Second Life Ranker

9. Central Administration (1)

The players who climb the tower, the nationals who stay, the rankers who watch, the managers who touch the system, and the stragglers who step back.

I started to feel it all the time.

The order of the Eight Clans, who have been proclaiming for centuries, has finally begun to collapse.

The time of war has come! With the advent of Arthya, a large number of MacLaren's lines have collapsed. Then the passengers who were looking for an opportunity began to move.

Many nationals who sought peace drew back their weapons with tears. In a place like this, all they could rely on was their own strength.

Players climb the stairs again, and the Ramkers start rallying forces. Mercenaries, allies, clans.

I have not been cut off from all walks of life.

And there's a level of chaos in the heavens that regular players can't detect.

Starting with the devastation between Olympus and Reinfernal, the tension that has flowed between societies has been tightened again.


It was the beginning of the Great War, and Bam, Puberty-Pant heavily stepped on the 'Blue Paper' and moved their bodies. Every time I draw, the sound of waves ripping through the wind spreads. Every time I reached out my fist, the room rang.

And then finally, in accordance with the doctrine of the warrior, when I stretched out my right arm forward,

Puyi-young! The boulder that intercepted him was too easily crushed like a pumpkin. Some of the forest behind him flew away, and no matter how shocking the waves were, the ground he was walking on shook up and down.

Pant reaches out his right arm with a satisfied face. The heat doesn't cool, so the smoke clears from the tip of your fist.

Yeon-woo who was watching his training quietly asked. In Edora's gaze, which was placed next to her, there were a few tears.

Fant chuckles.

Do you need a horse? ”“ So is he. ”Yeon-woo smiled and said as if she had done nothing but useless vagina 0! There.

The right arm that he and Abraham gave to the Fant face-to-face was much more suitable for him than I expected.

Even though the shape is closest to the original arm, it's a new one, and it usually takes a while to adapt to rehabilitation.

The pant appears to be a perfectly adapted monster in just a week.

No, it's just that you've realized something in your encounter with the Paladin, that you're stronger than ever.

Smoother stamina, more freedom of movement, and a burning blood glow.

The feasts of leap have now gone to a level where they can be mastered.

If I lose hard, I'll be considered a noble person. It must have been a remarkable growth compared to other tribesmen. Compared to a young king or an elder,

You lied so loudly that you were going to jump the train with two of them. Pants had already fulfilled that promise.

If we kept going up, we might be able to really outrun them both.

“Rather, this arm, do you think it's a better month than before?” I cared that much.

If it's a new arm, I think it would be okay to add an add-on. Yeongwoo and Abraham had a lot of devices in mind.

Mostly small, but mostly something that can help you work without balls. Thanks to this, Fant's right arm was even classified as an Anifact. It was also a class s superb artifact.

“Yeon-woo looked at the problem and narrowed her eyes to the point of wanting to. Is there something wrong?

“No. It has all these great functions, and I was hoping to get rid of all the other parts. What a new idiot." Thinking about whether to remove the whole body because I liked the changed right arm, I made Yeon-woo lose words. The problem was that the pant was no joke.

“I mean it.

“You idiot, really!” Edora finally stepped forward screaming, impatient.

You talk like that after risking your life, but you're in your head, so if you're going to use it like that, you should cut off your head, not your arm.

The pant is unable to recover from the nagging gunfire. My eyes have been fluttering with joy until just now, and I think that since Yeongwoo went down, Edora's calm appearance seems to have become more disoriented, making her smile without knowing it.

“Okay, okay. Stop nagging! I'm not your mother. I said," That's what I'm talking about! Why, you want me to cut off your arm and leg myself? Huh? “Ah! Hey, that's dangerous! Erase! Aah!” In the end, Edora directly elected Cinema and rushed to Pant. Pant flinched with sweat because he thought he was serious.

When she saw the rowdy training ground, she shook her head and hunted Edora's pant (?) continued.

Floating Laputas Beyond the Tower.

It was a little hazing that was there.

“Hello?” Abraham greets you as he looks down the spiral staircase into the underground laboratory.

Yeongwoo nods and looks up inside the lab.

Labs set up in the basement of Laputa boasted a considerable scale, like those built by Calatus in their lifetime. In the meantime, as well as the books that the polyps had written and collected, as well as the storehouses where the research materials and rare materials were stored and the frozen cashmere containing various reagents, Abraham willingly handed over the laboratory to Abraham, who was delighted and immediately moved the dungeon he had set up in the village of the Lonely Tribe.

In addition to the alchemy system he had acquired during the summer as a god and an alchemist, he has now acquired the knowledge of the dragon, so there is much more he can do.

And as soon as he settled in Laputa, he embarked on a new experiment.

Pant's right arm was a triumph during that intermediate process.

“Do you have any results?” “Whatever.” Abraham smiled and erased several flasks and beakers from the table and covered the books underneath.

The Book of Jupiter.

It was clearly written on the outside of the book.

Jupiter is the largest crooked planet in the solar system. As I named it, the content that was described in there was enormous.

