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Vaporization.Vampiric Lords (3)

“This is the place you've been looking for.” “So spacious.” There is an extraordinary world where Yeongwoo has followed the Vampire Monarch through uncharted territory for a long time.

"Isn't this the body of the multiverse god? How the hell did this happen? 'The move that began with the development of Bling and Teleports dozens of times was such a powerful force that Yeon-woo had never experienced before.

It was so far away that I thought I would be halfway around the world by now. The shaft was that deep.

Moreover, seeing similar and the same scenery over and over again, I thought that I might be stuck in a maze and circle around the same place all the time.

It was fortunate to know that the coordinates were constantly changing as they were moving. There was a relief that the Vampire Lords moved as if they were very familiar in a complex tunnel.

Then we arrived at a place completely different from the tunnels he had seen.

An open world.

It was too open to know what the horizon was like.

Even though there was no sun and moon, there was a red sky and the light was blazing. Strange grass grows in the plains, unfamiliar with tablets, and some grow forests. You can see the hills and mountains from afar. There was a robbery in between.

Looks like someone moved the stage.

Yeon-woo was a little confused.

“I don't know what this place is, I don't suppose, or something like that: Yeon nods. It's ridiculous that an ecosystem is being built in a place that used to be a cadaver. I thought I might have heard my predictions.

By the way.

“I feel like I'm imagining that this is a body of God.” “Then that's a comforting story. This is in the disguise of the corpse.” Yeon-woo's eyes widen with an answer I never expected.

This is the stage where the features are formed. Digestive organs? And there's more to this place than meets the eye. There was something I had been trampling on for a long time.

Monsters of the second generation floating on their backs in the sky and crossing between strange bushes. One of them had a peculiar shape that wanted to be born evolutionarily.

Animals running barefoot, creatures of a transparent form, and tentacle monsters built dozens of beaks in five metres of stash.

The problem was that the aura in them was never great.

It was full of individuals who were strong enough to be able to win even when Yeongwoo hit them with all her might.

Some of them were never lacking in self-esteem. 'What appeared to be the leader class was worth comparing to the leader class.

At the moment of the breeding, I felt like I had come to Tartarus or worse.

The Vampire Monarch smiled, smiling as if he thought he would draw them, looking at the monsters with the eyes of Yeon-woo.

“They are old ghosts who have lost their existence. Remnants of the stomach wall that were once great, but were never fully digested after being eaten by this giant." “Of course, it doesn't mean the existence is completely gone, but there's a part of the rage that remains, and I'm the only one.” But they're instincts without ego. The Vampire Monarch once journeyed through multiple universes and resources, but he laughed at the monsters who didn't have a self now.

[Bimachildara frowns at the sight of you.] [Kernunos is silent. [Agares frowns] [Many gods are astonished. [Many demons hold their tongues] [A few gods question what the Central Administration was hiding.] [A handful of demons try to make contact with the Chief Administrator] There were also various responses from the celestial world that were watching this situation through the alliance.

Unbelief and horror, and doubts about the Bureau of Investigation that had known about this woman.

That's what society looks like in their eyes. 'The kingdom of heaven has been at war for over a thousand years, but the conflict between God and the devil could not be lost until one faction was completely destroyed.

Isn't there already a lot of prophecies about it? Armageddon. Ragnarog. The final war, called by many names. It would be unpleasant and frightening to see a section of the result already.

“And that stuff over there.” The Vampire Lords point to the other monsters running through the monsters of the release. They were much smaller in stature than the others, so they were shaped like human beings.

“Failure to achieve desertion. Not even a manager or a transcendent one.” Yeon-woo swallowed the moan. Now I thought I understood what the Vampire Lord was trying to say.

Many of the prisoners in Janek's Rock Cave wish to become managers. But they can't all be managers. You're gonna need a test.

The problem was that a significant condition was needed to become a manager. Individual managers can be paired with the best personalities in the world. Of course, 'desertion' would be a fundamental feature.

'But the problem is that such desertion is pressed into the system because of Olfowon. You won't be able to hope for • • • • • • until transcendence.' How can I be Awakened as an Administrator using a system like an Administrator? All those who do not will have to dispose of them.

It's here, Shimchee, the garbage yard where they gather.

“But you can't ignore them, either. Exposure to the surroundings of this stomach wall would have caused the newborn to grow up eating as much as they could.” The bloodstone and bloodstone contained the same divine factor, but it must have been exposed everywhere that their own ecosystem was created.

Yeonwoo was able to feel desperately whether she had just tapped into a place that made no sense.

God of alternate worlds, what they are • • [Gods of knowledge and exploration begin discussions about the God of multiverse.] [Demons craving power are deeply interested in the gods of otherness.] “Anyway, be careful not to come into contact with them. I'll be bothered if I don't get involved.” “I understand.” The Vampire Lord is' a pain in the ass. If you have curiosity here for no reason, it becomes difficult.

There was nothing good about buying their attention as long as it was Yeonwoo, so I was going to kill him as much as I could. I shrunk my magic into my body and used the wind to kill as many miracles as I could.

“Then let's find it.” The Vampire squeezes his palms wide and says something. I've never heard of it. However, in Yeon-woo's ear, the word "foot lamp" was heard.

It's different.

An inverse cross-shaped sentence echoes through her palm in black light. Around the cross, a hemispherical protective shield appeared and disappeared.

At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes sparkled strangely.

