Second Life Ranker

15. Central Administration (7)

Affluent, Laputa.

Doyle was sitting in the central control room and received a report from every stairwell.

The three clans who ruled the 24th floor took the oath of abduction. We have secured control over two casualties on this side and 241 casualties on that side and 48 floors. I was able to find all the spies from other clans outside the tower area. "Good work, everyone.” Mahi Castle, Welcome Knights, Iron Throne; Children of the Forest.

Four clans that boast the greatest power in the Arctic underworld and are known to be loyal to the King, breaking the enemy's will as a vanguard. collectively, my dog Kim was more famous for its name Nalcha.

They were faithfully fulfilling orders to erase the shadows of the missing bloodlines, Elohim and the horsemen, and rob the other giant clans below the 50th floor, before Yeongwoo could cover her tracks for personal reasons.

Thanks to this, the lower floors and other areas of the tower are now firmly positioned as the territory of Artia.

Resistances who refused their rule had to flee to the upper levels or accept a new order of control.

Thanks to this, their opposition wire was now being built around the 52nd floor.

Even Arthya was rearranging her lines to grind, and was preparing to enter the upper stairwell at once.

The elite members of Artia, on the other hand, have been focusing on the staircase attacks that have been delayed. We had to defeat the White Dragon Lamp, which would gather on the 76th floor someday.


It was straightforward for Yeouido to take control of these things in the middle on behalf of Yeonwoo.

May I ask why you're so obsessed with domination because you seem to be aiming for a stronger system than the eighth generation.

Before Yeongwoo went to the 51st floor, Doyle was so curious about the rigid attitude of her.

Currently, there was only one image of Yeongwoo's exterior.

A greedy little monster who was originally born to possess the qualities of the Royal Army, but who wanted to escape the danger of death and take revenge and swallow up the reward Psychological Tower.

That's why even the last summer queen wants to be the ruler of Olfowon.

However, the alliance Doyle knew was actually not that big of an appetite for power or honor.

He was just avenging those who were involved in his brother's wrongful death, and punishing those who had seen it, so he thought it was enough to reveal that the legends of Havon Wing and Artiya had not yet disappeared.

But the series of actions that Doyle is doing is much different from what Doyle knew.

- Doyle.

_I thought that one day.

- As long as we have this tower, the war isn't over. Even after all the direct revenge, there's still the biggest enemy.

-I'm thinking of breaking the tower.

- We need more new sheep to do that.

Doyle did not know what the painting of Yeon Woo was.

It's just a guess that he sees something farther and sees something bigger.

And it's not a detrimental path for them as a result.

No, even if it's harmful, if it's God's will.

Of course, as the one who serves him, I have to put my mind to it. 'The apostle acts on the will of God.

He was the leader of the congregation at the forefront so that his gospel could be spread to the world.

Soon, Artija will be a cult for Yeouido only, and she must become well-connected with the cult. Then we should never have doubts or doubts about our intentions.

For the first time in my life, he chose to be sincere.

Especially now.

“Five days later, as soon as the stage restoration on the 51st floor is complete, I plan to build a base camp there. As an outpost for the conquest, each clan, including the Black Wings, will be asked to select elites for the Remarker. Children in the forest are encouraged to be poor in supplies.

I understand. I understand. by listening to the answers that come back. Doyle lies halfway down in a chair and closes his eyes. I was tired of taking care of a lot of things at once. But they'll be more busy preparing for punishment than they are now. I was going to stay close for a while.

The Summer Queen's vision flashes behind her, turning away and fading away.

The silent silence settles in Laputa.

“When I, the commander • • • Chemical walked as far as the tunnel, one of his followers cautiously called out his legs, noticing him. It was Sudo, the action commander who had begrudged Yeon-woo for the first time.

“What?” Suddenly, Sudo straightens his back as soon as he sees Chemical's beady-eyed eyes.

It was that look.

The eyes of the butcher, who had slain hundreds of players without blinking an eye, had allowed him to cool his spine.

