if it has a terrible stench and poison in it? The flood of the Undead was a disaster in Elohim.

“What the hell!” “Aah!” “My eyes!" My arm! Grrrgh! Healer! Where's Hiller! Aah! ”Elohim's relatively relaxed players start screaming as they are swept away by Bushwick and Cruelty.

While the High Septon and the priests were busy moving, they cast a purification spell, but the poison that had already been mixed up on the ledge and decomposed for a year was extremely nasty.

Everything the pieces of the Undead touch melts. It's a play, a racer, a building, and all the equipment is oxidizing at a rapid rate.

The fortress is weakened and the roof collapses.

Everywhere Elohim's stronghold, the streets are filled with undead.


Language. Country. "Following wealth's command, Margaery Smurfs up through the cracks in the broken debris in the Undead and starts connecting with each other.

< FatalityExodus >. Skill acquired when promoted to Wealth Elder Reach.

A catastrophic enchantment that brings new dead lives, tying together the fallen.

Gudeuk Gudeuk - Kwaaang! The undead rise slowly and roar on the ground, massive, a few metres away. The top undead, such as the Giant Ghoul, the Big Zombie, and the Skeleton King, move together to form the same living creatures = 0 themselves.

Kung, Kung, Kung, Kung - "Stop it! How dare you!” Cheonjo-ri shouted, trying to stop Fatality Undead.

Soon, he sees a huge shadow coming over his head and raises his head, and his eyes open.

The greater calamity, unlikely to be able to resist, looks this way and turns its back.

Bone Dragon.

The cursed undead, said to have made her a corpse of the Summer Queen, spits Bress out in this direction. The doctor stopped there.

The Guava_Bress swept past the player, leaving no forts or buildings behind, and only a dark poison was shaking the fireflies mixed with black azrang.

My Queen, I feel it every time I see it, but one of my actions is violent. Normally, pretending to be so stubborn "While the Fatality Undead roams the earth and the Bone Dragon sprinkles Acid Bress in the sky.

Zanon shakes his head as he stands at the tip of the Laputa, watching the Elohm crumble at a rapid rate.

The Bone Dragon was originally an important power source for Yeon Woo, but it has not been doing much good since the Summer Queen's sari took up one spot.

Unlike Saxon or Han, who was firmly bound by the power of darkness, she was relatively free from confinement so she could easily resist Yeouido's orders.

But now it's different than usual.

The Summer Queen admitted the battle and quickly destroyed the Elohim.

"It must have been such a shock to have seen a clone of the Haven Wing." He replied, watching the battlefield relatively proudly.

Sanon narrows down the Inferno site.

I guess that's true, right? My Queen. "Skip the hindsight. You may be listening to the conversation here because your ears are bright." Hehe. Viera Dunne, Ananda, the Summer Queen. On the contrary, our human king is always popular with men. Even if the twin brothers are different, how could they? "By now, Shannon was tempted by the smiles of pity in the baskets of men.

Han slowly starts pulling the knife out of the iron box.

Stop saying useless things. Now that we're done here, let's get started. "Let's do it." Sanon looked back at Nice Pluto, who was standing in an orderly fashion and in line with him.

They were all on mounts like Phantom steed or Deceased flier.

Now let's all jump together! Party, here we go! "Blessings of death on those who oppose the Lord!" Blessings of death! "Gaz-ah!" Leading Sanon and Ghost, Nice Pluto tried to descend onto the land of the dead, receiving the blessing of the Enlightenment from Nemesis. Following that, the shadows echo and the spirits spread everywhere.

The clans of Mt. Arthya, who were watching them, were also greatly inspired by the excitement of the battlefield.

“Will you leave everything to them? Prove us and bring victory to the monarch!” This is our chance to avenge what we had to hide with the destruction of Arnia! ”Brothers, all work or no work." They collectively embroidered the air with the spectacular effect of Abraham's rapid movement with the Shade wing.

God bless us! ”Meanwhile, below, the Senate members were indignant and disseminated. The energy that they had breathed mixed up and spread out all around the earth.

This place is precious to them. It was a land of frost and spirit from ancient times. A sacred place that must never be granted to those without roots. I couldn't keep my foot down.

So they rolled their feet vigorously, rising up all of a sudden into the sky.

Kung, Kung, Kung! Le Coeur - In the midst of the air, chaos erupts.

But there was something else that stood out.

Grrr! Between the spectacular effects, a bloody thunderbolt tore the three Elohim Senators apart and smashed them to the ground.

“Hahaha! Come on, who are you here for? Or you?” The pant turns red and smiles ferociously. With every burst of laughter, the earth rots and the atmosphere trembles.

Enemies around you take a step back, pressed together by his defeat.

Whatever it was, the pant didn't give them a single glance.

Only one. I wanted to find the one who looked strong. There's only one reason he trained his elders to do this. To be stronger. If so, I had to try somehow to use this boiling power and unruly power.

Then you find the strongest one nearby and roll your feet toward you in one fell swoop.

“There you are." The goal is a rally of senators. It was the perfect place for him to run wild.


The time.

The honeycomb looked down at the battlefield at an all-conducive point through a visualization network linked between the laputa and the carrots, and carefully examined whether they were missing anything and what they were hiding.

The Uvala system, built into Laputa, has been able to process numerous pieces of information in support of its owners, with a unified set of artificial intelligence of all species throughout time.

There was, of course, the ability to identify hazards.

Thanks to this, we were able to find a few places where Elohim and his horsemen could be held in secret or considered suspicious.

'You don't have to look at me from the beginning.

Yeon-woo had no intention of hiding the power. In the beginning, the power of Artiya is now enough to completely break Elohim's alliance with the Horsemen.

Then it was necessary to push them from the grasslands and cut their throats completely, so that they could not regain consciousness.

That's why.

“Come here.” Yeon opened wide with the wings of the sky. On one side of the retina, 666 messages began to come up with a short timer.

Overwhelmed - [Nergal answers your call. [Your mates answer your call.] [Osiris answers your call. All the demons of death are with you. The Faithful Throne has awakened.] Yeon-woo wields the beagrid roughly, experiencing the power of the enhanced dragon and the sanctity of the Throne of Four. Vigrid trembles with a snap.

[The power enslaved in the throne of the Four Kingdoms, 'The Terrorism of Hell.'] ['Vigrid -???' Reveals the hidden true name, 'Durendal'. [Herald: Sunrise Storm] The flames of hell fall upon the earth.

Whoa! [Dragon Bress] One target for the honeycomb.

A place where Elohim's centers and monks gather.


The breath of the dragon settles on it.