Second Life Ranker

2. Great War (2)

• • • Father. ”Doyle stares at the uninvited guests who have come to Laputa with a stiff look. The look on his face was unusual while he was guarding his side.

Five minutes ago, while you were busy attacking Eloq, the portal suddenly opens into the air and a group tries to descend.

The protective enchantments built into the Laputa work to repel intruders.

Laputa has not yet been fully repaired, so its protective shield and seal durability was very weak.

However, the soldiers' bishop class tried to attack Ham7, so it was difficult to stop them.

And this one at the forefront of the group of intruders was a face that Doyle and his liver knew too well.

Black Swallow.

He was the father of Doyle and the archbishop who willingly brought Doyle to become the face of the Three Bishops of the Horse Army.

“It's been a long time, son.” Victoria took a step back and watched the meeting of the two wealthy men she could never meet, and flowed her magic with a small flick of her lips. It was to cast magic as soon as possible.


No. Not now. Wait, sister. The liver sent a breakthrough to Victoria. Victoria's gaze is towards you, but the liver stiffens its head slightly. It meant don't move.

I don't know why, when Victoria's mind got a little complicated.

Black Skull looks sad to see Doyle.

“A chance to become the face of the Great Heavenly Horse. That's what you call a do-gooder, a pimp! Did you know that when you heard that, this father's tyranny collapsed?” Black Skull already knew that Doyle had disconnected from Channeling with Thousand Horses and had ties with Yeon Woo.

However, Doyle frowns at the handsome appearance, as if that father's face was detestable.

“Don't be ridiculous. I knew I'd lost that kind of love to my father long ago.” Black Skull stares at his son with a sad look like high humidity, sighing shallow and biting his lower lip.

He tightly clenched his fist, knowing the story of the two rich men better than anyone else. He also thought of picking Bloody Sword if she was a woman like Victoria, but on the other hand, his mind was complicated.

It was because his father, Ivan, thought that Yeon-woo was bound in his shadow.

- Tell me if you need me, I'll get you out.

_if there is still • • • • • Are you not hurt? - You don't have to worry about time differently. First of all, you're in a coma, so you're trapped? They won't even notice they're gone.

- I'll see you later.

When this is all over, Ivan and Black Swallow, the wire. How big was the wound they had to suffer because of the two fathers who were blind to desire.

Such childhood wounds became Izetrauma and sometimes condemned their souls. Trying to get rid of it somehow was not easy.

I'm busy at the moment, so I told him I'd only see him when the battle was over.

In one corner of my mind, I still did not know whether I would be able to face my father freely at that time.

I wanted to avoid it for the rest of my life.

How much more shocked would Doyle, who accidentally met him like this, be?

They say he's a psychologically stable opponent with himself at his side and Yeon behind him.

However, he had been in Doyle for a long time, so he knew that Doyle was shaking significantly, unlike he appeared to be.

And it has a lot of anger in it.

I'll be right behind you.

The liver feels the wavelength of the flurry of snow that continues to be swept by the Elohim. I started walking quietly behind them.

This is when Elohim collapsed. It was obvious to see who was behind it.

“Haha! That was five minutes ago. Nothing's working.” Jang Wei, the arch-enemy, burst out a big smile as he saw a fiery flame storm running through the sky.

This place was a complete mess.

The shadow was about to swallow up the survivors, and there was a battle between the transcendents that said it was rare to see even once in a tower elsewhere.

The Bone Dragon breathed out a mixture of curses, creating strange incarnations and clashes, and on the other hand, a legion of gods and demons were competing to distance themselves from each other.

In the middle.

Zhang Wei could clearly realize that he was never able to leave the battlefield, either on Earth or in the tower.

'And where the commander is, there is a great war!' Ever since I heard that Arniya moved to Clan House to wage a full-scale war with the Elohim-Marine Alliance.

Zhang Wei finally realized that he had a chance. He was sick of hiding from the one-horned tribe, and there was never a better time for him to fight.

Wearing a mask that says Yeongwoo is unique and has deceived the tower for a long time.

