Second Life Ranker

7. Great War (7)

“Help?” At that moment, you hear a voice from the sky. A voice that never hides the emotion of dying because it's fun. Yeon Woo and her group gaze up at you on their own.

Yeongwoo called his name with a stiff face.

“Agares.” The space cracks open, revealing Agares. With dozens of pairs of black wings flapping wide and a smile so tempting it's hard to even think of as being in the market.

Whether the allocated causality rate had been nearly consumed, the Dongbu military did not show up. He was also blurring his body.

No, in the beginning, he actually wanted to go back to heaven. The war against Gigas was that great. But he was forcibly clinging to the stream like a child who didn't want to go back home.

Le Infernal was giving orders to come back earlier. He refused all of those calls and looked at Yeongwoo with his eyes full of greed and madness.

“Sing it again.” Every time I was locked up in the heavenly system, I looked at it with a thirsty look.

This was a rare opportunity. I didn't want to miss it.

“Say my name again. So sweet.” [Agarez is obsessed with you.] [Bazaar grabs the tongue.] [Marvas shakes his head. [Buir is silent.] [The Dong-man army of Le Infernal is silent.]] [Baal watches this place quietly. All the demons in Le Infernal, ranking 3, 5, and 10, respectively, were watching this way. And Baal, their leader.

Yeon-woo frowned slightly.

Apparently, he had Agares' help, and he threw an ultra-strength river for himself to war with Olympus.

So it was true to be thankful, but it was also true that I was worried about this situation. If he comes down to the Summer and shows photophobia like last time, it won't be easy.

“I don't need any help. Go back.

“My body decides when I go back.

Agaresh's restraint. Yeon finally clenches her fist. Perhaps we should force his coming here. For the alliance front with the barely built Reinfine1rnal, we tried to endure it. He wasn't worth it.

So I'm going to open up Yongsin and spread my right wing.

“But sticking around isn't good on the image either.” What? I never thought of that. Yeon opened her fist and her eyes wide open.

Agares rolls one lip up. It's like having a main dish in front of you and enjoying an appetizer.

“Opportunities will be plentiful in the future, but we'll enjoy them later.” Shh-shh-agareth leaves the message behind and quietly turns away.

'My photophobia is getting worse.

When Yeon-woo saw it, she was sure. Agarash's obsession has become stronger.

However, this time, I was just suppressing madness with superhuman patience. As long as the apocalypse continues with Olympus, there will be no shortage of contacts. But if you see them, they'll eat you.

[Baal closes his eyes to you with a smile.] The Devil's gaze disappears, and Baal remains hidden until the end.

Unlike the other demons who sometimes give their thoughts a little thought, Baal doesn't let his emotions out to the end. In light of this telescopic event that started with a forced attack on Yeon, what did he think?

Yeon-woo was concerned about that.

Baal. Once a god of abundance who drives storms, he will tremble at his reputation, but he has been corrupted through malicious rituals such as human sacrifice and group dysfunction.

He was one of the hardest to find enemies in heaven. And as hard as I can guess, within Le Infernal is a terrifying pronoun.

That's how all of Le Infernal's channeling ends.

"And the child you're looking for must be in the void. You'd better hurry. To a mortal, the void is nothing but contact. The last voice of Agarash is stuck in my ear.

Yeon opened her eyes wide.

Void. Perhaps the Pants, unlike other players, were unable to escape from outer space for some reason.

For a very short time, I was worried about Doyle and the King of the Eastern Demons.

This way we'll take care of it, brother. "When Noise and seven of Doyle's messengers came, Yeon could decide what to do immediately. I was bitten.


Whew! Edora, who held still, closes her eyes as she squeezes her hands tightly.

Yeon Woo's gaze turned to you reflectively. Edora is surrounded by a spiritual energy. The mildew stood up slowly and roamed like a muzzle.

Is this the power that was gained from the word "spirit"? 'The power of loneliness is called welcome.

Yeonwoo speculated that it might be an essential part of the process that Dora must undergo as a spiritual medium. She seems to be focusing on her struggle with someone beyond here.

No, I'm not a divine being.

What is it? It's like a wider, more conceptual power, and I've pursued the origin of Edora's power with Yongsin, but at some point, nothing seems to be blurry but this.

At that moment, Edora opens her eyes. Along the edge of my eyes, there was a white light.

“Brother.” Yeonwoo naturally 'knew' where Pants were.

It was a mysterious experience. Because the dimension of the void collapsed, Edora clearly searched for the existence of Pandora and delivered the coordinates to Yeongwoo, even though the coordinates did not exist. Yeongwoo was able to share even the vivid experience as if she had discovered it herself.

I wanted to ask you how it happened, but it wasn't that important right now, so I focused on blowing magic into the Dark Lord's mold.

Although all the causality has already been consumed, once the lock is removed, it is not difficult to open the void.

The black abyss was revealed as the space split at an angle.


. Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. I felt a false wind without even knowing it. He was trying to swallow the lotus while leaking air through the open space. It was too shameful and violent. I felt like I was being sucked into the void.

'This is something that is very normal. "Later one day, the summer queen appeared. She returned to her human form, folding her arms and gazing arrogantly at Yeon-woo, who was facing the void.

"The idea of the mortal in the first place trying to do something about the void was wrong. When gods and demons are consumed, the void is the place where existence is lost. It was not because of the goods you had that were able to control it." One of her lips dries up. Edora stares intensely at her by her side, but the Summer Queen smiles and ignores her.

