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5. Great War (5)

• • • Low price! 'Jang Wei the palace opened his eyes. You can see the lotus coming out of the wreckage as fast as you can, striking its wings as you can.

And a tentacle larger than any other building chased after it.

What is this • • • • • •! Crawling Chaos, Isn't this a promise? Grrrgh! Writing "This bastard! It looked like Black Tide was coming over the ground and smoking black Margie.

With a solid face that was exposed in front of it, I emitted a sound of 0 to 1--.

But tentacles were a fight that didn't care about that at all. Eventually, one or two people were struck by gas and quickly began to leave the battlefield, noticing the danger of a catastrophe.

"The god of Poumai Mae! I never thought I'd be able to bring a guy to sit in a boiling void. Mother of Earth! You've come a long way to go. The leader of the Demon Squad who fought them blew up the western council after seeing the Black Tide.

E. Gun.

Approximately. Up. Half. E. c.

The earthly goddess, who looked similar to the 'Witch of the Stars' who was the owner of Valpurgis Night, raised her body to the owner of the tentacle who was once an ally.

And on top of that, the Bone Dragon was preparing to vomit out the Mixed Curses, spreading its wings wide, 'I swear to God, that sucks.

Zhang Wei couldn't help but smile at them.

I was trying to kill the sound to hide the clues, but I didn't think it would matter if I made a sound.

There are so many monsters in disarray, I can't help but pay attention to one creature like myself! Elohim's outer space was almost collapsing due to the aftermath of the conflicts of the transcendents. Cracks spread throughout the space, and earthquakes followed. In this chaos, his movements were practically concealed.

The mortals, who had barely given their lives, sought mercy on the gods they serve, but no one gave them a lifeline.


I guess I could say that.

'That's how the world works.' Even on the day when Zhang Wei lost everything in the world. He didn't even wish for God's salvation.

It was not masterful. It was modest. I just wanted the little consideration of the man I once called commander.

But the wind didn't work, and he lost everything. And when I was left alone in the world, he came to me.

Prepare yourself. She looks just like me. The stature of Cheongo, famous for its heritage as the progeny. Zhang Wei pushes out, and Zhang Wei is able to enter the tower with one hand. And I started a new life. It was not a life with a purpose, but a life that began because of my sister's will that told me not to die.

And for the first time in his life, there was a purpose. Natural Rights. There was a man who once called himself the commander, right there.

He was on the battlefield, surrounded by gods and demons. Even if they were constrained by the summer, it was great.

Zhang Wei realized that even though he had passed the power of the Nine Kings, he was far from enough to intervene.


'That's not all.

Zhang Wei walked to the demonstration in the Sile East Palace with the hypothalamus, the pruritus. The gods he serves, the ones he serves from Iyeo. Once captured, there was a vital power in it that never misses.

You point the end of the arrow at Yeon-woo. Time of rapid, largely ingested breath. Zhang Wei felt like he was slowing down for a long time.

The emperor and Magnus had no intention of confronting the compass in front of them.

The other day, the commander clearly learned something.

Rapidly identifying your disadvantages and organs, getting them bigger and bigger. It was the only shortcut to victory. Based on Yiruqim, Zhang Wei was able to establish this position quickly within the tower.

It's the same now.

An opponent who was so worked up about dealing with those great beings who are lucky to be in love. He had no idea Zhang Wei was after me here.

Zhang Wei, on the other hand, specializes in long distances and snipers. And he knew Yeon-woo better than anyone.

If you're looking for it, now would be a good time.

Left and right, I saw Yeon-woo trying to do something while pulling on the chain. As Yeon-woo enters into the coordinates of the end of the arrow, Zhang Wei releases his hand. The arrow of light pierces through the space, and at the same time, the time that had been slowed has returned to its place.

Zhang Wei immediately withdrew from his seat. Even if I didn't hit the target, I was willing to step aside because I was too risky to carry it.

But he was confident that the arrow of light would pierce the basin.

At that moment.

Grrr_Suddenly, an enormous peal of light came from the sky and * crab red lightning * severed the arrows of light.

Zhang Wei steps back. You cut it off? I didn't feel a thing. But the question was, for a moment, he lifted his head and walked back into the protest.

That's where he was.

Grrr! A big shadow falls that should be more than two meters. As the earth shook, dust rose, and blood splattered and flowed in between, boasting the same color as the arrow of light had just been cut.

Zhang Wei aims to sail an invisible target. At once, dozens of light arrows split open and pierced the dust globe.

However, the one who tried to ambush him burst into bloodshed with a big smile like this.

It was not enough to blow away all the remaining dust globe oil, and it tore apart dozens of arrows.

And in the meantime, Pant bursts into laughter and rushes to Zhang Wei.

“I never thought I'd see you in a place like this! Haha!" To Pant who was bored that Yeon Woo would not have a match against all the skilled people, the presence of Zhang Wei was like an oasis in the dry desert.

Not only can it ease your boredom, but you can also meet the enemies of the family that you've been chasing for years! I didn't know why he was after Yeon-woo, but I didn't want to know why. Just step on it. That was enough for him.

Roar - “You're bothering me.” Zhang Wei hurled the Sile Palace in his hand against the running pands, and quickly took out two sacks of small children and held them in both hands like daggers.

