Second Life Ranker

5. Rabbits and Turtles (5)

The 98th floor is divided into God and the Devil's camp, and God's camp is divided into different societies in it again.

'The whole school was one of them.

The rooftop emperor and many large vessels make up a huge system, where great beings such as Iye, Seo Wang Mo, Taesano-gun and Yeongcheon dwell.

In addition, the devil's advocates were reluctant to oppose them, leaving the primordial body of Samhong Oze behind.

If there is an exception, there is just a 'disconnect' of kinship and a large scale point.

However, even a severed bridge would never have been able to stand up to the whole school if it hadn't been integrated under the extraordinary Catholic Church.

In this way, the whole school was a true Manchurian temple, with the most state-of-the-art rooftop emperor and even more.

And if I had to name one of the best of them, I could put the Emperor's Garden, which is the equivalent of Oze's.

Queen-gu was the longest-loving member of the Emperor's Constitution.

There are many traditions behind kinship.

One day, the Emperor's Constitution went on a cruise to a place called the enemies of Mt. Gongyeongsan, and he loved Bopae, 'I used to own Hyunju. Hyunju is a treasure for insighting into all things in the world and peering into the future of the universe. It was an important object for him to rule over the entire universe.

At that time, he made the most knowledgeable among his officials' Ash 'so that they could not find him, and then migrated them' with the power to look tens of thousands of leagues, but they could not find him.

Then the Emperor Constitution sent his beloved Longevity Monk Queek-gu to find the Longevity Monk: Queek-gu couldn't find the Longevity Monk in the end, but he said he had only been searching for a few days, unlike the others.

The queek was so foolish and so profound that he never wanted to leave his side whenever the Emperor Constitution went.

I don't know why he's left the Imperial Court's side now and is the crest of Samsinsan. He's been on a mission faithfully enough since the creation of the tower that he hasn't left here in thousands of years.

Samsin Mountain was now under his patronage, where the golden palace where the Jade Emperor slept, and of course, the uninvited were never allowed access.

Drawing weapons or exposing flesh in this sacred place, how much harm can it do to the dragons of the Jade Emperor?

Queek-gu's eyes didn't turn gay.

Bullard Jepesh and Jill Dre bounce off. They also later realized who this place was, but it was later than imitation.

Bang! Pas_queek gripped the crescent with a firm grip. I still don't like the cost.

Then his fierce gaze turned towards Yeon-woo.

'Though I don't know what strength • • speech is, he was too strong to be considered the best determination in the social and celestial world.

I may be outnumbered by Hades or Nippon, but I outrank them if I just watch them speculate.

The skin was irritating just by facing E's gaze that it seemed to be living only for the sake of 'fighting.'

But on the other hand, Yeon-woo felt vague about the guild she had on her right wing, 'the way to fighting.

But that's it, that's this.

Since Guo Queek might consider himself an uninvited guest, Yeon-woo is anxious to get the intro from Laflax. Hopefully Laplace won't be blacklisted here.

By the way.

“I don't like it. You!” The grizzly squeals like that before Yeon-woo says anything. Despite its considerable distance from Mount Samsin, the echo echoes so loudly that it can hear clearly to the location of the moat.

“Humans, they have black debris.

Progeny. But you're not dark.

I can smell my best friend. So let me go! ”Queek-gu, how the hell does he know about the King of Childs? He had a clear enemy, unlike the gods of death, demons and other gods who had been following the King of the Seven.

It was more like a feeling of humor.

There may be a story that is hard for Yeon-woo to predict. So you can say no because you are a descendant of black. But what do you mean, the smell of your best friend? Yeon-woo couldn't understand the meaning of the word Queek Gu.

However, Queek-gu hid the trail admirably, as if it didn't matter what Yeon-woo thought.


As the furrow-queekball disappears, a path leads inward as the tide shifts.

He seems to be gesturing to get here quickly.

Yeongwoo pauses for a moment, but drops quietly toward you, moving the wings of fire as if lured within the yard.

As the legend goes, Samsin Mountain was originally five mountains of rental, aid, valet, lord, and peak. The Bible says that each is 30,000 leagues tall, made of gold and jade, and that it boasts enormous beauty because it is covered with beaded wood.

However, when I was floating on the sea of space-time on the back of a big turtle for too long, two mountains flowed, two looked different in the wind waves, and only one remained intact.

The forfeit bird/7/Ugh/brewing h is like spontaneously spreading a member 47 N) onto a cage.

Each cup contained %/liver on weekends.

So, Samsinsan also meant time.

Young-ju Mountain was the past, Gun-sun was the present.

Bongshan is the future.

The three spirits were connected like mountain ranges, forming a cycle of circles that were reduced from the past to the future and back to the past.

'At first glance, I remembered the place where the temples of the three squatting goddesses were similar to the structure of the 16th floor.

Even though he lost faith from the players when he bumped into Urd, their sacredness was real. Recently, influences have also been heard to be reviving.

Samsin Mountain was like that on the 16th floor. There were also three forks, each of which could be entrusted to a goddess. There were also three mountains, each with its own time.

However, if there is any difference, 16 tokens differs from the trust that can be obtained according to the fork chosen once, and there is a great bend in the player's achievements according to that trust.

It was that we should move forward from the past to the future by stepping on the loop of the cycle.

