Second Life Ranker

12. Central Administration (4)

“No, so let's take him down right now, no!” “Hmph. Let's beat him up and kill him. That's all he's got to say. That's why they say you're ignorant.” Is that what you're saying to me? ”“ Then? Are you the only one out here making pig noises? ”Shut the fuck up, you motherfuckers!" 0 0 + 0 + 0 + It was always the Bureau that was crowded with players' accidents.

Today was louder than usual.

It was because of the accident on the 51st floor.


The reason the player name was blinded is also not publicly available was because he was more commonly referred to as "Cain" among administrators.

A person who has recently become a major SSS major in the Bureau of Management.

He's in trouble again.

He blew up the whole 51st floor.

The whole “0 0" meeting-- the muscles ^ no - 1-head had to squeeze the temples.

'This is why I have a central meeting discussing the disposition of Yeouido, which was so loud that I would never take over the Director.

Twelve, or now eleven, top managers who were classified as collectively duodenal, were busy speaking to each other as they raised their voices.

They're so assertive and self-explanatory, they're not usually this well-assembled.

This time, it was a matter of urgent summoning.

In over 30 years, there would have been no need to greet each other or even greet each other.

They grip each other's throats and growl at each other. Some people yawn at each other.

Others dozed off or tried to burst into tears as they looked around.

Fuck, should I throw it all away? 'Clus was in a disagreement for a moment, not because he wanted to serve as the director, and if he dragged them through the meeting for a whole year, there would be no results.

Clus' code name is phosphorus.

That is, there is a tiger.

Once upon a time, when I was a player, I didn't look back, and if I didn't like something, I flipped it over or smashed it all around.

However, he was old and patient enough to make people.

But no matter how much you keep doing this, no matter how much Buddha comes, it will explode.

After all, it was when Klaus' eyes were covered with scattered glare and his fingers holding the table tightened.

Suddenly, the Evil Crab, who had been silent all this time, applauded. At that moment, the atmosphere of chaos ceased to be a lie.

“Oh Hyo Hyo. Now that I have some personal opinions, why don't you also listen to the Director's opinion?” The chief managers clear-headed and turned their heads to the side.

No one can make eye contact with the duvet.

Klaus laughs in vain without his knowledge. I'm so busy looking at Evil Crabs all over the place.

But that didn't mean I didn't understand.

Obviously, you are powerless, but Jean's Diablo may have the advantage.

But for Ifuke, there was an 'atmosphere' that dominated everything.

There's an intangible wall that's hard to reach. Standing next to you has atrophied me.

He was definitely small, but for example, he looked much bigger no matter who he touched.

But when it comes to treating people, we don't always lose respect and courtesy. He had no close acquaintance, but he never did.

Because of this, Ifuke vomited for the first time four consecutive rounds of steam, and if he hadn't stated his intention to take a break this time, it wouldn't have been a group of five. I have sat for the longest time in my senior management position.

I don't know how I got to such a high position even though I'm from the lowest Goblin of all races, but I didn't really care about that as a respecting Clus of Philosophers and Wise Men.

'It's a little flawed that I don't know what's going on inside.' Blacklists that are centrally managed by the Bureau were often overseen by top managers. Ifuke is in charge of the king of the head of the family.

Nevertheless, Ijuke had never imposed such great sanctions on the king. If there were exceptions, this was all intentional.

However, it was not a matter to be blamed for the cleanliness of his work.

Rather, I thanked him for fixing the mood. With a light ceremony, Everke smiles silently as if she understood.

“The disposition of the king first," he slowly opened his mouth, as the gaze of all the chief administrators became on him.

I can feel the atmosphere shaking well, or the strong magical power, as if I won't allow it anymore.

“I'm going to do the same thing as I did for the King a long time ago, but is there any other opinion?” Jubbuck, Jubbuck.

Along a narrow passageway with little light, Yeon-woo was being escorted by five managers with her hands handcuffed tightly.

They carefully watched Yeon-woo with their eyes wide open for any kind of harm.

I didn't pay much attention to these 0's. Rather, he glanced at where he was passing by or looked at the handcuffs sealing his magical power with an inquisitive look.

Definitely not Shin Jin-cheol. What is the material of the alternative? If we can figure it out, we can use it for a variety of purposes.

Thinking about it, I double-checked past messages that filled my retina.

[You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional Public Offices are available.] [You have earned 100,000 Public Officials.] [You have earned 150,000 additional Public Officials.] [As compensation • • • • • • •.] [All trials have ended.] [Great Record Achieved.

Would you like to put your name on the Hall of Fame?] [Do you want to go up to level 52?] Fortunately, the 51st floor of the trial, which I thought would be a problem, seemed to have ended well. It also took the place of the Hall of Fame once again.

'Though the contents of the trials were 0 to 1, they must have been the same because they destroyed the mountain and bought it on top of the pieces.' Sometimes the system of the tower seemed to be rigid, but in some ways it often closed its eyes to the method. This also seemed to have its own rules, but it was hard to know the exact contents.

As Yeongwoo, I solved the problem coolly and met the administration as I wanted, but I didn't have to worry anymore.

Moreover, I liked the eventuality of his rebirth.

[Yooseong Kim Jong-seon] numbering (Measuring) Skill: 2.5% Description: 'Based on the waves of fire, swordsmanship composed of a large number of complex swords, including the characteristics of the genus and the body of the dragon, the divine power of the throne, the power of the king of temptations, and thousands of channel rungs.'

