Second Life Ranker

6. Great War (6)

Outside the tower, outside Elohim's outer space, on the outskirts of "The Great One's Bell."

A dark shadow rises along the ground, spreading over it, and many people emerge. They were members of a group that had sworn allegiance to Artia.

Players breathed a tiresome sigh.

Immediately after the battle with Elohim, they had to be fascinated by the conflicts of devastating personalities in outer space.


That's all I could think about.

Everything they had accomplished, everything they had seen and experienced, was worthless and insignificant.

And the image of Yeon Woo making a vow among them was firmly imprinted in their heads.

At the end, there was only one emotion left for them.


In fact, there were various purposes and reasons for their first entry into Arnia's underwater organization.

The past has lingered, and in order to be incorporated into a new order, it has become necessary to proclaim its notoriety. And the idea after awe was that we must follow Yeon-woo. I became convinced.

Later, when outer space was about to collapse, it got eaten by the shadow and escaped out of the tower. However, they still couldn't forget the sight of Yeon Woo, and their bodies trembled.

“He is truly a great man.” The head of the Iron Throne, one by one, clenched his fist.

Ever since I decided to follow Yeongwoo for the first time and took an oath of allegiance in Laputa. His choice was never wrong. Soon I was confident that the Iron Throne would rise as a new giant clan, and it was similar to the Viceroy of Mahi, Jaturah.

& Mahi said that if you keep watching him, you'll know why. • Maybe that's what he meant. 'The reason why Jatura and other players followed Edora on a whim was simple.

The hope that she might show them a new world.

Although Edora didn't show much interest to them. However, the followers believed Edora would soon show them the new order of the tower.

The asteroids that the Eight Clans had built in the tower for the last few hundred years were too sturdy.

I never allowed a challenger to be born, and I held hands and trampled them as if they wanted to roar and see a new bud emerge. No one allowed them to shoulder to shoulder.

In the process, a number of people fell. Haven Wing and Artiya were just one of them.


Many players still managed to climb out of the shadow of the Eight Clans. Jatura thought Edora could do it. They, Mahhee, were confident that Edora would be the one to build the shackle-like shadow.

However, Edora said that the work was not her own, but hers.

And Zatura was right about Edora.

Everything is falling apart. And it's changing.

Beginning with the collapse of cleanliness, the Red Dragon was disbanded and the bloodline destroyed. And now Elohim has hidden his tracks, and the horsemen have suffered an irreversible blow.

All order was breaking down.

The moment I longed for has come! There must be more chaos after that.

In a world where Glenn's shadow of the eighth generation disappeared, every player could live a pure life as their original savior, without any obstacles, 'even if he didn't doubt that he could concentrate more on the deadline.

even though I'm standing in the center of the shadow and I'm still breathing. Still can't get close to him 7)! The same scent is swirling around.

Right then.

I felt that way without even knowing it.

What happens after all the shadows are lifted? 'At that moment, she - it was creepy - had to feel the rise of the muscles of 1-0 muscles.

Soon, Yeongwoo will become the strong ruler of the tower, the only absolute thing that was obvious to see was fire.

In that case.

Who can defy Yeon-woo then? There is no king and Allfowon above him. And even though he still has Waltz and the Archbishop as his adversaries, Will they be able to bear the influence of Yeouido on the towers? Absolutely not.

The King is indifferent to the Tower's work and Allfowon does not leave the 77th floor.

Waltz and the Archbishop were already on the verge of collapse, but their power was strong.

At that time, if Yeon-woo wants to show her power and position as a room, There was nothing to control.

And if you look back on the pathetic path he took to the women's college.

He was never going to allow anyone to appear next to him.

The bigger shadow is trying to get to • • • • • •.


By the time Jatura took his own spit.

[00: 02: 0] [00: 00: 00-01] [00: 00: 0 The game of "The Wings of Heaven" is over.] Yeongwoo was coping with the immense penalty of coming at the end of the time when the wings of the sky were activated.

[Status abnormal, 'Moribund' status.] [Stamina decreases below 50% for a certain period of time.] [HP Recovery reduced by 30% for a certain period of time.] [Beyond the opponent, I became a 'confused' opponent.] At the same time, I became dizzy after returning to the mind that had been mixed with Maestro.

"Wow. I'm not completely lost anymore. Big boy. Big boy.

What a surprise! Kikka Kick! Yeon-woo grabbed hold of her mind and glanced at the laughter of the magician with one ear.

There were too many eyes around me, including the scaffolding tissue. If only there were members of Arnia, they should not show weakness here.

Now I'm fascinated by the statue I've seen. I didn't know when I would bite my neck if I could see any gaps.

For them, they always had to be imprinted as sturdy and lofty as the sky.

Players, he understood, were originally that kind of people. A bunch of baboons who only want to satisfy their cravings for horseradish.

So is pretending to be strong. It's been fun for a while. Yeah, keep growing like that. That way I won't eat you up. Yeon unconsciously turned her head to the side as she uttered a profound slumbering voice.

“Edora." “Check the personnel." ”Edora nods and starts checking the numbers.

News of the end of the war between Arthura and Elohim and the War on Horsemen will soon spread among the giant clans.

Some of the opportunistic jackals may be after the fishermen. I needed to identify quick damage and re-heat up.

