Second Life Ranker

11. Central Administration (3)

Yeon-woo crosses her right wrist with her left hand. As the artery burst, the pot popped up.

[Leukemia] Activated a skill similar to 'Toxicology', which originally had the signature skill of Bakok, but with a different characteristic.

A skill that was characterized by a stronger concentration of the poison consumed in the blood.

When I first got it, I was poisoned by the Demon Lord or the Dead, and I was able to see the effects while giving it to the monsters.

After that, however, Yeon-woo had to be stagnated for a while without accomplishing much.

In fact, it was an obvious mistake by Yeouido.

In order to make the toxicity in the blood strong, it was necessary to put the ball in for a very long time to allow the body to become fully accustomed to the poison.

It had to be taken gradually according to the stage of toxicity, from poisoning to poisoning.

However, from the time she had obtained residual venom, she ingested the venom of the Demon Lord and the Dead, which was extremely difficult to see at the time of washing, to the point where her body had been poisoned to the point where no matter how much of the poison she ingested, her skill was not seen much.

However, it was impossible to eliminate the foul path already created, so I had to give up my residual blood for a while. It was no use for anything other than training their properties while injecting them constantly into the immortal.

It was leftover blood that was just before disposal, but the branches rose again when I met Bakok.

It was thanks to his enhanced toxicology to create a new form of poison, the Manganese Poison.

Manganese venom boasted a trait that transcended the limits of conventional venom. He was able to strike even spiritual objects that were not physically real.

It was also a feature of the venom of the dead on the 30th floor, but the extent of toxicity was not comparable.

Furthermore, mangroves boasted three other characteristics: colorless, tasteless, and odorless. Colorless, tasteless, and odorless. The subject is secretly addicted to it before he even notices it, and can even take his own life.

It has all the characteristics of the 'intangible' addiction that Bakuk once mentioned in front of his brother.

Maybe it's another version of Beda the Invisible.

However, even with Beda's vision, the manganese poison was pleasant enough to allow his brother's clones to exert a favorable effect on the wings of the sky.


Now, that scout is in Yeon Woo's hands. They found the recipe by squeezing the soul of a Bakuk. Taking the mangrove venom made by doing so was what he had done in the last few months.

Of course, residual venom was an explosive achievement thanks to the extreme intoxication consumed in a short time.

Furthermore, I was able to create a higher skill by combining it with poisonous data learned by Yeon Woo.

In addition, we wanted to maximize the effect while consolidating to the power of the four thrones.

Poison is both secret and dangerous. And I thought it would fit very well because it was an inseparable relationship with death.

And his expectations were, "That's the right answer. 'Numbering' (Measuring) Skill: 1.7% Description: Violence resulting from the combination of tens of different poisonous ingredients in the body with the combined power of the throne.

It has colorless, tasteless, and odorless characteristics, making it hard to detect with ordinary eyes and senses. So, like the hands of the messenger, he slowly drops the designated object into the recipient of death and takes the soul.

But in dealing with this, we have to be vigilant. Since the messenger's touch is fair to everyone, he may want to give rest to his master as well as to his designated subjects.

Toxicity released from the Bedom Factory established on one side of the heart is usually found in the blood and travels in the body. Toxicity at this time provides a medicinal potency and vitality that is non-lipid in the body. However, the moment you go outside and get exposed to the outside air, the theft becomes highly acidic and toxic.

The colorless, tasteless, and odorless poison moves according to the will of the ordinary seer.

In this case, the degree of control possible depends on the environment and whether the caster is willing. However, when the caster's will is weak, it moves according to its own judgment based on spirituality.

There's only one of them. If you succeed in transferring the item to someone else, the unique item will disappear and you will instead be given an additional benefit option to the creator.

However, the potential branches are high, so you can achieve a high grade or more than 0 muscle virginity with 'wan, z €' 0 at the beginning of the period.

The unique skill of preserving the numbering judgments obtained by Yeouido after the Artman System and the Sky Wings.

This means that we have the possibility to go beyond the numbering depending on the completeness, and to reach the 'domain of authority,' not even 'bride or' saint '. If you already have the possibility of a snail, it's like jumping over the border of Beirut all at once.

So, according to the debt poisoning that was first released to the outside, it oxidized into the air and took the form of a new hypoglycemia = zero anhydrous azirane.

It looks like a normal act.

It had fearsome toxicities that could melt steel like tofu and poison the body with just a touch of certainty.

Even Yeon-woo's aide was dangerous enough for it to be tense, but he didn't stop there and exerted more power.

[Spirit of the Thousand] [Overwhelming Energy] [Attribution - Arc} (ix)] The ghosts in the Peek-soul Collection are collectively returning to Lump 1, transforming into Hump 1, and strengthening the debt poisoning with a veil and a curse.

He pushed himself into Haran Azrang and tried to control it, while giving it the maximum boost in power.

