Second Life Ranker

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Light! Immediately after the impact of Yeon and Niphon, the violent wavelengths spread to all sides, flying away the remnants of the building and the experimental tools, and a giant sand pillar soared into the sky, and at the end of this narrow place, a tidal stream judged to be difficult to fight was mounting against the wings of the sky, and gases other than Niphons were chasing after it.

Then, right after that, a giant tentacle surrounded by a gray mist followed.

The tentacles were much larger and thicker than any tall building. The ominous energy was vomiting along the round red panel of tentacles, which was growing indefinitely, starting from the bay.

Gu Gu Gu Kwang Leung, Gua Leung! The sky in outer space began to become more noisy with the battle between the rains and them.

As a great sound sounded like a lamp, a black flame spread through the sky.

“I knew I'd never hear our judgment. Hahaha! That kid is the closest thing I've ever heard to a god!” Bakuk laughs.

The frenzy rages like a storm along the edge of the eye. His body was already infected with more than half of his tentacles, making it hard to say he was no longer human.

Crawling Chaos! Blessed by the cosmic existence that boasts such a high rank within the five fingers of the other gods, he was intoxicated by the myriad of knowledge and mysticism that follows his brains and clenched his fists.

His aspiration to terminate a newcomer is now nearing success.

Before, I had to let it go. I won't miss it this time.

Just put it in 2012.

E 2ret `Even brothers who had to close their eyes unfortunately could return to this land. • • Jill. King Horik, left..

Go. Lose. Oh, hahn. C.

Bakuk is so inspired by his confidence that he suddenly turns his gaze to the goddess of the earth.

It was annoying to wake him up. The first act didn't really point out that.

It was because he no longer needed to resist Göner's instinct to become a 'complete' earth-shaped body, leaving the 'infected' modifier that had always followed him like a tag.

And when this is over, he will also be chosen by the mythical body to be recognized for his achievements in the chaos of crawling. To be high-strung, you had to have that kind of dignity in advance.

So I said to her solemnly.

“I never forget a promise. If we catch him, I will have the body and you will have the soul. I don't know what dark is or what the crown says about the moon, but take care of it. That way your puppets will have to do their job well.” Medicine. Silver. Keen. Everything. "Yeah. We have to defend it this time.We 're on the verge of a winter personage, so we'll have to do whatever we can to avoid it. If you swallowed that much adra for it.” Bakuk took the adra with him a long time ago, and then made a slight taunt about it being snatched away.

The incarnation of the Mother Earth was unshakeable.

Bakok also knows that she doesn't waver at these things, so he doesn't say any more, and spreads his hands wide.

“Everything Elohim has been made public here and the causality is raging like a storm! Gigas will bring me new recruit materials, and the Horsemen will soon own the legacy left by the last Dragon King.

Bakuk bursts into a frenzied smile, thinking of the horseman who's about to raid Lafuta. “There's no better time than this! I will do whatever it takes! Whatever." That's the moment.

Kuang! With the sound of the whole space breaking from the sky, the whole area was roused.

A phenomenon that happens when a large spirit is broken.

“Is it over?” Bakuk looks at you, smiling as he thinks it's over much sooner than he expected.

Something is falling at a fierce rate towards this direction.

It's probably just a stupid wing. What kind of experimentation would you do with that body? How would you try to fuse it with a chaotic karyote that crawls around? I would gladly approach it thinking about what to do next.

Gwang! Bakok recognizes the fall at his feet late and hardens his impression.

Long as a snake. It was an ancient species, a ring snake, that he had restored.

It was clear that one of the gases was strong. • • • Now he lost his mojo. His eyes were not focused on him. His body was torn apart like a gust of wind. Even though there were many constraints due to the descent into the Downstream, it would not be enough to catch one player as it is his physical body. Moment after moment, rain one felt ominous. It was going wrong.

Ah-ah-ah-ah- 'Shut up.

Above. Yeon frowns slightly, looking at the souls wandering relentlessly through the sky, rather than following themselves.

It's hard to see in the eyes of the public.

To Yeongwoo, descendant of the Dark, owner of the Four Thrones, who can peer into the boundaries of life and death. The souls filled with outer space appear to be too intelligent. All their deep grudges and despair.

What Bakuk and the Mother Earth did to outer space was actually terrible.

To put it bluntly, Elohim was a kind of slaughterhouse.

A place where all the dead are sacrificed for the cause. Death is not an absolute afterlife for them to believe in, but a place to wander the Ninth Heaven and fall to as a material for the Goddess of the Earth and Olympus in her honor.

Elohim's players died and realized that later, so they could only weep bitterly.

The problem was that even such grudges and despair were dispensed to help gas down here in groups.

Elohim's survivors seem to have noticed a strange sigh late, but it's already too late.

“By Ö 12291;//Ö/Rier! Great Sage! What are you looking for?" "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it/g/x,/it won't work!” “Ö./Ö./o7 me/f] Ö/! I/God's Son Are Poisoned • • • • • Old//Money/Dagoko!” Elohim's players felt their bodies hardened, not fighting.

Those who were quick to notice could realize what it was.

