Second Life Ranker

19. Vampire Lords (1)

[Wall of the Dead] Sphere • • • “Done?” In the middle of nowhere. Not only did Yeongwoo cast several layers of shadows, but she also used ghosts to form up to the wall and waited for the earthquake to end.

And when the upheaval is over, you nod quietly, grabbing the dead man's wall.

It was hard to see the front and back of the whole area covered with falling stones, but there was still room for the lotus to move everywhere.

Huaa! Yeon clears out any obstacles in front of her as she expands her shadow space. A black flame flashes over the shadow and all the rocks are crushed or flattened.

The more she did, the more she was able to add confidence to her own expectations.

I knew it.

This was no ordinary 'oyster'.

I concentrated the meteor sword that destroyed the stage and blew it up in one place. If it were a normal oyster, it would not be strange if it could not collapse.

So after the moat completely collapsed, he was either trying to get out of here or use the teleport again.

But even though the mine was broken, the outskirts' brother was being kept.

What this means is one.

'It is not an ordinary mine. You know, the Hidden Stage.

Yeon Woo's eyes gleam brightly.

Beyond the collapsed ceiling, you see a red glowing exterior wall.

"A corpse. It must have been left behind by another god. God's Corpse! It was definitely not something I could just pass on.

[Many gods are shocked] [Many demons wonder if this makes sense.] Yeon can feel the fear of God and demons through channeling connected to her.

They were so calm that they wouldn't budge, but this time they were shocked to the point that they couldn't hide the shock.

If the gods of Italy were the remains of the dead, as Yeonwoo predicted, they could easily be lured anywhere they were.

'The blood clots and serum must have been so virulent, it must have been a blood vessel.' The fact that the undiscovered land of a hundred prisoners had been divided over decades was actually only a tiny part of the body of God.

'Minimally captured is the size of any planet.' '[Divine society,' Deva 'discusses the secrets of the Central Administration.] [God's society,' Cheonggo prepares to protest vigorously.] [God's society, 'Olympus is silent.] [The Divine Society, Asgard, quietly speaks to you] [The Devil's Society,' The Bridge Reveals Curiosity about the Other Body '] [The Devil's Society, Le Infernal, feels a strong greed.] [The Administration is silent about the many protests pouring out from the heavens.] When I first saw Kronos' corpse in Tartarus, I was insulted.

It was at a level that was easily negligible, like a baby joke.

Gods and demons. Among them, existence has surpassed the universe and resources for those who stand at the forefront or are classified as the Demon King.

Cosmic existence. That adjective didn't come out of nowhere.

But I can assure you, none of them boasted as much of a terrifying figure and size as this.

Maybe you can compare it to the Great Beyond or the Goblins.

In the beginning, they rarely had an identity, so there was no constant form. Most of them were laws, and purity was them. It meant it wasn't worth comparing.

Besides, there's a bigger problem.

Are the other gods like this? So how many of them are these bodies originally? Leader or underling? 'A guy of this size is fine at the head level. The heads of each society will be fine.

But what if something so advanced could boast the size of a cluster or a nebulae? At that time, there might be an entire division of the Transcendent Society.

Yeonwoo thought that maybe the chaos she encountered, a small part of the other side, and a very small part of it.

"Damn it," he said without even knowing.

Judges who have not yet crossed the gods and demons in the tower, and perhaps even bigger than them.

What is this nonsense? "And the Black King they seek is silent.] [The vast majority of demons swallow moods.] Yeon sweeps her head with her hands, clearing her mind.

After all, his goal is to complete revenge, find his soul, and destroy the One Street Tower. The rest of the job wasn't his concern right now.

I'm even thinking of borrowing power from the god of other worlds if I have to, so it might be a good thing.

'It's not that the killing of another god doesn't work.' This kind of being died and remained like this, 'it meant that death was an inevitable concept for them.

Moreover, he is currently absorbing a lot of phenomena and gaining a little bit of divinity and the factors that the corpse had in life. It would have been a big help in the future.

So the question was postponed for a moment, and now it was time to find the Vampire Monarch.

2 `Muscle-Reg's thoughts ended in horrific vomiting of four men snatched from the swamp of shadows.

Chemical, Mary, On, Gilfi. They were all confused, and every eyebrow dreamed of waking up from the outside.

Then Gilblood opened his eyes first.

Deep in the shaft where there is no light. Light finds Yeongwoo late and trembles at the place where the honeycomb floats.

“What are you going to do with me? Why did you bring me here? What's the big deal?” Gilfi suddenly realized that Yeon-woo was the cause of all this and screamed. She was just trying to get a bunch of rocks out of here and go back to her homeworld someday.

I accidentally got swept away by an army I didn't want at all.

“If you have a mouth, say something. Yeon-woo looks at Yohiva silently without saying anything, and Gilfi yells. But the shadow surrounding her reaches back up and bites her lip.

