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22. Vampire Lords (4)


The sea swarming with demons? Maybe there was no one else who could describe this sea more clearly than that.

The Mahai was a maze of the most powerful creatures I had encountered all the way here.

Even though I skimmed through the upper part of my sleep with my supersenses, there were monsters on the ground that were nothing compared to the monsters.

The deeper you dig, the more terrifying the monsters that can be easily eaten off the top.

He was also becoming Braille's weird brother, so many things were really life-saving.

Deeper down, I could not even project my Jama senses.

I was shaking my soul just by detecting the waves emitted by monsters. Moreover, it was very dangerous to read some of the curious things and try to contact her in reverse.

Deeper than this, what lives in the deep sea. I had no idea.

They seemed to lack solidarity or co-consciousness. They were watching each other's backs and staring at each other. Always preparing to bite the neck. It was clear that he was trying to raise his strength through predation.

Monsters that have survived in a world of thorough herbaceous cultivation. They had to be strong, and they had to be strong.

Especially since it looks like Yeongwoo is also temperamental. Chaos has been forced to shake into the power that other monsters have in common.

Or void.

It was so chaotic that I was afraid to approach Moss * where the violent force was mixed up. They were barely in shape based on the fact that they were acquired from the body, but they had a significant risk of not knowing when it would explode.


'That's a lot bigger than those crazy monsters. The king is so attached.

The creature the Vampire Lord called Nessie was horrifying, but terrifying. I wonder if it would be okay if something like that were loose in the world.

I can't believe I'm so nervous just coming here.


'It's shaking up the channel.

For the first time in her life, Yeongwoo had to feel the communication of the gods and demons weakened.

[Bimagildara stares at the frozen igulonesi] [Kernunos warns you of the dangers of Nessie. I advise you to retreat with your spirit.] [Temporary cut has been removed with Agares' permission.] [A message has come from Agares.] [Message: You pushed the whole thing back and forth just before the chaos broke out. Thanks to you, you seem to have realized the divine form of martyrdom. How can there be such a thing? It's nothing like God or demons or order or order. He's just a creature. He has no intelligence and no instinct for beauty. [A message came from Agares. So, Humans, run! There's nothing you can do about it. Even people like us, when we get close to them, it's a nasty mix of horses.

What are you doing? Don't come out!] [I urge all the gods of death to nod heavily and follow Agares' offer.] [All the demons of death show hostility to Nesh '. Do not conceal disgust.] [The majority of channeling is shaken by the power of Nessie.]] [Channeling is noisy.] [Channeling is noisy.] [Channeling is unstable.] [Channeling gods force noise removal.] [Channeling Devils reset frequency.] [Multiple Gods Feel Dangerous in Nessie'] [Many demons are averse to 'Nessie'.] Waving channeling means that Nessie's influence here is strong.

Yeongwoo has already set foot completely into Nessie's realm. So I had no choice but to shake the external channels.

And through channeling, Yeon-woo was able to sense the common thoughts of God and the demons. I hated that those who had been confronted by the incident were sharing the same emotions for now.

It was how they felt about four o'clock together.

It was not for any other reason.

It was just a physiological refusal. In the beginning, they felt like they could never get close to Nessie inwardly.

Perhaps it was because God and demons were derived from the energy of 'order', whereas Nessie was formed from 'chaos' and 'chaos'.

It is absolutely incompatible because it is different from the source that enabled them.

Perhaps it was the greatest line that severed the gods of the tower, demons, and other gods.

However, if there is a problem.

"The God of Death and the Devil? 'Gods and demons who put death as a god follow the king of the vagrants. And it was the same with the crawling chaos of the other gods.

So Yeon-woo was guessing that there might be some deep connection between the gods of death, demons and the gods of the other world.

You're not just revitalizing the king of the vagrants for some simple reason.

However, when I encountered Nessi, a creature that originated from a foreign god, the God of Death and the Devil expressed hostility.

Rather, such hostility was much worse than that of other gods, demons, and never weakened.

It was fitting to say it was a mortal enemy.

They are the true successors of the King of the Seven Hundreds. Is that what this is about? Or what happens to the followers of the Zealot King over time? 'After all, it was hard to say anything because I couldn't figure out why. Those who were testing Yeongwoo as the successor of darkness did not seem to be able to answer quickly.

And for that reason, Yeon-woo felt that it was hard to penetrate the sea right away.

“What are you so surprised about? If I just look at that one guy and put him on another payroll, I'll be damned.” I feel like I'm about to die for fun - 1-I saw the Vampire Lord smiling with his lips wide open and made an impression.

Whatever she said was creepy.

“By that you mean that there is more than one creature like that?” “Whatever. Instead, there are seven things you can do that are uglier and more violent than me." Lbimarzildara stands up as a solid oyster.] [Kernunos claps his lips. Once again, I call upon the spirits to repent.] [Many Gods Vomit A Flag] [Many Demons Say No Bullshit and Protest Against Player Hercept Bathora.] Stumbling on a relay, follicles of uneasy corners, chattering and laughing at the hypochondriac monarch for as long as the message arrived, he cleared all the message windows to the side. It seemed that the angry gods and demons were chattering more loudly, but the Vampire Monarch didn't care about you at all.

At the moment of breeding, I thought about how the Vampire Master wanted to know 'follicles', but I had to impress him.

“But he's interested in you.” Yeon-woo wants to ask what that means.

Koo-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh 4 shi vomited through the fog with a much larger glare than the human body.


Nails, liver. The spirit that pours out at the same time.

Yeon-woo was firmly impressed.

I felt his strong will in my mind.


