Second Life Ranker

22. King of England (3)

The moment the breeze blown by the lotus was scorched to the ground.

The heat boils so fiercely that all the players stop fighting, all of them turning to you.

“No! A1!” “Stop him!” Elohim's players try to run toward you late, but Bress is already past the Senate.

There are all sorts of protective barriers built, and crisis senators rushed out and developed all sorts of blessings and skills.

They were merely a powerless crumbling sand castle in front of Bress, who had a powerful sacred throne.

The combined power of the stone of arrogance and the stone of appetite was already too strong for Yeon-woo to control.


The problem was that the explosion wasn't there.

Rhino, Kwahlung, Kwahlung, Kwahlong, Kwahlong, Kwur, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kwahl, Kh, Kwahl, Kh, Kwah, Kh, Kwah, Kh, Kh, Kwah, Kh, Kh, Kh, Kh, Kh, Kh, Kh, Kh

Rising like the Tidal Wave, many times, the Senate building, as well as everything around it, was shaken.

Only the players who had barely preserved themselves in the afterstorm looked down at you.

Beneath the black clouds soaring high as if they were piercing the sky. Between the black rocks, Magma flows like a river with a zigzag bubble.

It's a difficult environment to think of survivors, rather than reaching out to them.

There was no hell.

The building that had been with the tower for thousands of years has collapsed.

It's so hopeless.

Everyone was in shock. The deep silence settles.

It was around that time that Yeongwoo tried to descend.

The nettle_yoke tried to fly as carelessly as if it had been a natural thing, and pulled the pieces of the female staff out of her arms.

Knuckle, Knuckle_When the pieces of the Woman's Rod come together and turn into a stick, and beagrid merges on top of it, I say, "Ha-ha!” “I'll kill you!” The members of the Senate who barely survived in the ruins that have been turned to hell have lit their eyes on fire.

Although the placenta was heavily exposed to the breasts, and the limbs were crushed or burned all over the body. They didn't care about that at all.

I have one idea in the minds of the senators.

We have to kill Yeon for doing this somehow! “God, our ancestors! Look down upon us, poor souls!” With the screams of the congressmen.

Huaa! The Lord's Son, who had been sealed in their bodies, began to awaken as one.

As the factors fluctuated, the genetic information and traits that were composing them changed from the ground up.

The human form twisted and twisted, and monsters of a different shape appeared one by one.

Some are lions with wings, some are griphons. Something else turned into an elongated Demon Legion with no arms and legs.

Monsters of the old myth and legend are now nowhere to be seen in the tower. Or June.

To become a senator, you must possess the abundance of renal blood and divine grace. They usually had a little bit of power.

However, I was usually unable to use such divine powers.

Divine power is not only for mortals, but for immortals. I was worried that only the balance of the flesh would collapse if I handled it wrong. He lost himself to the mystic mind and went on to become a completely different being.

That's why the congressmen have made it a principle to pass on to generations, usually without the use of divine will.

As the spirituality continued to accumulate, it was thought that it would be possible for the myth of profiling to be fully enlightened.

Because, in Elohim, the power of the 'family' depends on how much of this power you have.

The great positions of the so-called protogenous sects were also because they possessed so much power.


Now that you're a family, you're a myth, what's the point of all this trouble?

If the Elohim collapses in the first place, there will be no strength left to defend themselves.

So, before the Senate, all those who had prayed to the heads of one family wanted to throw their lives and all their businesses into the hands of the family.

To this end, the performance of Elohim's long-standing mastery of the ancient restoration plan was fulfilled, and they fulfilled their will.

It stimulates God's phosphorus particles that were stored in the members' genetic factors, forcibly raising their rage, and helping them awaken to "ancient species."

Grrr_ This is the power • • • • the ancient ancestors possessed • • Though it is an unfinished plan, there was not enough time to maintain it.

For a while, the power I gained gave me a great sense of discipline.

Ho} Ahhh- 'The bells of the great men will resonate with all sorts of quasi-mindedness and the mysticism of the monsters in a flash.

The density of the atmosphere was so high that my heart became frustrated, or my complexion turned pale under pressure. "This, even that unbeliever, could be torn apart! Even the Senate members thought that it would be easy to deal with Yeon-woo.

No matter how strong the allies are, they are only as strong as mortals.

I could never surpass myself unless I achieved my personality or equivalent desertion and transcendence.

It wasn't about being strong and weak.

I couldn't live with the limits allowed in the first place. No matter how strong the bugs are, they can't outrun humans.

And so they pledged victory: "I will make you pay for trespassing on our Holy Land! I will sacrifice you as a sacrifice to save the beauty of God! Without hesitation, I bared my teeth. It was appalling to see that there were close to a hundred seminaries rushing in droves.


They didn't know.

Tartarus, whose battlefield has been hidden in the footsteps of Yeon Woo for the past year, has been rebounded by many personalities. And in it, Yeon-woo even killed herself.

So, shortly before it hit, Yeon-woo revealed her power without hiding it.

“Declaration of Land" [New properties will be granted above the 'Bina' in the area already designated.] [Land is set!] [Unlocks the throne.] What the hell! Ridiculous! How can a man give the throne of death to the highest gods and demons? "Congressmen had to feel momentarily overwhelmed by the truly overwhelming disparity that surpassed the sum of their temperaments.

The Throne of Death! Given the fact that even the gods rule life and soul is a hard place to reach. This was an unacceptable thing to do.

And in their eyes, 666 gods and demons looked down at this side with their evil smiles.

