Second Life Ranker

10. Central Administration (2)

[This is the 51st floor, the coffin of 'Burning Flame Heavy Mountain'] [Begin the trials of the upper floors.] [Trial: Since ancient times, fire has been raised as a medium to wash away cloudiness and bad business. Also, in some myths, everyone has a "flame" in their heart, so they always treat it little by little, and when they wrap it up, the flame becomes smoke and rises to heaven & '93; the stars. &' 94; In addition, in some places, it has become a stereotype that informs us of ignorance and fear and the beginning of civilization.

Like this, fire has been a symbol of purity, purity, and soul.

And right here is a huge mountain full of such uncertainties.

Gathered by your enthusiastic belief in the number of people who have always wanted to climb the tower, this mountain always tries to test the trainees as it burns.

From now on, climb this mountain.

The whole way up to the 50th floor, you would have had your heart set on the old city as well.

As you climb the mountain, cast out such folly and rage to be godly again and cleanse your soul and be reborn as a new being. That way, a new world will welcome you like never before.] It was hot. 'As soon as Yeonwoo entered the 51st floor, the feeling was' hot. '

He had been the most dominant of the attributes of fire and had felt hot since he had climbed to the height of the air, but the heat from the 51st floor ran between the general heat and the ark.

My body was not just hot because of the weather and temperatures, but something deeper hidden was afflicting me. In short, should I say it's hot in the soul.

It was because of the volcano that stood high above the sky, piercing through the sky.

Flame acids differed in shape from commonly known acids.

The mountain was burning red flames instead of green bushes.

Even mountains began in the middle of the sky, not on the ground, and were great.

It was a triangular shape as a whole, and a new mountain was placed from the top of the pointy part. Seven mountain ranges piled up like that.

The colors of the flames on each side of the mountain were different.

The lowest mountain ranged from a red flame, the second mountain ranged from an orange flame, and the next mountain ranged from yellow to green, blue, navy and purple, respectively.

Of course, each flame is heating up stronger as it goes up.

Especially the purple flame at the top seemed not to be outmatched by the black flame of the lotus.

The ordeal from the stairs was clearly telling me to go up there.

Since the players were in the middle mountains ( ), Buzzer Mountain was overwhelmed just by the sight of it, so no one could easily climb.

It was too high, so I had to have great patience and courage just to get close.

Naturally, it took more courage to set foot in the foothills and climb.

Even at the bottom of the Red Mountains, it was intimidating enough that if I got close, my body would still burn.

But there was a big problem.

'The attributes of fire and resistance are not helping at all.' The blaze of the middle mountains is nothing more than a normal ark.

The soul is the one who burns the flames here.

The more times I was stabbed, the more I felt the heat, the more I felt the more confident I felt.

Master, it's so warm in here! After awhile, Niche will wake up and sound joyful.

The waterway of Jung Gu/C 20075 was the main seat of Jung Gu/C being bitten to say, "I want to do it" or "I want to do it". 7! Created Space Speech/5//sec flame with explosion with creation when only darkness and chaos are full. In other words, it was called the 'fire of 2' Ö/The one who brought the '48791;' The lighthouse keeper Lucy/was also the plague that %h was/7//.

Of course, the sublime "As I said, the fire of the neutralist on the stairs is 7/Go 32701;/Nail 'money/./The ashes were really the way to go, but even so, it was not the fire of meditation/trembling.

0/The flame is a blatant verb/There is no Kevlar. The basic pitch heights that make up all kinds of things have been me/explosion and licking/3/+ 51090; and have resulted in (7 marriage-essentially balls} + % (% 2 and (7 + {} rh {} (i + {} 30408; the fire o of the 2 Temple,//+ {} 7). "One step in physical law to recruit! Ö/I.

Yes, there was a particular thing about the flame of Coney Jung 4 that just approached the soul 7. 'Divorcing divorce is a compulsory, primitive, high-% law.

Greenie Öhyok Ö/Covering the Fall of Fire/Being enthusiastic about wanting to be a hero, or liking to hang other people's heads/runes; K people, it's very difficult to be here.

A monk who lived from consonant to last, emptied his mind.

In other words, the middle-class on the 51st floor is designed to bring players back as pure relievers when they first enter the tower.

But ironically, because of this, players were able to find new ways to stay on track and focus on them.

Generally, the mind is categorized into three broad categories:




The sphere leads to superhuman beings because it drives them away from the human field with great realization.

Faith enables us to walk the path of the apostle who preaches the gospel of God who fulfills the salvation of the soul with a faithful heart of religion.

Domination forces everything around it to push, and lifts itself up, making him look like a monarch.

Superman, apostle, monarch. While they all pursued different directions, they were all paths that led to extraordinary things.

And it was ultimately a place for desertion and transcendence. It was said that no one has achieved it except Allfowon yet.

Regardless, players who gained the ranker's qualifications after 50 floors were firmly grounded in the 51st floor of the trial.

Will he be superhuman through the Old Testament, an apostle who follows God and Satan through faith, or a monarch who makes him follow a multitude of people? The future directionality is determined.

Of course, most people don't have a big confusion before they reach the 51st floor by making decisions based on their work.

It was a little slow with them.

He had already taken one or two steps in all three directions.

You are walking the path of a supernatural person because it means that you train differently.

Having inherited the throne from Hades, he enlightened his holiness, so he also had the qualities of an apostle as a Bazaar.

And since the power of darkness is held in the hands of various kingdoms, it can also be called a monarch.