One large poison.

Bailey suddenly released several poisons that she had fed them all.

Barry was so good that he had secretly poisoned Jungwoo, who already had Dragon Eyes in the past. Of course, it wasn't that hard to poison all Elohim's players beforehand.

Specifically, the poison used at this time was effective in triggering the God factor and renal blood they possessed. It can increase the effects of human resonance.

“Real 0/Tension Dirty Air/Sense2L/! If you know that I'm going to the 77 th Senate, He said/I'll do it all/Jeep/Well, who else would it be?” I also saw pands and other people wandering the streets.

"It's just a substrate. That much work can be done. %. More than that, the chief of the people of the week is the best 7//Le Neh Deh Hah and" Then the chief is right over there at Dunn.

E//L/that will have the same ethnic group. Diz Plbuto, not one of you is flying. "At first, Sanon and Han seemed to be embarrassed, but sharing their roles, they continued to pursue the victory.


Ghee? ”An unseen horseman attempts an ambush on Lafuta's side. You see Victoria busy with the liver, Doyle, and the liver that was living in Laputa.

I was not worried because I had already mastered using magic.

For some reason, I felt uncomfortable with Doyle facing his enemies.

It seems that the father who said that Doyle was given as a bowl to the Archbishop among the intruders appeared. The channeling associated with it was shaking gradually.

Like this.

Outer Space 'Great People's Bell was an opponent that was completely endowed with Yeouido's deification. Thanks to this, all the information that was happening in the area was being communicated in real time through the hypersenses.

And it's no different from the gases that tried to toughen up here.

Maybe it's the Summer, but it's gotten pretty strong. Or did you get a different cost in the short term? Nippon pressured Yeon during a violent storm. Other gases also attacked forward to break the wings of the sky in Yeongwoo.

Hills, khurreung-charoeng, are relatively fierce.

Originally, it would have to be provided to the enormous energies created by Elohim's humanity, so that it could reach even the coming of the Divine Power.

You're good at tricks! Let's see how long that number lasts, Arnie! The fall of gas was firmly blocked at all times.

It was because Yeon-woo continued to hamper the accumulation of attribution rates using the authority setting.

The gases were in a tight state of irritation because things didn't go as smoothly.

The rainfall is only a delay, but the interference of the denomination makes us constrained, so we can't do whatever we want in the heavenly world, so we suddenly die.

Whereas the soft wings of the sky twist and open the Throne of Sin Stone and Dragon Heart to unleash an immense amount of power.

Afterwards, Yeon-woo was also reacting and forcing the descent of gas. Barbaroy, who had just lost his strength and crashed, was one of them.

Unlike what appeared so vigorously, the throne of death to rob the darkness was a plan to return to the kingdom of heaven without hands.

This is why we came out of the summer, risking our lives to wage war against Le Infernal! But unlike their carelessness,

Yeon continued to steadily strengthen her victory against the gases, using the timing constraints and the denaturation settings appropriately.


I guess it's not as easy as I thought.

Yeon-woo didn't just make things smooth.

Even if it hinders the accumulation of causation rates, a complete stop is impossible. Focusing on the battle with Gigas has pushed him and Laputa to their limit.

Moreover, the chaotic tentacles that crawl around are disassembling at a rapid rate as the Earth Mother attempts to erode, aiming for an opportunity to continue to eat him.

Moreover, the time limit on the wings of the sky was also wasting rapidly.

The limitations of the holy tribe are being revealed here. If we continue to enter Earth War, Yeon Woo would be disadvantaged.

Of course, there wasn't a single defeat that could turn this plate upside down.

If it hadn't been for that, we wouldn't have tried to fight the gases like this in the first place.

Rather, he sacrificed Elo's strength and would have been rich. There was no shame in losing. It was a strategy that I had done a lot to make progress.

Above all, however, she took the risk of wasting time on the wings of the sky. I was wondering if I could find the answer to the question that keeps tickling one side of my head.

'There were not one or two strange things, but there were three things that caught his mind.

Number one: what does Gigas believe, and what does Le Infine1rnal and Mul-Mannal do to try to convince so many of its personalities? Though titanium and gases rise to the heavens and regain their dignity, they are more powerful than the Tartarus.

Even if it was Against or Baal in Le Infernal, they could never ignore it.

Even Titan-Gigas had to die that hard.

Nevertheless, they attempted a large-scale assertion to the Summer. Along with Nippon, the leader, as well as the largest landscape godmother! Did he really just throw this mob to take away the dark powers and death thrones of Yeouido? 'The second strange thing about the earthly goddess was that the earthly goddess appeared. Why did Asgard, Deva and many other societies refuse to intervene?

The Mother Earth has long been at war with them, so long as it has already been designated a common enemy in many myths.

As long as she's back in heaven with Olympus in her sights, other societies will have to be vigilant.

They were just looking at the squad as they stepped back to take the common front. Knowing what their ultimate goal is.

And the earth-shattering and gas-guzzling reactions were being taken for granted.

There must have been some 'reason' between the Mother Earth and other societies, and the last three.

