Second Life Ranker

13. Central Administration (5)

It was pure luck that my brother found out about the Vampirist whereabouts.

"The foreground is full of signs/" 24053;//eventually "//23608 as a child of Jose 7;//and many signs that will be," 20111;//7 "The Bureau of Investigation was the one who thought it would not be.

Ö/m//, I have been to another king/prison 'öhLi/24 not gul' g//.

I met the Vampire Monarch.

Aneg's lair.

It was often the prison that the Bureau spoke of. Containment of people who have suffered fatal damage to the system or stage for a period of time.

However, Arniya and the Eight Clans, who were on the verge of the Great War, met here for the first time at the administrative agency's arbitration.

Though the peace talks were concluded because of the ridiculous demands of the Eight Clans.

He stumbled upon an important figure.

He met a mysterious woman who was admitted as a prisoner, but never as a prisoner.

I'm so frustrated that my progress has been so twisted that I feel frustrated with the wind.

She asked me to remove the seal that she had mistaken me for someone else; 50744; {Also, soon to be an accessory}.

“No. Da, my heir/sister of the Feast Lanya was surprised when she didn't expect to meet someone related to Lana, who was a second in the rock den."

And the sooner he noticed, the sooner he could read Lana's scent from the mysterious woman, and at once he realized who she was.

She was Lana's mother, who disappeared a long time ago.

Lanya once made a bet/said as if one day had passed. Charity is the only blood transfusion.

After a country/predominantly occupied existence, whether it be a living, codon john//or a living, horrific pronoun. Hence Hanzro in the middle; however, he said he was not ashamed/ashamed of it.

The owner of the Blue Rose and Crystal Palace, Lana.

She was originally the only child of a vampire monarch.

A child born with the only heterogeneous man I ever loved.

He said that the affection he had for his family was real, although he kept it as secret as the existence of his husband and child due to many enemies.

It was the Vampire Monarch who was in the rock cave.

He was surprised.

I met my teacher's mother; I met a legendary person who was known to have disappeared a long time ago in a place I had no idea of.

The Vampire Monarch had a similar aura to Rana's. With the expectation that he might be his grandson.

Though her expectations were off.

However, after I found out that my brother was my daughter's disciple, I cared a lot.

I really want to be the wicked and dreadful witch in the rumors.

Thanks to her, my brother was able to capture the complex mind.

It was a meaningful time for both of them, although we could not have many conversations because the time was not too long.

And in the process, he learned two things.

First, the Vampire Lord's favorite skill and the Vampire Blade of Evil was not in the tutorial day.

'However, it was not a convenient situation to obtain a Vampire Blade because the war was imminent.

There were some things that the administration didn't open the tutorial. 'The second is that she is the longest prisoner serving in a rock dungeon.

However, because it was too old, the other prisoners, as well as even the aides, knew nothing about her identity.

She hates the noise and deliberately hides her presence so no one knows she's in the rock pit.


Yeongwoo planned to find the Vampire Monarch and come straight to the Rock Cave.

If she's lived in a rock cave for the longest time, she can clearly see through the structure of this complex rock cave.

Using her help, finding the Heart of the Rocky Cave's deepest location was her final goal.

'Cause I'm pretty sure he's trapped in there.

To visit the tutorial, you must have permission from the Administration to 'pass'.

However, the Administration could not grant the entry, so they had to find and transfer the person who had the entry.

Fortunately, there was a man who had access to the rock cave.

No, there was someone I expected to have.

Laplace in the grave (21359;).

I don't know what crime he committed, but if he fell from the identity of the Chief Administrator to a prisoner in a heartbeat,

There was definitely a ticket.

No, he must know how to get it, even if he doesn't have it.

He's a pervert who lives only for fun and pleasure. Both the intriguing managers and the players in my head were the best.

[I entered Hidden Stage, Jarneg's Cave.]] [Stage effect is applied.] [Force has been reset.] [Folding has been initialized.] [All attributes and resistance have been reset.] [All skills and powers have been suspended.] [All applied systems will be interrupted.] Yanek's Rock Cave is specialized in restraining players. It was a blind spot where not all of the tower's systems were applied, according to the Bureau's intent.

