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Coins. Great War (1)

[00: 01: 57-66] The lily surrounded by the dark colors seemed ominous and terrifying.

Until just before the feeling of seeing it sinking into the deep water, the two eyes that glowed bright golden because of the golden heart, turned black, which reminded me of the black abyss.

I felt like I would be sucked into the abyss just by making eye contact, so the Nippon and gases suddenly felt like they were drowning in space.

And for just a short time, Yeon-woo was able to move on to the next phase.

[Successfully partially acquired condition "[Insufficient condition.] [Condition is urgent [Insufficient qualification requirements.] [Partially unsealed to gain access.] ['The Fury of the Questing King will be integrated into the information window of' The Questing King's Context 'and opened.' [Classify the Questing King's brother] Classification: Set Grade:??? Description: Past??? They were the prophets who ruled many civilizations and planets throughout the universe as transcendent beings who inherited the will of the world, but they had always feared God and had to fear Him, their great room that ruled the providence of death and darkness behind the universe.

So they betrayed him and cast him into the deep void.

The existence of the 'king' and 'god' was trembling with betrayal for so many years that they could not be counted. At first I was desperate, then I fell into silk, and at the end I decided to kill all the traitors one day as I was escaping the void.

Thanks to this, the three brothers who had imprisoned him gradually became his paws.

On the day of Revelation, the world will come to an end. Until then, handcuffs will represent his soul, chains will represent death, and chains will represent his will to become darkness.

Either the owner killed him, or he can reap the souls in the area he installed. At that time, the spirit of the reaper descends into a ghost and loses all its power and only has a deep grudge. He is bound to the soul collection and becomes a slave to the owner forever.

Depending on the owner's proficiency, the drawing of the collection can increase dramatically.

Enhanced humidity. This can be converted into a bound Spellbound Magic Power + Dark Zero.

Attribution is also enhanced as much as the number of ghost consumed.

In this case, the magic power used is beef for allies, including casters, within the confined area, and a powerful curse and fear for designated enemies. At this point, the random curse will be a great "no harm" to the enemy.

The ghost within the collection always blames its owner for imprisoning itself.

However, even such grudges can be different.

Ghosts can never defy the owner's absolute will.

They will always take away the life force of all living things in swarms.

In addition, if desired, owners can consume a certain amount of magical power and evolve into ghosts, ghosts, monsters, or more.

They will all be obedient to the owner and will gladly fulfill any order.

Consume some of the harvested ghosts in the collection and forcibly summon the dead souls who are staying in the afterlife.

You should be careful because the summons have a limited number of times and times, depending on the amount of damage the soul has.

However, at this time, the summoned soul has an explicit will of autonomy and can be limited to retribution.

On the other side of the world, it is possible to draw out a part of the void that belongs to another. However, the void full of chaos and chaos is sometimes a catastrophe that can eat even castles, so you should be careful about using it.

Additional conditions and qualifications are required to use this.

(Partial Seal) 1\ Teafact is' Unique '. There is only one in the tower, and it is completely attributed to its owner. Not transferable or transferable to another person.

. You must meet certain qualifications or conditions to unlock it.

. You must meet certain qualifications or conditions to gain authorization.

- Despair: It can rob a desperate soul.

- Silk: May defy death immersed in silk.

_Rage: Darkness can be controlled by rage.

"This isn't enough? 'Yeon-woo ate so many offerings, but when she saw the temples of the king of the vagrants that were not all sealed, she looked a little helpless.

It's a mass sacrifice that will strengthen the gas as a group and try to descend further.

At this rate, any divine and demonic society would have to covet it, but for the legacy left by the Black King, it is only a part of it.

Inadequacy means inadequate. It makes sense to say 'less than', but I was a little annoyed that there were not enough conditions.

Is it because King Chilhok was so great, or was it because he was so greedy? When I heard the laughter of Maestro smiling as if he was in a good mood, I could see that both assumptions were true.

If that's the reaction that King Jehovah had made with the remnants of another personality. I had a good sense of what the fruit of the tree was.

Great, but greedy.

That is why he brought only deep fear and despair to the believers and people who served him, and the ruler who had to be betrayed.

But nevertheless, many years have passed and many gods and Demon Doctors have admired him.

Deuteronomy. In other words, it was not lacking even if it was called the "holy assembly."


Yeongwoo pulls on the chain while partially unlocking its power.

[Vacant Activation] The black energy scattered along the swamp spreads like ink.

Beyond the swamp was an empty place, waiting to be eaten greedily.

The black chain moved through the void, exposing spatial constraints and physical laws, and trying to traverse the back of the world at will to lure gas into the void.

It was around that time that the female staff in Yeongwoo's hand moved.

The fragments that had been in the shape of the rod had been broken down again, and began to bind to the missing parts of the chain, drawing a vortex.

Shin Jin-cheol is the material of the archetype of the monarch.

The material of the female staff could be combined with Shin Jin-cheol.

nHereby, the woman's staff tried to handle the chain more skillfully by using the feature that she could handle whatever she wanted if she had the title 'the progeny of the future king.' I was able to fill the shortage of lengths.

And since Beagrid has opened up a new path, he's hanging from the edge of the chain to reveal more threats.

['Vigrid-???' Unlocks the hidden true name, 'Harpe.' Harpe overcame his tragic fate and possessed the legend that Parseus, the great hero of many kingdoms and heroes, used to defeat immortal monsters.

As soon as the sword was opened, it was said to have been inherited from the whole body.

Vigrid began to divide the space horizontally by a giant sickle, the Death's Scythe, which boasted a considerable size, according to Harpe's characteristic that the day had crooked and passed close to the law's prison.