Fortunately, the main disco pluto is intact, and none of the rankers seem to have been badly injured. Even though I estimated it roughly, the number of people did not seem to have changed that much.

One-degree clearance.

However, Yeongwoo's boiling magic is a judgment that must be devoted to soothing Chicago, so I didn't have to worry about anything else.

Edora saw the condition of the alliance as' Hye 'an ', so she immediately fulfilled the command without any delay.

“The casualties of the Iron Throne were 12 deaths out of 152 in the garden, 31 injured, and 2 missing. • •“ Mahhee Sung • • • “The stars of rust • • • As we were quickly identifying the workforce, we realized that Edora was slowly missing some members of Artia.

“What's the matter?” About the winter when Yeon went through the overheated Sin Stone, I could see that Edora's expression was stiff.

“I can't see three of them.” The moment I asked who Yeon-woo was.

Hualieu is channeling down, not up, with a new view, with a slowed world around her. The Apostle's link was widely opened.

"Doyle?" "Brother Cain, sorry. I haven't been able to reach you in advance due to an urgent matter." The world that Yeon-woo was looking at was Doyle's vision. He and his liver are chasing someone ferociously through the grass.

The user can easily identify the target. Black Swallows and the Bishops of the Horsemen.

What's going on? 'When we were in the midst of a collision with the Bakruck, we knew that the bishops from the rear had raided Laputa.

However, I did not know what was going on after that. It was almost too close to open up the power of darkness and focus on conflicts with various personalities.

Luckily, Doyle explained his memory to Yeon-woo in an orderly fashion through channeling.

Dad • No, there was no fight with Black Skull. Yeon-woo frowned slightly because she had no idea. The memories of the day were restored.

Looks like the crawling mess with the Earthling is starting to go haywire. Then we'll leave before it gets too loud.

We had no intention of fighting you in the first place. No, I don't want to be a part of this anymore. Nevertheless, it was because of my stubbornness to take you, Doyle, to say that Eder famine would never happen here, so I ask you one last time.

Black Skull whispered to his son in a one-eyed manner that Doyle and his liver could not understand.

- Would you like to go with your father? Doyle refused without a word. When I abandoned myself, I always wanted to come and pretend to be my father. I didn't know the thoughts of the past or the present. What does it mean that they do not intend to go to war, and what is the 'quicksand'?

Eventually, the Black Swallows and the bishops left Laputa as abruptly as they appeared.

And of course, Doyle, who never intended to let them go, began to step on their backs with his liver.

As a result, they were climbing the steps of the tower, leaving the outer areas of the Laputa and Towers.

Meanwhile, a small fold continued.

I don't think he was going to help Elo in the first place, Jerome. • • What are you thinking? 'Actually, Yeon-woo was curious about that.

Elohim faced Artia in person. Even the earth-shattering, gas-guzzling, and crawling chaos were in full swing, but it was so strange that the horsemen were not actively involved.

What if the Archbishop shows up in a collision with them? In fact, even if he had participated, Yeon-woo could not have won so easily.

The Archbishop who had suffered on the mountain of suffering was strong but too strong. Moreover, it was not strange that Yeon-woo was defeated even by the Sada King who came down from the Dragon Maze.

However, the horse army showed little discomfort in battle.

At the end, the earthly gods and gases tried to descend, leaving without a trace.

If so, there was only one reason to think.

There must have been another purpose.

Doyle makes the same judgment as Yeon-woo, and opens his mouth heavily.

Yeongwoo's eyes sparkled.

Are you chasing them to find out what they're up to? " Yes. Because if it's the purpose of throwing an Eloque as bait, it's definitely not that small." The grudge the Horsemen had against Yeon-woo was so indescribable. But giving up means drawing up a bigger plan. There was definitely something dangerous.

Doyle wanted to stop it somehow. You mocked the fate of your relationship with her like a toy, and now you want to step out? I could never forgive him. Defeating them was exactly what he wanted.

So somehow the membrane • • • • • •. At that moment, Doyle stopped talking. The Black Skull, who was running ahead of him, suddenly began to memorize a completely incomprehensible statement by turning this direction.

At that moment, a massive gust of wind swept along the Black Swallow.

A whirlwind with mysticism. His back sees something sinking up and down. Doyle, who received both the Heavenly Horse and the Mother Earth, could clearly see the open pain.

That was no less than the Saeda king who had previously landed on the Archbishop. It was someone else who tried to come.

That's when the channeling went down.

Channeling was so weak that it was easily flooded by the external shocks because it didn't have the proper character yet.

Yeon-woo recalls the coordinates of Doyle's location, and immediately tries to instruct Boone to open the portal.

By the way.

“Brother.” Suddenly, Edora grabs the edge of the kith's cuff. Yeon-woo tries to tell me to finish the story later, but at that moment, she looks at Edora's eyes and blames herself.

Her pupils are shaking.

She was challenged and disoriented in a situation surrounded by enemies.

At that moment, Yeon-woo remembered what Edora said. I can't see three people. Two of them were liver and doyle. So, who's the other one? From the moment I left outer space, it was too quiet.

If he doesn't stay still for a while, he'll have to make a fuss.

No way. I saw Edora in my mind. And the ominous premonition came true.

“I can't see Pant.” Edora's voice trembles.