Second Life Ranker

25. Vampire Lords (7)

Yeongwoo's lightning strike was not only a pure decoy, but also a perfect timing trick to draw Nessie's guard.

After a few crashes, she never wanted to miss a moment when she realized that Nessie had breathed 71-1 before causing a nasty gasp.

He secretly formed hundreds of Kim Hwang-hwan in the sky and condensed them sharply.

He tries to open the void and chain Nessie up.

Even though the remodeling could have been "nothing," in the beginning, it was only a matter of time before Yeon-ju could tie him up.

The rotational force of the optical sphere is already close to the speed of light. He knew that the speed of light was also the speed of light when the mine fell.

No matter how fast he remodeles, he can't precede the light of the world's fastest substance.

In doing so, the lightning struck the Maharajah and ripped his throat out.

Whoo-hoo! Did it work? 'I got a little distracted by seeing him struggling with pain.

The eyelids are heavy. Your consciousness is fading. It was due to the continuous infinitude and excessive formation of photovoltaic fields, which completely depleted my health and magical strength.

Asshole Nesh was able to reform his body and strike back.

Yeon-woo was still able to guarantee his victory. Integrity is the hand that cuts through the foundation of existence. He couldn't have survived the blast because the mines swept through.

The problem was I was worried that I would have to fall into the sea in such a poor condition.

'It will work somehow. • • • I thought it will work because there are constraints in the shadow, and there is Lana who watches herself with surprised eyes.

Although I was also worried about other 'kings' besides Nessie in the Maha Sea. There is a belief that the bleeding lord will give us something as old as this.

That's it.

Yeongwoo fell down without even the wings of the sky.

Lost. Lost. ”The Vampire Monarch frowns as she looks at Lana, who is shaking her hand at the falling kith.

All you have to do is bend over and ask for help.

The location of Earl Ferentis, but if you tell me, I don't know why he would do anything for the countryside.

Of course, I knew what concerns Yeon-woo had. You're worried you're going to get out of here after just showing him your hand.

But as the Vampire Monarch, I never wanted to draw.

Dishonorable disregard of trade and loyalty, that's never going to happen for the monarch. Moreover, I had a daughter's request, and a fondness for midnight friendship, so I was willing to help her as much as I could: However, Yeon-woo never intended to bend.

Instead, I walked into a ridiculous fight as if to see who would lose if I died.

Then eventually, they gave each other a house, and then they saw the result of putting a knife in Nessie's neck.

As a Vampire Lord, you are quite adept.

Who is Nessi? The master of this camouflage, the greatest monster king of all the remains left by the deceased 4-1.

Of course, there were seven more that matched or added to it, but the will alone changed providence. It meant that he was regarded as the supreme being among the transcendents. It was never something mortal could do.

And yet you put such a nominal blow to the neck! Nessie is still struggling with the pain.

Whenever I drew it, Mahai caused a massive tsunami, and I repeated that the dead monsters were strangely torn back to life, or the space was destroyed and restored.

It was evidence that his conscious world was unstable.

'It looks like you haven't done your desertion yet.

The one who can put a knife to a transcendent's throat is still incomplete? It was ridiculous.

If I had done it already, I should have done it right away.

In fact, even in the eyes of a vampire monarch, he was already fully qualified. You can see that some of the sacred statues are also possessed - the size of the soul, the quality of the plot, the achievements, and the hardest to obtain.

It's not enough. It's already overflowing.

In fact, the degradation was going on very little by little. After the desertion, I thought it would be easy to transcend.

However, the desertion was not achieved.

'Probably due to external coercive interference, the Vampire Monarch seemed to know who was doing the trick.

'Olfoone. That's his masterpiece.' As long as Allfowon brakes the system and presses the achievements. No one can achieve desertion and transcendence in the lower reaches.

She was also once a victim of the episode of Allfowon. He did not become the heir of the darkness that he wanted so much, had to suffer the fall, and had to part with his husband.

