Second Life Ranker

4. Great War (4)

I quickly regained my senses as soon as I saw her.

Ana, it's not Valdivi. 'I was sure he looked the same, but he was never Baldevich. The energy there was clearly crawling chaos.

I wondered if Baldevich had come there as an apostle, but it was also very different. It was a body made up of pure righteousness.

“You seem to know someone with this look.” And the crawling chaos that read such a brief reminder of the pond seduced the carnal laughter.

I have to be careful not to read my thoughts.

I wonder if God is a god. He seemed to be able to read his thoughts. Yeongwoo tried to protect her mind while raising her magical power.

“A rare, adorable creature. A hybrid of giants and humans.

I couldn't understand how the moon species and bugs could mix so well. & There are too many things out there that I don't understand. ”The outside world.

Yeonwoo could see how to call this place, where they called it the 'Passover.' Then, does the other side call itself "inside"?

“What happened to Baldevich?” “Humans, that's not what you need right now.” The crawling chaos throws a ridicule at Valdivihi's appearance.

Even if Yeon-woo tried to use the void to some degree of equality, and even if he admitted it to some extent, it was just a creature that would not be weird to play with the heartburn in his eyes and kill at any time.

In fact, it was funny that the cosmic creature went out to talk to the beauty.

If it wasn't empty or black, I wouldn't have cared in the first place.

No matter how much I spit out my tunic, I couldn't take it with my stupid and dull head, so the trouble of having to cut out the trivial parts of my tune and make a terminal was so annoying.

But just as it needed to understand its will, it needed to be able to translate its words.

This body was the gas for it.

He folds his arms and narrows his eyes.

"So, what's the deal? You want to make your way into the tower?” I wonder what a mere mortal can do with himself. I never would have forgiven him if he had given up his strength for useless things.

As a person who originally lived for fun and enjoyed life, he sometimes enjoys making excuses.

What Yeon-woo said now was not the level to which I could feel so good.

The world of towers was such an unexplainable place for him and others to live in the 'inner' system.

Against providence and the clumping of laws, there can be a teaching world that overlaps multiple universes and resources.

However, such places were often prone to collapse due to the repulsion of different energies, and it was never possible to maintain such a stable opponent.

However, there were those who were just transcendents in it, but those who seemed not to be outraged by the occasional self were 'trapped'.

Like cattle and pigs in cages, leaning farms! Like them, there is no end to the existence of the cosmic cannibalism.

Above all.

It was the providence of the universe that 'His traces are not there,' and it was the existence that had to be put in place by law without a way to defy Him.

And the beings of the 'inner' could find some traces in the 'outer' realm that they could not recognize without having to suffer so much for so many years without having to find him.

Who would have expected that the existence of the 'inner' would be found in a place that was so trivial and deemed so barren that it would not attract any other attention.

With power and power, there was no exception to the rated gear chaos.

So I stretched out my innate 1-strength and power to gather traces of him, including of the other gods.

And it didn't work.

They were living in so-called 'laws,' but there were also great beings who were not like them.

It was too shocking for the 'inner' beings.

It's unfamiliar for mortals and immortals to coexist in such a narrow territory. It's unfamiliar for them to want to be trapped and come out! In addition, there is something similar to antibodies in the tower, which repels their power. It was a bit much to be seen as a direct hit.

If the beings on the inside come together and try to invade, it's not unlikely that they won't be able to control the answer.

Then, it became like releasing the giant beings sealed firmly in the tower, and I couldn't try hard because I could barely find his traces.

So the crawling chaos changed the way we tried to use creatures to find themselves.

The charcoal may be difficult, but if you continue to look at the life with the needle, you may be able to enter slowly into the answer.

It was boring, it took a long time.

Well, how's it going?

It was their time anyway.

Rather, as a chaos of living in boredom, the small child became an amusement.

At first, a number of good cases were bitten.

They were interested in transcendent species such as Giants and polyps. Poor things who are born, but end up with a terrible destiny. Perfect for him to play with.

But those toys kept failing over and over and over again, they were completely gone, and only human beings remained in a corrupt state.

That's when I started to get bored and myalgia.

'That old man was caught in a place related to his traces.

And the man who has bothered me so many times will open the way for me.

What the hell are you gonna do? That they put so much effort into it, but they couldn't? “And the power of the dark. These two things are enough.” The chaos crawling around in Yeon-woo's answer made an impression.

