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24. King of England (5)

The moment I saw the word "Crucible Wheel"; Yeon-woo's expression hardened.

Crucifixion is thought to be close to the quest that the staircase drops to test the players attempting to attack.

But that, to be precise, was a random scrub in the tower to boost a monk's abilities.

This meant that they could make separate trials to increase their abilities as monks.

However, the 'time limit' encompasses a much larger category than the monolithic quest, and also encourages the player to break it. Because of this, it required a tremendous causality.

So it's only sometimes people like the neophyte and the concept who have a huge attribution rate.

Olympus will only give Yeon-woo a new trial according to her brother's share of the causality.

It will be because the word 'Gule' comes after it means you can never refuse it.

This invisible chain seemed to imprison his soul.

[A new 'Crucible (Death Throne)' has been created!] [The 'Siren' of 'Olympus' begins.] [Trial: 'Olympus is one of the most divine societies in the world, thanks to its finger size,' Olympus has been challenged by countless challengers since time immemorial, and most rulers have defeated them, but occasionally failed to inspire challengers.

And now, in Olympus, there's been another big change in dominance. Titan, the old ruler, and Gigas, the failure, took their hands and reclaimed their faith.

Many of Poseidon's former rulers managed to escape, but Titan and Gigas need their necks to calm down the noisy Olympus.

And I later realized that Titan and Gigas had been lost, like death and Tartaros, to important positions in leading the New Medicine Council.

From now on, the new rulers of Olympus will try to capture or kill you in order to reclaim the lost Death and Tartarus.

Survive their forthcoming horseplay, or negotiate with them to ascertain their position and authority over 'Death & Dardardaroth's dominion'.] [You have all the blessings and blessings of Olympus.] [Released from your former member, Olympus.] [Be careful! You are a wanderer who no longer belongs anywhere. They won't try to protect you by pulling on anything.] [From now on, many gods and demons will seek your divine sculpture and outstanding divinity.

Beware of them.] 'Olympus has been conquered by Titan and Gas.

Eventually, what worries me popped up and touched me.

Niphon and Fercelle's counterattack on the mother earth. Nidan-Gigas' coalition forces that had recovered their powers were just as strong, and even before the storm left, Olympus was pushed to the surface.

However, the pillar of light seems to have managed to prevent it from going into the pillar of light, but Gerko Titan_Gigas seems to have succeeded in controlling Olympus.

Aterna and Harmesh passed by in the mind of pure 7NU.

Sometimes like his parents, sometimes like his sister and brother, the gods were grateful to him for all his help in climbing the tower. What happened to them? They weren't the only ones.

It reminded me of Ares who confidently decided to become an apostle, Apollon, Artemis, and Dionysus who helped me escape on the stairs.

He did not hide his hatred for himself to the end, but at the end, Poseidon, who was also acknowledged as the future king of Hades.

Every single one of them was precious to him.

I couldn't even tell if they were alive anymore, so I was frustrated.

But the earthly goddess's incarnation even laughed, emptying one lip as if she had no intention of unraveling the doubt.

I. of. G. E. C.

Cilantro - The violent force along the laboratory swept like a storm. The experimental instruments trembled and fell to the floor and broke, shaking violently as if the glass tubes were quickly shattered.

And Yeon-woo could feel a tremendous amount of pressure pressuring her.

Just as Le Infier1rnal put a curse on Elohim and tied their ankles, this time Olympus was trying to crush him.

Though the impact on Yeouido was inevitable due to the huge barrier between the heavens and the rivers, the causation rate.

That alone was giving Yeon-woo a huge debuff. It means that the organization of God's society, among other things, has a great influence on Olympus.

Yeongwoo was able to read the young eyes of flesh staring at her from beyond the sky. Titanium and gaseous stares that I felt in Tartarus.

Unlike the time when Yeon-woo was able to make a new life, now that they have been freed from all restraints in heaven, they are incredibly powerful compared to then.

But the pressure that was pressuring the kite was taken away by another hand that intervened in the other direction, [a message from Agares].] [Message: Those lunatics, licking the mother of all mothers' asses, are doing this.] How dare you put me in front of you? Come. If that's your decision, I'll accept it.] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: Natural Rain! You will also have to choose. From now on, this will not be your own war, but one in which we are all united.

And remember, who stayed with you and your brother until the end, trying to protect your brother!] [Agarose revealed a deep hatred towards Olympus] [Demons of Le Infinal 1rnal, declared war, are outraged at the gods of Olympus.]] [Le Infernal declares the destruction of Olympus!]] [Several divine societies and demonic societies express deep concern about the struggle between the two societies.] [A deep gift in the heavenly realm is overseen.] [Divine Society, & Deva 'indicates neutrality in this war.] [The divine society, Asgard, has declared neutrality in this war.] [Demon Society, The Great Bridge' marks a neutral intention in this pavilion.] [The Devil of 'Le Infernal', 'Baal' watches over you without saying a word. 'Le Infernal has declared that he will protect Yeonwahartiya even though it was caused by Agares' threats in the first place.

Despite this, Le Infernal's remarks were extremely profound.

As prideful demons, you have no choice but to think Olympus ignores you.

For them, this was no longer just a joke to Irene in the summer. Their pride was restored, and a few pillars of Olympus had to be drawn to clear their heads.

With this in mind, Baal, the number one and leader of Le Infernal, looks closely at the pond that has become a beacon of war, but he looks back again, not holding back much.


[The apocalypse between Le Infernal and Olympus begins.] Guarreung, Guar and Gourd suddenly began to shake violently as if the outer space had shattered.

The struggle between the two societies, which began in the heavenly world, began to affect the Summer beyond the range that causality could bear.