Gurgh! Gurgh! Guaiac! The monsters of the upper and lower lands, which have been so far apart, have suddenly started coming this way without even reaching the sea.

With one eye closed.

To go after Yeon Woo! It moves on Nessie's orders.

Yeongwoo tightly clenched her fist at the chilling flow along her spine. In the front, Mahalo. In the back, monsters like you.

There are more than a dozen monsters coming this way, even if you look closely. And if we could combine those far-off horrors with the coming horrors, we couldn't even count the numbers.

How far did they call him? 'I can't believe that every one of them will bring in so many things that are going wrong with their personality.

The problem was that they were all listening to the same thing. If you don't listen to my orders, you will die of horror. Some were hypnotized and had their eyes peeled off.

“Looks like we're going to have to go through a lot of trouble to find Laplace.” The Vampire Monarch had not kept his face from dying because it was fun even in this danger. Appearance of the Fallen Beast. It meant that he had already guessed that things would be like this.

• • What should I do? ”I don't think it's going to work. It didn't matter why they didn't tell me there was going to be a crisis.

Now it was only a matter of how to pierce through the many monsters here and across the Nessie to the island of Laplace.

“By the way, is there any other way around this?” The Vampire Lord smiles, smiling softly. The fangs flew out between my lips and made a cruel impression.

“Infinite. If you fight and fight again, you have no choice but to eat all those monsters and erase them.” Monsters in the sea keep getting stronger by eating each other. Aren't we supposed to be strong like Nessie over there?

'Even the Vampire lords have been through it several times. Is that why you've grown so abnormally strong?' I felt like I had stolen a passage of the secret that Yeon-woo was holding.

I wonder if this little Vampire Monarch has fought a lot here.

The problem was that she, who was the great king of the tribe and had to go through the miserable fall, dreamed only of the wonder that the first will reappear, and she endured only evil and madness.

'I don't have time to draw right now.

Unlike her, who stepped on her feet from the small monsters of the Sea of Mahea, Yeongwoo seems to have already encountered some powerful monsters from the meadow.

Moreover, Yeon-woo did not have much time to spend here.

There was Arthura in the tower, who had not yet been established as a force, and the Central Administration was sure to arrive soon. Soon I realized that his purpose was in the rhetorical work, and I didn't know what to do.

I didn't have time to fight comfortably here.

'Channeling gods and demons are trying to get close to them.

[I urge you not to engage in infinite combat. I warn you, there is no reason for every demon of death to be caught up in such disorder.] [Kernunos agrees] [Agares nods loudly.] [Thor says he doesn't have a chance to fight this time, and he wants to beat you.] [Bimarzilla says it will be a good experience to fight those things with a fierce smile] [Bimarzilla expects you to participate in infinity.] [Channelling gods are targeting bimarzilla.] [Demons connected by channeling say to bimarzilla,] [Bismarzilla stares silently at the gods and demons mining her.] [The gods and demons staring at you are avoiding Bimagildara.] Only Bimagildara can participate in the infinite efforts of Yeon-woo, and everyone is reluctant to participate as one.

Yeon-woo knew it wasn't because she was worried about comfort for herself.

The gods and demons associated with him wanted to make him an apostle, or just thought of him as a relief from boring everyday life. Rather, the more he rolls, the more he's willing to roll.

But there must be a reason for this. Yeon Woo, such mortals will never know the cost price.

But there was nothing he could do except fight. I could retreat, but I couldn't draw.


The device • 'I never would have asked for his help.' In the beginning, there was no reason for me to help you here as a maestro waiting to get better.

Eventually, Yeon-woo solidified his impression and asked, looking at the Vampire Monarch who led to this situation.

“What do you want?” “As expected. You speak so easily.” The Vampire Lord rolls one lip.

“I'm willing to help you if you just tell me where the erl is.” So this is it. Yeon kicked her tongue while making an impression.

He must not have said that he would not be easily beaten. Her ego would have boiled all this time.

But when it came to the location of Earl Pi1lentz, no one could say anything about Yeon Woo.

I don't know when the Vampire Lord will break his promise and go behind his back. Lana is there, but that doesn't mean I can trust the Vampire Monarch.


“Lana.” Yeon calls out the name of Lana, who has been following behind them quietly. Lana nods heavily, knowing that she read his guess through the link.

The Vampire Monarch made a hard impression that he didn't know that his daughter would follow Yeon-woo instead of herself.

I'm sorry, Mom. I am more important to save my disciple. "What the Vampire Lord was going to say to Lana's apple, the Purgatory [Parallax Disturbance] incident accelerated as quickly as possible. With Lafuta connected, the incident has begun to process all information quickly.

Predicting the movements of the sea, Nessie's position, the number of monsters, the plot lines, and the scenarios that follow.

[5th Solvent Awakening] [Power Front Opens] [Sky Wings] You spread the wings of the sky and activated all channeling connected to you. The scales of the dragon rise as the skin is turned upside down, and the Wise Man's Stone and Dragon Hearts resonate.

Guangyang! Yeon crushes the ground and slams herself over the sea. As the surface split to the left and to the right, the blizzard soared to a height of about ten meters.

Then the monsters below the surface jumped up as if they were waiting, and the creatures flying down in droves.

If I die, the whereabouts of the earl, who barely got a clue, will disappear entirely. The Vampire Lords would never want that.

After all, it was a gamble about whose liver was bigger.

"If you get scared, die." That's right, Liv.

I think I was right for a while.

Yeon-woo will laugh and make a sound.

“Blow up.” He begins to explode as hundreds of Kim Hwan follow him.

The light and heat that erupted along with the massive explosion shook the sea.