That's why.

'Even if I can't get through here, it will take a lot of time.

Yeonwoo determined that it would be a hard challenge for God on the 51st floor, very coldly. Even if I did pass, I did not seem to leave much of my work behind, unlike other staircases that I had been overwhelmingly updating my new record.

There are many ways to walk on a wina, and there are always many meshes in your head.

Perhaps not, but he was unlikely to make it all the way up the first mountain.

And there was something I was reluctant to do just now.

Since entering Group 51, the brothers of the Dark Lord have been shaking violently.

It's as if you're reluctant to go there.

It was a pretty violent rejection.

Perhaps the dark attributes of chaos and emptiness and the medium-sized nature of the cool fire do not match.

After all, it was impossible to climb up the mountain in this mould.

'That doesn't mean there's no way. "If there is no formal law, it is only possible to use one method.

What if the convenience is overwhelming? 'Take down the mountains. What if there were not one or two mountains that size, but seven that collapsed and fell down? The stage will never be safe.

'And the administration suddenly opened their eyes, looking at the middle mountain, which would be in a commotion.

What he wanted was for the administration to find him, until he got through the 51st floor. It was necessary to contact them in order to gain access to the tutorial.

In the meantime, however, the Bureau has refused Yeon-woo's request many times.

If that person entered the tutorial, it was because of the stance that an enormous variable could arise in the evaluation of Novis.

Moreover, shortly after the new meeting of the tutorial, the Bureau was already closely monitoring the pictured pond for attention.

Even Yeon-woo didn't care because she didn't expect the administration to be favorable. Rather, it was better to use convenience on the 51st floor as an excuse.

He's probably monitoring a lot of Gaza right now. Feeling anxious about things.

Yeongwoo smiled coldly so that her fangs could be seen for them somewhere.

I began to unleash my rage.

[5 Character Solvent Awakening] [Power Front Opening] As the Holy Spirit of the Throne began to awaken, enormous waves began to circulate. As the skin flipped, the dragon scales thickened, wings flared up, slicing the space, and hammering the ground with its tail raised.

The dark power rises gradually, freeing you from the chains along your right arm. The Black Badger scatters abruptly.

[Wings of the Sky] As you spread your wings, all channeling opens. It was so intense that the Giga now shook the stage as it stretched out into all directions! “W-what?” “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.” “What's he doing here? Are you still on the 51st floor?” Players slowly recognize Yeon-woo, turned to this side and uttered blasphemy, and now among the nine kings, the man still stands on the 51st floor, making it a lightning strike for them.

Moreover, the waves that Yeon-woo poured out were much greater than what was known in time.

No, I felt stronger.

The tilt of the right wing of the kite was the greater the force of the tillage as it crossed over the more strife lines, and the larger the uprising from it, the greater the force of the tillage. He defeated the kingdoms that ruled the Immigration and EloPower, and even fought Olympus to achieve a great feat.

I confronted the chaos of crawling here for a short while, so the power of the keyword was amplified.

The more you fight, the stronger you become. Yeon-woo never forgets the traits that were set for her, and was making good use of them.

With the power to swirl around the stage like that.

“All the players on the stage are 1. - Hey." I put all my magic into her voice. Echoes spread throughout the stage.

Especially all the players who were climbing the Middle Mountain reacted there. Those who ignored the energy of Aethelwu had no choice but to listen to echoes while standing still. The voice of Yeon-woo contained an irresistible force.

“I'm warning you. In about five seconds, I'm going to destroy Central Mountain. Leave all of Suzy in there. If you don't do it, you can't guarantee the damage.” A maddening horse.

Especially those who were quick to notice could understand what Yeon-woo meant by "getting off the stage."

The stage is about to be destroyed! It meant not to get caught up in it.

Immediately, numerous players tried to escape while simultaneously triggering an emergency escape spell or tearing the portal scroll.

Unlike the Wing that I had never been able to protest to many people, the King was famous for moving without ever looking back and forth. He was the one who did it. No matter how many people got involved with it, he didn't care at all.

Eventually, a lot of people escaped quickly and almost empty-handed on a stage.

I warn you in the name of the Administration. King, you must cease your activities immediately. • • Intentionally disrupting the trials of numerous players and destroying the stage is subject to Section 4112 of the Administrative Decree. • • • • • • •! "Along the sky, with multiple portals open, managers issued a warning broadcast to Nadana Yun. [Parallax crackle] [Supersensory] Yeon deliberately begins to accelerate the conscious world as quickly as possible, leaving all stages, including the Middle Mountain, in her awareness.

The fire that burns seven medium mountains cannot be extinguished by physical law.

It was a common sense story for the message window and for the players.


There is no "never" in everything.

I'm just saying it originated from a cool fire, isn't it a real cool fire?

Then I might be able to turn it off.

If you give them more 'overwhelming' firepower.

'I want to test my limits.

He didn't use all his strength to fight Olympus, even against the bloodlines or Eloques: he didn't have a clue what his limits were.

An uncontrollable force is no different than a knife without a handle that might eventually grip itself.

But it's different here.

There was a place where you could handle a knife without a handle. I was also confident that I would get out.

What would happen if we did everything we could? Is it stronger than I expected, or is there no one bigger than usual? And that power. Is it good enough for those who are classified as separate? 'Test it now and you'll see.' Yeon reached out her hand forward.

I was going to try a new technique that I had not been able to use.

The ultimate, please.