Second Life Ranker

8. Great War (8)

- Chief, your sister. Don't call me that. You have no right to mourn her.

_It was entirely you that caused Ms. 1 to do that. Are you going to deny it? I remember that it was a rainy day.

The 2017 Christmas, which everyone should have been blessed with, was a nightmare for Yeon Woo to never be in this world again.

At the headquarters that arrived in the winter at the end of Heman's long limbs, a hell of a day began.

Zhang Wei. That name was an unforgettable name even as Yeon Woo.

It was a sad and hateful name.

There was a brother of a lover whom Yeon-woo loved, and a colleague who once stood alongside her. However, the reason why Yeon received betrayal was because she left him in the middle of the battlefield as an excuse to follow orders.

So, as soon as Yeon-woo returned, she pointed a gun at him. All I had to do was pull the trigger, and all I could think about was go back in my head. That's how evil he was.

I finally got my gun back, but that's when it all started going crazy. I didn't lose my grudge. Rather, Yeon-woo wanted greater revenge. He was trying to give them a nightmare, or worse, a hell.

And for what it's worth, Yeon-woo's revenge was the beginning of an obstinate shipwreck. Everyone involved in that day's work eventually fell into a mirage or never stood up again.

'But you're still alive? In the tower, too?' As Yeon-woo knew, Jang Wei was dead. No, he went missing, exactly.

As if he had abandoned himself, he had to fall alone into a desert with nothing. I was destined to wander around in the middle of nowhere with no food, and be buried in sand dunes where no one could find me.

This bullet was thrown at the guy who reached out for his life.

Christmas 2017. It was a knife mark on the shell casing of a desperate man who insisted that we never forget this day.

But it came back from Pant's hands like this.

In a place I never thought of.

Zhang Wei said it was a mystery, right? 'Fant said he was a palace guard. He was the godless Purifier, and the one-horned tribe had been chasing him for a long time for harming his clan. Suddenly, I couldn't keep up with him, but suddenly I was surprised to see him in Elohim's outer space.

The tablet was hiding, but I couldn't forget it, so I crashed right away. And many times, the pan loses its right arm and Zhang Wei loses his left eye.

However, unlike himself, Pant said, Zhang Wei would have escaped safely.

Too bad I couldn't keep up.

“You seem to have a strong grudge against your brother. Maybe he'll just wander around like a hyena. And it'll be more discreet, more insistent. You should be careful when you sleep.” Pants laugh at what's so funny after being injured.

Yeon-woo slapped him so hard that he could hear the back of his head, and woke up.

He then threw the shell necklace in his hand on the floor, changed his mind and shoved it into his coat's pocket.

Although it's a long way to be here because Zhang Wei is a mystery.

It was a close life after I came to the answer anyway. As long as there is one more hazard added to the instrument, it doesn't make a difference.

His mouth spread according to Joe 0.

The air was cold.

Just like that day.

It was only a few days after Doyle and the liver returned.

After returning to the village of the Onehorn Tribe, Yeongwoo glances up and down, sighing heavily.

“This one and that one, and how come the right one is so • • • • panned out, and the two of them didn't look so good either. All the members who were chosen to be the elite were like this, so they did not sleep.

However, there was relief in his sighs. Luckily, they both looked tired, but didn't seem to have any major injuries.

“That soundpan telling me to listen grumbled, pouting at the ashes lying on the bottle. On his right arm were two large bandages wrapped around his splint.

In the meantime, Yeon-woo and Abraham have made great efforts to recover Fant's right arm.

- If you had a severed arm, you'd have found a way to reattach it by combining conjunctive surgery with healing magic. This whole thing is falling apart, and it's not gonna be easy because the air is infected.

- So, what do we do? - We'll have to make a new one.

- Can you do that? - You're looking at me like I'm the moon. I made the body where my soul sat, and I made your Wise Man's stone. Can't you make it a prosthetic arm? Abraham added an explanation by tapping his body.

- But a prosthetic can't be a real arm. Everything's not gonna be the same.

- But there's no way, is there? Why do you think that is? - I can see how lucky you are. You must have said something.

- That's not funny. We should talk about this as much as we can. You can't wait to get past the fighter?_Bakok.

- Now he's cutting all the way back and forth, and soon he figures out what Brahms is trying to say.

