Second Life Ranker

20. Vampire Lords (2)

'That's cold.' Yeon-woo strokes her neck with her hands. Maybe that's not a lie.

Her sister met the Vampire Monarch after a brief fling, but now she's ruined her plan.

Stalking next to Tanek, the chief administrator, waiting for the moment, must mean that she was desperate for opportunity.

That's what she said.

'You better speak well.

Otherwise, your life would be in danger.

It's foolish to turn a monster against a monster who may be equal to no king. The Bureau of Investigation is looking for itself right now.

“We need a way to the heart of things.” “Laplace in the tomb is there.

Immediately, the Vampirist's eyes glowed fiercely.

You need a ticket to the tutorial. Are you looking for Akasa's snake? ”Though I haven't explained about Akasa's snake yet, I didn't expect you to notice.

But in a certain way, it was obvious.

Given that the location known as the Vampire Monarch's death at the time was the tutorial. She must have mastered all the Hidden Pieces hidden there, too. It doesn't make sense that you don't know about Akasa's snake.

“The snake of Akasa. Such a dreadful dog who waits for the return of the Jeju master, without hesitation, and removes only his faults. But what does that have to do with you?" The tip of the bloodsucking monarch's lips twisted even more.

“If so.” As I cut off her waist, I thought her teeth, gleaming between her lips, looked too fierce.

“Are you the successor of this inquiry?" That said, Yeon-woo had to tighten her waist without knowing it.

We're gonna need to vent a little more. You're not the only one who's getting this opportunity, are you? Right? When I bumped into Allfowon.

Martha kicked her tongue when she saw him separated from his personality and still unconscious. It's not enough. You'll be more excited. Otherwise, the opportunity will be lost.

Though I was curious about that, I did not have deep questions at the time.

Most of what Marseilles said was unintelligible.

At that moment, the Vampire Monarch was able to recall Yeon-woo's words.


He definitely said that.

Don't think you're the only one who's special.

And the Vampire Monarch said, Are you the next in line?

• • • Do you know who the king of vagrancy is? ”Who do you think I am?” The Vampire Lord was cruelly virtuous with his left arm. The coolness of the air, along with the appearance of being so arrogant, adds to her dominance.

“I, Jim, am the mother who cares for all who breathe under the moon, and the queen who represents and enforces the holy will of the night. And where do you think the power of the moon and night comes from?” “Of course. Dark and empty, the moon's night can illuminate the world. How is it worth discussing the darkness? 'I straightened my waist.

One word from the Vampire Lord seemed to castrate his heart. I felt suffocated.

The darkness that he had thought he had been dealing with was pushed away, and a darker, darker darkness was approaching and pressing down on his breath.

That is why Yeon-woo could realize.

This is the night.


For the first time, I felt like I knew what 'real' darkness was.

I haven't seen you in a while. Very well written. I heard the soliloquy of Maestri Asrai. It seemed to be even, as if he was mesmerizing.

Yeon-woo presses out the chains of darkness and asks a sudden question.

I had a question for a moment.

“Are you the successor of the Dark?” “I'd hoped so, but it didn't end well. Well, I'll keep it simple.” “Then King Child means • • • • • •“ to that end. ”At that moment, the bitterness of the Vampirist business disappeared. She returns to a proud day and night.

“The question now is not about you, it's about Jim. You have not yet answered Jim's question," Are you the successor of 'this' darkness? So you want to find the snake of Akasa and find a way to go dark? That's what I'm asking.

You don't have to hide it.

I thought Zari Yeon was doing well. The Vampire Monarch seemed to know the King of Chilhogs well. Then even more so, we had to drag her this way.

So I nodded.

“Yes." “So I see. I do.” The Vampire Lord narrows his eyes and bites.

“How does Jim benefit from helping you? It is said that Jim once lived with the queen of those who walk around the night in the glory of darkness, but that does not make him a follower of darkness. It means there's no reason to help you. Nevertheless, by embracing the plan of the burden and helping you, what will the burden gain? What can you offer?” Yeon-woo did not miss the fact that the title of the Vampire Monarch changed to 'You' instead of 'Da Da.'

It meant that he would at least sit at the negotiating table and listen to him as his successor.