And all those who tried to defy that look became strung up by gangs, or the paint that added the color of the hemisphere. The backbone was cool, too.


'He's scarier than the commander.' Sudo recalled the glow of the fiercely burning lotus, Chemical's eyes were no longer afraid.

If the Chemical was like a vicious beast, it was like a ghost.

A ghost that moves without sound. Then it seemed like it was going to eat them completely. There was something scratching their instincts.

It certainly reminded me of the king who came in here a few decades ago and carried the plank.

Even back then, Gemichael, who was the head of the Rock Cave, was the most fortunate. Gemichael was eventually teased by two priests.

It was natural to be so angry.

However, Chemical's eyesight was uneasy to say so. I think we should share our opinions. Sudo glances at the Halfling Mary, but she whistles and pretends not to see herself.

You damn errand boy! 'Sudo later decided to kick that loathsome Halfling girl with his feet.

“What the hell!" Then, only after Chemical yelled, could Sudo answer correctly.

“He, he, he should use tongue, tongue, haemolite, right?” “Hemorrhoids?” The frenzy is slightly hidden in Chemical's eyes.

Sudo nods.

“If we let him continue to swing his thunder like this, only division will be created between the 'brothers'. So shouldn't we just tap him in front of everyone else?” The scattered frenzy of Chemical subsides for a moment. For a short while, he thought about it. Then I asked.

“You have no idea what it means to use Heterolite, do you?” “I know.” “No. You don't know.

Chemical speaks in a shallow voice.

“No, I know.” But Sudo empowered his voice with courage, assuming he had already taken the sword.


Diorite, the main ingredient of Adamantine, was originally characterized as having a profound effect on magical amplification.

Aneg's Rock Cave specializes in towers.

Many of the prisoners were still grounded after the sentence ended.

Once you fill your quota, Ore was yours to keep.

If it makes a cut here and goes out to the tower, you can catch a large basin. Or we could run large quantities of materials to make the top artifact.

That's why Chemical, Suh and Mary, were "infiltrating" Janek's rock den by following orders from above.

There are two things they were instructed to do.

Gather as much Heterolite as possible.

And I will find Blood deep asleep somewhere in this rock cave, but I'm sure the Bureau won't let me do it, even if I ignore the rocks. So, in the past few decades, they have been secretly moving around, embracing the 'brothers' one by one, and began to search for the blood.

And the bloodline was almost determined.


Even within Yaneg's rock den, classified as undiscovered, it was there that the Bureau could not figure out what kind of danger was lurking in the deepest depths.

So I was just about to explore into the heart.

Suddenly, the apprentice of the King came.

Is this a coincidence? I didn't think it was leaked anywhere, but I might have noticed something.

Of course, it could have been a simple coincidence.

But even so, as soon as he showed up, it would have been a big variable in the plan. We're gonna need more eyes on the Danekians. So it was hard to move.

Moreover, the brothers' included in the rock cave were not usually sensitized to their common ideals but participated in seeing the benefits of the bloodstone and blood.

If Chemical, the center of the brothers, loses his majesty, he was worried about leaving the winter system.

Some of them are already shaking.

So we need to restrain the brothers and preempt this damn variable in order to focus on the quest.

Fortunately, there was no other way.

It is to use Heterolite.

Fortunately, at the top of the line, he was able to use his bloodline to figure out a way out of the system's constraints and regain his favor.

And here, it was exaggerated enough that the hemostat was lopsided on its feet.

If you open the shield completely, you'll get suspicion from the Bureau, but if you use a little, you'll be able to avoid the surveillance. I've already tried a few times.

However, if I wanted to use it against someone as small as a kite, I had to take that risk.


You may have to go to '• • • • • • • Sparkling'.

The sodo was already a ready opponent.

“Are you all thinking the same thing?” Chemical knows that too, so he realizes what he's trying to say. And I looked back at the other brothers. Everyone nods heavily.

“I see. I'll think about it.

I'll give you an answer inside today.

