Second Life Ranker

16. Central Administration (8)

• • • What? In other words, "Tanek bows his head as if he didn't have a face to grimace at the report that Suh Silver brought.

“I went out to defeat him • I was so strong that I had to back off.

C. ”I don't regret it.

Sorry, Nittanec swallowed the moan.

Silver was just saying that she couldn't do it without a convoluted excuse, but I've been watching her for decades now, knowing that she's been faithful to her duties. I could see that the situation was not that close.

Well, he heard the news, and now he's gone, so she can see how crazy she was, watching him right next to her.

"I heard it's a blue herring. This one's worse! 'The former moniker of the King is' Walking Disaster '. Everything that happened was an alias obtained through the flatlands everywhere.

Even that one was quiet for three days, right here in Jarneg's lair.

And since he's been in a rock cave for hours, he's already wrecked! It's not just about beating prisoners and jailbirds, it's about knocking down rock tunnels. When I heard he touched the vein, I blew my heart out.

You're crazy! If this place collapses, you'll be buried alive, too! Of course, it was a luxury to expect such common sense from his disciple.

The constraints on alternative systems were also briefly questioned as to how they escaped, but it was foolish of them to hope for common sense, so I had to think quickly.

Jarneg's rock den was a very important place for the Central Administration to never break down.

It is a mine of various important minerals, including hemodilite, which is the main ingredient of Adamantine, so it was always an indispensable fund for the Ministry of Finance.

Secretly, it was also a place where we could get clues to the other gods, as well as to the & 'being outside'.

So we must never let it fall apart like this.

'Cause that's gonna hurt the Central Administration. I was also worried that I would lose him for a lot of reasons that I still haven't been able to get to Laflax, who will be trapped in deep water.

No, even if you leave it like that.

This is unacceptable! 'His pride, once called the Demon King, was not allowed.

If I was toyed with again, like in the reign of nothingness, I might have to rip out my tongue and die.

From now on, the guards shall assemble according to my designated location. Lead the prisoners to a minimum of manpower, and the rest of you, arm yourselves. Aim for the King # # #! No matter what happens, you must catch him! I'll let you kill him if I have to! "Tane has blown his selfishness to those who have been waiting to rest for a while, including those who spread throughout the rock caves.

The Bureau's purpose of existence is to maintain the stage management and order. Of course, direct intervention with players will result in sanctions on the system.

So even though the Bureau used the system to deal with prisoners, it never imposed physical sanctions on them.

Especially if they were to be harmed or killed, there was a great price to pay.

Nevertheless, allowing Danek to die was also Danek's commitment to never just sit back and watch over the matter.

“On, you must contact the Central Administration immediately. Tell the Rangers they need help, and that as soon as possible, they need more men. The opponent is considered one of the nine kings. He is a monster who succeeds in killing and is also a disciple of the King.

Silver says he knows, but he nods again. Suddenly another man flinches and falls between them.

Cold. Unlike the silver collected from the rock cave, Tanek was the right arm that has been guarding it for thousands of years, ever since it was on the horse system. He is also the deputy warden of the Rock Cave now. However, his expression was stiff.

“Here's your payout!” What could be more urgent than a rock tunnel trying to collapse? If Danek reports useless, he tried to tell me to defeat Yeon-woo later.

Hearing reports, he now opens his eyes in awe and is baffled, “The prisoners of the Dawood Brotherhood, including Chemical, have provoked rebellion! That's why the prisoners are so resistant, the guards are struggling!” What 9 ”fell on top of you.

Just one word was enough for Danek.

In a tumultuous rock cave.

Jezzie, what about this? ”Yeongwoo was perplexed by a sudden, unexpected situation, rather than absorbing the veins with Hades' mandarin blade.

There were two things that embarrassed him.

One of them is absorbed into the 'Hemorrhoids' 0 'Hades', which is marked by 'supersenses'!] [Obtained 15 Supreme Bloodstone.] [Obtain 179 Medium Bloodline.] [Gain 90 Medium Grade Bloodstain.] [Acquired Heterolite was concentrated and successfully obtained this new type of ore.] [Blood Pressure +3.] [Gained 5 Blood Spirits.] Heterolite was thinking about becoming the main ingredient in Adamantine in the first place. I was thinking of regenerating Adamantine Nova, the building block of Gwyne, instead of Hades, if possible.