Meanwhile, the other three people slowly opened their eyes.

Chemical was trembling without overcoming anger, and the focus was still off of Mary's eyes, making sure she had not yet escaped her fear.

The escort of Dani1, Silver, stares at Yeongwoo with calm eyes without any resistance.

I had never seen it before, but it was beautiful.

No, it wasn't just that. It was beautiful. Sleek nose and eyes. It seemed to have been hand-painted.

What does it matter whether or not there is a mirrored figure in the warrior? 'I don't think the Vampire Monarch who will be living in a mask will have such a prominent appearance.' Chemical, Mary, On. All three of them were difficult to call the Vampire Monarchs. Then it was Guilty, but she also felt bad about it.

Did I pick the wrong candidate? Yeon-woo has a sudden anxiety. I thought I might have to go back to that shattered shaft.

• • • • You'll see.

Hope it doesn't come to that. Yeongwoo touched the pendant on her neck with her hand.

It was Getto's new possession, a seawater amulet, that he thanked his sister's second teacher, Lada before she left.

['The lion's retreat has been triggered.] [Who would you like to summon?] “Lana.” According to the power of darkness, the black air currents clumped together to form a man.

Lana slowly opens her closed eyes.

“It's been a long time, Lana.” Yeon-woo gladly greets Lana for a moment and takes a quick look at four people. Since my daughter died a long time ago, I thought that I would have to react to her.

But all you do is stare at Yeon without knowing the exact circumstances. There was no fluctuation in them.

I guess none of this is true. Yeon-woo kicks her tongue and looks back at Lana.

And he began to understand and explain his situation using contradictions so that they could not be heard. I've shared everything I've learned to find his soul.

So simply put, you mean to say that in order to find the soul of Jungwoo, you have to find the path to darkness, and you need your mother for it? "Yes.” You have to show the ugly daughter. I didn't even think of meeting my mother like this, but I slowly walked while making a bitter smile. Meeting your mother in the form of a dead soul. There was no such invalidity. Nothing breaks a parent's heart more than watching their child die first.

But I understand Yeon-woo's situation well. Lana moves without hesitation and stands in front of someone.

In fact, since she first appeared here, she had a very familiar aroma. That's why I missed her even more: Mother. This is how I met him. Forgive your ugly daughter. "The place where Lana stood was in front of the silver.

For a moment, the silver eyes tremble, and then she sighs deeply.

“I'm not enough, I'm not enough, I'm not enough, I'm not enough, I'm not enough, I'm not enough, I'm not enough, I'm not even my daughter.

Silver takes the missing hand to his face. Suddenly, a whole new part appeared, with the sound of squeaking, screaming/crabbing all over my face.

Whi-so-so thin appearance had suddenly turned into a small 140-centimeter body.

But it was as sharp as its eyes. It contains the arrogance to crush the soul just by making eye contact. The calm flow was so intense that the skin of the honeycomb was irritating.

She's the Vampire Monarch.

Once upon a time, we ruled the night and the moon in the tower.

Attack! The Vampire Emperor broke Haran's mask, which empowered Woman to make you 'On'. Once caught, masks are no longer useful. I didn't have to.

She reaches out a small hand and strokes Hirana's face.

I felt the slick feeling of the spirit.

“How can you be so heartless in 7 months?” Mother. "Happily. He was always like that. Like old times and now." Take a long sigh. The Vampire Lord stares at Yeon-woo with his cold eyes.

After a long time, I wanted to talk to my daughter like a chimney, but now I had to figure out Yeon-woo's scheme to play with their mothers.

“Why did you try to find me after all these strange things?” Koo-Yeon felt that the power of the Vampire Monarch was similar to his own, but different, by touching his neck with his hands.

If his energy meant death and burning deeply and sometimes hot, her waves meant night and were both intense and very cold.

A night so deep it can't even be counted.

I have to say, it's like looking at an abyss.

The face of the Vampirist who has been hidden in the mask. It was so deep that no matter how hard I looked at it with Yongsin and Hwang Yuan Jing, I couldn't understand the depth.

The cold blade seemed to reach your neck. My skin was very irritating. My back was cold.

It was an instinctual warning that it was dangerous.

"No matter how hard you try, you may be compared to a master." The real monster was right here.

I didn't know there was anything like a king in the tower. It was unthinkable.

So Yeon-woo lifted up the power of the dark and slowly opened his mouth while repelling the power of the Vampire Monarch.

“However, you will have to be very, very good at what you say. Jungwoo, the impression that he gave me a long time ago was so good that he let it go even if he did something arrogant, even if he had ruined the gospel he had just achieved. Even if it's nothing.” The Vampire Lord rolls up one lip, arrogantly twisting his short leg off a nearby rock.

The teeth I had seen on the baritorial ritual sword were clearly visible between my lips.

“I'll rip your throat out and throw it in front of Tanek as dog food.