Depending on the method of use, various application containers can be used.

The explosive power and potential is remarkable to all gods and demons. However, there is a need to improve the lack of control, and it can produce a large amount of Gimhwan unless the mind and magic are dry.

At this time, Kim Hwan keeps the shape by rotating on his own, and the explosive force increases in proportion to the rotation speed.

Other effects are the same as the option of the waves of fire.

The formed Gimhwan revolves around the caster. In this case, the excessive heat generated by the light affects the other sword and amplifies the power. The more the number of Gimhwan, the greater the amplification effect. Kim Hwan is adjustable according to the will of the caster, and the explosion occurs automatically when the siege stops.

Currently unknown.

Only you can do it in the tower, and it is absolutely non-transferable.

I have the potential to develop into power or power. Complete to equip it with your own unique skills.

System: Protect your body with large quantities of Gimhwan.

own_translation heavy rain: bombardment in the designated position.

Legendary skill! The moment I saw that word, Yeon clenched her fist.

Skill that cannot be transferred to another person. It can only be used with the skill of the caster, so it can also be his symbol.

These were Olfowon's 'Blessings' and 'Heavenly Lions', the 'Trance' of the King, and the 'Blue Summer' of the Queen of Summer.

Of course, it would still be a long way to go to face them right now, but it was still a great accomplishment just by being on the same line. This means that the system of the tower recognized it and the Legendary skill could also be replaced with a different word.

Or divine authority.

If the power that symbolizes the divinity of God and demons, the transcendent, and the fellowship, becomes completely desolate and transcended, it will naturally be established as its own power and authority.

This was truly a great achievement.

It means that the person's body is that close to desiccation. The soul would have risen to that degree.

However, it was not just the word Legendary Skill that excited Yeongwoo.

It was because I was confident that it would work well with the other transcendents who would be confronted in the future.

And if you trim this well, you'll be able to fight Olfowon well.

'Of course, I have to hit you first.' When I decided that Yeon-woo would accomplish it someday,

“Here it is.” As the previous manager stops walking, he stops thinking and stops thinking, too.

The manager looks back this way during the day. He had an eerie aura.

A force comparable to any of the nine kings. He was hard to guarantee the battle, even if he hit with all his strength.

'I heard it was a middle management job.

Definitely amazing.

The Bureau does not/for/7//work/an incident worth 1 ′ Managing on 77 flights of stairs and in special Hdong provinces.

O/SE//E/, Woman/Fawdon/Gyeong7 rum0/6//Öh to the extent that the respect of Ö/Ö/S reaches the same extent as the respect of the train.

Until the 7th. Managers among the holiday pla/0/fishermen. There were those who were guarded by NPCeh1 women who were favored by the/flat/team/.

I was a man of my word.

Being blessed by the system. That's why I became a suit. Just a little bit about what it does/Kim Kii/Saint-7721767;//As long as you see it! The identity of the managers was not well known. Most of them covered their identity with pseudonyms or high names.

However, he was able to identify many of them. No, not just that. High rankers have a lot of work to do with administrators, so I often notice.

Very Aura/Joe? g//Suddenly, the trail goes cold. Let them know that they are wet or have a silver spoon. Whew, they have a dream every month, but they can't even hold a suit and close their eyes properly.

Owners are out-of-court/full of giraffes, how the state enterprises are/dependent/on the system/ha7//money/poor.

They were the country logos, querida absenteeidos/only/only/administrators after they were given the opportunity to pick up/self-help/days.

That's how managers usually do it.

They were talented and talented enough to make a name for themselves, but they had to stop there.

I climbed the tower willingly. who were slammed into other Ramkers, pushed before the Force, feeling limited talents, lacked skills, or were frustrated by Allfowon, and eventually had to hit many realistic walls and break swords with my own hands.

Nevertheless, they only had to draw the past from afar because they were bound to the tower as a fool for wanting to see the last. You can never reveal yourself again, or falsify yourself. It was a destiny that should remain but a shadow.

One of them was the one who brought Yeon Woo here now.


He was once called the 'Demon King' and thought he might be a worthy opponent against Allfowon.

You are an unnamed mid-level manager.

It was shocking to see his descendants, but the butterfly continued to speak indifferently as if he didn't care about his appearance.

“The brother given to you is suspended. If you go there, you'll find a new humanitarian, so please refrain from causing any more trouble.” Hanabi's point was the spotless passageway of Zachman. If you follow the path, you'll find a place to stay and things to do. Reflect until the end of your life there. That was the story of 'Yue'.

With all his magical power and cold locked up, if he goes in there, he'll be suffocated. His entire auxiliary system will be cut off. I think I've lost all my powers.

There wouldn't be such a terrible punishment for players with active physical abilities.

So there were occasionally players who were suspended and struggled for a few days.

However, they were soon stopped by managers called 'prison leaders.' They were just as talented as Hanabi.

Yeongwoo glances at Hana Rain and walks into the prison without saying anything.

Hanabi looked surprised, just as she thought Yeon would rebel. Yeon-woo didn't care about you at all.

Rather, going to prison was what he wanted.

The reason I wanted to call the managers in the first place was to get in touch with her.

The Vampire Monarch, who terrorized the tower through countless plots, but was suddenly hidden from sight.

Also, Hercept Battery, the monarch who was also the owner of the Vampire Sword used by Yeonwoo.

She was right there.