Second Life Ranker

2. Rabbits and Turtles (2)

Fruit apple_“You're not messed up.” The beauty's tannectar frowns as she looks at what remains of the black soot, rather than cracking it.

The managers of the pursuit who were bombing him shook their heads together. They were all Ranger agents, or at one time Tooma, who was transporting various resources along the Danek. This was not at all what they could do.

No, this place was so ominous to them in the first place.

A world of chaos and chaos.

An extraterrestrial resource stained with ashes left by the god of the dead. Administrators protect the system, but therefore have no choice but to rely on the system. So for them, this was a place to take strength just by standing.

That's why the Central Administration ceased pursuit when they told them that Laplace had fled to Mahal: to fight or not; it was really hard.

“Yi, yi, yi, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie, yie." ”The sun's roofies weep in fear. The rolling of my feet seemed like a child who couldn't do the errands my mom ordered.

Some of the female managers who were next to him looked at Rupee as a pity. It provoked maternal affection, but Tane became part of the group that does not sleep.

I was the chief manager of Laflax, who had been stuck there for over a thousand years, but I couldn't get used to it.

But now I was not ready to point out that.

He chews and grunts as he looks at the seam of Raflath.

“Ass dogs eat at my house, but I'm not sure it's him. I'm sick to death of going back to my hometown.

This is why Laflax stopped him when he first said he was going to the Central Administration.

They are completely different in nature and purpose. He insisted strongly that he should never accept what he was up to.

At that time, it was accepted because they insisted that they also needed to study the existence of a genealogical system filled with mystery, but they almost broke the balance with the heavens, which had only been established because of Lapas.

Rumplestiltskin quickly notices, but he's still cool about what would have happened if he hadn't.

Who was it that was trying to take Laflax in? 'Tannect had a slight stammer of a very old memory. I beat myself in the glabella.

Was it like • • • -? Wasn't it Ike who introduced Laplace to the Central Administration at the time? I thought deeper, but Luffy's crying face prevented him from thinking.

The “bump” tanneck sighs lightly and turns its gaze to the other side.

They already knew they were here. If so, we had to catch him before he escaped into the back hole.

Vlad Chepez. Jill Dre. ”“ Yes.

On his call, two men appear from the chase and bow their heads. He was a middle-aged man who covered his face with black robes and gave a strange impression by having his longitudinal pupils like lizards.

Blood King. People who fought with the Vampire Lord Herzephet Battori over the Vampire throne, but eventually had to enter the Administration to be driven out and live.

Although I had to suck my fingers as a manager when the Vampire Monarch collapsed, I couldn't stand by while I was given this opportunity.

While the two of you were instructed to prepare yourselves.

“Get the others out of my way. Don't sweat it.” Koo-Tanek opens up the rage she suppressed at the same time. All pursuers, except for Rupee, retreat from their positions while attempting to Blink [Brace opens]. The Demon King's body attempts to manifest itself.] [Attention! The system can detect defects and impose sanctions.] [Warning! Behavior that is inconsistent with causality. Causality will be bound.] A few warnings have already been issued, but he is not a bothered fighter.

The causality that was already needed had been said to be fully covered by Klaus. Then I thought about flying here as much as I wanted.

In the past, the horror Demon King who invaded many dimensions and worlds and repeated the charcoal, suddenly the figure of Tanek disappeared, slicing through the carriages of the sea, and showing off the enormous crooked devil.

Guguku! The Demon King roared, with seven horns rising like a mountain, eyes gleaming like a lump, the wings of a dragon, the heels of a sheep, and all of them.

[The Demon King Maxwell is awake!] And depending on that, it became clear that the statement that had to be hidden as a manager.

No, Maxwell raised his fist high and sealed the deal.

Gua 'ang! [Sudden Quest/Weekend Failure] Description: Former Chief Manager Laplace became king after preaching Infinity to Maha many times, and has been an unbeatable curiosity in the world since he became rational.

I wanted to know why I existed, why the world was built, what its foundation was, so much more, but in a world full of idiots, I could never find the answer.

Then one day, Laplace met someone named the Star-Stayman, and he realized that there was another world outside.

So for the first time, I decided to leave my hometown and arrive at the Tower with seven housewives.

In his eyes, the world was so beautiful and so spectacular. Also; playful, it was the perfect place for him to run.

He turned away from the housekeeper who guided him and named himself "La Plasin." His job as a manager was very useful to him.

But sometimes his curiosity and pranks get out of hand, and eventually after a number of warnings have been accumulated, he's been stripped of his job as a manager and wanted by the Central Administration.

Laplace could barely outrun the Central Administration's pursuit back home, but home to the world's sweetest and most curious rabbit is too boring and boring.

So he wants to come up with a trick and go back into the world.

From now on, as requested by this curious rabbit, deliver this letter to your long-time housekeeper as your errand boy.

You will then be given the right to use the tickets you have been given.

The housewife is currently staying at Trish Mountain ( )

Timeout: Limit Chain: Reward: 1. Qualification to visit Tricinic Acid 2. Tutorial Tickets' Permission to Use 'I carefully examined the quest fields that popped up before my eyes.

'Just looking at this doesn't make it a trap.

However, it was not that there was no steamed side at all.

There were two things.

The first is that 'there were no restrictions.

It also meant that the errand boy going to Samsin Mountain didn't have to be allies.

I could interpret it as transferring the right to use the tickets myself, but on the contrary, it meant that someone else could rob him of the tickets and citations and use them for him.

The tutorial will be a place that is no stranger to the eyes of the Remarkers, but a place like any other for the Clan to see.

