Second Life Ranker

23. King of England (4)

Doyle! Are you awake? "Doyle opens her eyes forcefully, feeling a headache that could break her head.

I feel like I've just wandered off into a dark place that I never thought would end. Even how to breathe was confusing.

In a slowly catching sight, the liver and Victoria stare down at themselves with a worried gaze.

He was my older brother and brother-in-law than my father.

“Where the hell is • • • • • • here? You don't look like a tartaroth, but Doyle looks odd looking into a room full of all sorts of magical equipment.

In his last memory, he was definitely in Tartarus. When Moshi came, Persephone, a god, and she revealed the power of the Mother Earth, I remembered that the Apostle himself was overwhelmed with magic.

Apostles are like priests who worship God. It was a painful memory that had to be swept away because I could never refuse God's will.

Thousands of horses, then the Mother Earth. Why do you have to be so seduced by such spiritual beings? Doyle always found it unfair. It's not because I want to be born this way.


What is it? 'Doyle was later able to realize that his condition was much different from his usual state.

I always had to be vigilant because of the interference of those who wanted to kill themselves, whether or not they were connected to giant spiritual beings.

There was no such thing now.


The things you want to seduce yourself, the things you want to interfere with. Thousands of horses and earthlings, and all the little things.

No, it's not.

It wasn't nothing.

Just one.

There was something very small, but warm about it. Like a mother bird trying to protect a baby bird from the cold outside winds. It was a hand that excluded the interference of other spiritual beings.

A little fire, for example. Small and small, compared to a thousand goddesses. But there was an intense cost in it.

It was also a familiar energy to Doyle.

'This was a • • • moment, when a small fire swept and spread, and it was lively.

Doyle's little soliloquy nods slightly.

“That's right. Cain helped. This is his clan house.” Only then could Doyle realize what had happened to him while he was unconscious.

“Brother Cain hung up on me instead.” “That's right.

Channeling must have been hard. ”The liver gave no answer to Doyle.

According to him, Doyle was not good enough to consider Anadassa incurable.

However, I looked for Yeon-woo, wanting to find a way, and Yeon-woo whispered a little while after looking into Doyle's condition.

- For now, let's do it.

There, I didn't even know how Yeon-woo did it. It seemed to him that the lotus had only been in his eyes for a short while, and that Doyle's complexion had immediately calmed down.

However, Anastasia, who was watching the situation next to her, just mumbled that she was crazy and left. Turning to Victoria, she doesn't seem to know the exact lining either.

“I still have the relics of divinity left over by the Heavenly Horse and the Mother Earth. As the channeling was forced to break, the remaining terminals continued to infect or scatter the inner souls. Brother Cain got rid of those handsets cleanly. It would not have been easy • • The liver only understood Doyle's meaning.

Complete removal of handset.

It was easy to say, but it was almost impossible. Doyle's soul is already made up of fairy tales. It is also very likely that Doyle's soul will be damaged while removing the terminals.

It was not just one handset, but two. It was left by the Thousand Horses and the Mother Earth. It is not a difficulty that can be scored by a mortal.

But Yeon-woo got rid of it.

Speaking of which, Anastasia sneaked away after seeing Yeon-woo's treatment. You didn't just get the sacred statue and inherit it.

It was no coincidence that Yeonwoo inherited the throne of death from Hades, or Hades' whimsy.

Which means he was qualified to do it in the first place.

Throughout the history of the answer, there is no one who can surpass Yeon-woo in the concept of 'dealing with the soul.'

That is why we have succeeded in perfecting Doyle's treatment.

“But if I leave the two big terminals alone, I feel like I'm in danger.” What do you mean? ”Yes. Looks like Brother Cain made me an apostle.

A dark blue flame rises slightly above Doyle's palm.

It was a fire that became a trademark of the brooks.

“Perhaps I was the first of the mortal faithful? This isn't bad either.” Doyle smiles slightly on the battlefield.

Although Yeon-woo was still lacking in companionship compared to other gods and demons.

It didn't mean that he wasn't qualified to have an apostle.

Rather, I slept a lot.

Even though he wasn't properly bloomed, he had the Throne of Death all along.

'Since this is happening, aren't you prepared to start me off with a system of faith?' Appointing an apostle, that is, a priest, means that a church can be established before him.

As the Church grows stronger, the system of faith will change firmly, making it a great power for God.

Doyle seemed to know what he was going to do, what he was going to do, and what he was going to do.

It turned out to be someone's paw again.

If this was his destiny, he was willing to accept it. Because Yeon was more trustworthy than the goddess of the earth, who wanted to do nothing but mischief. And when Doyle saw that, Yeon-woo was able to grow as much as possible in the future.

Not only in the title of 'king', he surpassed the 'wall' of the 77th floor and challenged the 'throne' of the 98th floor so that he could someday shoulder to shoulder with the goddess of the earth or the heavenly host. Then the self serving him will grow quickly.

If anyone's listening, it's crazy.

There will be many gods and demons for a long time, and there is Doyle who has met them. Rather, I was convinced.

Maybe it's because he's so relaxed.

I cleared my dizzy mind of the burning lotus fire on one side of my mind. As the darkness retreats, the fragments of memory that took place on the coma target are illuminated one by one.

I remembered the hands of countless gods and demons who came to covet his flesh in order to eat the terminal that had lost its owner.