“Thank you for your input.

“I think we should clear our minds. Just leave Mary and everyone else alone.” Sudo has slightly disfigured the Halfling girl. Chemicals have always left half-lings when it comes to deciding important matters in moving their brothers.

Maybe he needs a Halfling jab. The weaklings tend to develop a variety of traits to survive that much.

All that's left is Chemical and Halfling Mary! Suddenly, Chemical knelt down and hit his head hard on the floor.

Blood splattered as his forehead was torn.

A sudden appearance that does not conform to the impeachment of the death penalty of heat death. An unpleasant light suddenly sank like a gentle sheep.

If you know Chemical, or if the other brothers saw it, it would freak you out.

Mary sits on a rock nearby, twisting her short legs as if it were perfectly natural.

Until now, I was busy looking at the brothers around me, and there was a delegation to hold the left hand.

We're sorry. ”“ has been. Things can't go back to the way things were. I didn't make a mistake to make you do that. I was hoping the goddamned apprentice would show up. Upline, I guess. ”It is known that Chemical is responsible for directing the movement of the Brotherhood within Jarneg's den. Among the cancers, it was the Halfling Mary who monitored and evaluated them.

Even the once biblical birdie must have folded a few.

Her true identity is unknown to Chemical.

However, if she had her way, she knew that the prisoners here, as well as many administrators, would die. “What should we do?” “As you may recall, the Unsullied once made our leaders go bad.” Mary is still angry when she thinks about that day. He said he was bored, so all the plans they had prepared fell apart, and he was pushed back twenty years. It was a huge damage because it had been destroyed before the blood clot that was barely found at the time.

“And as soon as the King's apprentice appeared, no matter how much he knew about our work, he didn't matter.” B-i-k! Mary's eyes gleam with horror the whole time.

“I'm sure he's up to something. As soon as one appears, the accident will happen, and our work is likely to happen again, just like the last time.” If we do that, we'll have to kill him in blood. "No. That's not good enough.” Mary shakes her head, cutting off Chemical's waist.

“He must be out of the constraints of the system like my master: Not enough to use the Heterolite to do magic. We must regain the favor of the system.” You're out of your league? An astonishment spread over Gemichael's day.

“Trust me. You will. Isn't there their own damned means of damnation, their own way of running from the system?” Ah.

At that moment, Chemical took a deep breath away.

Only a fool would know what it was.

If you're a high ranker, you hit a big wall called the one-horned tribe, and everyone knows the word.

-7 "Then how do you do • • • •?” Chemical's voice trembles.

Moment; Mary's eyes gleam sharply.

“Push the leaders forward.” “That's •“ Although we still don't know the exact location of the blood, we still know the approximate location, so we enter right there. Tell the saints and brothers to start a rebellion immediately. ”The captured siblings use the Heterolite to reclaim the favor of the system and provoke revolt, and go into the myriad with respect to Doakemical and Mary, pushing the managers away.

A bucket operation with a voice-mail.

If the rebellion succeeds, Janek's tomb will be in the hands of the Brotherhood, and even if the rebellion fails, it will not be a disadvantage.

He was a year ahead of his plan.

As the preparations were almost complete, Chemical stood up without any resistance. Following the snow, the frenzy that was suppressed by Mary rose again and ignited with vigor.

Mary's trying to stand up for what she needs to do.

Sphere! Suddenly, the entire rock cave starts shaking up and down. At that moment, I felt a chill because of my back. Reflexively, Mary and Chemical's work stiffens.

The stone dust falls from the booth. As the earthquake intensifies, cracks are spreading across the ceiling.

"Oh, my God, is this guy already? 'Even though he was a disciple of the Unsullied, he could not have imagined that he would cause such an accident in just a few hours. The guards on Tanek and the others will be watching closely.

That's why I wanted to cause a revolt. No way, it became a reality.

The pupil of the King was the youngest of my masters! Grrrrrgh! The war-rock cave begins to collapse.

“Damn it,” Mary's scream fades into the storm.