It's a combination of the genus' 'flame wheel', 'wave of fire', 'sacred', and 'hell scare', so the azirang quickly spread black and burned.

Toxic steam mixed with a curse.

It was already a scary weapon by itself.

Also • • • • • • Difficult.

How formidable the firepower was, and the swarming lotus that was controlling it.

No, this was completely out of control.

If a poison so dangerous that it might eat the caster quickly started blazing, given its flame attributes, the explosive firepower would not be enough for an ordinary player.

How much control is there among the transcendents when it comes to those involved? But I couldn't be sure.

If you just give up control and let it go, the placenta on the ground with the dew will fly away. It may be swept to the base of Middle Mountain.

But the danger of this fire is not only there: many fires that spread indiscriminately after the explosion will ignite a chain explosion. The cursed debt poisoning will spread quickly through the air, so the stage must have become a ruin that no one can live in in the first few seconds.

So I used to keep this locked up to come. The judge couldn't even do it now, so he tried something else. I clenched my fist tightly connected to the top of my hand.


The flame that seemed to be spreading out into the four directions was suddenly drawn in a vortex, and it was sucked into the central axis.

If it was uncontrollable, it needed to be tightly condensed into one place.

At this point, the most useful force is the direct rotational force. That is why we created the centrifugal force by using the ten thousand spirits and the leaning tradition; twisting the spiral shape forcefully.

Transformation using over energization, the literal localization - for 0 joules-1 spiral rotation, gri-1--1- its monosphere through forced condensation.

Kim Hwan l).

In the one-horned tribe, a technique is formed which is classified as the hardness between the sword and the Kim River.

The top application technology of the Qi was characteristic that it could be used for distant use and increased destructive power by rounding the Qi into a bead shape, but Yeongwoo's Kim Hwan ran the trajectory, similar to what the King had seen for demonstration.

It was because of the enormous heat and toxicity, even the honeycomb handling the inferno was hard to reach.

Do you know what the spiral • • is in the picture book that the owner of Hanzan-1 said? What my sister used to use was a map. What do brothers do if they look like a map? "In the shadow, Sanon flinched.

Since the rotation is not stabilized, the risk of explosion is very high even if the rotation is slight. The amount of magical power consumed for acceleration as well as the mental power consumption of honeycomb for control was enormous. The sinister stones and dragonhearts were too hot just to keep themselves in shape.

Suddenly, the sword was as big as the head of a kite. A fierce heat and radiance emanated.


'We shouldn't be satisfied with this. If we're going to finish this, it's going to be like a wave of flaming fire or a black duck.

Yeon-woo could not be satisfied with this one. With this level of Kim Hwan, the old black error used to grow was much more effective.

His ultimate wish was not so simple.

Something bigger, more glamorous, more explosive.

That's why I wanted a weapon that could reach even the gods and demons.

Power had to be increased dozens more times than it is now.

'If so, two if it does not work as a • • • • circle, three if it does not work as one, and if it continues to increase.

Whee! Another Kim Hwan was created next to Kim Hwan.

The speed was much faster because I had already made one. A sword much smaller than its predecessor, but with immeasurable power.

Those things were made in turn to the side.

One, two, three. At first, the slow rate of production also accelerated, and suddenly, over a hundred large and small Kim Hwan were created.

Kim Hwan quickly rotated for shape retention, but around Yeongwoo it circulated in an oval shape.

It looked so beautiful that it moved the small solar system.

Mild "But life was forced to tremble after reading the breastplate contained in that beauty.

It could be seen that using the subtle balance of gravity, such as the cycle, the orbit, the manpower and the force of the chuck, it made such a close form.

But even if I knew the principle, I couldn't help myself. If the slightest imbalance was off, it was clear that everything would be destroyed.

He didn't say anything about being shocked by the wealth of his absolute loyalty to Ghost, Rebecca, and even Yeouido. Only a trembling spirit could tell them of their fears.

Hundreds of Kim Hwan were even resonating with them. I felt like I wanted to go crazy right now, like I was mumbling to Yeon-woo.

Each bicycle speed was also fast enough to get close to the light beyond the speed of sound. In addition, the rotating flames were divided into several sections and turned to different angles, raising the friction heat.

Thanks to this, the light and heat emitting along the lotus was enough to fill the stage while forming a storm.

But the owner • • • • • • Will you keep this up? This is too scary. "'Grill Liga.' I wanted to create Kim Hwan as much as the size of the cluster or galaxy, but this seemed to be the limit. Well, it's not enough. We'll have to keep sleeping. If Sanon had heard of it, she would have been frightened and activated the power of darkness.

[Vacant Activation] Suddenly, the space cracked open and swallowed up the entire black abyss small solar system. At that moment, the whole stage was swallowed up by the glittering glow, but Sanon and others swallowed their breath.

It was because I knew that the night before the storm was the quietest, now it's just a silence.