As long as we have control of this place, it means we have exclusive access to new talent to supply. For those who were always thirsty for recruitment, it was always a matter of turning on the lights and keeping the tutorial tickets strictly in check for a fair ranking competition in the Bureau.

If you find out that Yeon-woo has a tutorial ticket in the meantime, of course, there will be a lot of pigeons to run to.

Even though he was called the King of Youngsters and avoided the tower, there were only a lot of people who tried to fight back. The Bureau will keep up.

So, it meant not to open the seals of the tickets, but to do the quest quickly. Well, we can escape from their pursuit for an hour.

It was a thorough, very subtle, hidden trick.

Black bricks couldn't be this far inside, and the second thing was, "Mount Samsin. 'This was actually a place where Yeon-woo knew.

'An undiscovered place like Janek's Rock Cave.

No, like the rock cave, which was originally the corpse of a foreign god, there was actually a hidden identity of Tricinic acid.

Is there a way to get one up the stairs? Regardless of the ramsey &/Ö/tick, -your-ouro was the idea of carrying a housewife (h) for everyone.

No matter how important/King Ö,/it all matters, and this is hard to understand. Even though he knew the pine nuts of his province, "iron", "cozy", and "twisted", to have the old talents, his shill would self-burden him with the ability to build a higher hierarchy, but the odd trials would take place/or give him a promising sign/sleep in euros alone./21405; let's go/peopleÖ/was there.


As for me, there were Ö/s that went up to 78 floors or more with a subverted and transcendent path.

Whether it was me or many of the high lanes/7/, ÖhL//in the east of the queue//Zt was also/airborne7/.

/7//Enemy/Medium touching stock was the main bypass to be re-routed to the upper/relay. It was a midterm that Tom's route was not only groaning/in line.

However, it was managed by Joe/Sideg//Administrative Language/section/Hager/-managed by Flee/Ö/They did not have access.

And of those, the 7th degree Tricinic acid ( ) was 98 floors; the main bypass to electricity.

Bypass to 98th floor! A place where all players will have to turn their eyes upside down when they hear it. And the gods and demons who wanted to get out of the heavenly system and somehow affect the summer were also coveted places.

But of course, it was also the place where Olfowon was watching the most politely. It was the central administration's jurisdiction, and if it wasn't, they might have been told to close it down immediately.

[When Bimagildara looks at your Hidden Quest with interesting eyes, [Kernunos is troubled.] [Agares is radiant. [Thor exclaims]

I urge you to go to Samsin Mountain.] [I will tell you • • • • • • •.] [The majority of the gods are interested [The majority of the demons do not have a theme of excitement] The gods and demons that had already connected with him through channeling were loudly chatting with each other.

"I've had my fill of trouble in Mach. Now it's Samsin." Central Bureau of Investigation, tailing these guys? 'Disjuncting.

Yeon-woo thought of that first. He covers his face without knowing it: The Vampire Lord frowned and asked if he had read the color of that lotus.

“Where are we going?” “Samsin Mountain.” “You're crazy.

She glances at Ralph, but Ralph shrugs cute. However, the middle-aged man with rabbit ears in his appearance was overwrapped.

“Of course, you can refuse if you don't want to bet.” Guang! At that moment, the upheaval rocks the deep systems of Laplace.

An enormous pressure began to overwhelm the world. Compared to Nessi, it means he and a much stronger being have come after him.

Laplace's smile darkened.

“It seems our Demon King has a strong horn. And I think the little piggies are here.” “You're short on tannecks and roofies?” The day of the Vampire Monarch and Yeouido has solidified at the same time. Two of the top managers? Moreover, given the troops they would have brought in, they were the ones who wanted to stop them.

“What are you going to do?” But Ralph shrugs as if it didn't matter.

Yeon-woo gripped her teeth. Despite the dangers of Tricinic acid, after all this, we had to move on to avoid the Central Administration's pursuit.

However, what annoyed me was the reality that I had to do as LaPlasgaha told me.

“Your face will someday be ripped off with the hands of a speck.

“As you wish.” The Vampire Monarch growled and howled if he had the same idea as Yeon-woo.

Open up! "“ Then we have a deal. ”As expected, Laplace's low profile remained.

[Surden Quest (Star-State Failure) has been accepted "“ Please step back for a moment. ”According to Laplace, Yeongwoo and the Vampire Lord quickly step back.

Laplace turns his arms around and pulls out a golden key as big as the two palms of his hands together. And I pushed it into the air with nothing. The void opened and swallowed the tip of the golden key.

As we turn the golden key to the side, this crackling sound opens up a huge void.

Beyond that, there was a blue sea stained with different colors from the sea.

The sea of space-time.

Unlike the turbulent collisions of time and space, resources and dimensions, it is also called the "spaciotemporal storm." It was also a place where Samsin Mountain was located.

[The rabbit bone, headed toward the sea of space-time, was opened.]] [Pass through the rabbit goal within the time limit. Over time, you can be trapped in the void or swept away by weather conditions such as "Tidal Wave" or "Storms."] [Attention! You are not authorized to enter the Seas of Construction. You may be subject to sanctions by the Central Administration for unauthorized entry.] [Attention! "I will withdraw from the Rabbit Wall! The sea of space-time has all the qualities of the celestial system and the Summer, so it seems that space is always trapped in a storm because the law is mixed up.

The winds burning along the rabbit hole were so intense. Why do managers think the word "spaciotemporal storm" is used more than the name "sea of space-time."

Excruciating! As you hear the heartfelt world of Laplace crumble.

Yeongwoo and the Vampire Lord threw themselves into the rabbit's den without even looking back.