Second Life Ranker

17. Central Administration (9)

'Ana. Similar but different.' At the moment of her honeymoon, Mary thought of the Vampire Monarch, but soon she bowed her head.

It was clear that it was a skill with similar effects and characteristics to the Vampire Sword of Battery, but its power was too great.

Unlike the Vampire Vacuum, which greedily devours everything it touches, it only creates a simple spinal force, and it does not feel 'dangerous.'

But the characteristics are similar. Obviously, it was a deterioration vision that originated from the Vampire Blade in the Hivatory.

"Cost close to the Vampire Monarch. 'The honeycomb lifted the beagrid from the subspace, forcefully twisting its wings with the sky.

Just because it doesn't feel as dangerous as the Vampire Blade, Mary's skill level is never weak.

Gudrake's teeth. The "Vampire" skill, commonly referred to as Vampire, Dampire, Barcolac and Strigoi.

The user absorbs blood from a wounded target and boasts energy drain system that restores HP and magical power.

When the skill level rises, the user can use its magical power to turn the opposing Pokémon into puppets instead of sucked blood.

Since ancient times, vampires have had to live despised and excluded from many races.

Often, the whole village or country is torn apart after accepting them wrongly.

Moreover, they are living under the blessing of the night and the moon. Most humans, such as the day and the oceans, could not hang out with them.

So the Vampire was more likely to be hunted by the found tribesmen. Occasionally, there were vampire hunters called Kreshnik who specialized in hunting them down.

From the moment they were born, the Vampires lived their lives hiding their true identities thoroughly.

Quiet as a dead rat. I never did anything to attract attention, but I always had to move my home. It was their destiny to be hunted, and then to be born was the Vampire Monarch.

She questioned a fate she didn't decide. So, I fought against the world as the Vampire Monarch based on my strength.

He wanted to float the moon above the answer.

It was then that I confronted Allfowon, although the dream had to be broken, leaving only the Vampire Blade behind while being thrown out until the tutorial day.

The bloodthirsty bloodthirsty, horny vampires still yearn for the queen, waiting for the day she will rise again.

And I was told that he would never reveal himself until then.

But here comes the vampire.

That one looks pretty strong, too.

It was evident that it was a considerable position within the vampire society.

'No wonder the executioners of the ten worth comparing the Nine Kings are the ones who have to give up a few.' I could only tell by the Gudrake's teeth he was using. The Vampire Sword of Battery is a unique skill created by Kudrak's Tooth Enhancement. To remind me of that, I was approaching a person of proficiency.

As the rock cave collapsed, dust and stone dust spilled into his hands, drawing vortexes at a fierce speed. All the atmosphere was revolving around him.

All the time, Mary's face was distorted, staring at Yeongwoo.

I felt creepy as the stripes of blood rose along my pale face. Only the noble of the Vampire can see the aura.

If we stay like this, it'll all work out. I felt strongly willing to eat and erase it. It was dreadful.

'I think I found the right direction.' Having someone his size means the Vampire Monarch is right around the corner.

'However • • • • • • The blood scent (Blood ) from the creature is different from that of normal vampires.

Because of the nature of the vampire who was not well known to exist, my brother did not have many contacts with them.

But the guys he met smelled similar.

Smells like the warmth of the night.

I often confronted my younger brother and sister who used to deal with it because he was inconsistent, and Yeon-woo knew the smell through the diary, but it felt a lot different from that.

So I was a little bit curious.

'That's it. We can check it out.' [Yongsin 'an] [Hwaeun Jing] opened the Radiant Dragon's in gold, swinging the beagrid roughly along the vibrating whirlpool's center.


["Vigrid_??? 'Opens the hidden name,' Durandal ',] [Herald: Transverse Team] The moment beagrid caught by the Left-Angling Herd is struck, the Black Orc fires across the whirl in one fell swoop.

The force storms hit the wall and ceiling of the rock cave, speeding up the collapse, and Mary protrudes into the air with her upper torso cut off.

The image of the blood stain on my face spread like fog, and the flame that spread along the cut was short, and I swallowed my lower body at the same time and turned it into ash.

If they saw it, they might say they shot too many enemies in vain.

Yeongwoo does not stop her guard.

