Second Life Ranker

14. Central Administration (6)


“Heads up!" 4, 2012; 1 “Heads up!” “One.

“Mentality • • • Garaza!” Every time Yeongwoo roams around, the players who hit their heads on the ground flinch. They hang a fucking yoke on each one of their eyes.

Fuck, I'm not the only one here, you freak! Are you sure you're the system director? '' What the hell • When are they going to release this? Aaaah! I'm losing my head. 'At first, a new recruit came in and cheered. While mining, I was going to work hard because I was tired of all the stress and all the fuss.

At the moment of protest, I thought my eyes were flashing, but I saw a star that I couldn't see in the rock cave. I will fall backwards without a bird to use my hands.

Seniors who were watching him rushed in with mourning, and as the lines continued to fight, there was a fight. • • 'What a fight! It was a one-sided hit, how could it be a fight? "I swear, the new guy flew away."

I wonder if they're being guarded by the system.

Dozens of men were surrounded, but they didn't blink, and they were all beaten.

In the end, even a chemical called a room among the prisoners had to bruise their eyes and hit their head on the ground.

I couldn't help but carry the back of my head and two feet on the ground.

It's a pity I haven't been lazy in my personal training, otherwise the line would have collapsed. But even hours later, I felt like I was going to die from another fight in a row.

“Where the fuck is that?"

Fuck you! "Chapter One! That bastard died later!" 'Anyway.

“Hmm? Do you know the teacher?” Suh? "All the prisoners' gazes are drawn to Yeongwoo. Everyone looked so bored.

The King's apprentice! In the minds of the prisoners, I remembered the king who had been in an accident for a long time. And he was laughing so hard.

"So here's the thing!" No King! "Why! 'He's now sending his disciples to kill us! Aaaah! A couple of priests!' They really wanted to cry like chimneys.

“Work.” Yeon-woo is free for them (?) was allowed a few hours later. I've been sitting underneath their eyes all day.

Yeon-woo laughed in vain without even knowing it.

At first, I was trying to trick the two or three people who were picking on me.

Suddenly, the rope strikes with most of the prisoners in the rock cave. After a while, he seemed to be excited because he had a fight to move his body by himself.

The last one who hit him was also fun because he was quite good, unlike the others.

Well, yeah, I couldn't settle for five, but I got beaten up one way or the other.

However, he did not hide his rebellious gaze, even though he was covered in dust.

I didn't know Heat was here.

The executions of the heathen. It was long forgotten, but before the Nine Kings ruled the tower.

More than 50 years ago, he began to become infamous by slaughtering rankers who climbed the mountain in the middle of the 51st floor.

Although the horse army was called & '93; Pair &' 94; and & '93; Pair &' 94;) & '93; was compared to the bloody sage of the dawn and lonely tribes and had fallen away, he was still comparable to the food emperor or Magnus.

Then came the age of the Nine Kings, and it was known that he had suddenly concealed his end.

I never thought I'd be in a rock den 010} 'Some prisoners turn to the manager. Is that what you left him for?' The relationship between the Bureau and the prisoners and the execution of the sentence is extremely rare, so the death penalty of the heathen people did not even know the exact whereabouts here.

It's just a metaphor.

But there was nothing strange about it.

This is a prison managed by the Central Administration. In particular, Janek's Rock Cave was where blacklists of Class A and above were imprisoned.

It meant that all the prisoners here were skilled enough to empower the dog when they climbed the tower. Even though I was beaten up by Yeonwoo and bombing the natives.

“Chemical.” “What's the matter?” Chemical, the executioner of the heathen, continues to stare at Yeongwoo with his beady eyes.

“I asked for my share, but each prisoner had a daily quota of mining.

And, of course, the way to fill that quota wasn't just by mining. Instead of interfering with what is happening among the prisoners, it meant that the prisoner should take responsibility and fill his own quantity.

Once a fearsome pronoun, Chemical, but now only an errand boy.

Chemicals were squirming at the thought of a moment of irritation.

• • • Leave it. ”I pressed the hiccup and turned it upside down.



You deliberately make a sound of footsteps as you try not to conceal your discomfort, but take your henchmen inside the tunnel.

Even though I saw the rebellion like that, I didn't say I wouldn't do it.

"Master of Wool, you're tearing up. Ka! The Summer Queen tried to rule, but in the end she failed to kill all those heathens. Now you're lying to a man like that...

1- 0 is also the King of Toughness, you are just the Light. "For a moment, Yeon-woo thought about feeding him Yooseong, but then she purposely ignored him and looked at Chemical and saw the prisoners following him.

'Unprecedented tradition. Yongsin An.' At that moment, the flow of air surrounding the pond shivered lightly, and a message came to mind along the eye area.

[Some of the suspended Artman systems have been activated.] [Some stage effects are excluded.] [I've regained some of my strength.] [You've recovered some agility.] [Skill 'Yongsin 'an' activates and cares about the subject.] Yeon-woo quickly searches through the prisoners while partially regaining her abilities using a timeless tradition.

