Second Life Ranker

18. Central Administration (10)

Between Mary's horrors.

Tsutz! A bunch of shadows come up from under her feet and swallow her like an ant in hell.

Mary didn't even think to resist until she was completely caught in the swamp of shadows.

"Who are these guys? 'Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes as she squeezed Mary who was sleeping quietly.

Chemicals and Mary. If there's a force that moves in unison with these people, it's not going to be easy.

'It's not a sea of poetry.' The sea of poetry rarely appears on the outside. It may be similar to these, but no sign of them was seen anywhere.

In fact, Saeda is the 'Clan' 0,/La7/Coda of the 'Association' uh/Nearby Bookkeeping.

Where only clan members do not purify from clan to clan after clan. Every £35997;/clause//with only one common money-4 goal, that 0/hard-earned (p/for/for/for).

So they poured/drifted/only/each one of them. Although he only traveled around with the use of zucchini, there were also 7/properties in Li/ö/E/E of each staircase, as well as craftsmen's compilations.

Sometimes the tablets are/big <!/o//undercover, so each clan makes//their own/death bets.

Everywhere, but everywhere John//s.

It was not just the sea of the land that was located.

When they were told to do something like that, they marked the battlefield-ö/E171ö//of the body as harmful.

A mark that does not only use a breed of paper/ÖP.

They leave it behind ($12291; $45688 after)./

If you could see the Seal of Poetry right away, it wouldn't have been that hard to filter out the Sea of Poetry lurking within each clan.

Because of this, the seal of the poem can only be seen by the way those who participated in each mission received it from the Branch separately, and there was no other way.

But this did not apply to Yeon Woo.

It was because of the nature of his' Shadow Realm '.

[Shadow Realm] Grade: Power Skill: 72.6% Description: Unique form of power shaped by power originating from the Throne of Death with dark power.

Shadows are freely available. Easily connected to other powers, it is easy to handle, and the inside is connected to the void, which can be stored by grabbing things or people.

At this time, the conceptual information about the captured object is communicated to the caster.

Gather information about objects contained in the area. This is how we learned from Chemical and Mary that even Ernie, their bodies, had no seal of poetry.

It would have been nice to know if they were the Vampire Lords or not, but it didn't seem to have developed there yet.

However, it was not the sea of poetry that was causing the uprising.

Then there's only one place left.

'The Darwood Brotherhood.' The Darwood Architecture celebrates the EI of poetry, '' and the humble/rated chicken. '


Lord Adah, give me a shadow.

In fact, they were all blood. They were both early in their own trading, but 0/they/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/were/

Where were the objections/pursuits?

After that 7/7/7, I only pursued Guaram.

Like the sea of poetry moving about ideals, the Darwood Brotherhood was known to have its own ideals when it first came together.

However, over the long years, 'the goals and ideals that existed between brothers were wishing for light. Today, only destruction and insanity remained their sole purpose' and those lunatics who do not hesitate to work decades to destroy the tower for that destruction and insanity. 'The Dawood Brotherhood was also the most fiercely contentious place with Arthya except the Red Dragon.

When their leader, their brother and I bumped into each other.

The words he said when he blew up the Great Hall were imprinted firmly in the head of Yeon Woo who saw the diary.

- That's a funny question to ask. Why fight? Because it's fun! Fun.

It meant fighting only for pleasure.

Midnight, the sun rising from the sky. Said it was fun to drop him. He said he did something that made God uncontrollable.

'Just like Agares.' [Agarez reads your thoughts and protests strongly!] [Agarez has an unpleasant look compared to that madman.] [Agarez frowns and asks you to change your mind "[Agarez is annoyed.] [Agarez is determined to change his mind.] [Agarez is back on board.] [Agares has been temporarily cut off with the permission of the user.] [Administration warns against excessive messages from Agares.] [Someone temporarily blocked the message violently protests.] [The Administration has silenced it. Demons in Le Infernal ignore someone whose message is temporarily blocked.] [Baal grabs his tongue as he sees someone with a temporary cut off message.] 'No. Still better than him.' At least Agares is obsessed with his brother, but sometimes it helps. Maybe there's a big improvement in magic with the Devil.

It also helped a lot this time [Someone who was temporarily disconnected nods satisfactorily.] [Your complaint has been cancelled.] [Demons of Le Infinitale shake their heads. [Baal sighs deeply.] On the other hand, someone focused solely on breaking his brother's wings. And the moment he fell; he quickly hid his tracks again.

Like this, the Dawood Brotherhood was a place where Yeon-woo thought of as a kind of insect that must one day be hunkered down like a bloodline or Elohim.

However, their movements were so subtle that they were hard to find that I kept them at bay for a while.

"You stepped on your tail in a place like this, didn't you? 'Moreover, the Dawood Brotherhood knew about the use of the Heterolite that he did not know.