“I've been squeezing him around, gathering all this stuff, and I'm pretty sure I know. The Emerald Tablet 1 that the crawling chaos gave him was different from what Faust had received in the past.

Emerald tablet. The knowledge system of another system that Abraham recently started researching.

The knowledge system, which I thought would end with making the Wise Man's Stone, was actually just a 'start'. Because of this, Abraham was recently obsessed with restoring texts day and night.

She glances at a cube-shaped glass box that sits in one corner.

Inside the narrow cube, a ghost is groaning, unable to escape, trapped in the flames.

There is a rainfall.

“It keeps going like that. She kept asking me to save her life. Maybe he wasn't bored. He's persistent.” Kill him, not spare him. It meant that I wanted to live that much. He had suffered so much in the flames of hell that he could not give up the last stubbornness.

Thanks to this, Yeonwoo and Abraham were squeezing him more joyfully.

“By the way, I started cross-referencing the two emerald tablets that I got, and I found out that this was a tear in the text that was originally fine. And,” Abraham's eyes sank deeper.

“Even the fact that this is just part of the original power plant.” Yeon nods.

I don't suppose you've heard of the bizarre chaos.

- Is it the Apocalypse? - The Revelation is not mine.

- Do you think it's easy enough to get out of your pocket if I ask you to? Do they regard the history and history of time as something that mortals can endure, including the sacred words of the beginning and the sacred prophecies of the end, filled with knowledge of all the universe and resources? You're mad! You're mad, Human! Revelation.

A collection of knowledge across all universes and dimensions.

The chaos of the chaos of chaos, the chaos of chaos and apocalypse, of history and space-time, refers to the Emerald Tablet as such.

The transmission to the tower is only a small part of it. He was even angry that he had no access, a cosmic being close to power and power.

If the knowledge system that gave birth to the Wise Man's Stone is only part of it. How big is the alternative power plant? I couldn't even fathom it.


Yeonwoo and Abraham tried to assess the size and content of this here as a basin.

It was Jupiter who created it.

Though at the level of touching the blind elephant, the underbelly was still too weak to draw.

However, Yeon Woo and Abraham did not expect this to fail.

“Of course, the results of this are never small.” Yeon turned her head to the place where Abraham's gaze reached.

In the middle of the glass tube, Marlene's clone falls into a deep sleep, submerged in a strange liquid. That liquid was a new Wise Man's Stone based on the Book of Jupiter.

Of course, he was running from the Wise Man's Stone in his heart. In fact, it was right to think of it as a completely different form of magical power, even though it was nicknamed 'The Wise Man's Stone.' The deeper we study the Emerald Tablet, the more that liquid will continue to strengthen.

And the clone that will be completed here will become the vessel for his brother's soul and spirit to come back to life.

If there's one thing I'm thankful for. It was that he put up a big milestone in his brother's "resurrection."

I want to live • • • • • • "Of course, I had no intention of letting him go.

He had to roll around in that fire for all eternity.

“So you can use it to deal with sinister stones?” Along with restoring his brother's body, I sought one more thing.

A way to efficiently deal with the sinister stones you've only just acquired.

Viera Dun was reborn by infecting the Mother Earth with a single adra. Of course, there was also a great will of the Mother Earth, but compared to that, a lotus with two adra stones was too steppy. It was like licking the surface of the possibilities of the Sin Stone.

If we can handle this properly, not only will we be able to fulfill our lack of self-esteem, but we can achieve our last hope.

But again, Abraham shakes his head with a bitter smile.

“Unfortunately, the text here says only how to navigate to the Wise Man's Stone and complete it in combination. There's no specific way to use it, so we'll have to get another text.” “So that's how it is.” Can't help it. "Once we've cleared the way to Darkness, we'll have to get the rest of the text from the Emerald tablet.

“It may be a difficult road, but you have to do it.

You nod forcefully.

This 0 Ne Abraham also nodded his head, turning to talk.

“Then how do you plan to secure passage into the Dark? I understand you're thinking of crossing over to the tutorial, but you'll need permission from the Administration to get there.” “Yes. I think so." “But you can imagine, the Bureau would probably be grinding your teeth. No matter how many systems there are, they're people.” There were three stages where Yeongwoo had been ruined, and in recent years there has been constant debts throughout the Great War. Moreover, there was a great commotion in the heavenly realms in his aftermath.

Of course, the Bureau of Administration is in a hurry to keep a close eye on the heavenly realm, so it will be a death sentence.

And you want me to concentrate on this new lecture? I had no choice but to make a move as a government official. If Yeon-woo had an accident there again, this time, the congregation would be blown away.

“First, we have to go to the Bureau of Administration and explain what's going on.” Somehow, Abraham felt that the accents of the words' good 'and' good 'seemed to rain.

“Where are they avoiding you?” “Make it inevitable.” Yeon-woo rolls one lip up.

“That's the way it is, isn't it?” 'Another stage will be ruined.' Abraham also offered his condolences to the poor managers who were going to be working late for a few days.