He is also a bureaucrat.; He deceives Yeon-woo and reveals his appearance, with wealth ~ 1.- <UNK> 1.-.


What will Yeon-woo look like? It was a lotus that had been bluffing ever since we were on Earth, never revealing our emotions.

So the code name used to be "Cain," which is the first killer in the Bible, because it doesn't sound like a person when they operate at a multinational headquarters.

Her lover's sister closed her eyes like that, but not enough to make her cry.

I was so curious as to how that frozen face would change or remain unchanged.

So Zhang Wei loosened the Sile Dong Palace that was hanging on his shoulder and firmly held it in his right hand.

When I first came to the tower, I unleashed the power of the person who had reached out to him for the first time.


The energy of the kite begins to move toward the turbulent place.

Very discreetly, even if no one can find him.

[00: 00: 57-35] The timer was still flowing fast.

Yeonwoo decided that she needed to erase all traces of chaos surrounding the baking block.

“Die!" Bakok screams with his face to the cracked ground, covered in blood.

As a lifelong alchemist, he lived a life far from fighting, and his pain was so shocking that he soon became a creature of myth thanks to the chaos of crawling.

It was never possible for a mortal to suffer such humiliation! A lot more tentacles erupt from the body of Vyrick-Back than ever before.

Tick-tock! Yeon-ju wants to be wrapped around her tentacles. She flies her wings and floats the distance, pulling the chain inward to cut off all the tentacles.

The tentacles are shredded from Beagrid's blade as if they were left, left, and left.

However, as the energy flowed along the cortex, a much stronger and thicker new tentacle emerged in the cut area. As soon as the cut area hit the ground, I rooted and pulled up more tentacles and swung them.

The tentacles cut off their approach while drawing shadows and ghosts to thicken the wall of the dead.

“You! I will not let you live, but never live!" ”Bakuk now thinks Yeon-woo can't approach him, and roars heavily as he raises his torso.

Even a face that was half broken was rapidly progressing to unrealistic regenerative power.

But my collapsed pride was beyond repair, so I decided to catch Yeongwoo somehow and make her suffer like hell.

Depending on his will, the tentacles blew three times again, piercing the earth and covering the sky.


[Sighs] Yeon reads between tentacles who want to attack her somehow in a slower world and quickly decides her weaknesses.

[Yongsin 'an] [Yuan Jing Hwa] [Kim Gubidara Wise Man's Eye] Thanks to him, he was able to find a route that would pass through the baptism of the tentacles in the shortest time, and find an aggregate of resolutions beyond that.

Above Bakuk's right shoulder.

[Wind gust] Guangyang! If you can see the road, you have to move immediately. You press forward as hard as you can, as the rough wind rises. The tentacles of the Bakruck poured down the ledge to catch him, but none of them could grasp the soft ankles.

Rather, the chain was moving so fast that it could tie multiple tentacles in bundles, lift the trajectory, and so on.

Thanks to the perfection of combining the armrests of the sword into one, it has trampled on the realm of the Jinn that is not roasted in the weapons that are already breeding.

Rather, this cavalry was able to create a variety of tours that seemed to suit him much better.

“1st" Job! Bakok tries to resist again as soon as the swamp approaches.

I spilled a mucus that was so acidic that it could melt easily, but Beagrid cut through the poison so easily and stuck it in his right shoulder.

Slip! You hear the terrible pain of the right shoulder falling and the sound of a nuclear EBIGRID piercing you.

No. That's how I wanted the wind to sound. It may not have been smashed by this shock, but the Divine Power doesn't move strangely. No, the myth was being drawn to another Ethyron.

[Bimachildara seeks out war satisfactorily. [Gym Gubidara - Flower of Blood] The Blood on the Right Shoulder was sucking the power of chaos as it was raging! And it was obvious to the fire that they were heading to the Divine Yiddie.

In addition, the flames were blazing up, trying to consume his body.

But Bakok could not scream, nor could he resist. A chain began to climb up his shoulder and arm.