It was also why he was able to hold secret talks with representatives from eight major clans in the past.

'But we managed to get in. Thank goodness.

In fact, the Hell managed by the Bureau was not one or two places.

Though the tower has thousands of years of history, not all compartments have been developed, and still the undiscovered site, called the Jaden Stage, is usually managed directly by the Bureau of Administration and, among other things, the Central Parliament.

No one knows what kind of danger is lurking there. Only after the Bureau personally checked all the systems in the unoccupied territory did they have a cutoff that opened in turn to the players.

Until the pioneering was over, he used to put a ticket called 'hell' and mainly used prisoners. Janek's Rock Cave was one of them: However, Yeon was not sure if she was going to be assigned to Janek's Rock Cave. She knew that prison was different depending on the severity of her crimes and the type of prison she was placed in, but she did commit a crime that she thought would be paid for. But there was something wrong with me.

I was thinking about breaking out if it didn't work out. Fortunately, it seemed to fit as well as I intended.

But I have to tell you, he's a little reluctant. 'Yeon woo smiled as she handed herself over to Hanabi. The relaxed look and joyful smile that seemed to know everything: I felt uneasy.

But I can't go back until I've already walked in here.

, you're the king you've been hearing so much about. I am Tanek, the prisoner. ”As Hanabi said, there was a guide standing at the end of the walkway.

It seemed like it would be more than 3 meters. It was a person with sun-kissed skin.

Two horns stood high in the brow like a mountain goat.

'Ta-neck of the . Externally, it's not that bad. You said you were in charge of the outpost in January.' He was the most secretive of the chief managers that almost never reveals himself in anything worth doing.

However, those who knew the duvet well knew.

Wisely, Zen's Evil Crab is the most outstanding, and the strongest are the Diablos of Gaius and Gin, but fearfully cannot keep up with the Tannex of beauty.

Code Name & Mi 'means quantity.

It may seem mild on the outside, but on the contrary, wooden horns and hard hooves symbolize demons.

'And in fact, Danek is also from the Demon King.

The mortals of the Summer do not know. Originally, the tower was a structure in which three members of the Celestial System, Allfowon, and the Administration maintained a peaceful opponent due to their balance with the subtle earth.

And what made this possible was that the chief managers of the Central East Administration, the duo individuals, came from an exceptional background.

And that's one of the main trends in society.

However, Danek was one of them. "As long as he was the head of the rock dungeon, prisoners did not dream of resisting or rebelling.

No, I haven't been able to get my thumbs up since the system was cut off.

She was already feeling the heavy sinking like a watered cotton ball. Perhaps the vast majority of sinners admitted here are in a similar position.

'Of course, that doesn't mean there's no way.' Unlike them, he had a way to regain his strength. They didn't repel the chaos of crawling through the tradition of imitation.

Moreover, he could have used the power of the Black King. Though I begged him to wake up the sleeping Mars.

“The penalty imposed upon you is deferred.

So you just have to fill the labor and allotment time set here for a certain period of time, and it will be over.

Whether he knew it or not, Danek basically briefed the inmates on what to do.

Meals are served three times a day at designated times, and there are approximately six hours of sleep separately.

Except for these hours, you have to do all the 'assigned' labor, right.

“It is the opening of this bloodstream in the vein.

Danek pulls out a stone that glows red like a bloodline. Even the finest rubies could be trusted for their color.

Yeongwoo's eyes lit up slightly.

'Jungwoo's diary was true. I heard the prisoners are digging through the caves unpaid.

Heterolite was a very precious ore, even people who knew it, because it was traded for a very expensive price inside the tower. Strength, of course, was also known for its high magical conductivity. It is a red name, meaning "tears." The more vivid the color, the more luxurious it was.

'Especially Adamantine.' Adamantine is ranked higher than the duck cone or the mythril. If the players in the tower had heard, they would have turned on the lights and rushed in.

'I think it's true that it's the only mine that can open the Heterolite.

Yaneg's Rock Cave. It's one of the "zones" directly managed by the Bureau, but nothing about it has been made known. Neither did my brother. Yeon-woo didn't pay much attention either.

However, all he knew was that the place managed by the Bureau was as alien as the tower, and like Toriel, it was' connected to the outside.

