Second Life Ranker

1. Bunnies and turtles (1)

[Overpowered horsepower and stamina caused the opponent's abnormality to become 'oblivious' [WARNING! Quickly complete the decryption. The poison is interfering with most of the features and power.] [Warning! Restore the body quickly. If you don't, you might end up in a ditch.] Yeon-woo was unable to regain consciousness.

I'm constantly distracted, and my thoughts are rarely disconnected, so I can't connect properly. The cold-blooded nature that allowed me to regain my senses in any situation did not work properly this time.

It was because the poison, which seemed to be only suppressed by the use of excessive magical power, caused a runaway. In the one-horned tribe, it was called a coin mouth.

How Dragon Heart and Sin Stone = A new magical power to push the poison.

There was a limit because the physical restoration that was to be based on was not well established.

“Eat this.” Then, shortly after Yeongwoo regained consciousness and opened her eyes, someone gave out a strange pile of weeds.

Yeon-woo pushes a handful of grass into her mouth without asking what it is.

It was because instinctively I felt that I might die if I didn't eat this.

['Unknown Herb 1' attempts to Purge.] [The unknown herb 2 'is mixed together to try to decipher it.] [The payment has been partially processed.] For the first time, I could feel the pain alleviated and the stages of the - 1-. No matter how much I blocked my senses, the curse that invaded my soul was washed away for the first time.

Thanks to you, the magic started flowing again.

[Healing has progressed, making the opponent 'poor incident better.] [Paused skill' Play 'will resume.] [Repair takes place.] Yeon was able to close her eyes comfortably.

Where is • • • • • here? 'Then, when Yeon-woo opened her eyes again.

“How are you?” A middle-aged man with a nasty impression of a skin-hard on copper-skinned muscle tone sits and greets you with a 1- - 1- brace. The ears of the Haran rabbit on your head flicker cute.

I felt like he was still unconscious at the moment of the encounter, so I thought he was dreaming, "It's nice to see a middle-aged man with rabbit ears." That's what I saw the first time I opened my eyes. At that moment, my eyes seemed to rot.

Fuck, please, if you're sober! I've been watching that molehill for three days! I've done everything wrong, please! "Sanon cried in an urgent voice. Although he was cursing, Yeon-woo felt pitiful for the first time.

As the savior who saved the owner, I couldn't do anything.I should have just kept watching him like a mute heartache.

I feel like I haven't been able to say anything about the same idea as Ghost or Rebecca. The common feelings contained in it were irritation and emotional pain.

Yeon-woo pressed the soup that she also wanted to insult and asked the middle-aged man.

“I see. You've seen me on the 11th floor. It's been a long time." It's been a long time since I've had the strength to feel different from the atmosphere, and since the place is a place, I was wondering if you really want to reduce it.

Is he supposed to be like this? Yeongwoo had to feel her head turn into a chaotic crucible.

Although he was the most wary person in the diary among the top managers, he also discussed the grave (21359;) and the story.

But it was because their insides were so dark, not because they looked so weird.

In particular, Laplace in the tomb was originally playful and curious, so he often intervened in a way that was not like a manager who wanted to keep neutral. So Laplace was also one of the most cautious among players.

But no reputation, no rumor or hobby has ever been told that Laplace has such a nasty hobby.

“It was just a good luge back then. I'm so proud to see you grow up like this.” Yeon-woo had to have a big conflict for a little while.

Is this really a simple hobby of his, or is this a ploy to draw out his impulsive behavior, or a hidden stone for him or for another trick? How can we start with the really, really endless solution? I can feel Sanon crying again, nodding at Han, Rebecca, and even wealth.

“Why didn't you say anything? Are you covering the day? Red Crimson. Unlike what I've heard, there's a lot of shame in it! At that moment, someone bashed the back of Laplace's head in. How hard was he hit? A lump on his head was huge.

“Stop that disgusting talk. My ears are rotting.

And that repulsive coward. ”The Vampire Lord appeared suddenly with a tightly intermingled face. The sound of sweetness couldn't be cooled down.

However, Ralph smiled at the ventricle without giving in to the rubbish.

“How cute is this?” “Do you want to die?” Pahaha! You can wash and search for Enna now or forever. ”Hwa-rock!“ Do you really want to die? ”The Vampire Lord stirs up the day, raising his hands high. The steaming teeth appear on the palm of your hand as the jagged teeth rise fiercely. I was waiting for my master's command to be fulfilled at any time.

• • • You can find them. Yeah, we have to fix it. Who are you talking about?

Ralph just quit playing around and broke the Polymorph spell.

Along with the sound of a gentle breeze, he returned to the appearance of the Rabbit Demibeast that Yeon-woo had originally known.

“Is this okay?” Reminds me of a white rabbit from 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Her red eyes look cute, but for some reason, the middle-aged man in the bronze muscle tone was stuttering over and over again.

“Ha! I've never seen anything like it before, but how can I drink the water of the Sea be like this?"

52208; "The Vampire Lord slept with an annoyed voice as he looked at that Laplace.

However, Ralph did not smile at his mouth after returning to the main body.

“What a mess. when I returned home to my identity that I had not yet forgotten.” “If you're that kind of identity, I hope you'll crumple it up and give it to the dog.

The Vampire Monarch spits out strong poison, but Laplace still smiles and doesn't seem to be hit.

As if the Vampire Monarch wasn't praying, he laughed and folded his arms.

Laplace switches sides with the Vampire Monarch and turns to talk.