It was because he knew that the 'form' for the vampire was merely a appearance made by necessity.

It's different.

Blood splattered into the void suddenly fills up like water. A large number of predators followed the tentacle-pointed tip and rushed toward Yeongwoo.

Dozens of Dyer Ulps pushed their sharp teeth through the ceiling and wall, and the ceiling was covered with over a meter of grumpy Giant buddies shooting ultrasonics.

In addition, Gripteed rises up like a ghost, one by one, on the red floor, wanting to shake the ground.

It appears to be the undead who made the bodies of the prisoners who died in Janeg's lair a long time ago.

Legion of the Dead.

Seeing those things, Yeon-woo smiled unconsciously.

Apparently, the Vampire was excellent at dealing with undead and ghosts like the ones blessed at night.

But even so.

"The Legion of the Dead, leaving a man on the throne.

It's like a novice prosecutor touching a sword one day prancing in front of a king.

This time, I stepped firmly on the ground with my left foot, as if Yeon-woo was annoying. Then, the shadow on the floor stretches long and raises the thorns close enough to pierce the back of the Dyer Wolf.

If not one, two, or three, or four, jumped up and down, hunting down all of Mary's family members, and soon everything that she knew turned into ashes, like a burning flame.

Through such a fierce shadow bush, Mary suddenly appeared and forcefully lowered her fingernails.

Yeon quickly consoles Vigrid to stop Mary's aggression. The ground shook and the sting/cranial wrist rang. It meant that it had a great power that didn't fit into a small mass.

As expected, the power of a 'king' can be easily dismissed. It seemed his organs were more than just magical and racial abilities.

[Armband - Bigeye Wave] Yeon tries to counterattack as she pulls the beagrid inward.

It was sharp and bitter as it was an attack of integrity, as Mary soon turned into a blood mist and escaped Vigrid's reign.

Purpurfeng - instead, he appeared this time at the foot of Yeongwoo and attempted a fighter. Every time I ran around with blood mist in my hands, the rope broke. The wall collapsed and a good fall poured out.

You win, right? 'I opened my eyes wide, tempted by Yeon-woo's attacks. I can't even call it a shaman, but I didn't do it every day.

In addition, it is used to mix blood magic into the right place. It meant that there were so many experiences.

A creature this size will never be heard from again. Why can't anyone guess who it is?

Her name must have been an alias.

If that's not it.

Maybe no one remembers as long as Rogue. 'In the history of the tower for thousands of years, countless people appeared and repeatedly fell.

Among them were those who left a strong "myth" and remained in the memory of many, but only those who glittered and faded during the time that flowed.

Most of the existence belonged to the latter, and the longer the time, the more it was forgotten. Perhaps this Halfling Vampire was the same.

At least 800 years.

Yeonwoo estimated Mary's age roughly.

With the exception of Allfowon and the Summer Queen, it was truly a living 'monster'.

Overeating, overeating - but against such monsters, Yeon-woo was never pushed.

The skills of another swordsmanship at Jinman's rank were not enough to get Mary's work done, so the livers were able to counterattack, and the walls of the shadow could not be pierced by all kinds of tricks used by the Blood Magic.

Plus, the black flame that spreads with each collision has cooled her liver.

Leftovers}! The duel was strained without any concession.

The shock wave that spread because of the collision speeds up the collapse of the rock cave. The other henchmen who followed Mary had already been buried in a pile of rocks and were screaming for a long time.


Splash! Mary's left arm splits into the air with a clean cut. Mary's impression was distorted.

The blood mist covers the shoulders and attempts to regenerate. When I was wounded, I was able to fight because my recovery was immediate, but this was also not infinite.

You used every ounce of blood you had? It seemed to have already used two-thirds. Recovery, of course, all sorts of skills, including Human Magic, usually depleted blood instead of magical powers.

I should have caught this rascal and sucked his blood and filled his tribe already. It wasn't so easy. The fog that could be her body was slowly fading.

Over the past decades, there has been an absolute shortage of blood supply here in the rock dunes.


Mary couldn't help but think about Yeon-woo. Ten years after clearing the tower, I thought that no one could handle myself except the King of Summer or the Archbishop, but I couldn't understand where he came from.

Eventually, Mary had to bounce back and forth every time she bumped into Beagrid with a small body wound.

