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23.Vampire Lords (5)

“The rock cave collapsed? At the meeting of the Central Administration, which was once again called upon by Aneg, the chief managers were appalled for the first time.

I'm just smiling quietly. Director Klush winces at you with a hand over his face, and the other chief managers are speechless.

Tanek, who is reporting on the situation, is doing a dirt-covered beggar's mold and is telling me well that they got caught up in a lot of trouble.

They were the ones who didn't blink for a while. Even when the stage collapsed, they laughed lightly.

This was never an easy matter to get over.

Janek's Rock Cave was that important to the Central Administration.

The word 'cave' is just a gastrointestinal veil that is made to hide the exact identity of the person on the outside. Mining for hemorrhagic overdrive was just bluffing.

That's who it is.

'The corpse of a foreign god.

It was not just any other god.

The god of a thousand horses and fallen before the tower was created. 'It was also a scapegoat that contained the secrets underlying the tower and at the beginning.

So when Central Administration first found the body of the multiverse god, This was investigated deeply, while taking care not to reveal it externally.

Nevertheless, there were many places to keep an eye on the trends of the Administration, without covering the sky and the summer, so a smoke operation was necessary.

So I gathered my opinions to blur some information by disclosing it, and I called it the undiscovered site.

In particular, the Central Administration did its best not to go to Allfowon.

Of course, from time to time, there are those who venture deeper into the rock cave, avoiding their surveillance.

But usually they didn't worry much because they were eaten by remnants of the debris left in their camouflage by a foreign god.

Even though the Dawood Brotherhood had received intel that they were secretly plotting undercover, it was also why they were indifferent.

But the indifference was too long. The relief ended in negligence.

“The younger • • • than the king, the chief managers changed their teeth by spitting out something even more humiliating to them.

The other chief managers nodded quietly. Laffith Lajuli, who would normally say a foul sound, says nothing, "I can see that, but this will never go unnoticed. The rock cave is completely exposed, surrounded by gods and demons already channeled with him, and his recruits are in danger of being taken from him. We have to catch him before it gets any bigger.

Any word from the heavenly realm will soon be seen by the fire.

At that time, Allfowon will also step up. It's a political turmoil. The Central Administration is trying to unravel the secret that they wanted to hide somehow.

I'm sure he did it without much thought, my king. The Great War was not only in the Summer, but also across the heavenly realm and could be consumed by the government of Allfowon.

It was the only thing I had to stop.

“What kind of madman would want to put King Xu's disciple in a cave? I knew there were a lot of gods and demons connected to him, and I thought," What the hell? So it's all my fault you gave your opinion, cost? ”“ Hmph! I didn't hear that. If you hadn't said that, it would have been months ago. ”“ This guy is still saying that • • • 1 Do you want to try it with me now? ”“ There's nothing you can't do. ”What?" “Stop!” Klaus lowers the table hard before the commotion grows. The overwhelming magical field spreads, stopping the commotion.

He grunts as if he won't let any more commotion happen.

“Shut up, no one thought to use force where the systems are all cut off. Who would have guessed that it would be a class for the King to realize the tradition of hypocrisy?” More importantly, we need to catch the king before he comes into contact with Ralph's. Fortunately, the vision is full of monsters, which will take the King quite some time to approach, and if there are variables, he has a guide. Clearly, someone who doesn't even think about it as well as we do. ”Everyone nods quietly.

“So. I didn't want to make an active sanction against the players, but I'll make an exception for now.

Causal rates will be handled by our Central Administration and we will set up a tracker. I won't object. ”Clus' gaze is on Danek.

“I'll hook up every pair of bruising rangers. And allow you to unlock your powers. If that's the case, will you be able to catch him?” Tanek blinked coldly at the words, 'Grant power openness.'

That means I will grant you all the power you once served as the Demon King.

And that meant you could do your own bidding.

Power, family, and the Special Forces. Enough is not enough. Would that be enough to catch the King? Tanek thought so.

But he turned his gaze to the one sitting at the far end of the table, whether he thought that was not enough.

The rupee in the “0-0-42" year. The small manager looks at Klaus, looking at him while he grows up.

He was terrified, but none of the people in this room fell for that look.

There's an ugly monster behind that mask. A greedy monster who doesn't even know how to eat.