The system was a very good tool for Awakening players, but on the other hand it was a shackle that grabbed their ankles.

So the Vampire Lords tried to get out of the system completely. I wanted to find a new way out of the constraints, even if I had to throw everything away. And that's where you were, right here in Jarneg's lair.

Thanks to this, the Vampire Monarch was able to completely escape the constraints of the system, freeing himself from Olfowon's horses and transcending Groova's desertion.

You still can't get back to the tower. It seemed that Allfowon would immediately notice the birth of a foreign child and want to intervene.

By the way.

Here you see the same one as you did in the past.

The person who had to find a way to ascend to the 98th floor of the heavenly system, which was customary with desertion and transcendence, laughed at me because he saw me tied up like this.

How many other beings besides this lotus can't even tie an ankle to an ankle in the summer and just roll their feet? That's why the polyps went extinct, and that's why the Giants and Vampires eventually collapsed.

Olfoone. That's the strangest thing he's done in thousands of years.

And on the one hand, I thought about it.

'If it can lead to desertion and transcendence • • • • • • No, it can only find the way to desertion. In fact, Yeon-woo was also the unintentional afterlife of her own creation.

'It is the same with the Vampire Blade left behind by Jim.' The reason I used to leave my blood in the tutorial was to eat all the people who came for it and use it as a transfusion pack when needed.

I liked the fact that I was completely drunk and developed it to more than a few levels.

'Watching his successor fall is not the job of the deceased.' There was also a daughter there.

Even though it was a dead zero, I could never see my precious daughter reaffirm it. Her husband's location could have disappeared.

The Vampire Monarch had no choice but to admit that he had lost this bet.

It seemed like he was destined to be dragged from beginning to end.

However, unlike the insults that I spit out, I did not feel that bad.


Whew! The four shifting throats that have been struggling with the pain have been stiffened. The wound that swept past the lightning was also somewhat healed.

Unlike Yeongwoo's expectations, the lightning was definitely enough to rip off Nessi's strings, but it was not enough to say "completely."

Another word that means the transcendent, the immortal immortal, does not die-that is, it is possible to resurrect any part of existence unless it is completely rooted out. It was possible because it was a pure, naked being.

This place is his territory. It was a sanctuary.

Even if the resurrection is complete, it is not strange.

However, the lightning was not completely useless.

The strength of Nessie was already completely different from the beginning, and it seemed quite difficult to maintain its existence due to the impeccable cut off of its foundation.

At this rate, I could still maintain the position of the 'king', even if I went back to Mahai.

It may have been a threat from other 'kings' for a while, or a defense battle from new challengers. I couldn't conceal myself enough to focus on my recovery.

Nevertheless, Nessie's pride at the fact that he's been so hardened to mortals is unraveling the killing of Yeouido somehow.

Lana stood up to four o'clock while protecting that alliance, "I'll lose somehow." No matter what. One way or another, for sure. She squeezes her bowel tight and mutters like that.

I had to watch the disciple's death helplessly, and I promised her that I would not repeat the bad things that had happened to her after losing my mind.

Yeon-woo was the only student's brother. Helping him was also the way to help his disciples.

Although it is an incapable of being completely empowered, and even if it is able to exert its own power, it is lacking in many ways compared to Yeouido.

But the will was clearer than life itself. An intense look pierces Nessie's gaze at this place.

Then, one by one, Rebecca, the ghost who lived next to her appeared.

You, I like you quite well. The owner of the old Crystal Palace, the ruler of all the seas, and the mother of those who live on the sea. • • • • • The Blue Rose King is the most blinded of all. However, if the invisibility is in the way of The family of Cain, even if it is the family of Cain. "Lana once snarled and tightly grasped her intestine, looking at Nice Fluto, the death squad that had all been put to sleep around her.

Whoo-hoo! And then Nessie looks at them and frowns and makes a bad impression. • • I'll let that happen to you now, daughter. ”In the end, the Vampire Monarch looks at his daughter, who burns her will, muttering to herself as she takes a big step forward.