And fortunately, I knew exactly what the aspiring lord wanted. That's why I thought I'd find her in the first place.

“Let me help you.” So I responded confidently.

“What are you going to help?” The Vampire Lord frowned a little for a moment, not understanding what Yeon-woo was saying. Then Izzie shook her head for the first time.

“Let me help you find Earl Perenz.” I felt like my body was being sucked in somewhere at the moment of making love. I couldn't resist. My mind is steady, and my neck is firmly tied to the hands of the Vampire Monarch. I choked.

The Vampire Lord growls, doing a lot of crooked work. If you say any more useless things, I'll tear you apart. A violent force surges like a storm.

At that moment, a shadow of danger tried to move.

Bang! Suddenly, the Black Energy emanates along the Vampire Monarch, each of which turns into a Diawolf and a Giant stomach, stuck like a stake in the shadow.

Grrrgh. Her clans do not conceal a gruesome murder, as if she were to tear the shadows apart.

Morgrim and Roost, the self-immolation of the Vampire Lords as their arms in their lifetime. It is known that even high rankers with the strength of an individual can chew through a handful of handouts.

It was different from what Mary was dealing with in the first place.

Sanon and Han, who were trying to reconsider, entered the battle, knowing that they were an unlikely number of opponents.

Instead of pulling out a sword, he said, "How dare the underlings run around with laughter?” Morgrim and Roost were equally attracted to Howling. It was like they were told not to meddle in the royal functions they serve.

As two solid lines were drawn towards the back of the stream, two eyes of furiously stained wealth appeared.

Die. I want to, Bato. Lee. "Faust, as it were. Maybe he finally got what he wanted?” What I meant. The Magic King Mephistopelle, under the guise of the dark dynasty of Dene, said, "I mean the old choice of a wealthy man who fell from A Le Zoo.

There was a small relationship between the Vampire Monarch and the former life of wealth in a very long time.

The Vampire Monarch who wanted to be the heir to Faust and Dark, who was a follower of Dark. The path of pursuit was similar, but it ended differently, but there was never a bad time between them.

But now it's different. Hundreds of years later, wealth hasn't found all the power to reach the Vampire Lords yet, but anger was real.

“Faust, it is true that your insanity and obsession with the pursuit of darkness are strong, and your love of it is strong. But you'd better not try to interfere. There's a limit to taking care of jokes.

Sub-head. "Wealthy Inferno sites are coming up with more.

Suddenly, Yeon-woo said she was fine. Wealth looks at Yeon-woo very sleeplessly, but as he shakes his head, he assumes his intentions and retreats silently. The extended shadow of Sapphire returned to its place.

The Vampire Lord has burst a photon.

“Hahaha! The underlings are good at what they say. He raised loyal dogs," Apologize. ”What?” “You may tolerate contempt of me, but you will not allow ridicule of the men.” Haha! "The Vampire looked as if he was strangled, yet barely speaking.

Yeon-woo stared at her without changing her face. Pressure of something telling you to abort immediately. Before that, I had a strong will to never back down. I was ready to rush into it.

The Vampire Lord loosened his throat as he slept his tongue more heavily.

So he's not the one who just bought his mouth. He seemed to care about saving his life as a monarch quite reasonably. I wonder if he really is the successor of this generation.

I was jealous for a little while. It was time for her to sit where she could not.

But that's why I think you can carry that much weight, but it's good. The Apologized Vampire Lord looked over at the shadow of Yeouido and said: Suddenly, the space around the lotus shook. E was startled. The Vampire he knew was a madman. He was not the one who would put an apology on his mouth so easily.

And on the other hand, it blessed them again because they loved each other very much. The same was true of Sanon and Han.

“But you know you're not gonna end up apologizing for making fun of me, right?” Earl Perenz. The only husband the Vampire Lord ever loved. It was also a way for her to become a monarch and fall. In addition.

'That's why the Vampire Lords have been wasting decades here.

Finding him, that's her grudge.

Lana was also watching Yeon Woo. I didn't think I'd ever hear from Yeonwoo about a known relative who went missing a long time ago.

Looking at those two mothers.

LW slowly opened his mouth. About the only secret you know.