"Surrender Zakari. If he had been buried this much, his whole existence would have been a blur. No matter how you take it out, it will only be an empty jar.

Rather, don't forget that only you can be troubled.

Don't you have a lot of work to do for you? "The void scatters, crushes, and swallows everything. It is not only existence, but also the fury of Yeouido. I warn you that only the work he has built can be broken to save the pant.

Her voice was sweet and seductive. You test the honeycomb with irresistible majesty and appear to be trying to seduce it.


“I'm a little distracted, so I squint and push one arm deeply into the void.

Tick-tock, tick-tock! At that moment, you can see the shape of your arm shifting like a noise spike. The black sparrow comes out of the void, trying to climb up his arm and wrap himself around his body.

As the Queen of Summer warned, her existence fell apart. The hard temper is blurry. The work shifts.

At high altitudes, there was a greater risk of disqualification as a player granted by the system. However, Yeon-woo did not take her hand out. The Summer Queen's eyes slightly widened as she watched from behind.

Edora: Help by the side. ”Edora nods and closes her eyes again to try to welcome you.

To better gauge the precise position of being entrusted to the being beyond. And his experiences were shared with Yeon-woo in real time.

And it was communicated to the Summer Queen in harmony through the link.

The Summer Queen was able to feel the feeling of Yeon Woo mixed in.

The emotion of the cold one, which was originally thought to be insensitive, was shaking.

Idiot. What else have you been up to? Let's just leave it at that.

Even the idea that if I take it out this time, I'll give you the right share from the real teacher. All kinds of horses were swirling around.

That's why the Summer Queen was even more surprised.

There's only one case where Yeon-woo is this desperate.


When I went through what happened with my brother.

It was the same when the Bakruck brought in a whole bunch of clones.

[Unknown cause causing inability of the characteristic 'cold del.] [Quickly eliminate the cause "[Unknown cause attribute' cold del will not be activated '] [WARNING! Quickly get away from unknown causes. The existence can be dispersed.]" Yes. The Summer Queen muttered in a small way. He could see what the cloudy lotus thought of the pant.

You think as much of her as I do. I was surprised.

I think it was a lie to ask these sisters a long time ago to become their wings. Is it valuable enough to take the risk of corruption and destruction?

I know a little. Who you are. "Perhaps you can have what Jungwoo doesn't. Surprisingly, a little debris passed by the eyes of the calm Summer Queen.

Yeon-woo could feel something hanging from her fingertips without even looking at it. Panda. He was intuitive.

So I tried to pull it out, but it was a separate area.

The Fant has almost lost its existence, so it may be dangerous to take it out like this. Now he was weak as a sandcastle, but too weak. So I thought, how do I fix existence?

Doug raises the Summer Queen's hand over the back of his hand. Yeon said, "What is this?"

"It's just a whim." The Summer Queen gently snorted and pulled Yeon-woo's hand out.

At that moment, Yeon-woo could feel the existence of a great pant, like a sandcastle, hardening again. I don't know how, but I think the Summer Queen used her hands.

So Pant followed Yeon Woo's touch and slipped out of the void. The one who closes her eyes is pale, whether she is unconscious.

Asshole. Yun saw that pant and mumbled a little, and pulled him out with all her might. Then the whole body comes out and throws itself to the ground. The void closed naturally.

Yeon-woo sighed roughly and looked back at the Summer Queen. But she had already covered her tracks.

It can't be Jungwoo's, why would she help herself? He didn't know what the Summer Queen was thinking.

“Hey, hey!” Boom! Boom! Edora slaps her cheek with a bare fist as she climbs onto the stunned pantsuit.

The form of existence could barely be maintained, but breathing was too slow.

Moreover, what happened in outer space, I felt • • • • • • • under my right shoulder.

The internal air was weak, and the 'blood mine', which would have been firmly rooted in the shear, was in jeopardy. Even if I died like this, it wasn't weird at all.

Although it was always said to be called Mahi, it was spreading in front of the danger of only one sibling. Tears fall on the top of the burrow.


“Curry” pant suddenly took a deep breath and opened his eyes. You stop helping Edora and open your eyes wide.

Pant looks around to see if there's any alarm. He sees Edora just above and bursts into a mouthful of laughter.

I guessed what happened roughly. Edora's eyes are puffy.

“Oh, Una? Wool?" “Hurt, you bastard!” “Mwahaha! Cry! Cry! I'll make fun of my dad later.” Edora pounds his chest with her fists in fancy clothing as if it were noisy. Pant smiles, and Yeon-woo approaches.


“Do you understand now? I knew my brother would save me.” Even with the bruises thrown and the body fighting like this, the pant burst a smile to laugh at what was so funny.

He seemed to be somewhat clever, and his desire for the fight that had been accumulated during the pulmonary training was confirmed. What the hell did he go through in outer space?

“Did you lose?" What do you think? ”“ You must have won.

“That's right," Pant chuckled.

“I broke his eyes. The shooter has broken his eyes, so it should be hard to raise the bow. But you missed it, so next time you met Pant clenches his left arm. There was a lot of thread on the back of my hand.

“I'm going to break your neck with this hand.” “Speaking of which,

Brother, I have a question. ”Jezzie?" “Is this what you wanted? It's from him, but he seemed to know you well.” It opened its eyes after taking what Yeon-woo Pants gave you unawares. It was a shell I thought I would never see in the tower. No, it was a necklace made of shells, to be exact.

And at the end of it is a letter.

“You, where the hell did you get so • • • ripe?

12. 25. 2017 Shimbiris at Christmas it is. It's a letter he carved a long time ago.