Kidnapped the Vampire Lords, plowed with expensive hemorrhoids. It was a good opportunity to take two birds in place, so I had no reason to hesitate.

However, the problem was that it was good to mine this Heterolite with the Sword of Hades. However, the Heterolite concentrated among themselves, and it became a strange type of ore.

[Blood ] Type: Mineral Grade: EX Description: Ultimate sequence of the opposite hemisphere, made of concentrated mineral properties. Brighter crimson than dark blood is impressive.

The exact origin is unknown, but it appears that some massive presence has coagulated blood.

It cannot be used easily because it boasts such a hard hardness, but if the material contained in it can be refined and used, a tremendous amount of energy will be gained.

It is most likely an Energy Tank.

Serum was a form of substance I had never seen before as a cow cow. Even with so many perks, he had never found out the secret to the tower, which he had almost uncovered.

I went through the contents of the diary to see if there was similar information, but I still can't find it.


The words' E '(Grade' and 'Eniggy Walk' in the description most vigorously caught Soft Cow's eye.

If the EX grade meant that there was a material in the tower that could never be handled lightly, and it was likely to be an energy tank, then the High Rankers would have to turn their eyes upside down.

Those who are always suffering from the depletion of magical power.Especially for wizards and spiritual families.

It was never a bad thing, even as a brown cow. It may not be the Adamantine you wanted, but if you bring it to Abraham and Henova, I'll do experiments on it and make you a lot of stuff that you're wearing.

The problem was that the energy in the blood was either ripe or daytime.

Divine Power.

It's not a myth that comes from a divine being in a tower, but a myth that has a completely different kind.

There was chaos. Why is there such a mysterious power in here that feels like crawling chaos from the gods of other worlds? 'It looks like the real organism's serum is clotting. What kind of a creature is so hard to be a creature that the Bureau of Management is excelling?' There was very little known about the original bloodline. It's just metal from a mine managed by the Bureau.

But when Yeongwoo saw it, her blood was real, and the hemite was just a byproduct of the surrounding area.

What exactly is the location or coordinates of this rock hole in Janeg? I strongly thought that the areas of the administration classified as' unmarked 'might actually contain a bigger secret than those known in the area.

Maybe there's a secret about the tower's existence or its origin. I think I accidentally peeked at one side of the secret that the administration is hiding, and I earned income if I didn't think of it.

Although he was confused, he was not at all bad, but the second reason for embarrassing Yeon-woo made him a little embarrassed.

Rebellion? 'As the blood rheolithic veins absorb at a rapid rate, the prisoners suddenly begin to behave strangely.

Unlike expected to be terrified and confused, they moved in an orderly fashion, rather than waiting.

Each group moved to build an electric model, and the people in the rear started attacking the guards by bringing in weapons such as Yiddishan weapons.

In particular, the prisoners moved, each with a mouthful of finely ground hemodite.

Then, the magical force that had been suspended has returned to the system as it moves. The spectacular effects of all sorts of skills have filled the rockhole. Prisoners were forced to fall for the rebellion of prisoners they had never thought of.

Even though the guards are stronger.

An agent told me to endure the overwhelming number of prisoners in such a narrow shaft, and the ones that move like wildfire.

Though not pleasantly enough, the tunnels become chaotic due to a clash between the two forces at once.

Get rid of the guards! ”“ You've dared to enslave us all, haven't you? They're all dead. "In the name of the Brotherhood! I will punish your administration for monopolizing the Bloodstone and upholding its dominion!” On the one hand, I use pickaxes and spears as weapons to terribly burst my skills.

“Damn it! Stop it!” “How did the constraints of the replacement system deviate?” Does it matter now? These damn players. If anyone can hear us, we're exploiting them! You were the ones whining about staying here because you were blind to the money! ”“ Danek is coming! Hang in there! ”On the other hand, they try to control the system, try to restrain the prisoners, but they use their rights to quickly build their shields.

Those who try to penetrate and those who try to stop.

I didn't care that the rocks of the rock cave were falling a little.