However, the situation was already too late, and the extraterrestrial space that we believed would protect them forever was already established as the realm of Yeouido, and was widespread with the energy of death.

Sailing them, I gathered the divine and sinful stone powers at the end of the Passover. There was a mix of shameless, magic, skills, blessings and all that.

It was a blow that combined the realization I had when I was about to encounter the King without permission.

[Flawless 26028;)] Literally designed to remove grain.

“Push it, woman.” Grrrrrrr -- 60 points.

After the duel in town.

The King looked at the kite and said so.

Yeon-woo could suddenly see what it meant. You have scored what you have grown.

Maybe that's when he scored you 100 points. After making a bitter smile to think that Yeongwoo still has a long way to go, I suddenly had a question.

There were three disciples who were raised by the King. Two of them were destroyed.

However, the fact that he had been taught by the King did not disappear.

The swordsman who thought he was dead survived by the name of Faithless, and it was easy to know that he had never fought a melted sword, but he was a hidden skill.

He didn't reveal his true identity, but perhaps the strongest one melted down when he revealed his skill.

That's why.

Yeon-woo wondered exactly what the assessment of the other two who were as eager to catch up with the King as she was.

- What were the other two's scores? May I ask? The prodigal king was silent for the first time.


After a moment of silence, he smiled and said.

-55 points and 80 points.

Which means...

Yeon-woo's heart remained intense like a painter.

I thought you said you had a long way to go.

After that.

Yeon-woo wanted to improve integrity somehow, so she practiced a lot of her poetry whenever she got a chance.

I was successful in achieving some satisfactory results

It wasn't just what the King had thrown at him to provoke him.

It was because I had an intuition that I would be able to peer at new hopes and explore other paths.

Still incomplete, 60 points means that it surpassed Societal Kim Mu-Shin. When it was complete, it meant that it could reach or surpass the meltdown.

And if it even surpasses that,

'Another path opens:' a new realm of the Moodoga family that I thought would end at the Jinn Rank.


Yeonwoo felt that it was an opportunity for perfection to evolve, and that it was the only way for the loneliness to change the areas that she had long hoped for.

Yin and 20681. That skill that Edora never revealed to the world like a trained Yang! Roll, roll, roll! More than a third of the congresswoman's staff and beagrids rushing this way, splattering blood through the air, as they pass by like angry beasts.

Gaaaak! Siege! How can you • • • • • • • without clearly touching them? Could it be that the space was divided by the sheer grace alone? Impossible! It burns the entire body because of the fever that swept even the undead from error without reaching the edge of the realm of nothingness. There were scars all over the strange body.

But whether they're surprised or not,

Tak! Yeon-woo turns back as she lands, pointing her blade upward.

I confronted the dragon pupils of Hwaseong-jeong.

The moment I was exposed to it.

They couldn't say anything without knowing it.

Why? When I visited the Senate of Queen Ismereos last summer, I suddenly remembered when I was overwhelmed by it and dared not speak.

There was an elegance and greatness that could only be felt in the transcendent species that was swirling along the rainbow.

Now I'm so shocked that I can't talk to the Senate, and I can't outrun the wall no matter what. Born with neonatal blood, I was able to acquire many talents, but even more so, I was unable to escape the 'identity' constraint.

And if what they're seeing is true.

They could never make it across the pond.

Not to mention the Death Throne that Yeon-woo possessed, because the traits he boasted were already close to transcendence! The power of the drinking dragons was drawing their breath away.

“Anything?” One of Yeon-woo's lips curls up.

“If not, this way.

Light! Yeon-woo strikes the earth again and flies to the sky.

At that moment, the space opened wide, and Jungwoo's homuncluses appeared and blocked the pond.

Now it appears that one of the senators killed the placenta. It appeared too deceptive, but the congressmen were relieved of their sensation or complexion.

However, Yeon-woo had already noticed their appearance, so she was not hesitant to erase it at all.

Rather, I threw away this inappropriate doll, and now Bakok, who doesn't even snore, is shocked. We'll clear these first, and then we'll go get him. If you run away, you try to chase me to the end of hell. That's why you pull Yeon-woo's staff inward and thrust it forward.

Gurrung_The Vortex. The vortex is compressed into one spot and the explosion phase disappears, leaving no trace of the homunculus that was left, even with the aggression.

“There you are.” And... Yun found a link to Homeunculus with a coin trove that was about to break, and quickly calculated the coordinates using Lapuda's Ubala system, swinging the hilt roughly towards her.

As the spacing crumbled, a new space appeared beyond it.

It was a lab with a bunch of glass tubes down a narrow corridor.

Inside the glass was a long line of ancient species, just like the senators had changed. Giants, Grifon, everything was made. It was full of things that stopped on the way.

However, there was something else that stood out to Yeon Woo. Clones that look just like Jungwoo.

It may have been a setback while trying to breed, but even that alone was enough to fuel Yeon-woo's anger.

“Here we are at last. I'm in a hurry, too.I haven't finished my renovation yet.” Bakuk was right down the hall. It's also a tightly annoyed face, but with a beady grin on the introducer.

Did he awaken them from the chaos of crawling around? An ominous force, unknown, stalks him.

His body was already half infected there. There is a similar phenomenon as when Laputa was consumed by the chaos of crawling around.

I am at a cost. Yeon-woo instinctively felt that way. So the moment I stepped inside the room to kill him,

Yeon-woo felt an unfamiliar gaze.

Never, ever want to feel this again. "How's it going with your old lover? Your ex-girlfriend seems to like it.” [The Mother Earth is watching you.] Viera Dun's will was right here.