“Now that I think we're done, may I ask if you're here on business?” I never thought there would be a place like this in the Maharajah. 'As soon as I came out of the room where I was staying, I naturally sighed.

It was so beautiful that it was a paradise planted by Laplace.

The sky was blue and the wind was good. Beautiful flowers danced along the garden.

There were white and black rabbits hovering all over it. Small ringbirds swam in the sky, and small and slender fish swam in the sky.

A world where you can be at peace just by sitting still.

It was a place I never thought would be in Mahae, where I thought it was just a world of brutal drug-eating ceremonies.

Moreover, given the violent collision with Nessie, it was also strange that the Sims were so intact.

"No, the underworld. 'Then Yeon-woo remembered Nessi's insistent reform and realized that this was the conscious world of Laplace, the sanctuary.

I also felt like I knew what the 'real' tablet of Ralph's was.

Ralph spoke to the Vampire Monarch the same way.

He returned home and regained his identity.

He called the sea his home.

If someone like Ralph said that about Mahali, he couldn't know who he was unless he was a fool.

King of the Sea.

He was the ruler of this corpse, like Nessie.

I mean, yes.

'Rather than imprisoning Laplace here, the Central Administration expelled him to his hometown. Laplace fled to my realm - I don't know what conflict there was between Laplace and the Central Administration, but it didn't sound like there was a veil that ordinary players couldn't guess.

'And.' Yeon-woo glances at the Vampire Monarch with a fat expression.

'The Battery was also the king of Mahai.' After taking on Nessie. He was unconscious, but not completely unconscious. What happened after that remained in my head in fragments.

The way he threatened Nessi with his phantom horse was remarkable.

Even compared to Hades, it will never be behind us. 'If it is transcendent • • • • it is clear how the Vampire Monarch who went from tutorial days to just before death became this strong. Maybe infinity was the right answer.' Endless struggle when you die.

If you survived there, it makes sense that you have grown this much. And Yeon-woo stood there among many monsters and admired the Vampire Monarch who became the strongest.

On the other hand, I kept thinking that.

It was the same intention as before, but this time it was stronger than before.

'If you really want to compete with the teacher, who will win?' It is clear that the King did not achieve desertion and transcendence. But why do I keep thinking he won't lose to the Vampire Lords?

While I'm thinking about things.

“Hmmm! Tutorial tickets.” Ralph's hands are tied to the blissful virtue of Saehaan's feathers. When he heard all the stories from Yeon-woo, he was troubled.

A rabbit hops over his knee with both legs.

“There is such a thing, though.” And I clenched my fist tightly to the answer I heard.

Fortunately, the prediction was accurate.

However, I insisted on not being as tolerant as possible. But Ralph smiles as if he knew what you were thinking.

“You do realize that value is never too high, right?” “I know.

Yeon-woo nods, but flinches.

“But you don't need much from the Chief Administrator." Prices vary greatly depending on your needs. I have the item, and # # needs it very, very, very much. Isn't that right? "Yeon-woo kicks her tongue. The deal didn't seem to be as easy as I expected. Artran, the mystery merchant, seemed to have something to see and learn.

Lana swallows her thirsty saliva, listening to the story alongside her. Since being summoned, she has been voluntarily increasing her time, even though the summoning time has already run out.

The more I painted it, the faster the number of times I could be exhausted. This moment was much more important to her now.

Help Yeon Woo find the soul of Jung Woo. That was the last thing left for her.

“But.” Laplace looks at the brood, Lana, and the Vampire Monarch staring quietly at this side with his arms folded behind him.

“Would you make such a big deal to hate # # # and your neighbouring cousin Shinbartori, who knows what's coming and who will grow up even bigger in the future? Well, I'm not very good at it.

Of course, it wasn't easy to believe.

“So what's the deal?” “Here's what you'll get first.” Yeon received a sudden bluff of Laplace. Then I opened my eyes slightly in the message.

['You have won a tutorial ticket.] [This ticket is currently unavailable.] A one-palm ticket.

In the upper right-hand corner, there was a mark that said "Not available." I felt her heart pounding.

Looking at it. LaPlasma became thicker.

“I want a bargain“ trade? ”“ Yes. As you can see, I'm exiled here, so I'm not easy to fathom. So all you have to do is go there and deliver this letter on my behalf. And then Sarala, by itself, the ticket becomes available. How hard can it be? ”Laplace rumbles through his arms and shakes his brow. It is sealed tightly with a rabbit-shaped wax seal so it cannot be opened.

“Of course, you mustn't tear it up. As I'm about to find out right away, the tutorial ticket will be torn right there. Privacy should be respected, right?” All you have to do is be an errand boy.

It was easy for Yeon to say, but she knew it might be as dangerous as dealing with Nessie, or maybe even more.


The Vampire Monarch, who was watching silently, narrowed his eyes.

“That testimony, it has something to do with you being exiled here?” “No comment, privacy violation as well.” The Vampire Lord smiled lightly as if he didn't like it, and looked back at Yeongwoo.

“The choice is yours. But what else is there to say that we can't keep the big promises here? As an errand boy, the way to the tutorial will be opened. Of course it was the right thing to do. As soon as you ask where to go, Ralph glances up and rolls up one tail and smiles.

“Looks like the other uninvited guests have arrived. Trying to get in without the landlord's permission.

It's so sad that there are so many disrespectful people in this age. ”The red eyes glow coldly.

Yeon-woo noticed the meaning and made an impression.

It seemed to have taken too much time while he was fainting.

A chase from the Central Administration has already chased you down the chin. Time is running out.