Ka! Fuck you, fuck you. Why does this happen everywhere my master goes? Isn't this a science? "Sanon added a worthless tribe, but Yeon just ignored it again and frowned.

'The kidnapping failed.

Originally, when the rock cave was in chaos at the crisis of collapse, only the candidates were expected to scatter into the shadows.

Tanek's tracking also calculated that once the shaft has partially collapsed, the chaos will be cleared up and there will be no fixation, so he won't have to worry about himself.

So I tried to go to the place where Laflax was, but everything had already gone in.

Confusion occurred, but in the opposite direction. It seemed that the prisoners had been plotting the rebellion for a long time, but they seemed to have put an end to it around the time they tried to 'accidentally' themselves. I was hit in the back.

Above all, they may be convenient, but as soon as they figure out how to get out of the system's constraints, the abduction through the monster is already underwater.

'This is too complicated. Where the hell is it? Not many places can evade the Bureau's surveillance to do something of this magnitude.' There are two places I'm doubting right now.

The Dawood Brotherhood and the Sea of Poetry.

Although both are classified as large clans, it is reasonable to be located among the players as a secret association because they do not increase their external activity, but it has also not been widely known for their purposes.

Even my brother didn't have any big contacts like this, but without more accurate information, it was hard to identify the people who were behind it.

'Maybe it was a Vampirist: Even if I hid the tablets from Janeg's tomb for a long time, it was possible with Vampirism skills.

Or him.

'Or both.' It was impossible to ignore the possibility that some forces were secretly plotting and that the Vampire Monarch was using them appropriately.

Ultimately, in this complex situation, Yeon-woo had to intervene directly, unlike the first plan that she had to go behind her back after smoking a reasonable amount of rice.

Where are they? 'Using the supersenses of Yeongwoo, I realized at once that I did not see some of the chemicals and Halfling Marys that caused this death.

Cognitive areas were rapidly expanded.

Deep in the shaft, the Danek Lantern is hurrying toward the undiscovered land, where it was told not to go near it. There are five.

It was also a way to the heart.

'You leave the rebellion to the pawns, blindfolded, and they go for a different cost? Positive motion on the voicemail. That's a good move.' Unless you read it to me. Yeon-woo raised her head as she swallowed such a hind horse.

An opponent who has absorbed all the Bloodstone in a nearby mine. Now this place is just a small pile of debris, so you don't have to worry about it.

Perhaps with this constant shock, the cave was more likely to collapse completely shortly after he no longer needed to use his hands.

“Sanon, Ghost.

"Hahaha! Are we finally going to crash? Just keep having fun and find out how much pain you felt." Bring Gilfi and Tanek's men. In the meantime, I'm going after them. "I accept your order!" Sawp2 `The two shadow muscles crossed between the tunnels at such a rapid rate that they separated from the shadow of the pond.


"Person; to receive." At that moment, a red portal appeared under Yeongwoo's feet, and suddenly another vision opened in front of her eyes.

Just beneath your feet, five souls, including Chemical and Halfling Mary, were slipping rapidly into the tunnel.

Suddenly you feel a miracle, but instead of running, Chemical and Mary stop and look up.

At that moment.

[Sky Wings] The nettles are descending, spreading their wings gracefully. We don't know when Danek will be chasing us. It was beneficial to suppress the busy ones a little bit. I didn't have time to answer.

Chemical was the one who tried to take him down first.

Chemical already tries to counterattack the system with a bunch of twisted claws. It was a chance to pay back the resin I had just suffered.

I wouldn't know if I was naked, but now I have the power to reclaim what we used to call the death toll of heat. I thought I could break that arrogant neck.


Kwang! His head is pounding on the ground, with no sign of how Chemical can use his hands.

What happened with the overpayment. Everybody's like, "Huh? 'At that moment, Chemical was already foaming at the mouth. The body is rapidly sucked into the shadow.

Go no "Less.

Yeongwoo mumbles as if she was taking a light walk, then moves on to the next target, Mary.

At that moment.

“Swallow him, now!” Whoa! Suddenly, a tremendous force appeared in Mary's loving hands, trying to swallow the lotus flower. "

Vampiric Vampire! The Vampirist's Signature Skill is in the hands of someone else, not a kite.