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3. Great War (3)

I had to feel enormous pressure at the moment of the honeymoon.

Even when I met Hades or Poseidon, my soul was shriveled by the pressure and I had to fall into a shrinking fear.

This was going far beyond even that.

It's like a big world, facing itself.

He opened up the throne and used the power of the tetrarch to exert a force comparable to his stature, but he had to think about how there could be such an existence.

Is this the one who boasted about the cosmic crotch beyond the perception of the L, gods and demons?

1- 'This too' is just a part of it.

The fact that he appeared before himself was that the crawling chaos was just a diagnosis.

He was stopping the clock. This was an area that was completely different from pre-existing or Yen.

It was meant to live in more than three or four space-time sources, but it showed no signs of any special power or power being used. It simply meant that a chair alone could rain down the providence of the universe.

Perhaps his body is far beyond what Yeon-woo can perceive now. It's literally the tip of the iceberg right now.

Water. C.

You. W. Q. Me.

At that time, after Yeon-woo stared at her without any reaction, the crawling chaos sent her back.

Again and again, very slowly, in case you didn't get it right.

It was also a little annoying.

It's a stressful day just focusing on an insect-like creature like this.


Yeon-woo glanced up at the part where she thought there was an eye. He's shaking his soul because of the fangs he's shooting at, raising the wings of the sky closer than ever.

“That's what I want to ask.

Crawling chaos, what the hell are you? Why is it everywhere I go? ”Is it mere coincidence that the ruins of the Boo-Fast, Emerald Tablets, Arctic Calatus, Beida Grossmother, Valdivig, and the Fallen Giants are tied to the chaos crawling around in everything? It was a caution that believed that there was no such thing as coincidence in the world.

So I overlooked the crawling chaos and the opportunity to meet. There was so much I wanted to ask him.


Oops. Crab.

The sun. C.

Closing price.

1-The crawling chaos was merely my will, as if mere parasites would not allow me to ask myself questions.

Ball. Huh.

Boon. E. Co., Ltd. Places.


Again. Hahn. Y. Boon. Thing.

U.s. Water. Rule. Crab. Everything.

I could read the strong questions and dark fury that flowed through the chaos of grief.

But I knew one thing for sure.

Yeon-woo's eyes sank deep.

'He knows who the king of the vagrants is.

I knew that the Black King was a goddess and the source of all death and demons, but Yeon had always accepted it as a goddess of the earth.

It was a story that he thought was universal to God and the devil's society.

But do you know about the god in the tower, the demons, and the king of chaos crawling around with no contact like this? It wasn't just to the extent that I knew it.

Even though Yeon-woo understood it in her own language, the bizarre chaos was exhibiting a "respectful" or "irreverent" attitude towards King Chilhok.

Who is the king of vagina? 'Woo. Lee.

Y. Boon. Find. C. c.

The righteousness of the crawling chaos continued.

"We?" Still saying things we don't know.

Ha. G. Bay, find. Number. Go. None. C.

Ball. Huh. With reference to FIG.

You. Times. of. Etc. With reference to FIG.

At that moment, Yeon-woo felt like her 'minutes were getting thinner. I could feel Yeon's gaze, even though there was only darkness surrounding him.

When you find something you don't fully understand. To clarify why, the eyes narrow to begin exploration.

W. Run. Y-yeah. Go. Yes. C.

You were there. I thought you might say that.

있.. No. No. Work. In. De.

Vs. Che.

It pours out of the chaos like a blizzard. Yeongwoo had to straighten her wings and feel overwhelmed that she was going to be swept away.

At the moment I was pinched here, my existence seemed to be completely disassembled because of the storm.

You. W. Q. Me.

But I was in such a rush that I could see more clearly what he was thinking.

"I'm looking for traces of the Black Lord of many other worlds, including the crawling chaos, no, him.

Right here in the tower.

'So they also tried to access the tower, which is a world that is hard to perceive, but each time they had to fail many times because the gods and demons of the heavens were so pleased with the god of the other system to touch the empire.

Especially if Allfowon is guarding the tower.

'Is it okay to take a different approach, turn your gaze towards mortals, and then bump into me?' It seemed to be a very understandable relationship at one time, but Yeon-woo became complicated in her head.

Who the hell is the king of the vagrants? It felt like the challenges were shattered.

And, at first glance, there seemed to be a king of vagrancy in the party, but more fundamentally, there was someone else at the center of everything.



Precisely the soul of the missing one.

Before the fall of the dinosaur calatus, there was a word.

- Where it belongs.

- Deep Abyssal Swamp. Eggs mixed with darkness and chaos. A place where countless beings have awakened and collapsed. "That"? Or "there"? There are a lot of things to say about it, but that's what I like to call it.

- Void. Or dark.

- Just like when the salmon grow up. Your brother has returned to his rightful place in accordance with his instincts.

- Do you think it's a simple coincidence that the legacy of the Queer King was passed on to you? Your brother has a talent for pain. What have I been chosen for? - To reclaim the soul of Jungwoo.

No, I don't know if there's a soul in there that devours everything. But if you want it back.

- Go back to the dark. There will be a way.

