Second Life Ranker

3. Rabbits and Turtles (3)

Ralph looks up at the rabbit hole, which slowly closes and grabs hold of the Monkey King and Vampire.

Maybe it's because he's trying to play a mean prank. His smile still stayed on his lips.


Overwhamming! The heartbreak breaks as if awaiting.

The blue sky disappears, and the red sky fills its place.

“Really, I can't believe you came here as a guest and acted like this. How can you be so rude? That's why you can't go to a married man for life.” Ralph smiles lightly as he looks at the demon, Danneck-Maxwell, standing high above the red sky.

He suddenly returns to the middle-aged man with the ears of a rabbit.

As soon as I saw the cute bunny's ears folded and extended, I frowned. The atmosphere around him is shivering due to his discomfort.

You've done some strange things again, Laplace. “Isn't he cute and cute?" Tanek had already been through that many times in Laplace, so he knew that his face was hurting, but he was getting caught up in it.

His goal was not Laplace, after all.

I quickly understood the status of Yeon and others by breaking the waves of Is there! . Behind the paradise at Ralph's, there is a rapidly closing rabbit hole.

“As I said, if you are a guest, please wait for the next order!” Laplace was beaten lightly by an ungodly sheep. He stops playing suddenly, including the rabbit, who was leaping through the girls' paradise with a hissing sound, and turns his head toward the danek.


Burr, volcano! After trembling hard, he bursts into a fierce margi and rushes to Tanek, turning everyone into a Mahasea monster.

Like the Nessian household, each one was more powerful than the one in the Mahae Sea, which was given power and power while living in the conscious world of Laplace.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not your opponent. Laplace. At that moment, Danek's words terribly move the pursuit behind him. The Rangers use their manager's zeroes to strengthen their strength, and Tanek's old minions collide with the monsters as they form an army.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz

At the same time, Lufigatuk fell in front of Laplace.

“Yi, this time, I'll give you, I'll give you, I'll give you!” Luffy blubbered and fell asleep, without hesitation at all. Tears still linger around my eyes, but my mouth still draws a deep smile.

“Oops. Another golfing problem.

He's a real pain in the ass. ”A monster of greed, Rupee. Laplace stretched his hands out in front of him as he slept quietly because he had never met the classics before.

That way, I • encountered the current chief managers.

Guayao! More than half of the Sims are flying at once.

Tannect stretches his giant hand forward through the clouds and twists, gripping the empty void with nothing.

Suddenly, the space surrounding the rabbit hole was badly twisted. Almost as if it had already been closed, the rabbit hole was forced open.

You pull your hand inward, grabbing the moving air. The rabbit cave also draws a huge funnel shape and reaches to where the danek is.

Grrrrrrrrrrr! It was a massive workforce.


Pot | Pavat - The long-awaited Blood Kings Bullazephech and Jill Dre dive into the rabbit hole.

The danek also lit a veil in it.

Margie digs in like a tentacle.

I entered the sea of space-time at the rabbit hole.] [Warning! You are an unauthorized intruder without permission from the Bureau. From now on, it will be recorded in the Central Administration's Intensive Surveillance Department.] [Warning! This is a less unknown place, ideally affected by the system. Prepare for chaos.] [WARNING! Many warning messages will be listed here at the same time.

I felt dizzy and had to catch a slow T-1.

A world where everything is falling apart. The seas of space-time, or storms, were indistinguishable.

It was completely out of balance, a place of emotional confusion, and if it was hard, it could be lost in time and become Mia.

Fortunately, with a full throughput, his mental strength was strong enough to be in the hands of the players.

Yeongwoo was barely finding her senses while catching on to the dying spirit.

There seemed to be some landscape that appeared to be a sea of blue, but I couldn't even tell if I was standing properly, twisting around.

However, the Vampire Monarch either regained his senses first or muttered while looking behind him with a blunt voice. No, I was looking at the strange place I thought was the back.

“Though I'd like to capture you and ask you where the Earl is." The Vampire Lord pauses.

A voice full of words to say the cost. She glances at Lana, and says, “This will only break your resolve, so you can't call it a monarch's mind. The luggage will take care of this place.Please bring it to me.” Yeon could not understand the meaning of the Vampirist, but she didn't have to refuse to help.

However, there were concerns.

The sea of space-time is a place where all providence is mixed. The streets were useless here too. Of course, it was very unlikely that we would see each other again if we fell.