“Explain how it works. Do you think that answer will work for me? Explain how it works and it won't be a deal. With your eyes open and your nosebleeds treating humans like bugs?” “What you're saying, it could be a joke to us!” “Read me. So you can tell if it's the truth or a lie?” The crawling chaos frowns. A human who only bothers me. In fact, I've been trying to analyze him for a while now, but I couldn't quite read whether he'd just set up a mental barrier.

But Sanum, who was exposed to the superficial consciousness, was able to read some of what it said.

'The truth.'

He had a way of making love. A way to draw themselves into the tower they thought they would never be able to enter.

In that case.

'Stories change.

The crawling chaos gives the impression of a frown. I stared indifferently at Yeon with an emotionless gaze. The words were as hard as a machine because they contained no emotion.

“On your terms, then," Emerald Tablet. ”“ I want you to give me the original. ”The eyes of Yeongwoo have a strange glow.

With an Emerald Tablet, many things are possible.

Faust, a mere mortal, was able to eat the Demon Mephistopheles, Bakuk was able to restore the Ancient species, Viera was able to be reborn as the Goddess of Earth, and the knowledge of the other system, which Abraham did not know was the source of, but was the new knowledge system! Yeongwoo also had a portion of the Emerald Tablet. I stole something from Valpurgis during the invasion. Thanks to him, the memory of wealth has come back, but all he has is just part of a system that boasts magnificent grandeur.

There were too many missing parts.

If only I could have it all.

Yeonwoo was able to drive greater growth once more.

There are still ways to deal with many mysterious sinister stones, but we can also achieve the rapid growth of Abraham and his injustice.

But most of all,

'There are more ways to bring back Jungwoo.

He already has a clone of his brother, which remains in the crowd. There are more things to try.

So, Yeon-woo longed to have an intact Emerald tablet.

And most of all,

'Obviously, there's a way to get there in the dark.' I could see how to get to the darkness where his soul was buried, or how to handle the void more easily.

He must never give up! Crawling chaos. He also gave Faust and Bakruck the emerald darlet, so he must have the original. The black emerald tablet may be a book with his knowledge.

Is it the prophecy of Revelation? ”Revelation? It seems that the gods of the other realms are calling it the Emerald Tablet.

“That's right.

Yeongwoo nodded her head with excited eyes.


“Not possible.

The answer was cold.

Yeon-woo's impression was stiff as well.

“Why?” “The Revelation is not mine.” “I have no power to be like the Revelation.” I never thought of the answer.

Yeon Woo's complexion was hard.

“But the year • • •“ that you gave to the minerals? It's ridiculous. Anyone can tell us anything that's only a tiny part of the Revelation.

“Give it to me." Don't give it to me, man. ”Was Emerald Tablet that great? Crawling chaos has no power? Yeonwoo still tried to threaten to find a way to get into the tower.

If you don't have the authority, create one. I tried to put the logic forward if I was full of desire to find the Trace of the Vampire King within the tower.

The chaos that crawls around was a horse without giving him any time to talk again, as if he was guessing all of those thoughts of Yeongwoo.

“Do you think it's easy enough to get out of your pocket when you ask me to? Do they think that history and space-time records, full of knowledge of all the universe and resources, contain the sacred words of the first century and the holy prophecy of the end, are the only things that mortals can bear? You're mad! You're mad, Human!” The frenzy spreads scattered through the eyes of the bizarre chaos.

“And the conclusion of the deal is up to the body to decide. You don't deserve it. So just accept the bitch, Mimi." Darkness once again echoes by the will of the body.

I will make you my apostle.

I'm not willing to wager that in the last few billion years, I've put a single bowl of glory on a piece of silverware that has never been granted. But he is at least qualified to handle some of his power. ”Master“, you represent my will, lead the way and make the way for these bodies and families to cross.

In that case, we will unleash the power of immortality and immortality. And I will grant you the throne you will sit upon on on the day of revelation to come. ”The crawling chaos was telling me it would give me all the care I could. If you had heard of other 'inner' dependents, it would have freaked you out.

“Then negotiation is lacking.” Yeon doesn't lose her cool even in the heat of madness. No, rather, the light that pierces it rises sharply along the edge of the eye.

“What I need is an Emerald tablet. It's the revelation you speak.

“If you don't, I'll have to make you.

Honor, strength! As the gears rotate, the next thing you know, the kite is swarmed. The body of the crawling chaos is buried in the darkness, smiling out the last and disappearing completely.

“You've been very rude, mortal.