If you were the king's son, the one-horned tribe would be even more annoying. With that in mind.

Zhang Wei flew to Pant. I thought I'd stop the interruption first.

[Sighs] In a world so slow.

It's a kitten, but something other than a kitten began to bite at the speed as it tore through the void.

And he quickly measured the time allocated to him, five seconds.

The time is too short for regular players to make good judgment.

'But they're different.

We should not compare the transcendents to the mortals. The gods and demons realized what the space of the netherworld was +, then fiercely looked at the ^ 1- tentacles and quickly decided what would happen next.

What is this • • • Crawling Horton, this is a promise! The only thing I could think about was the crawling chaos. In the meantime, I had no idea that the earthly goddess and gas would be swept away.

1- The gases screamed, and the earthworm protested roughly against the crawling chaos as it caused a massive buildup. Nevertheless, the Black Tide, which caused a whirlwind chaos, suddenly appeared for tens of meters. They, of course, pretended to erode Elohim's entire outer space.

In the end, Gigas was dispersed as Nippon shouted.

Parmat - The Dongmai Army, who had made one encounter with them, looked back at their master, Agares, in an impressive manner. Even if they were aggressive conquerors, the god of the other side was too intimidating to strike directly.

However, Agarez was touching my face with his hands, and he just burst the wavefront in a frenzied look. I can't believe this is happening right now. I knew it! I knew your brothers were too fun! Me! How could you not covet me so far? Five seconds later, I completely ignored his reaction. I knew that Agares' crazy obsession with his brother and himself was never just a favor, so I had to put a difference between being helped and being wary.

And now it was more important to focus on how to use the chaos of crawling around, regaining territory. '[Dragon Realm,' Vida is recovered.] ['Land setting' has been recovered.] By the time the nationalization was lifted, all the factions that had spread throughout outer space had been summoned. The shadows scattered beneath their feet, and their existence vanished as well.

Then, the Bone Dragon, who was biting the goddess of the earth, suddenly burst into laughter as he looked at the lotus.

You're trying to screw up pretty good. I don't regret being King of the human race. "The Bone Dragon's body hides its tracks the slowest.

Something resembling a lotus grasp pulls the chain roughly as I feel the soul collection rising at a rapid rate.

I was caught in the hands of something that resembled the noon rush that returned with a hissing hiss.

That feels pretty good. Something resembling Yeongwoo swung the noon roughly, smiling coldly as if I liked the feeling of being stuck in my hand.

Tsk! With a very long tear of space, the air was wide open, boasting a stretch of air that could never be compared to what Yeongwoo had opened.

Immediately, the void begins to seep out into outer space. Like a greedy monster. As if filling an empty glass with wine, the void that flowed out of space quickly grew into outer space. A whirlpool is formed throughout the flow.

Ugh, ugh! What the heck! Emptiness • • • • • • • • shall devour us • The rainforest must be unleashed! At this rate, "gases exclaimed in unison. Where they fled to escape, a calamity worse than the crawling chaos was about to strike them. Even beings like God and the Devil were in such a cursed place and vacancy that if they were to be wrongly swept away.

There was an avalanche. Hehe! Without even thinking of catching something resembling a kite, the goddess had to draw her spirit inward to protect even more gases.

No matter how much I borrow my body, if I get "infected" in the air, it can also hurt my body a lot. The void was that dangerous.

So, the earthly goddess could do nothing but swirl around in the sky, staring at something resembling a crescent that was slashing open space.

“Kika-Kick!" Seconds} arrgh-arrgh! Shhh! "Machine kick! It's worth a look! Everything! It's a good thing you're not in conflict with other peoples in the first place. You broke those rules, and now you're in this mess.” Something resembling Yeon-woo burst out its fangs and laughed elongated.

The void that flowed down with the slashed space was now clashing with the crawling chaos of drawing a giant whirlpool.

He tried to catch the void somehow, but the darkness and tentacles couldn't handle the waterfall of the void pouring down from the sky. The earthly goddess and gaseous gases had been detained in between and were just like blown shrimp.

Shhh! Something resembling a lotus leaf pulled the chain one last time while looking at such a crookedness.

Then, as the expanse that covered the sky splits open, the air erodes the chaos that is pouring out like a waterfall, drawing a huge vortex along the outer space. All Elohim's legacies, which boasted thousands of years of tradition and history, were buried and disappeared, and drowned in the life-threatening survival challenge.

One second.

Kagi kiek! I couldn't bear to see something resembling Yeon Woo. It seemed to open up to those who were so presumptuous, watching them collapse into such miserable mourning.

0 0. King! The chaos that crawled through the Void Vortex occasionally revealed tentacles, wanting to say something here.

“Don't look for what you want in a strange place. Foolish.” Something resembling a lotus, I see chaos crawling around, throwing ridicule at him and swinging the daylight behind him.

I wanted to see their stupid nosebleeds for longer because I felt like it. This body was still not strong enough to withstand the void.

When he finally vanished into thin air! In the collapsing space, only the phonograph sound of chaos crawling about spread out.


The last thing I saw before something resembling a lotus tree hid its trail.

Yeah. Him. When. Moon. In.

V. Turn it on. D.

It was a clash between the earthly body trying to compress the chaos that was crawling up and down the void, and the crawling chaos that was trying to swallow it up and move through the void.