Tick-tock, tick-tock! “All grown up!” The chain wrapped around Bakok's forearm like a living snake, and he swiftly mounted his body and twisted it around his neck.

The sound of the lock locks and the seven-iron chain tightens tightly and squeaks and chokes by itself.

As you hear the sound of the chains drifting inward, Bakok's whole body floats through the air.

It was like hanging from a rope to be strangled at Margie's death row.

Bakuk wants to break the chain somehow, but his strength doesn't go into his body. The machinery that used to act as a terminal to the crawling chaos broke apart, and the spirit began to leak out like water.

Even if I try to control my power somehow, I can't breathe, so I can't think straight.

All that's left is the desire to live.


The squeak, squeegee-squeeze tightens the upper chain to never let go, while pulling the lower chain, pulling the beagrid back out and grabbing it in your right hand.

And I cut off his remaining tentacles and limbs at a rapid rate while moving around without a pile of them.

The tentacles with only fire tried to regenerate them somehow, but they were unable to recover.

You burn even the remnants of the mystic power that have seeped into the roots.

“Urrgh •, Bakuk's lips tingled. It was so painful, but so painful.

The drowsiness and breathlessness. The pain of the fire seeping into the body. The pain of being severed limb by limb. The pain of the divine rush. All physical pain that exists in the world of uncontrolled poison eating away at the visual cortex seemed to be felt.

Even if he tried to control the pain somehow, Yeon gave him a new stimulus like a ghost.

From a long time ago, Yeongwoo learned about the structure of the body, as well as the detailed areas such as blood and pulses, while learning from the King without air.

So I knew too well how to make Beirut suffer.

After all, all that was left to be swept away was a head and a half broken, so only one upper half was left.

Obviously, all the tentacles that had just tried to take the Elo power were peeled off, and my function was suspended.

The problem is not complete stoppage. I could not die even if I wanted to, because I still have some mystical power left.

The power of immortality, which was thought to be a blessing, is now becoming a curse and making Bakok suffer.

“Grrock Grzari • Bakuk finally begged me to kill him, but I couldn't.

“Crying about being sick? Funny.” Yeon-woo smiles coldly, smirking.

“Don't even think about dying until you throw up all the information and knowledge in your head. And then we'll use the test subjects in the deep backroom. The body infected by the god of another system will be a rare experimental material even in towers. There's so much I want to try. Wouldn't it be great to throw him to Graham or to the rich? I was going to throw a body for a precious alchemical ingredient in Braham, and a soul for a new knowledge of magic to wealth.

He wanted to make • • • • • • not die easily, but suffer for all eternity. Even if I lost myself, I was willing to come back to life again.

“And don't talk about how hard it is. Jung Woo is hard enough as it is.” Barry suffered mere physical pain, but he had to leave his colleagues, endure all the mental pain of betrayal.

Bakok hears the unthinkable words, and the shadow that lifts his eyes and puts them at his feet rises straight up and swallows him up.

I was going to stay alive and stay in the dark for a while, making my mind dry.

[00: 00: 09_59] In the place where the bakery had disappeared, it remained a piece of machete, as though it had been parted in half.

As expected, I was exhaling an ominous energy.

Yeon-woo's expression is slightly stiff, and she will reach the top of the crater.

Elohim-Tidan, Bakuk, the Mother Earth, and Gigas were all over the place, and there was still a battle going on out there.

In fact, they were all puppets on stage, but the real pilots were different.

Crawling chaos. I had to know what he was replacing.

That's how my fingertips touch the machete.

Huaa! Yeon suddenly feels the world around her stop. It was different from using a poem to speed up the world of consciousness. The world was really dictating. 9 seconds 59. The timer stops as soon as it touches the machete.

The realm of the almighty, , which is worthy of any divinity, was exercised, and suddenly, the world was filled with darkness as if it were sprinkled with food over space. Darkness, running from the pitch black, embraces the surroundings.

In between, you open your eyes to an enormous darkness.

You. W. Q. Me.

It is.

Obviously, he was asking that by looking directly at Yeon-woo.