“You come with me. Instead of” “but • • • •“, we also allow you to do what you want with Laplace. ”At that moment, a hideous smile appeared on Luffy's innocent face and disappeared. The feeling is' appetite '. But he soon returned to his frightened face.

Oh, I get it.

“And the rest of them instructed other top managers to do their job. Usually they would feel displeased with the 'command', but nowadays, no one would talk about it.

After all the instructions are done. Klaus glances back at the top managers and says, "It's cold.

“Make sure this is done externally so it doesn't become enlightened. In particular, it monitors the celestial trends." But this time, the rebellious Dawood Brotherhood concludes the penalty by feeding the clan itself with panels. Now's not the time to be obsessed with it.

Klaus yells at the table one more time.

“Well, then, everyone is terribly on top of their job," Rizan's new brotherhood goes out in a daze.

And finally, just before the duvet cover.

Ifuke pauses for seven days at the sound of Klaus' call. Then I changed my glasses and asked.

“What's the matter, Director?” “What the hell were you thinking?" Oh Hyo Hyo! What are you talking about? ”The crack between Klush's eyes cracks.

“Even if Laplace dies in this case, it is not. I shouldn't have asked.” It only takes a lot of energy to attract horses. Since he knew Ifuke wouldn't say anything as usual, he gave up on asking the dog in detail.

But Everke smiles, smiling as if she knew what Klaus was thinking.

“Every choice and decision you make is yours, Clus. I just follow those instructions everywhere. Oh Hyo Hyo, Oro” “Yes. Of course. He goes,” Y-Blooey laughed, smiling just before he left, trying to cover his tracks again with a distinctive laugh.

“And as long as I have something else in mind, Director, it won't hurt the Bureau.” Klaus shakes his hand as if he doesn't want to answer anymore. That's how I hid the sheets.


At the table where all is lost and the silence settled.

Klaus sighs, half-buried in his chair, "Get out of the ground." The narrowed interglabellar bone did not show any stretching marks.

‭ He expressed that way about the fight against the monsters that Nessie had brought.

I thought that Yeon-woo would never fit together as well as that expression.

[Meteor Blade] Gouryeong-gu, Gouryeong-gu! Whenever Gimhwan exploded, heat swelled and flashes swept out the sea several times.

A ten metre fire erupted from the broken surface, and the vapor evaporated instantly filled all around.

The monsters that were about to attack Yeongwoo were unable to push away, and the body was burned to ashes in a shovel.

And cuffs and durability? Power? It didn't work in front of Kim Hwan who exploded.

Even if it prevented the car explosion, the hundreds of debris produced by subsequent chain explosions, turbulent spins, and ultraviolet vibrations were at a level that pushed everything around.

Therefore, the shield or barrier was useless in front of him, and even if he tried to push it with his divine power, a very high fever would ignore it and burn it all together. As monsters, it was crazy and fascinating.

Eventually, close to half of the 200 monsters that rushed towards Yeon-woo came flying all at once.

'It works.' Yeon-woo was convinced that it will work for Yooseong Kim's people in that situation as well.

I knew that meteor screening worked well for transcendent beings, but I was worried that the monsters of the Sea were completely foreign from their roots.

In particular, some of them were in chaos a lot, and they were a lot out of the 'physical law'. There's a good chance these guys won't get their hyperthermia and flashes working, so I was worried it might be a big deal.

Even if they fall away from the laws of physics, they're all the same in front of this overwhelming firepower. 'In fact, the destructive power of the meteor inspection was much greater than he thought.

The power to amplify the destructive power hundreds of times with a chain explosion, not just in a single explosion.

If it's in the right place, a planet could still blow itself up.

It explodes in a row, so where does it stay?

Of course, there were still survivors who were destroyed in the aftermath of this explosion.

Those with good sequence, those behind comparatives, and those out of range of explosions.

But they couldn't avoid the horrific burns from the heat storms or the cuts from the pieces of steel.

The curse followed shortly after.

[Gim Gim Gubidara Blooming (Blood )] [Wave of Fire Lightning] Burn spots engraved on the monsters' bodies suddenly glow red and spread throughout the body while drawing a flower symbol.


Once captured, Bimagildara's signature skill was exploded, claiming the host's life until the soul was crushed.