'Why do you only watch over the gods of death and demons?' Not only were 666 gods and demons directly connected through the wings of heaven, but also more than 5,000 gods and demons who gave us power.

They used to take a favorable attitude to what they do, but this time they stick to a thorough bystander attitude.

In fact, the God of Death and the Devil seemed to know why.

Those who follow the dark, yet easily ask Yeon-woo if they are qualified. It was clear that this trial was also an obstacle for the Black Successor to overcome.

More than 5,000 gods and demons will be no different. They were members of each society before doing Yeon-woo favors, so it was difficult to build a will alone.

It is a different position from Agarash, who declared war as if it were natural in the beginning.

But like the second question, it was definitely a question of keeping an eye on the Earthworm and not taking any other George.

So I tried to figure out why.

[The Divine Society, Deva, looks at how you will overcome trials.] [The Divine Society, Asgard, watches you overcome trials.] was still a bystander muscle 1-as-is.

Originally, I tried to try when all the questions were solved, but when I saw the timer [00: 02: 11] [00: 02: 10], Yeon-woo shined.

'I can't help it.' 1- Ö There was little time left. As long as I couldn't beat him anymore, I had no choice. Yeongwoo lands on the ground as it bounces off Niphon's striking face.

Just a few minutes ago, a huge building was standing in a dark, scorched wasteland.

Are you out of tricks now? Nipon laughed as he watched the alliance. He noticed that his strength had been exhausted.

However, Yeon-woo rolls up one side of her mouth and throws a cynic at her.

No, it's a start. ” There must be a limit to the amount of power that a mortal can endure with such a strange concentration of power. " Limitations? Of course I do, but thanks to you, I think I can do something I wouldn't normally be able to try.

s • shh A.

You know what I mean when I say that? ”Niphon frowns at the enigmatic words of friendship, noticing later and shouting.

Though Gigases didn't realize what the tide of the moat was, they realized something was going on and tried to approach the moat as they opened the space together.


“Stand up.” With Yeouido's command, the range of globalization that dominated outer space has suddenly been reduced.

The widespread shadow was focused on Yeongwoo while simultaneously raising a huge barrier to sever the rainforest and outer space.

[Wall of the Dead] Knng-Knng, Knng! The wall of shadows, filled with tens of thousands of ghosts, cuts through the gases at the same time.

Yeongwoo whipped her left hand and hit the air forcefully. The excessive noise and seven teeth pierce the middle of the space: a small crack spread along the floor.

“Swallow.” [Hades' Sword of Stelgaer] This time, the shadow draws a vortex and sucks its teeth into it at a ferocious rate. Like water flowing down a chat pit.

When people see you, it seems silly to take back the shadow you've cast. It was not only the shadow that frightened Hades.

Souls lost and wandering through outer space. There were all kinds of things that were meant to be sacrificed at the rate of causality. You crazy bastard! "Nipon eventually tried to force his hand. At this rate, it was judged by the causality rate that should be obtained at risk. I had to stop Olfowon from being punished later.

His physique breaks apart, unable to withstand the zero pressure, and a massive spiritual storm rages in all directions.

And Roniphone's enormous eyes revealed where the body was. Soon after, he tore the space and his enormous arm came down and slapped Yeongwoo. The whole body cannot come down, so only a part of the body will be attracted.

Guangyang! An enormous power presses down on the entire earth, as well as the light. Less than a few + strength to destroy all the Durability of Dunne outer space. Following the cracks in outer space, the pieces of space were shaken dangerously, as if they were being poured right away.


A giant palm of the Nippon could not fully tap the ground. At some point, you will encounter a strong repulsive force.

Beneath it was a pond that almost finished the absorption of the causality while protecting itself with the wall of the dead.

The soul collection was already filled with people who were about to explode. Along with Elohim, tens of millions of the ghosts he had absorbed from the dragon labyrinth, including the League of Lions and the Horsemen, were wailing together.

Much more than the original bakery and earthly goddess would have wanted, never lacking.

Inside, there were rankers who could covet gods and demons.

“Here's the problem.” Yeongwoo smiles coldly as she looks into the Nippon's eyes, shining through the huge gaps of her fingers. You can see Nippon's eyes shaking violently with blood clots.

“What if you were to offer up enough tribute, or even more, to try to strengthen the group? You're gonna love this.

Yeongwoo slightly listened to the brothers she was working with. Nippon's eyes tremble with awe.

Stop it! Stop • • • but.

“Sacrifice.” All of it, she blows into the Dark Lord's mold.

“So wake up.” The three frames start ringing like an infinite bell.

Dark Resonance! You're about to do something funny. That was the best play you've ever had! Hahaha! After what happened, the first sound of Martha's laughter was enticed to one ear.

Yeonwoo wanted to awaken the fury of the 'Questioning King', the last frame that was still not turned off.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk! At the same time

Sniffing, squeezing the black chain tightly wrapped around her right arm.

Tick-tock! The chain begins to loosen like a thread.

If you sprinkle the full amount of the colored yoke, "Let's have a look. It will be fun to watch: the true power of device black was the first time to awaken from Yeon-woo's hands.