There are no parents who can beat their children. Lana steps aside, and she has no choice but to follow.

Moreover, it was not just for his own benefit; there were many areas of empathy in which he was eager to reclaim his lost brother, overlapping with the image he had long spent trying to find his husband and daughter.

In the end, the Vampire Monarch opened the door, which he had been hiding all this time, adding up his excuses as if he had convinced himself.

Waaaah! At that moment, a violent whirlpool of energy swirled around.

Nessi and the hostile Lana and all the clans turned their gaze towards the Vampire Monarch. They were all appalled.

"What the heck is that?!" Mother! "Sanon trembled the most, and Han Hyuk's voice trembled. The Vampirist personality was so similar to Hades that it made a mistake for a moment.

Especially with Lana realizing what it was and being surprised by it.

Uh, Mother? Is that what the Vampire Lords were like? "For those who do not know that the Vampire Monarch has already surpassed the eyes of Allfowon. Thus, it was a surprise for those who did not know that they were sitting at such a high position that they would never be left behind.

Besides, they didn't know any better.

Deity must be generated based on sacred merit when gaining it.

It was that the Vampire Monarch had a seat.

All the myths she had written about her divinity stemmed from the title 'Monarch.'

Although the forces and factions that led the fall, I was able to take back the position of the 'king' with a consultative mind.

Right here in the Sea of Mahea! I destroyed the underworld of Nessie, which was filling the whole area at once because of the Guerreung-aspiring monarch.

All the monsters that were resurrected by Nessi's will were wrongfully broken and poured down excellently, and the collapsed sky was repaired and deeply engulfed in her iconic crimson. I'm going to swing it back.

The maze that evaporated suddenly filled up and threatened Nessie by drawing a huge whirlpool.

The world trembled.

It looks like the whole world is growling like it's eating Nessie.

The Vampire Horse! In the Vampire Blade, a simple skill of the energy drain lineage, and at the end of many evolutions, the Vampire Monarch, himself, was filling the world with skills.

King of the Sea.

Sanghyun, she was one of the rulers who informed Mahal here.

And what she had was bigger than four.

Nessie stays in the deepest part of the Sea, the farthest part of the Deep Sea. The Vampire Monarch's stay was much deeper than that.

In the end, Nessa is crushed and her body stiffens.

Beyond that tiny figure of a Vampire monarch, an enormous monster stood over the sky and pretended to eat itself.

There was no way I could plot against a creature who could not guarantee a battle even if it was normally struck.

He's been threatened for the first time since he became aware of his existence.

Looking at Nessie like that.

W-we lost. D.

The Vampire Monarch cut off one letter after another and expressed his thoughts.

That was enough.

Nessie bows in gratitude and sinks back under the Sea of Mach. I read her thoughts in her mind. Fortunately, today didn't seem like the day he died.

But just before disappearing, Four did not forget to look for Yeon Woo still in Lana's arms.

Next. Guipilko. I will pay for this disgrace. I thought about it and hid my existence.

After White-Nessie disappears, the presence of the Coward howls and goes out like a lie.

Lana and her clans were so shocked that they simply banished Nessie.


The Vampire Monarch smiles unnecessarily, and suddenly looks the other way: “Haven't you had enough sights? Don't be a rat. Come out here.” “Hmmm! A rat. You don't like me as a rabbit?” A black hole was drilled in the middle of the turbulent sea. Someone jumps out of the rabbit hole.

The moment I saw him, Lana and her family lost their words in a completely different direction from the Vampire Monarch.

190 centimeters taller. Muscle skin that glows with a copper glow.

With a straight voice and a long standing neck.

He was a middle-aged man with a skinhead full of tight wheat and an overall strong impression, but with cute, elegant tone of ears on his head and a strange mollusk.

“Have you been doing that weird thing again?” The Vampire Lord growled at the middle-aged man of such rabbit ears as if he were disgusting.

Another king of the Maharajah, former chief administrator, Laplace. He smiles brightly.