[Black Gubitara] And Yeon flicked the checkpoint while supporting her right wrist with her left hand, covering that mid-air floating mountain.

It was like shooting from a distance. "Blast.” A short decree.

But the results were not so simple.

Shoot! A hundred meteor showers descend, blazing through the sky.

Everyone who was watching mistakenly assumed time had slowed down. It was a beautiful and breathtaking sight.

However, when Yooseong, who was at the forefront, crashed into the middle mountains, the slow time was also restored.

Oh, no! "The screams of the managers disappeared after a massive explosion.

One shot.

The back of the middle mountain is flying away. Just one Kim Hwan was enough.

The problem was that there were still over a hundred Kim Hwan dogs left.

The rolling, rolling, massive amount of dust pours out as it rings, and a pile of flaming fallen rocks pour down the stage.

However, even that falling rock soon disappeared into ashes, swept away by the flame storm. Inside, the spirit spirit spirit circle and curse condensed, and there was also a lot of strong debris that was sharpened like a blade.

Too much, too much, too much. Fruits! Guarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

There was no bird to resist the fire that originated from the cool fire ❯ 1-overwhelmingly spread by the black flame, and it disappeared.

After revealing the ridge of the charred mountain, it split apart along the crack that soon followed.

Subsequent to that is the complete collapse of the middle mountains.


Just after that, a group of meteors managed to lure the stage at random.

The Old Testament! [The Divine Society, Deva, is in shock.] [God's Society, 'Silence by Olympus'] [Demon Society, Le Infernal Army, cheers for you. [Demon Society, 'The Bridge looks at you with boundary eyes.] [Vimagila admires you once more. I am sending you a gift as a thank you.] [Kernunos quietly closes his eyes to spectacular events.] [All the gods are watching 51 floors.] [All demons rely on something.] [The sky is watching you!]'.

As she watched the stage of devastation and watched the pop-up message window, she was convinced that her ultimate creation would work well enough for the transcendents.

There were only six swords used to destroy the Middle Mountain.

In fact, the rest was like unnecessary magical cost. We just keep bombing the stage that's already devastated.

However, because I wanted to see the results of my efforts, I moved generously.

We may have exposed ourselves to gods and demons who may one day be enemies or allies.

'The use of this technology is not just here.' Yeon-woo did not hesitate at all.

The current method was close to the wide-area for faction collapse, and depending on the application, it could be used for momentary firepower projectors or one-on-one popularity.

Of course, the application was never intended to be seen here.

But those of you who are quick to notice, like Bimagildara and Kernunos, seem to have already figured out a variety of applications for this ultimate period.

It was a warning to them to be careful.


['The apostle and guardian of the tower are watching over you.] Olfowon's gaze was also briefly pointed this way.

After the over-mediated collapse, the explosion did not stop. Due to the option of the 'fireworks that do not go out', the fires that spread in all directions threw up a flame storm at the first place with a chain explosion that was not as bad, and lightning poured down on the earth in a turbulent sky.

Thanks to this, lava rises from all over the place and forms a red river, throwing up sulfur gas.

All the moisture evaporated from the air, and the curse and poison that spread into the atmosphere erased even what remained on the ground.

Only the stage where everything is not flying remains.

It's like the end of the century in the prophecy.

The administrators who were about to open the portal flew away, but they had no idea where they had gone.

Maybe some of them even existed.

In the end, only Yeon Yuan was left with a stack of shadows.

The sky is already red, and the earth is the only black wind in the sky.

Joo-gun, if you have something against me in the future, let me know. I've done everything wrong. "Only jokes, not jokes, were small.


“Oh Hyo-Hyo. Now you're really trying to lose the stage with us?” With a familiar laugh, a portal opens in the back of the pond. Beyond the one-eyed glasses, Rovich had mixed feelings of absurdity with feelings of death for fun.

However, unlike him, the managers who followed Evil Gae held their weapons in their hands, expressing a united look. A panic erupts.

Organizations under the Administration, Special Forces.

It was a special unit created to defeat players who intentionally violated the administrative provisions.

If they make a move, they say they have to kneel. It was a matter of understanding how serious the Bureau was.

However, the Rangers were also very nervous in front of Yeon Woo.

He blew up the entire volcano and watched as he collapsed to the stage.

Moreover, the residual explosion continued at this moment, causing a rift in the space.

This was only seen during the 'War of the Dragon Warriors' in the past, or during the collision between Olfowon and the King. The tension had to be tighter.

By the way.

“I'll turn myself in.” Yeon-woo draws her arms together and pushes them forward, seemingly unharmed by such atrocities.

Immediately, Ifuke's eyes slightly widened. The managers are also dumbfounded.

"What?" “I ruined the stage. I'm turning myself in." Is there a problem? ”So bold and bold an answer.

At that moment, managers suddenly felt the urge to hit that thick figure without even knowing it.