Second Life Ranker

4. Rabbits and Turtles (4)

Clear provocation.

One eyebrow on the tanneck twitches.

How dare you? “Don't be a bitch.

I don't feel so good about Jim being a bitch. And what the hell did you eat for lunch? My breath smells so bad I can't breathe.

You want to die! Along the glabella of Tannek, there were a bunch of blue blood vessels.

If I had listened to this insult and remained silent, how could I call myself the Demon King? However, the Vampire Monarch was leaning on the threat scale as if it would not accept it.


Two transcendent beings collided with the thunderclap.

The sea of space-time shifted.

I wonder how long it's been moving.

Yeongwoo took a step forward, holding on to her consciousness firmly with a tradition of overcoming.

Unlike a chase that could be clearly conscious in the oceans of space-time, he was under the protection of the system, so he had to endure it only with his own strength because he had no expectation of it at the moment.

But the sea of space-time was even worse than he thought. The mixing of the concepts of time and space means that their existence can also be shaken.

There could have been a huge collapse.

So Yeon-woo did not rely solely on tradition.

I wanted to add a clear cost price to my clothes.


I dug deeper into the basics and the images that constitute self and consciousness.

A passageway created to express the impression in your overwhelming mind externally. If so, we needed to make the passageway much larger and wider and expel more emotions.

Then, not only will the hardness to be confused harden, but also the weight of the soul will be greater.

However, it may be easy to establish a theory, but it may be difficult to achieve.

However, Yeouido already had a target to follow.


If only I could replicate the magic that the king of Mahae had that he used to make the underwater world up to his taste.

If it could be torn out and fitted for itself, it could be aimed at the completion of the self, even if the building of the underworld could not be achieved immediately. Maybe we can take it to a whole new level.

'Even with the lightning bolt, Nessie was never fully captured. That's not because it's weak. Because I don't have an eye for more definite roots. It must be because we are still short of manpower compared to four o'clock.' The king who was born from the chaos and chaos of the sea to the end.

Maybe just because you saw him once, it's too much to catch up with.

However, Yeon-woo gained a lot in one conflict, and realized that what she had achieved was still a lot less exhaustive.

And when I saw the Vampire Monarch and Laplace competing equally with Nessie, all the worldview surrounding him was completely destroyed.

I've crossed the Realm of the Jinn and achieved the ultimate level of excellence among the players.

But there was still so much sky above him.

It was heavenly. It was like there was a sky outside the sky, so she wanted to go higher.

If Jinn's realm is the maximum amount of space a player can reach, you should take it to the next level.

And maybe that was the way the teacher said one day.

If you really want to describe the area as a word.

New person. 'Yes, perhaps you can say that.

I ended up using the same word that Barry was looking for.

Maybe Bakok's ideals and the way he talks, the end I want to see are just different paths, but they're all the same. "Within the one-horned tribe, there was a word called 'mangrove.' Just as the streams merged and merged into countless divergent streams and eventually flowed into a huge place called the sea, all the paths were ultimately connected to one giant place.


Yeon took a step forward.

Bang! I didn't even know I was going the wrong way.

Sure. How's it going?

If it's the wrong way, go back and find another way, and that's it.

With that thought, I wanted to be completely prepared in the fluctuating flow of space-time, forgetting that I was being chased.

I could feel something wobbling from the depths of my body at any moment.

It was a soul, and his soul, who was trapped in a prison called the body, was shaking violently, not even sure of its existence.

Then I stretched out my spiritual power and began to 'know' something.

['Supersenses' have found a new possibility!] [At the same time as the release to the outside, we have managed to blend the tubing inside and outside.] [Skill proficiency of 'supersensory' has increased dramatically.] [Skill proficiency of 'supersensory' has increased dramatically.] [Skill level changes rapidly to transform skeletons.] [Skill, 'Artman System' opens the Heart.] [You have gained new realizations related to skills. New options added.] [The option ' ⁄ ' will be created.] [Tongue Grade: S-??? Description: When you engrave your will on the world and give the impression on it, you awaken to the tiny space person, "I (Artman)."

The truth and infinite wisdom of the universe come from this place, and this is when we will come to understand this mysterious logic by ourselves and acquire new spiritual power.

At this time, the six chords that are born are commonly referred to as' sinus pain '.

The eye of the heavenly body can see through everything, and it is a reflection of the truth of the world that comes from the heart.

Upon acquisition, Rank increases from 5 to SSS +.