This nonsense • • • • •, < Damn it, Damage! "Harpe is so menacing to the Gigases that he is chained to a chain without being seduced by space.

Not to mention that the Black Orders were aggregated with even the most intimidating waves of fire, and the chains could hardly predict their direction as they entered and exited the space.

Moreover, the moment your neck fled or you took a critical hit, the functions of the female staff connected to the chain could have triggered a body shrapnel! I came down to the stream to rob the king of death of his sins, but their lives were at risk.

Even in a difficult situation, he gave me a knife dance according to the touch of the chain and the low tide. The achievements of Shin Seul shined more brightly than ever before.

Scrub_Scrub, Scrub! Aaaaah! My arm! My paaal! Gas that had lost an arm and a leg began to come out.

This humble thing, how dare you! "Of course, gas was not just being suffered. The liver reacts. The flames blaze through the ground with a gust of wind, according to God's will.

Puppet! Puppet! Puppet! They did not pose any threat.

Before they even touched Yeongwoo, the chains moved and they cut themselves or nullified the attack.

Every time the chain turned, the black energy that followed was sometimes echoing like a shadow, and sometimes it climbed as hot as a black flame and freed up the workshop.

And the gray ghosts that followed them cried out in disdain, pushing gas into a corner.

Kick-A-Kick! Instruments! Wearing a dark coat, surrounded by gray ghosts, emitting black flames, and swinging a giant chain and sickle.

It reminded me of the mythical Grim Reaper who reaps souls without stopping the immortal and the mortal.

The Guar-Gigases start to take a step or two back, always caught in fear.

00 0 0.

How can a mortal think of • • and later.

They simply ignored the mortal and thought they could easily take the throne of death. 1 - • In fact, they took many of their brothers' lives in Tartarus, and were recognized by Nagahades as their successor.

And the fact that the God of Death and the Devil both claim to be descendants of the Arch! Left- Miu ¨ 49856; No! I knew! Finally, as I feared, Gigas' two heads fled, engraving their names on the pieces of the staff, their eyes turned upside down in fury.

On the other hand, it was only convenient that they could not approach Yeon-woo, but that they were so mocked by mortals.

Eventually, the unbearable Nippon once again squeezed the causality and opened his other arm.

You took a nominal blow to your personality and hit the pond, almost tearing the space that made up space.


Nippon's huge right hand never reached Yeon-woo again. Suddenly, he wanted to tear the space apart from them, but Kim built a big barrier as a cloud leaked out.

“How dare you do something so strange with this body? You gas bastards are ripped to shreds.

Dozens of pairs of wings that appear, tearing the dark flowing clouds as if they were erasing the whole world.

In between, I saw a face that sparkled beautifully like a lump stone, and a fiercely smiling eye that didn't match it.

[Agares of Le Infernal looks at the Nippon of Olympus coldly.] Agares! Looking at Nippon's beady eyes. The Great Duke, ruling the Eastern Dynasty, is furious with a distorted face.

“With that filthy mouth, do not take this body's name lightly.

That's no fucking name for a beast! ”Kuaaang! Agarez will scream at the sky, forcibly tearing Nippon's right hand with enormous power.

“Come, my loyal army!” And soon, a black meteor fell along the sky into a crowd. Every one of them belongs to the transcendent, and there are sinister factions that seem to consume the world at once.

Before being trapped in the tower, the Vibrating Demon army was known to have invaded the world and raided many resources along Agares. Among them were those worthy of being named King of the 72 Demons of Le Infernal.

Spherical spheres-they wanted to trample gases that had dared to fight against them as they roamed outer space, following Agares' open path.

“I'll teach you exactly who the child belongs to and what the price of taking his precious treasure is.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! In the lower reaches, the collapse between the two societies began.

Leyroc-Kyung pulls on the chain while watching the battle between the Dongbu army and gas.

I was a little surprised when I was summoned to the Dongbu Army because I woke up the brothers of the king of Zilch and summoned Agarash because I used up the remaining causality.

Apparently, the tribe was taken by Agares himself. Even the Grand Duke couldn't agree sooner. Is it that much of a pittance? Thank you very much.

Yeongwoo was once an enemy, but now it has slashed space with Viagrid, conveying its gratitude into Agares, a trusted ally.

Then, while the void was wide open, the earthly goddess and Beau 1li 1 went = 2. `00 1- Go01 was revealed.

At that moment, the earthly goddess's incarnation read the chrysanthemum and reached out to this side.

"Four years ago, I didn't like you." As if we had waited for this time, the space was wide open next to Yeongwoo, and the natural 1 appeared and the hand was blocked: high 0. The Summer Queen was facing Viera Dun with an irritating look in her eyes.

Grrrrrrrrr - The aftermath of such ferocious energy is returning.

Y 0 1-All those waves were able to step on the Blink and approach Bakluk in a heartbeat.

Die! "Bakok raises his eyes at the sudden crisis, then swings his tentacles at the length of his wrist as he comes at the breeze. The mangrove venom erupts along with the fog.

However, the chain cut off all the tentacles, moving rapidly according to Yeongwoo's touch again, and the steam from the shadows ignited the scorching mangrove venom all at once.

None of his attacks interfered with Yeon-woo's footsteps.


Yeon-woo grabs Bakuk's face with one hand and stabs him to the ground. The skull was crushed and the face collapsed.

Overwhelming shockwaves spread across the area.

[00: 01: 00_01] [00: 01: 00_0] It took [00: 00: 59-99] just a minute to awaken the power of the Black King and capture Bakok.