After doing such a monstrous act, the incarnation of the Mother Earth only stares at the violent air for a moment, but shows no reaction.

No, I had a cold smile on my mouth as if I wanted this.

Yeon-woo seemed to be confused about what she was thinking.

Are you trying to take over the sky? 'The earthly goddess was a creature that was forming a hostile relationship with all gods and demons, and was obsessed with the desire to go out one step ahead and take control of the kingdom of heaven.

It is natural for them to stretch out their hands to conquer the kingdom of heaven. Titan and Gigas were the first to play the role of such a conquest force.

Perhaps that marshmallow will not stop at Olymposwar Infernal.

I don't know what comes next, but I'll soon be able to bring my blade to places like Devanas Gard, or the bridge that are currently neutral.


The incarnation of the Goddess of Earth looked back at Yeongwoo, looking so calm.

Jill. Hemp. Wow. The King. Left.

Let go. Ah. Ra.

Ground mother screams like that.

Chug, chug - The lid of the glass tube, which was still shaking like a crack, was opened wide.

All sorts of ancient species have stumbled upon each other in staggering steps.

As Izzie was lost, her eyes were blurred because she couldn't focus. But the sensitivity along with them was rough as hell.

It was intense enough to believe that the mythological depictions of them were lacking.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh, Ra.

I. of. Oh, my.

Flash! According to the Mother Earth's will, I wanted to be immersed in a group of light within the laboratory for a short while, and there were new forces in the world of the ancient species that filled the wearer's chambers tightly.

Divine power.

The power of gas! Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr_The whirlwinds of mysticism eventually blew the entire laboratory away, pushing away the majority of Elohim's buildings that had been protecting this place.

The bells of the great men who were influenced by Le Infernal and Olympus' clash immediately shook as if they were about to explode.

As if the stature of the Throne of Heaven had been nothing, space was difficult to breathe because of the mystical power of many gases.

Gooooo! Strong.

The Ancient Servants on the ground looked up at the muscles and cried out, "Guo-Kararak!" Karahara! Mythical monsters made from the knowledge system of the Emerald Tablet, drawn from the chaos of Bakok, the product of Elohim's bloodline for hundreds of years. Inside them, gases will rise and rise upon the earth as the Mother Earth calls them.

Although the constraints of causality and the density of the subsurface forces may not be enough to expose the body.

Still, it seemed sufficient to swallow their body to reveal their power and power.

Wheely-Yeon was able to balance as closely as possible from the mystic storm while protecting her body with the wings of the sky. His face was filled with disbelief.

'Even though so many people try to be strong, Allfowon doesn't intervene?' I could see why the causality rate was not lacking.

Ishi Goya1- 1-0 • If you are a member of Elohim who is dying here now. Even if they only have God's love and sincerity, it will be enough to call them in.

I tried to be a god, but I was so tired of being sacrificed. No. Would you prefer it if they fell for the gods they believe in? But what I still don't understand is. Allfowon would never heed this fact.

Even though the occasional stiffness is blindfolded, this large-scale stiffness can disrupt the order of the summer. Olfowon was not at all convincing.

However, Olfowon's restraining power showed no signs of being triggered anywhere.

“I don't know what the hell is going on. Apparently, it was your ball that tied Olfowan's ankle.” Did you read the question of Yeongwoo? "said Barry, tearing his mouth open.

Since it was not an easy word to pass, Yeon-woo's impression was rigid.

“Wha9." “They're all very grateful to you.

Yeonwoo only realized why Allfowon couldn't interfere. 'When last time we were united with Maestro to protect friendship because of the battle with Maestro. He tied Allfowon to the 36th floor and left the room alone. He had long known that he was at war with the originals or the creators, and Yeon-woo thought that this would make it difficult for Allfowon to interfere with his work for a while.

In the meantime, after I finished my revenge, I was ready to deal a card with Allfoone.

And now that Dory's using it over there,

There's a seal over here.

Hahaha! Besides, I heard you've been doing a great job in the world of gods we can't touch. Whether they wanted to see you or not, I had to put in a lot of effort to stop them. ”Where the mystics revolve. The bay is soaked with frenzy, and it bursts into laughter. A chunk of chaos halfway connected to him starts reaching out to the tentacles as the honey spirit grows larger.

“I guess I'll just have to live with them if I stall any longer, so I'll introduce them right away. This is the best masterpiece I've ever made.

At the end of the sentence, the lid of the glass tube where the earth-shattering incarnation sat was opened wide.

What was in it was a homunculus that looked exactly like the brother that Yeon-woo had been dealing with.

I felt very different from the previous ones.

It was darker, much stronger.


Somehow, it made me feel very much like my brother.

At that moment, the eyes of the tightly closed homunculus flashed. The pupils in them belonged to someone who even knew Yeon-woo well. It was just like those who looked across the sky and saw the world.


The king of Gigath, an apostle of the Mother Earth, appears.

“It's good to see you in the stream, Human.” With the same training as your brother, Niphon ordered.

“Everyone, punish that man and take back the Throne of Four.

At the end of the sentence.

Pod! All the gaseous bodies in place rush toward the pits.

With the power of the storm.

Looking at them like that.

Yeongwoo widened her wings in front of the overwhelming dominance with a relaxed smile.

“It's better this way.” Even though I wanted revenge before, I felt like a chimney, but I was frustrated because I couldn't do it. I thought it was going well. He was supposed to come at my feet.

Do they know? This place has already become the territory of Yeouido.

“I'll eat it all and give you status.” I flew as I listened to the sound of the sensation, the sensation of Hades' erosion.

To eat the idiots who shoved their heads into the tiger's den.