Bailey succeeded in generating the emerald tablets from the chaos of the gear transfer, as well as the ancient Elohim species and even his brother's clones.

At least in his knowledge of homunculus, it was evidence that he was surpassing Abraham. If so, why not make it an arm?

So immediately, Yeon-woo triggered the Grim Reaper, the right-wing power, and began to squeeze the soul of Bakuk.

At first, Bakok was confident with a smile.

- Please, Zeebaal! Help me! Aah! Aaaaaaah! I can't help thinking about it, so I collapsed.

The pain of beating the soul, the pain of being trapped in the fire and having to keep burning drove him mad.

Moreover, Yeon-woo's grudge against him was so great, I didn't want to let him go at all. His goal was to make him regret his death.

So the first half of the monsoon went halfway through the pain and had to vomit out every scrape of information that I had forgotten a long time ago, as well as information about myself.

Based on that, Yeongwoo was able to reassemble the Emerald Tablet. What I found out was that what I got from him was a completely different part that rarely overlaps with the Emerald Tablet I got at Valpurgis' night.

Since then, I have faced Abraham's head. Genetic and trait information, including Pant's DNA, was retrieved, and a new arm was used as a base to enter major surgery to connect neural networks and blood vessels.

That's what happened yesterday.

It was surprising for Panto to think he had completely lost his right arm and was looking for a new way to gain the work of the shaman.

Luckily, the antibody biopsy was also passed, and he was getting a little restful.

Yeon-woo gave me cotton next to her for no reason, but I had to feel a little pain.


The liver fell into a strange feeling while looking at the plank.

'That's what Cheongram's son looks like.

When he first got caught up with Doyle on a reunion. The two of them were entitled to the Fant and Edora sisters who were drinking in front of him.

Unlike those who were forced to roll around bareback under the sword by their father.

Their brothers and sisters became stronger as they ate all kinds of elixirs as the strongest clan in the tower, as well as trained in advanced artillery. He thought he was living in a different world.

So I wanted to beat them somehow. Without the support of others, they became this strong with their own strength. I wanted to be able to be seen by the world, or by their empty fathers.

But in the end, that wish did not come true.

No matter how subdued the wall, it never got over. And the memories that I had to drop remained strong in my head.

Even though Yeon-woo has granted their wishes by reversing the Tutorial ranking.

Still, I didn't lose my desire to surpass my two brothers and sisters.

But if it's a problem.

“See the moon?” The pant doesn't remember them at all.

I feel like Yeon-woo brought me as a party, so I'm just reluctant to accept it.

The liver stares at you, and the pant grimaces as if it was a bad mood. Nowhere has there been a battle between the two of them. That means they didn't make a big impression on their brothers and sisters.

“Well, you seem a little strong.

But I wonder if he's sleeping quite differently from the past. Pants loosen their grim expressions and quickly sweep the liver up and down. It was a fierce look like a beast who met a delicious meal.

“Do you want to fight?” At that time, I wanted to see what I could do while watching the pancakes pour out the speculation.

Baaak! With the cracking sound of pumpkins breaking between the stars, Pand's head is sharply bent forward. Yeon-woo hit the back of the pant hard.

“Ahhhh!” The pant stares at Yeongwoo with its left hand wrapped around its crimsonly back. No matter how hard I lost, I was tearful in one eye.

“What are you doing!” Yeon held out her hand again without a word.

Hmph! The pant twitches its torso behind you, reflexively.

“Stop making protests.

Does anyone know that I always lose an accident? • “So no?” Hehe! Well, I can't deny it.

The pant was smiling.

Yeon-woo glanced at her liver while sleeping her tongue.

“What about the Horseman?” The liver glances at the Fant and then shakes its head.

“I couldn't even get close because of the ventilation. It was too fast.

I thought you were using a grate. ”Vent the castle. The fifth of the Monarchs of the East Japan, the so-called Tai Lung, Tai Lung, is not the future King of Sun Wukong."

He ruled the wind and was famous for having the driest and fastest feet of the King of Jill.

If he had the strength to tie his liver and Doyle's ankles, it would be hard to keep up. Rather, it's great to have survived such a encounter.

With that in mind, the liver said it was impressed by the horse army not wanting to confront them.