The Vampire Diarrhea takes away 20129; 0 01 dissolves to drain the energy contained in them with their race skills. It was in a way I had never thought of.

The idea was not so difficult, Morona, but only if she had a good understanding of Heterolite. It was clear that they knew something of the secrets hidden in this bloodstone.

'The secret related to the god of other systems • • Bloodstone and bloodshed are blood clots (Blood + 39200;, Hard Blood) to serum possessed by other gods. A clot of hemorrhoids, a serum with pure blood in it.

The question is how can such a thing remain so much like the brother of a vein?

And how the hell did Central Administration find this place?

The god of the other system is the beings outside the tower that are not enslaved. This area, on the other hand, is an undiscovered area, but is classified as a tower area. It was a place where there could never be traces of another god. Even the chaos crawling around the tower was merely projecting over when it intervened.

Has there been a war with their gods or demons in the past? Otherwise, at that moment, I stopped speaking and looked up at the tunnel where it was still shaking.

The tunnels that were wide enough for dozens of people to pass through were glowing solid red. The shape was usually backlit and lacking.

It's like a passageway through which something is heavily muddled.

Yeongwoo has a family that comes to her senses, but she doesn't even know it yet, so she shakes her head. If you're right.

The gods of otherness are more distant than we can imagine or predict.

So it becomes harder to guess the identity of the wandering king that the chaos is here to find him.

Anyway, Yeon-woo went behind the scenes and collected the wings of the sky, shaking her head.

This led to the abduction of Chemical and Mary, and all the people they wanted here.


I completed the order. Owner. "" I trapped him in the shadow. "Sanon and Han have both completed their missions at the same time.

It means that the silver and Gilfi are the same. Now all we have to do is hide in a place where managers can't find Lana and find the Vampire Monarch.

At that moment.

Yeon-woo straightened her waist.

I thought it would still take time to get here, given the confusion! “Ewwwwwwwwwwww!” A criticism appeared as it knocked down the ground. His temptation was so fierce that the falling rocks were scattered to the ground before they hit.

Afterward, there were also those who were spilling ferocity.

Special Forces. Central Administration is proud of its elite. Combat-high rookies who flew one foot from the tower together before becoming managers.

“You did the same thing as the King, didn't you? Where I am, not once, not twice! Did I look that ridiculous to you? How dare you!" You must be furious.

A force that will never be outdone by Agares.

Yeon-woo had to feel her chest tighten: Although she was stretching out her wings, he was still short of fury, he was unable to go one-on-one with Tanek.

No, it was absurd to confront someone who was the chief manager in the first place.

= 1 How to defeat 0 trillion degrees, unless you leave the tower, you won't be able to avoid the continued system of sanctions and the Bureau of Administration.


'We'll have to step back for now.

Luckily, the manager flaps his wings, thinking that he can't get out of his own area.

At that moment, Margie, coming out of Tanek like a whip, whips her way past where he was.

Old fox! An enormous depth of furrows lingers here and there. The rate of collapse has also increased significantly, making the upheaval worse. Above that, Danek is charging with his horn firmly forward.

It was a feeling of pressure that would be crushed by the force of the force just by being hit, or just being in my place.

Yeon-woo looked too humble in front of him. This is Seung Won, in the face of a great crisis that would prevent even the wings of the sky from greatly enlarging power! ”Like the man who found the oasis in the dry desert, Yeon will shout in haste, looking behind the danek.

Tanek turns his head back, dumbfounded by the sudden appearance of the King, rather than running this way.

It was the only thing in his life that caused him to lose.

Moreover, he had always thought that Yeon-woo had something to do with the conspiracy that entered the rock cave. A conspiracy involving no king.

So, of course, we have to react immediately.

But of course, there was no king there. It's just a pile of rocks and a cold breeze.

Tanek realized that he had just been fooled by Yeon-woo, then looked back more closely, wanting to know what this was doing.

Then he was surprised at the imperfection without knowing it.

Suddenly, swords were formed along the pond, circling the bank.

The marzi fireflies seemed to be dancing, but it was enough to cool down the conversation between Tanek and the scouts.

It was only half a day before we took down the Middle Mountain with one shot and destroyed the stage. A hundred more than one or two of those crazy things? In a cave this small? My back creeped me out by itself.

And this became clear.

The king was more of a man than my master! “This mitanek read the prime number of the moat and screamed.

“Blow.” Whew. Hundreds of Kim Hwan, who were spinning fiercely, burst into light. Immediately before being covered by a swarm of light, Danek felt the evil smile of Yeon Woo.

"Toughness, width! Hahn! C!" With a joyful shout of discussion.

The fever, which swells, spreads rapidly, filling Janeg's rock den. Screams and horrors stay buried. Take care! And just before leaving the exploding rock tunnel with the teleport.

Something that made up the rock cave 'seemed to have heard a mournful cry as it thumped out in pain.