Maximum 1. Yongsin An2. Golden Coin 3. Black Guvidara - Wise Man's Eye4. I have obtained a clue about the Eye of Hell [Six Mysterious Abilities, Body Pain] [If you qualify, you can obtain additional Abilities. Please refer to the information book for more details.] At that moment.

Yeon-woo felt like the dizzy world was brightening up.

The super-sensitive information that was scrambled was organized according to a large system, and a clear design was drawn in my mind.

It was an unexpected realization of superpowers.

'The soul has been revived.

Yeongwoo realized that her soul had grown again, just like when she realized that it was full of overflow.

Is it because of one step away from the sanctions of the system? I used to feel overwhelmed by the cost price unknowingly, but now there was nothing like that.

Just before I broke the egg, I felt like everything in it was hardened.

And along with the super-sensitivity of the heavenly eye, the world that had been uncertainly grown-up covered with fog had been peeled off.

Ouch - the calm sea of Nam Nam slowly appeared beyond.

First of all, you see three mountains standing high in the sky.


Only the mythical beings in the legend appear in three generations, Samsin Mountain.

Cough_Below that, I saw an enormous turtle carrying Samsin Mountain around between the seas of space-time.

Young Master.

It was there that the Celestial Dragons, Giraffes and Beasts were regarded as the supreme priests.

She is also the mother of the housewife who took Laflax out of Mahea.

It was also the place to bring a letter of recommendation.

'A lot has changed.

After realizing the tradition, it was not only Samsung who appeared to Yeonwoo.

There were various providences and laws of the celestial system and the underwater system that make up Mount Samsin. All of which were floating through the space-time oceans along with various turbulences and storms.

I felt like I had made contact with a huge cost.

Even if it's just a thousand eyelids, it's amazing.

And if the other torso realizes in turn, what does it look like? Maybe.

We may be able to open a path to Gwon & '92; s and Almighty.' I could feel confident that Yeongwoo seemed to have overlooked a section of divinity that only those who sat at the very end could get it.

The moment that thought followed.

“King, there you are!” “This is as far as you can go.” With Yongsin's solution connected to the skylight, we were able to detect some changes in the flow of space-time.

Above your head, Vlad Chepesh and Jill Dre make an impression as they open the space.

They are in the system's famine, Deg_r_1.]\ But they were quite tired of the reason they had to cross the spaciotemporal turbulence. I had no choice but to be angry about Yeongwoo who made this work.

So, simultaneously, we're going to open the Devil's Seal, reveal our true nature as demons, and attack Yeouido in a heartbeat.

What? 'They felt something of a crisis because they were not embarrassed despite seeing Yeon-woo's eyes, but they didn't defend themselves at all.

But by then it was already too late.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! “Yippee, yippee!” With the sound of the sky breaking apart between the stars, an enormous crack in its skull cut through the two people roughly.

Both of them turned into blood mists and black clouds without even trying to reveal the main ingredient.

Yeon-woo kicked his tongue lightly looking at those guys.

'Idiots. Did Trish chase you all the way out here?' I guess I forgot that Tanek was giving them a separate shout.

Thanks to you, Yeon-woo is comfortable.

Here, I had to put a 'knife' in.

It was because a great being was a living palace.

In other words: Samsinsan was electro/electro and also called the staircase 'hump leg'.

If such a place/existence existed, Wu, who would not be able to access the electric/g/west 7, even though such circumvention would work 5//, turned his head to the spirit with the successive trichinic acid at that time/door.

Rooftop Emperor.

The best of all.

Samsin Mountain was the palace he was hiding in.

A giant, a few meters tall, was slinging an axe- the size of my body - at the entrance to Tricinic Mountain and at the head of the noble.

1- “There is a rooftop emperor. Here! I can't hold the knife. And I'm not going. Without my permission. No one!" Gua 'ang! And then there was the orderly to hold the 'Jade Palace'/'Contrast/Sun/Entrance'.

The culprit of the seaweed, will you wake up the silver/pottery to be used when coming out, Mangoslav/relay.

Group 5/h.

Electric best fighter.

The crude 7 obliqueh of seaweed.

The best fighter with a lot of trees and a lot of honor/highs/highs/highs/highs/highs/lows/lows/lows.

In fact, the reason that no one can go/Chane//Trinity was/Moon 0/when he existed.

“Queek, you have to listen!” The best fighter in the whole world who has been praised by his brother many times for salivating.

It was the appearance of the Queek Ball.