“After all this is over, you won't have to worry about finding yourself. Jim said to himself," A 1- But the Vampire Monarch knows the concern of such friendship, so hurry up with your business and give me a big hand.

Her gaze was firmly fixed on those coming through the dizzying space.

Yeon-woo nodded and grabbed hold of the brothel and went forward. No, I moved in the direction I thought I was going.

Fortunately, the letter given by Laplace was given with a different magic to guide the way, making it easy to determine the direction.

As the tide of space-time flows like a storm, the lotus vanishes.

The Vampire squints at the back, narrowing his eyes. A sharp fang came out of my lips.

“I thought they were coming. You guys are really familiar with this." Through the turbulent waves of space-time, Vlad Chephish and Jill Dregana arrive.

The two impressions were stiffer than ever. He was also a nervous person.

It was right in front of my eyes that the hero who defeated them and became the "king" and led the culmination of the tribe.

They are also timeless mag sweepers, and they are not lazy to train, so they are no longer able to compare to the old days.

However, many hundreds of years ago, the memory of persecution and defeat did not fall so easily.

At the time of departure, I felt like I was frozen, resolutely determined to catch the Vampire Monarch and bathe the previous day.

The flow along the Vampire Monarch was too rough.

Good eye, good eye! Another personality that she created through transcendence runs freely through the flow of space-time and slams her teeth in.

“Doing things? Why don't you come on over? Now that I've become rich, I'm also willing to play with my burden.” When Vlad Chepez and Jill Dre were staring at each other.

Stupid things. I had the power to push the threatening spirit horse around the two of them.

Suzus, as Gigi clumps up in front of them, Tanek appears.

To be precise, the daneck is made of a spinach. I'm in good shape.

But he was also a transcendent devil, and he was able to grant his will wherever he wanted. The body is on the outside, forcibly opening the rabbit hole, but the consciousness is right here.

Is this all you need after awakening to the Devil's Seal? You're never gonna get away with that girl's ghost. "Danek had long accepted it, but still strongly rebuked two people who were oppressed by the Vampire Monarch.

The two are candidates who think he might have made them apostles. If they show weakness here, it's like insulting themselves.

Vlad Chepesh and Jill Dre nod, shy of blushing their faces. Soon, they made up their minds and shook their heads.

“Give me another chance, Demon King. By trying to convince the author, he" became useless to ease the mind of the Demon King for a little while. All I want is a sinner # # #, not a ghost who neither dies nor lives. Bring him in somehow! Tanek was now feeling a strong obsession with Yeon-woo. Maybe he's already had one big drink of water.

His pride made it impossible.

Moreover, if we leave the pupil of the King alone, we may cause more accidents. Seeing that he was already in contact with Laflax, all I could think of was that he wanted to stop the cost price.

'It was wrong of Laplace to do business with Tricinic acid. We can't let them run wild anymore!' Mount Samsin can be bypassed directly from the Summer to the heavenly system. No, it was precisely a place where the laws of the Summer and Heaven intermingled.

The system didn't work there, so the central administration was reluctant to make a move.

But what is Yeonwaraphist, the blacklist, plotting in such a place? I just instinctively felt I had to stop it. I have a strong feeling that there will be even greater catastrophes than the collapse of Janeg's Rock Cave.

Even a prince, two blood-kings who have begun to bloom with the Demon Images, should be able to capture them.

Vlad Cephas and Jill Dre wanted to take part in defeating the Vampire Lords, but the owner ordered them to chase after Yeouido.

Two red arrows draw a long trail.

“With Jim here, how dare you hide without my permission!” The Vampire Lord spreads the spines all over the place, as well as the howling of it.

The steam made in the shovel tried to catch two red trajectories, but from above, Margie was plunged down like a blade, tearing the net apart.

Grrrrrrr! Ghost! How dare you make fun of me next to you? I don't know what you were after, but it's not going to work. Tanek growled, erecting the seven horns firmly.

On. he was furious with the fact that his old right arm was in crisis until he heard that it had been taken away. But in fact, she was devastated when she found out she was the Vampire.

If you think about it, it still looks like the branch is causing the blood to spill upside down.

“Danek, you know what?” The Vampire Lord smiles coldly as he gently blocks Thane's evil fist from hitting him in the face.

“Your breath smelled terrible. I had a hard time holding on to it, even if it was hanging in the gutter. ”