Don't you have any virtue for this?

The Vampire Monarch his brother met clearly said she was not lagging behind even when she was active in her prime. No, there was an improvement. That means we're out of system constraints.

If she wanted to hide her religion, she could hide it as much as she wanted. 'The Vampire Monarch also said she had a knack for changing her face, especially her signature skill,' Masked Dead Mask ', a skill that forcefully extracts memories and personality from dead souls in the form of masks.

Because of this, even when the Vampire Monarch was branded a public enemy, it was known that he lived by changing his existence into a number of masks.

If he had been able to wear the masks of the wanderers out of the constraints of the system, he would still be posing as someone else.

Of course, we can't completely avoid Yongsin and HRM, which means we can penetrate the truth.

It would be good to regain all your abilities to find them more accurately, but there's nothing good about vigilante right now.

Of course, that doesn't mean that there were no guesswork candidates.

The first was Chemical, who had just stared at himself.

Rather, it's dark under the lamp, so it'll be easier to hide your identity if you're pretending to be a celebrity, like the executioner of heat.

However, after mixing his hands with him, he seemed less likely to draw, 'Yongsin would have noticed the cost price. even if they're using it now as a shorthand.

The second is the Halfling, Mary, who carries a basket of rocks following Chemical around.

She appeared to be a little girl and seemed to be working with Chemical and the crowd.

'Strong enough to take down a Chemical so easily.' The power concealed beneath that seemingly foolish mane was so low that I could not even fathom it yet.

Occasionally, Yeon-woo and snow stumbled upon each other with their heads horrified, but their pupils, looking at the ground, were very calm.

The third is elves, Gilfi, who look like dried-up Dark Prisoners who don't care about this one.

She was living quietly as if she didn't fit in.


'A pickaxe. Aim for the center of the vein, exactly. It means I have a different understanding of Heterolite.' It seems slow and weak. Control the power of a pickaxe, but the level of the Bloodstone you extract is excellent.

Nevertheless, the fact that the other prisoners were not aware of it meant that they were just that great. He was also hiding his skills thoroughly.

'If he's not the Vampire Monarch, he's got blood in his veins to get the purebred stone.' Apparently, the Dark Elves used to live in an underground village on a planet called Nibbler and boast a high understanding of all kinds of ore and metals.

It wasn't that there was no chance that she was really a Dag Elf.

And the last four were, "The man who stalks behind him, following the instructions of Zatanek, who is watching me. I couldn't figure out the identity because I couldn't open Yongsin properly.

However, I hid somewhere else, but not enough to deceive even the sharp senses of Yeon-woo. I thought it would be similar to when Chemical was favored by the system.

Like this.

All four of them had something in common that they were hard to identify and hid their power.

You want a piece of me? 'Yeon-woo has a strong inner impulse.

But soon, I shook my head.

'No. That's how the plan to approach Laplace quietly, only get admission, and then come back.'

The Vampire Monarch has been living in a rock den for over a hundred years for a variety of reasons. I could only live with the hatred of interrupting her silver.


'If you crash here differently from on stage, Tanek will immediately leave. If we move too fast, we'll be overwhelmed.

Yeon-woo frowns.

'If only Lana could be summoned.

Since he was the Vampire Monarch who loved the blood so much that he thought his brother was Lana's son, if he called Lana using 'Summon Lion', the Vampire Monarch would react immediately.

But this is also a far cry from the word "quiet."

If you are not the self-absorbed sovereign who oversees you, summoning a lion will immediately raise you to know how to use your powers.

Is there any other way to keep an eye on them before the punitive period is over?

No, it wasn't all there.

'If you don't know who it is, just catch all the suspicious ones.

If we are afraid of premature intervention, we can make the originator unable to come out. And in the meantime, you can clean up after yourself.

However, the way to use it was to completely screw with the Bureau of Management, so it was like a big fan of the Bureau's anger that would have been filled with drugs due to the collapse of the 51st floor.

I was reluctant to be thoroughly publicly branded. When did the owner pick up on that? "I couldn't even hear the words of life, so I organized my thoughts about Yeon-woo and looked up at the ceiling.

'Since the teacher did this and just wandered around, everything that happened here will be passed on to the teacher.' [Overwhelming Tradition] As the locked righteousness flowed, the Sin Stone and Dragon Heart began to awaken at the same time.

The Old Testament! Thanks to it, his spreading vigor has stirred up the atmosphere. The prisoners who were moving in the lower ranks stopped what they were doing and turned their gaze to this side.

It reminds me of the message that the Artman system is fully restored.

'There's something wrong with the disciple following the teacher.' With a wide open view of Yongsin, I saw countless grains crossing the wall from the ceiling, which was a bloodstream vein across the rock tunnel here.

Yeon-woo lays her hands on one of them.

When the teacher complained that it was not very helpful, and now he says he will follow. • • • Fruit! Yeongwoo poured out her magic along the grain.

... The stone dust spills from the sounding ceiling.

The rock cave is about to collapse.