“You have to say you want to avoid killing, but that was the impression.

“Avoid killing?” Yeon Woo's eyes sparkled.

People who've been through enough trouble in heaven to be called the Demon King won't kill themselves? The Eastern Child Demon Monarchs used to cause the flatlands to be so strong that the heavenly host of the world was the youngest. The clever words were definitely not something that could be easily handed down, for a reason.

Yeon-woo was impressed with that.

'Then again, when the Archbishop brought down the king of Sada, he did not commit these murders. The rumblings that Elohim collapsed after the blood drive associated with hiding the trail are agitating the tower. In the meantime, Yeonwoo has sent communities to their territory and home to clean up the mess like the Horse Islands. However, their traces have vanished. as if nothing had ever existed in the world.

Because of this, the tower is currently in shock and no one can move easily.

Yeon-woo felt the need to investigate a little more.

“By the way. That's why I knew I was going to go after them and get a month at Elohim.” “What is it?” In a moment, the eyes of the liver glow.

“Look at you." ”“ The sidewalk? Why is that? ”Yeon-woo opens her eyes wide.

There was only one thing Elohim had on the news.


Day/Roquet 55182; was in the middle of their advice, roots/choir/water7//in the past.

It is reported that the/7th degree zone is/is the center of their popliteal hjoules, and it is the taegyeo.

God's Society, 'Governing Transubstantiation/[Chief of Resolution, Decree 7 (Ditto 23346; 2 of 2/Elder General Ö,/Ditto 51695; 5//Cho 7//.

There was also a rumor that it was the central pillar of outer space, "The Pillar of Right/5/Sajos/Minutes."

It was a place of great magnitude in many godly societies where it stood alongside 'Olympus', 'Asgard', 'Deva' and 'Shoulder.'

Instead of dealing with the elderly, the head of such a place, the Grand Chamber has worked - to make the opponent a target in the painting - just by scraping the scroll.

Just like the rumors, there was a question of whether it could actually work that way.

Even though I was carrying something like that, Elohim had never taken it out before. And even during the invasion of Yeongwoo and Artia, they didn't use the Tai Chi Dynasty until the end. It was either false or the rumors were exaggerated.

The horseman took that? If this was done by breaking the alliance system with Elohim, there must be a reason.

It was not an easy matter to pass up.

“Why?” Doyle shakes his head.

“I didn't know that. However, as Elohim froze unfamiliar to the surface of the city," It must have had a big effect on their prey. Copy that. We'll have to investigate this separately. Good work, "Yeon-woo nods in silence. However, it seemed to be postponed for a while.

At the start of this war, there are very few strong forces left in the tower against Artiya. Is the Sea of Sea, the Darwood Brotherhood, and the White Dragon collecting power all at once? The sea of poetry once had the power to run so fast that it blocked the descent of Allfowon, but it did not reflect well, and the Dawood Brotherhood was not as big as Ardiya. The white dragon had no intention of coming down to the 76th floor.

So are the Horsemen. They've suffered few casualties, so it will be difficult to take any further action. Without the Archbishop, I was no longer worthy of the rank of Artia.

Yeon-woo was about to take a break without bumping into them for a while.

He intends to spread the estate of the former bloodlines, Elohim, and the Horsemen to establish his place, and to reorganize the organizations that have joined him under the mountain, preparing for the next war.

Yeonwoo never intended to simply chow Artiya into a giant clan. I was going to sharpen it with a sharper knife. A sword that could destroy the tower someday.


I was about to track down a clue I got in the face of the crawling chaos while Carl was down.

The road to darkness.

The snake of Akasa.

We need to move on to the tutorial.

However, the tutorial day is a gateway to test challengers who hope to enter the tower.

Access was restricted to regular players. Particularly, the higher the ranking, the more difficult the sanctions were.

That's right. There was a place where you must have 'permission' in advance to access the tutorial work.


With no need to hide from players and natives, Yeon remembers a place where everyone wants to be far away from the tower.

I glowed coldly.

What if they don't give you permission? I was also thinking about how to deal with that.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk! After all you've done for the managers, again? Looks like you're gonna have to tear them all apart. Sanon, who read the thoughts of Guangmile, Guangmile • Yeongwoo, muttered to himself and shook his head. However, unlike what he said, he couldn't help but smile.