Origin, affiliation, rank all different touches. When I remembered what Sanum felt like from them.

Doyle hesitates without even knowing it.

“What's the matter?” The liver suddenly opened its eyes to Doyle, who is starting to tremble. I was wondering if there were any other side effects.

But whether he knew it or not, Doyle muttered urgently.

• • • Danger.

“Brother Cain is in danger!” Doyle's screaming bag rings out loud.

“Gearing chaos is not enough. • • • • •, • Did you join hands with that beggar? They branch off." Yeon is surrounded by the chaos of crawling debris. Seeing the goddess of the earth behind her, she laughs unnoticed.

Crawling chaos and the earthly goddess. Is there another combination that doesn't fit that well? It's no exaggeration to say that the gods of conception and otherness are almost hostile.

The god of heresy, which defines the laws and the truth of the tower, and of other systems, which are filled with chaos and chaos that exist on the outside and are unimaginable. It is an incompatible structure.

But Bakok was good at it.

No, the Geonvira Dunne, who owns the Mother Earth, is probably not for common sense. [The Mother Earth is watching you.] I don't know if you know the idea of that alliance.

The earthworm was not responding much. I only observe Yeon-woo with sharp eyes. It was unpleasant for Yeon-woo.

Instead, the answer was one day.

“Told you. But it must have been a long time ago, mixing your flesh with yours, wasn't it?” Has the Mother Earth told you about her identity yet? Bakok still doesn't seem to have figured out the identity of Yeon Woo, but she doesn't feel the need to correct such a delusion.

Bakok kept saying.

“And I'd like to correct one of your misconceptions. First, the reverse order. It was Bierra Dunne's alliance, and then she was lifted to the earthworm so she could make a bargain with the crawling chaos.

“Since you were in Arniya?” “Something like that.” “What a great match for a traitor and an instructor. Don't you know how humans fit together so perfectly?” Yeonwoo was able to understand more deeply the darkness that was within her.

I thought it was too hard for him to do all that by himself. Looks like they've been working with Viera Dun from the start.

We don't know who started it first.

On behalf of Vierra Bay, I poisoned your brother1.- and Bakuk explored the adra brought by Vierra Dun and turned her into a goddess. And in return, you've given Viera a chance to experience new knowledge by leading the chaos of the Zero-Ne Bakk! Viera -tune flowed from the celestial world to here in pursuit of their own desires in the Bakok galaxy.

So Viera Dun became the earthly mother and threatened Tartaros and Olympus, and Bakuk set the Elohim in place to create a new person who had long been well versed? Ha! That's not funny. 'As for Yeongwoo, the abominations that could be torn to pieces were gathered here.


There was something bothering me as a brown cow.

[The Mother of Earth watches over you, as the Mother of Earth reveals her will here, even though she may be curious about the rain she held hands with, and the breeze appeared. The war against Olympus must be in chaos by now. Maybe the war is over.

I haven't known what happened since I left Tartarus. Yeon-woo had no choice but to feel anxious.

“I thought you weren't interested in the Summer business anymore.” At that time, the cloudy fog on the side of the bakuk seemed to be rolling, and it formed a human figure in clumps. It was a figure that reminded me of Viera Dun.

It circles around the inside of the lab and gently hugs it as it sprays it over the inner tube. Like a very precious treasure.

Yeon-woo's expression hardened again. It was because there was a friendly mooncluse inside a glass tube that was being touched by Bierra Dun. He was the one I never wanted to see.

However, the earthly goddess's incarnation caressed the doll as if it were a precious treasure; she touched the vicinity of her face with her hands and looked back at the lotus and opened her lips.

W. Lehn. C.

I also do not speak the language well because I have been transformed into an excessive being. Yeon-woo tried to interpret her doctor, maximizing her dragon knowledge.

“You don't know the moon, do you?” Yes. Go. Al. Gi. I. Al. Ka.

E. Thing. Silver.

I. of. Phosphorus.

I. of. Boat. Woo. Here you go.

Woo. Lee. Luck. Persons. Y. C.

The incarnation of the Mother Earth has continued to spread its lips, whether the beeswax is ground or not.

Lee's. S. Lang.

Psh. Far, far. Lost. Bay.

E. j. Let go. N-no. Oh, I see.

Room. E. Ra Phosphorus epilepsy. Hemp. Silver. My. Thing.

Re. You.

You, Fig. My. Thing. E. c.

King. Left. I. I.

At the same time.

Ah. Ra.

The earthly goddess's incarnation looks up at the sky and makes a long cry.

0 0 The spiritual law (21610; Law) that cannot be heard by mortals. Yeon-woo was also able to hear because she was on the throne of death. And the impression was hard because he knew what it meant.

It was a declaration of war.

[At the request of Mother Earth, the New Council of Medicine, Olympus, has declared hostility to Glenn Artia.]] [Since all alliance groups and friendly societies involved with Clan 'Artiya' have been declared war by Spilled Force [Klein 'Children of the Forest' has become a hostile relationship with Olympus'. The Iron Throne has become hostile to Olympus.] [Clan 'The Foot of Green Salt has become a Hostile Relationship with' Olympus'] [Demon Society, Le Infernal 'and' Olympus' have established a Hostile Relation!] ['Olympus is warning you' of the trials.]