When Yeon-woo found out about this, she quickly increased Mary's bleeding volume and suddenly (Hanwoo's left palm tore the space and stuck on Mary's face.

It explodes.

As soon as instinctively thought of that, Mary straightened her hands and cut her throat. The child-like halfling cut off his head without hesitation had nothing to fear.

As the small head goes into the air, she blows her head off once/for all as she expects.

Whei-then Mary reappears as the blood mist clumps far away from the explosion.

A slightly parched complexion. Along the mouth, sweeps the grass.

“You are not human. Dare, me.” But Yeon doesn't need to talk for much longer, her wings flap and trigger a blink.

Right after the ridge. Mary leans back instinctively and grips her teeth. Yeon-woo chased after her. The golden longitudinal pupils stare at themselves coldly.

Mary could see the strange emotions that had just happened before. He thought of himself as a game.

A predator who only wants to eat his victims. At that moment, I was irritated and intense.

Dare. What the fuck is wrong with you? She had lived for over a thousand years as a nobleman of the night. She was always a winner and a predator. While her people were being chased by the Gressies, she was always more than bent over them. She finally got her blood out of her waist dance. It couldn't fall apart as it tried not to be seen here.

Swallow. ”So I opened Goodrag's teeth, a tribe skill. Four large fangs, created along the palm of your hand, broke through the hard surface of the hemisphere. and sucked it up at the raging speed it contained.

At that moment, Mary unwittingly bursts into amazement. The excitement spreads out along your backbone. As the haze of blood faded, an infinite amount of power was spreading through the body.

Although it is said that the god of other systems has spilled, the bloodline was born by coagulation of the blood of the holy being.

I drained the energy from it, so I have no choice but to turn it around.

“Khh!” So. Mary grins ferociously. A fang the size of a thumb suddenly popped out of my lips and flashed horribly. I feel like biting the cocky man's neck right now.

If you have blood in your veins, you can get even more sacred than new blood.

'Not yet.

However, I was relieved to find out soon enough.

Swallowing blood with Goodlag's teeth and desiccating it. That's how you create a new Vampire Blade, a foundation for transcendence! This was her purpose and reason for being here in the rock caves for decades.

So now I had to put a swift leash on the guy who tied his ankle.

By the way.

“That's how you write it.” Suddenly, when Yeon-woo saw what Mary was doing, she smiled faintly.

Mary frowns, not knowing what it means, and soon sees what he takes out, her eyes wide open.

What's with all the blood you've been hearing? Mary doesn't understand the situation for a second, and she's getting lighter in her head.

['The Declaration of Hades' absorbs the power contained in the 'Bloodshed'!] [The neonatal blood left by the other gods is dissolved and the 'Divine Factor' and 'Holy' are absorbed little by little.] [Be careful! Material does not exist in the tower. There is a risk of infection.] The energy drain, which appears to be higher up than Kudrac's, or apparently, dead monarch's, signature Sigil, is triggering. It was doing exactly what she wanted it to do in her dreams! With a very satisfied face.

At that moment, Mary's return side heard the cost drop. I realized why Yeon-woo did not oppress herself, but kept dragging her time.

I've been playing with her all this time to find out how to use the hemostat and blood.

The fact that she's been playing around, Mary rushed back to Yeon Woo, bursting her magic power.

Yeon-woo called someone with an annoying tone.

At that moment, the space shakes strangely in front of her, and the two solid lines are drawn diagonally. Beyond its wide open spaces, Infernosite has risen to life.

The moment I met the eyes of wealth, Mary's body became firm.

She had lived as a nobleman for over a thousand years, but she had to be vulnerable to a higher being than herself. Instinct ensnared her spirit. It reminded me of a memory I didn't want to remember from the side that fear had grown. The Vampires were blessed at night. Of course, the origin has to be placed in the horse. The Demon King who empowered them was something they could never resist.

The only one who pressed on himself besides a revered monarch. No, the eyes of the Magister King Mephistopelles, who had seen the whole tribe like bugs, were right there.

The fear that I felt then grew below my chin.

• • Chinese New Year, Ma Faust • • • • • • • •? ”Burgess. Like.Thing. Dare, Arnie.

To the owner. Open your eyes. Linena. "