'There it is.' Mangwi-soon, corresponding to 'Soon' of the contradictions representing the Vampire Monarch (£30683; £30462;, intestinal and shield).

The Vampire Monarch was horrified by Morgrim and Rustra, but on the other hand, it was also known that she boasted a great deal of notoriety with two spear knives in her body.

Among them, 'The blood of the Vampire Sword was the blood that was poured into my body by swallowing the flesh.

The order was a shaman's order to seek the flesh and lead it to death.

And since the Vampire Monarch has evolved into a new form of Unique skill,

At a split second, the reverse cross crest began to spin like a compass needle and stopped, covering the north-east direction. And...

Pot | The sentence was broken perfectly and left a very long trail. Just like Margie told me to follow you here.

“I've encountered Laplace many times. A long time ago, Jim had something to do with the rhetorical.” Battery's Witch Chamber tells you where the target is. The larger the existence, the easier it was to find out.

On the contrary, the Vampire Lords were able to hide their tracks by avoiding the enemy's pursuit because they could build a presence from the outside.

'But Earl Ferentis couldn't find it either. All we know is that he came to the rock pit.' It means that it is not all. If the opponent tries to hide his existence with another move, there is no answer. In fact, the Witch's Lair was a defensive skill rather than a chase, like the name 'Shield'.

“Then let's go back.” They moved again in the direction the Witch Chamber was covering.

It was much quieter and more discreet than the women's movement.

How long has it been since real time?

I thought that Yeongwoo would have been around for five to six days.

In a world without day or night, the two of them never stopped moving. In the meantime, there were times when the liver had to waste its time trying to lose track of the loose monsters who had noticed their end.

Whenever I drew, the Vampire Monarch asked me to marry him. Never clash.

I don't know what kind of power you think you're hiding. And they're just like the Savannah world, so if one of them gets bit, it attracts the attention of the other like dominoes, so you should never be curious.

And in fact, every time the liver sneaked past the realm of giant monsters, it had to feel like the tender backbone was getting cooler.

What appears to be the leader of an area. Those who refused to mix with other beings were so dangerous that they could not imagine what he would do. The gods and demons who were watching the situation using his gaze were now silent and frightened.

'That's how scared you must be.

If all this grows up in the god of one thracian who was pushed from the war, what about the other thracian gods?

Perhaps the lower classes will not be so bold. The Creator, the Supreme Being, or even the highest rank, can compete with the winter.

The world that was created here in disguise boasted a much larger scale than any stage.

Given that stages are small planets or continents.

"Wow. That's just swearing. The world is wide. I thought the towers were the pinnacle of all universes and resources, but maybe they were frogs in a well." Sanon and Hanoi are now astonished.

“That's far enough.” The two of them somehow make it to the tip of a tall mountain. Actually, the Witch's chambers weren't all finished. But there's a place down there where the end of the coven reaches.

Beneath the cliff, the sea lay open. There was a sound that sounded cheerful, rumbling, and the waves.

But nothing was open or open at all.

A sea of acid. A murky, gray sea that glows like the burning sulfur of hell. The fog above was so cloudy that I could only see that it was full of mediated poison.

"That's all gastric fluid, right? It's crashed, really. Is he really dead? • Yeon-woo had to barely stay awake as she listened to the voices of Sadon who was trying to get away.

0 The wise man's stone and dragon heart move fiercely, noticing Ingju's abnormality.

[Extreme toxicity erodes the body. Condition disorder, addiction? Falls into a state.] [Opponent's better, falls into a 'dizzy' opponent.] [Attention! Step away from the current terrain. Our current capabilities are almost impossible to target.] ['Remain rational due to cold-blooded nature.] [Poison has been terminated.

Toxicity resistance has been developed.] [Skill Proficiency of 'Debt Poison' has increased dramatically. 12.6%] [You obtained a Characteristic Natural Immaculate Stimulation.] 'I didn't expect skill proficiency and character to increase simply by being exposed to the environment.

Yeon-woo laughed for no reason. How am I supposed to get across the ocean of poison and acid just to be okay with it? But Ralph was definitely out there.

There were also lively islands' among the cloudy mists. A pile of dead meta-human surgeons.

Corruption was also actively developing with gastric fluids at this moment. Laplace seems to be somewhere in there, too.

What the hell were they thinking locking LaFlax up in this madhouse? Did he think that this would prevent him from trying to escape? If that was the intention, it might be the right answer.

Furthermore, it was even more horrifying that there were numerous life forms under the sea of gastric fluid.

Among them, there were some things that were rarely predictable in size. Maybe more monsters than anything on the face of the earth.

Unable to target.

I couldn't help but think. At this rate, even the Vampire Monarch could not pass.

“Let's step back here for a moment. I think we need to figure out how to get across this ocean.” Yeon-woo is about to take a step back.

Suddenly, the Vampire Lord shakes his head with an unknown smile.

No. I think retreat was wrong. They've already read that we're here. ”I opened my eyes to ask what Yeon-woo meant.

Cough_With a sudden burst of tears in the world, the cost price was coming this way, cutting through the sea of gastric fluid. Although the shadow was obscured by the dark fog, it was too big to know the height.

“What is that • • • • • •?” Yeon-woo's voice trembles with surprise. That existence was overwhelming in all kinds of transcendent monsters.

Nessie. ”The Vampire Monarch smiles, curling up one side of his mouth like it's a lot of fun, even in the presence of fear.

“The king of the Maha 'i.