Monsters complain of the 'twisting' sensation of chaos, the constituent parts of the body, and a new attack follows with a brief pause.

Cough, cough, cough, cough! Red flares that had been filled up all this time pulled the lightning out of the sky all together. The target is a localization implanted into the bodies of each monster. A tremendous amount of lightning struck the bloodshed as it did.

Güec-Choek! After all, the monsters were not able to withstand a constant blow, and were scattered to the winds. Even the big guy in a group. There was no distinction.

Sanon, who was watching the scene, muttered so much that he had lost his words.

The place that passed through Yooseong Kim was so horrifying that it was so shocking.

The Great Rainbow Wall. Opens the sky and splits the earth in half. Sanon could not understand why he still did not completely open the way to transcendence.

He who has done this nonsense is usually called God. Who is he calling God? But even after that explosion, more and more powerful monsters swarm in! A beautiful galaxy reminiscent of the constellations in the sky landed among them.

In the middle of the explosion, a black chain connected beagrid roams freely, forcibly tearing and tearing the bodies of the monsters apart. I broke it. I broke it again.

Pas - so many times to kill so many monsters. Once upon a time, there were less than three halves of the magical power within the Dragon Heart.

Even with the magical power to fill the bloodshed, it was also less emotional.

It was unpredictable to try to deal with so many guys at once, and there was too much magic power consumed by meteor swords.

However, I couldn't understand where so many monsters were constantly going.

It was endless.

[All the gods of death are satisfied with your gods.] [All the demons of death rejoice in your 'death' upon them.] The message of the God of Death and the Devil cheered him up from time to time.

[Bimagildara watches your struggle with a raised face] [Gernunos watches Jesse watching you.] As you cut yourself so hard, you move forward, and suddenly Nessie is closing in on them.

The Vampire Monarch is still standing with his arms crossed and nailed together, just staring this way. I don't see any crooked cane.

Yeonwoo thought it was good to grow up. The power of Yooseong Kim was much more powerful than she thought, and her physical abilities developed through her unconventional tradition. He was clearly realizing how great the body of the dragon was.

That's why he gained confidence.

Even in the Maguire Sea, he was very successful. If I had taken myself to Tartarus, I wouldn't have had to run away so futilely like last time.

I can do it. 'That's why.

Left-rock-yin pulls on the chain to retrieve the beagrid while simultaneously deploying the bowling ball, one day laying it over Nessie's head.

Target, four o'clock.

If my skills worked, I was going to cut this guy's head off. If we don't do something about it from 4 o'clock, I don't think it will end.

Nessie remains in place, unable to read the movements of the kite.

Thanks to this, I was able to confront Nessie's body, which was hidden in the mist of Yeon-woo. Weird, like Bragiosaurus, with a huge body that has a neck that long. At that moment, Yeon-woo met a corner that was much bigger than her body.

Cough-gun. Room. D. c.

Immediately before Beagrid landed on Nessie's head, Yeon suddenly felt the world around her stop.

I couldn't move a muscle. It seemed to be firmly attached to something invisible. And with the sound of squeaking and screaming, my whole body rushed somewhere.

And then I opened my eyes again.

Fruit! “Curry” must have felt the pain of biting the body, or the whole soul.

It was not one. There were at least dozens of pain. Terrible pain as if the body and soul were torn apart. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't help but get stuck.

What happened to the alternate? 'I forcibly lowered my eyes.

There are so many monsters that can't be harmed down his neck that they're disassembling his body. All the monsters he just took down.

The dead came back to life and bit him.

Filled with hostility at the edges of your eyes, as if you were going to give me back the pain of death once.

The place where the lotus was was not over Nessie's head either. The land of the Sea of Mahea, where we first tried to break through. It was a place not far from the Vampire Monarch.

Is it time, or has it been reversed? When Yeongwoo saw Nessi's two eyes, still blindfolded by the fog from afar, she realized what had happened to the army.

Heartbreaking! A transcendent force that moves the imagined world externally to the physical jurisdiction.

Nessie has not only just revived all the dead monsters through a mind-alteration, but also changed the cause entirely to create the direction in which he bites.

A stream of blood spills out of Yeongwoo's mouth.

Infinite two.

That's what he meant when he said the fight would never end.


The Vampire Monarch stared at Yeongwoo, who was staring at the crisis of death with a blunt gaze.