After all the stories.

The Vampire Monarch gazed quietly at the air with his mouth shut. The silence was overwhelming.

No one could speak to her. Lana also had to look at her with such sad eyes.

She tried so hard to find something, but could never find it. After decades of diligence, she realized that his work had led her way to Janek's rock den. I could hear the whereabouts of Earl Ferentis in a place I had no idea.

“Evidence that he's there." I still can't tell you that Earl Perenz is there.

But we should be able to catch up soon enough. "“ I see. ”The Vampire Lord glances at Yeongwoo with his fierce eyes.

“If it's a lie, you're dead.” “To you.

“That's it.” “I know. The Vampire Monarch turned his body against him. Yeon-woo nods, knowing that she will accept his offer.

Lana nods, placing her head on Yeon Woo's shoulders as if it had gone well. I'm going to give a funeral thanks to Yeon Woo, too.


Take us with you, monarch! ”Mary, who has been tied to the shadow and is still listening to the two conversations, shouted in haste.

The Vampire Lord glances back at you with a tightly annoyed look on his face.

“What the fuck, bitch?” “Monarch • • • • • • •! Don't you remember me? I'm the one who put my left finger next to you!” “What the fuck?” The Vampire Lord laughs at Mary, smiling at the cost.

“Strigoi, the Blood girl.” Well, yes! ”At that moment, Mary's face turned pale.

Bloodstream. It was the name of the family she belonged to. Now, although the fall of the Vampire and seven have vanished into the back roads of history, she is confident that she will always resurrect her family. Entering the Dawood Brotherhood was also for him, and the Vampire Monarch was right to say, 'I lived as a silver and guarded Danek's side, but I had no clue about the Dawood Brotherhood and was less interested than not aware of it. Plus, the whole personality changes after wearing the dead mask. Meanwhile, both his personality and power as the Vampire Monarch were asleep.

“Why is the precious spirit of a blood-pupil in such a filthy place?” “What is so important to a monarch like that? However, I implore you, please give me the grace that you bestowed on my family and my family the other day.” “So you want me to take you on your way to the heart of things? Why?" “It is.” Mary was here realizing her fate was in jeopardy, depending on how the Vampire Lords would respond.

I didn't think Yeon-woo would let them live, as long as she had listened to all of their conversations. Murder extinction.

The best way to keep your mouth shut is to maintain status in the world.

However, if you buy the amount of vampire monarchy, the story changes.

I was able to live, and I was able to find blood. That's where they wanted to go now. But if the Vampire Monarch decided to resurrect, he could try to measure up with me, “Me too! Please, too. I'll give you anything you want. Please take it.” Gilfi quickly knelt down and tightened her head. Chemicals are lowering their heads as quickly as they can.

The Vampire Lord stroked Doug with his bare hands, looking at the three men.

“I was going to act for a while, but I needed a crowd.

Three people's faces became clear and bright.

“You don't remember our blood coalition. The monarch can do whatever he wants.” The Dark Elves specialize in a variety of errands. Leave the metal, wood.

“I'm confident in my power." At that moment, the Vampire Monarch laughed in malice. But the three of them looked down and did not see that smile.

Fine. I'll take it. You said you'd give me everything I want. ”“ Then die.

Shhh_“Nothing, what •“ So ”three people dare to rebel.

The Vampire squeezes out his right hand as it bends like a hook.

Three heads with puzzled expressions float through the air as blood splashes.

At the same time, the dark gloom blooms between them, revealing the evil teeth, and chewing the head as it is.

< The Vatorie's Phantom Horse >. The unique skill that the Vampire Blade threw in the tutorial day was more evolved. Not only did the Zero Headache but also all the remaining bodies were eaten and disappeared.

And there were three mesmerizing ghosts that swirled around Morgrim and Roost.

After killing, the main character of the Vampirist monarchy appeared, saying that the soul and the body were the whole family.

“There's nothing more certain than giving your life. Chew!” The Vampire Licks Blood Hands with His Tongue and smiles joyfully.

After tasting the blood for a while, I liked that she knew.

Sanon saw the Vampire Lord and muttered to himself, "• • • • • • • Why is there a tougher participant than the Lord?"