“You seem to know the value of this mineral.” Tanek looks at the glare of a faint glow of lily, or rolls one lip up and smiles. Somehow, it seemed like a laugh.

“Well, some people actually know that this only comes from inside the tower and want to be a prisoner. We don't sanction or sanction you for keeping this a secret. Neither Arnie nor that would be your business.” Danek said as he put the hemite back in his pocket.

“But always fulfill your daily quota. That way the penalty will be reduced to that much. Isn't there something good about being out of the system for a long time? Rather be the sun.” Getting away from the system for a long time means losing that much rage.

It also meant that I shouldn't even think about foolish thoughts about staying in the rock cave for a long time because I hung myself in the bloodstone.

“I want you to learn how to open Heterolites by yourself.

Then take it.

Following Danek's instructions, Kyobo, who was standing next to him, handed Yongwoo a bundle full of costs.

In the package, there were several large and small tools in addition to the worker's clothing, a small snack, and two pickaxes for mining.

Yeongwoo nods silently as if she knew. She ties the package behind her back and moves to where the prisoners are: She stares closely at the rear view of the moving Yeongwoo, narrowing her eyes.

'Hmph. I heard you have the same personality as my teacher. Are they well-informed or have other agendas?' Danek was too mild to listen to Yeon-woo.

He's been in the rock cave for a long time, and he doesn't know anything about the trends up there lately.

However, it was clear from above that the king recently broke the stage like usual, and the chaos was the source of all the disasters that caused it.

Well, the Central Administration is where most of the braggarts and bigots gather, so half the time I've been overheard.

However, I couldn't ignore one fact at all.

Being a disciple of no king.

Tanek was only a wealthy man brought out by the King. He came into the rock cave for a reason that various experiences in his youth didn't seem to be very helpful in his life, but he said he was frustrated, so I still can't forget about the incident when he ran away from it all in one day.

Despite being clearly the opponent not subject to the system, the king seemed not to be constrained at all. I wonder if Danek would have broken one arm and five ribs fighting him.

- Oh, that's inspiring. At that time, the words that King had spoken still seemed to resonate sharply in his ears.

He died an annoying death before he was trapped in the tower, who had regarded his many resources and the world as a joke.

'Goddamn Trinity Wonders.

Soho Geumcheon, he made all my descendants into bastards.

The first creature to open a tower and build a system on this world was Trinity EI Wonder, and it was not surprising that one of its descendants, the one-horned tribe, had the power to escape the system.

However, even if it wasn't the offspring, I had to be embarrassed because he was going to walk halfway.

Besides, he had an accident and turned himself in without any resistance. There was definitely something planned.

“Keep going back. If you want to do anything suspicious, let me know immediately.” Get a command. I heard a small voice in my ear, and as the space began to rumble, my reflexes soon disappeared.

Tanek looks at the disappearance of the kite, then reverses his steps again.

You're being cautious. 'Yeon-woo kicked her tongue, realizing that there are eyes watching her not only in Tanek, but also beyond the invisible space.

The surveillance seemed to be much more serious than expected. I don't think it's just because he's a cautious person, because then he wouldn't be directly related to himself, and he wouldn't expose his hostility to the others.

'I heard that the teacher had left a long time ago. Is that why?' Yeon-woo frowned slightly.

'I'm a teacher who can't help but be a shaman.

Yeongwoo glances around, making it easy for the King to make a fuss.

Along the shaft, a considerable number of prisoners are immersed in pickaxing. Some looked at Yeon Woo sharply.

'Among these many people, if you think of swings that try to identify the Vampire Monarch on the outside, it will also be difficult. It seemed like it would take a lot of time.

'I think it will be more comfortable if I ask a few questions, or if there are just two or three people to feed.

When I think about it.

“What is this? Are you new in town? Well, I guess we're just gonna have to move along and say hello to the rest of you.” There are three approaching rooms with their legs crossed behind them. It seemed like he was being stubborn, so he came to smash the garden with a new person who couldn't understand the situation.

You said tigers would come if I told you.

You're just in time. That's a good number.

Yeon-woo smiles brightly with her fangs out as she looks at them.

It's like meeting a good friend.