Traces of crawling chaos that say his soul has returned.

And the power of Yeon Woo.

This complex read and sullied Gidget, where did it come from? Why did you fall for me? 'In the beginning of the millennium, I looked at the despair of the King of Seulk, handcuffs and chains wrapped around his right arm, which could also be the foundation of all these things.

At first, I thought it was just a big accomplishment in the tutorial, but then I started to realize something was wrong with Zeus' Astrafe when it broke in Olympus' report. And you came all the way here to collect sets as a customary set.

That's why Yeon-woo realized that this despair of vagrancy came to her, not just a coincidence, no matter what Calatus said.

The reward system of the tower is based on the player's record and achievements, and is designed to be determined at the end of a thorough review of the causal relationship he has established.

In other words, not only records stored in the past, but also records that will be stored in the future are reflected in the same way.

In other words, the despair of the King in the beginning was a destiny that would eventually belong to him. It just happened a little earlier.

'I need to find Akasa's snake.

Sleeping deep in the rhetoric, waiting for the original owner to return someday.

He was also the one who gave him the Black King's despair as a reward.

The tutorial repeatedly reset each session to try to find out if Akasa was going to catch the creature who would come back to life. As originally planned, the Giant ruins and other traces of Emerald Tablets were going to be found in Hidden Stages on the 60th floor following the signs of chaos crawling as soon as the Revenge Battle ended: It seemed to have to be postponed for a while.

Yeon-woo inwardly apologizes to the rich, and still stares at him, shouting toward the crawling chaos waiting for an answer.

He was still asking that question.

“Someone told me it's the progeny of the Questing King. S. Lee.

The crawling chaos spills out several times more amplified, as if hearing an unpleasant sound.

It seemed to contain an unpleasant or irritable anger that could never be heard.

G. Thing. Silver.

U.s. water, eh, crab.

Huh. Rock. Be. No. Silver. Here, Lee.

However, Yeon-woo had no intention of being driven away by the grim chaos.

Even if the opponent is cosmic. And there was no reason to surrender to this whimsical chaos in the first place. So far, I've been chasing after him with questions about him, and I still have questions about him, because he might be involved in his soul everywhere.

But knowing that he didn't have much contact with his brother's soul, he didn't have to draw anymore.

What he needed was a vague identity.

As soon as I realized that I had the same goal, I had no reason to leave.

Maybe it was an enemy relationship.

That's why.

'I need to make him think of me as an equal relationship, not a kelp or a bug, so he cannot underestimate me.' Instead, Yeon sent out the frame of the Black King she was wearing to provoke him.

“What if this is the token?” Th. C. Cotton.

And the intention of such a alliance worked too well.

As a crawling chaos, it would be unreasonable for you to think that you are a descendant of a self-revered object.

Otherwise, the beauty smelled like something to be feared by, so now it's annoying to the car I was worried about, so I think I should crush it.

Dead. D.

It's different.

With a whirlwind decree of chaos, I suddenly wanted to tear the darkness surrounding the pond, and the chaotic fog poured in like a giant tidal wave.

If he had been merely a martyr, he now had an obvious murder beyond that, and of course the drawing was not something that Yeon-woo could fathom.

It was an unstoppable, unstoppable disaster.

Left-rock_pulls the chain and wraps it around your body. As Beagrid tore the space apart with long slashes, the voids that were over it began to climb over the darkness created by chaos crawling like ink in marzi water, as the wills of the mower to protect him from the spherical shape.

A whirlwind of chaos strikes the void, creating a silent uproar.

They're pushing him away now, but they'll be swept away soon enough. The space, of course, shattered over time, leaving no trace of itself behind. The crawling chaos was great, and it was not something Yeon-woo could devise immediately.


'It's enough to draw attention.

Yeonwoo stood up even when her life was at stake in the uproar. He felt that all the fabrics of chaos crawling around in fury were fixed on him.

So I shouted in it.

“I want to make a deal, as if the creepy bastard has nothing to say, and as if he didn't have any answers, he only said what I had to say as if the delay didn't matter.

“I will open a path for you to enter the tower!” At that moment.

The Sindhu Tidal Wave, which seemed to swallow up Yeongwoo very soon, stopped lying. The sphere of the void, which had already been cut down by more than 9, was in jeopardy.

She could feel the gaze of the chaos crawling around her eyes firmly fixed on her. In that gaze, there were other emotions besides anger.

Doubt or disbelief. And then I said, "You know what? 'I wonder.


The enormous existence of the cosmic being beyond that darkness disappeared like a lie.

Instead, something else fell silently in front of Yeon-woo.

It was also about three meters taller than the lily grass. However, compared to the existence that just existed, it was too humble.

However, Yeon-woo was able to sense the deep chaos and chaos in it. I feel like my skin is tingling just by the way I meet it.

“Tell me more about it. If it was nonsense to survive, it would not be safe, for the human” crawling chaos "body growls small as it looks at the kite. The darkness surrounding them trembles up and down together.

However, Yeon-woo could not come up with a quick answer.

It was because he was in a seemingly ripe appearance, no matter how physical he was.

• • Valdivich? '