However, it was entertaining for me, and at that moment, my life was intact, and the power of the crawling chaos was working.

As I was warming, I felt the wings of heaven that had been holding me all this time stretched out forcibly.

In addition to all of the 5,000 channels that led to him, the power of the Black King, and even the evolution of solvents, were being forced into bondage.

This is the underworld that he embodies through surplus. In other words, his territory. It was too easy to disarm the alliance by cutting off all external channeling.

However, the chaos of crawling around has not ceased there, but it has also forced the skill and its own power to be embodied by the laws of the tower. By coercing the laws he made, he nullified all the systems that made up the alliance.

'Still, blocking the characteristics of the drinking dragon is • • • • • • a bit cumbersome, but at the first moment of amber, when I entered the tower, I had to feel like I was returning to the Earth's body. I feel like my body is sinking like a damp cotton wool. There was no energy transfer that was always going to explode.

Of course, it's probably more advanced than it was then.

However, it was true that he was an unruly body compared to a drinking dragon.

Therefore, Yeon-woo could clearly feel it.

Everything he heaps up in the tower is just a sand castle in some way. If the creature so vigorously imprisons himself in his realm and takes away all his power, there will be no means of resistance.

That's why I couldn't forget the teachings that King Ahnsahnghong had taught me after completing the integrity of the Fellowship.

- Don't get involved in what you have: it's not what you have, technically.

- If it's not mine, what is it? - The tower gave you! - Is that an empty canister on your shoulder? Think about it. Whether what you have is really yours or is "fixed" in the system.

- Oh, is that Long Circle? Let's assume this. Skills, powers, abilities, everything the system has given us. So what if one day we suddenly retrieve it?_it hasn't happened yet. But you don't know what it's like to be human, do you? Don't start begging like a dog in the middle of the night because of that nonsense. Prepare in advance.

- So what do we do? - I don't know.

At that time, the King laughed nervously.

- Turn the world around, not you! Skills and power are the system's system's grants. Then build your own system in response to this.

That was the teachings of the King, and Yeouido always wanted to not miss them. Skills and power are given from the outside, but there are no exceptions to the laws and personalities that can never be taken away from others.

And that's what was created to achieve that energy from the inside.

'Shoeless.' "Bath" means physical training, and "ball" means the mental training that unfolds through the years of layered training to create new hardships, leading the trainee to the realm of excellence of the crafted master, and gradually advancing through the realm of the master, the master, the seal, and the Jinn, to the point where it is carved into the world.

And that's when the world becomes a rigid pedestal that holds the caster under a see-through sky, and that makes him the only one in the world with the guillotine of a moving tooth! -A three-legged and avant-garde adorable zone! Dear only Holloner in the world... I will be able to 'turn' the world to its own free will and bring it to an end! Overwhelming Transference! It is possible to carve the cloth firmly into the world and transform it accordingly.

In the one-horned tribe, the term "transformation" opens.

- Moving the laws of the world with your 'nails,' that's the beginning of your career as a virgin.

Guadeu-Yeon so bursts from the inside to the outside.

At that moment, the climate of debt came down from a world filled with only darkness and enveloped Yeouido. Concepts are embodied.

Yeon takes back her integrity within her, forcibly grabbing the air in the rain.

A world filled only with the power of crawling chaos twists.

Even though it still had a small over-size surplus, that was enough.

Not for Yeon Woo to get out.

Kuang! Yeon bounces out of the world like she bounces onto something. Immediately, the freezing time began to flow again. The disconnected channeling quickly recovered, and the wings of the sky returned.

[00: 00: 09 59] [00: 00: 09-58] The timer started to go back again.

The remaining time is less than 10 seconds. I had to take care of everything else in there.

Uh, Dil. W.a. Me.

Following the crack in the crack in the crack in the space, the tentacles of the crawling chaos approached to catch the kite.

Looking at it.

“Maestro.” What a nuisance. But I enjoyed watching it, so I'll help you in return. Equipment Kick! Yeon tries to unite by dragging up the unconscious Maestro Castle.

I was going to defeat the chaos crawling around here in five seconds.

Soon, Yeon-woo's consciousness calmed down with a magical consciousness. But this time, the consciousness did not disappear completely. This time, I felt like I was "mixing", not "buried", because I had firmly established my mind with my unconscious tradition.

• • • • • • five. You've grown a little bit, though. You should be able to do better than before. This is fine, too. "With the laughter of Maestro, who growls like that.

At the same time, his enormous virtue flew like a hurricane through the world.