Connection and disconnection. It was similar, but the opposite.

16 floors, to be exact, mimicked this place.

The concept of time and space, no matter how great they may be, is never easily defied. Beyond transcendence, cosmic beings could never reverse the flow, even if they were relatively adjustable.

If that were possible, no one would be locked up in a 98-story prison, and no one would repeat such a pointless war.

That's why the gods who have built the space-time continuum are treated as important in each society.


In other words, it also meant that in each society, they somehow created countless catastrophes to create blunt vision and demons as gods.

The three sitting goddesses are members of God's society, Asgard. Maybe that's why they're called sitting ducks? Apparently, none of the other three goddesses have shown any interest in me since then.

God and demons are transcendent beings who treat mortal people like ants, like players and natives, but they often seek revenge without forgetting their insults.

Rather, he is transcendent, so he is concerned that his holiness will be profaned.

In that regard, Urd was not enough to be hit by divine power after he was forced to lose an apostle, so he had to be angry about Yeouido as the new lamb was lost.

And neither did she and the other two goddesses.

But they didn't see any action. No, Asgard itself would not interfere with what he would say. They only cared about men like Thor and his pride.

I didn't want to sit around and get beheaded, so Yeon-woo thought she should check it out later.

I will continue the rest of the way.

The trail is full of traffic, so you can't see the sights around you at all.

I gained a heavenly interior, but unlike the exterior where the flow of space-time flowed, this place felt impossible to 'see' at all.

The same applies if you zoom in on the cognitive area.

Nothing detected.

In case you were wondering, I shot the magical hordes off the road, but the weight just grabbed them and nothing changed.

I thought about what would happen if I went in there. I didn't have to take that risk, so I just kept going out of my way.

Even if I tried to fly to the Golden Gate Palace, it was difficult to try because the air was full of loads.

Then I started to lose at the end of the road.

I had just set foot on Mount Samsin, the first mountain of Youngsu.

It's different.

[You have entered the 'Permanent Estate'.] It's very short, but the message comes to mind in the retina.

At the same time.

The landscape began to change as well.

"I've been through this before, but I feel awful. 'The trauma that Urd used to provoke him is flashing again.

The process of being blotted out by trusted colleagues, barely self-inflicted from the crisis of death, and returning to the headquarters.

However, Youngsu Mountain continued to shine after the time of the Urds.

Co-Commander turned upside down at the return of Cain, who thought he was dead. Conflicts with some of the upper levels that were trying to cover the incident.

Revenge. The bullets I threw in their faces. Proposals that were thrown into prison for insubordination and to turn him around. A commander like my father who ran to save him somehow.

He had to endure the situation that was to be painted in any triple film. It was a continuum of dangers that did not know when each day would die.

And at the end, there was a 1 - 0 attack.

The lover was shot trying to kill himself. The unsub fled the scene. Yeon-woo couldn't catch him. It was because I had to watch her last words. The trembling hand was only repeating a single word. I love you.

I love you.

It drove Yeon mad. In the clash of sisters and lovers, she always had to attract tears. And still, please forgive my brother, stop it here, and I never said that. When Yeon-woo was being harsh, she only looked at it one-on-one. That's all I said when I left at the end. I love you.

That's why Yeon-woo left only bullets in Zhang Wei's face.

He was the one who pulled the trigger on the day of the attack. But Yeon-woo thought she killed her lover.

So I don't want to get my hands dirty anymore. It's dirty. He was as broken as he was going to be, and his surroundings were never going to survive, so he thought he would die on his own.

And then it appeared, in a place I had no idea of. Right here in the tower.

At Christmas, in 17 years, the balloons carved on Mount Somalia Symbiris were in his hands. I wonder if the guy who was swept away in the middle of nowhere went to Arnie? Yeongwoo looked at those pasts with a dry eye. Like a person who watches a movie that isn't fun. I was too careless but too careless.

I remembered all the emotions, thoughts, accidents that I felt at the time, but there was no stimulus for him now. He had already come a long way to get caught up in this.

Tools. Maybe it's true what Sanon said when she looked at him. For Yeonwoo, even the old days were just tools that had to be thrown away.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if the feelings I had with my old lover were really in love. My heart was already worn out too much. Can I really say that I am? Every once in a while, I questioned myself.

[You have entered Mount Bangbang.]] Suddenly, Yeongwoo was passing all of the first mountain and reaching the second mountain.

A mountain that shows the present. Here, I sequentially showed him what was going on in the tower he was in.

Starting with the memories I had with my brother, I received a memorable memoir that I thought would never come back to Korea. I entered the tower, went through the tutorial, went through many different stories, and flashed moments when my thoughts changed a little. And here we are.

He also had a lot of scenes that were no different from when he crossed the Mount of Youngsu.

[You have entered Mt. Bongshan.] And then we reached the last mountain.

Yeong-woo who was walking forward for the first time stopped, 1-I saw a message that she had entered the third mountain, but I didn't see anything.

All black and black. I couldn't understand where this was going to be.

What is it? 'Neither past nor present, did it become any different for him. There was only one thing that mattered to him running with only one goal.

Can you achieve your goal or not?

Can you conquer the tower and destroy it in the end?

That's why Yeon-woo was only waiting for us to reach Mt. Bon Lae Mountain.

I hoped that I could see the moment I wanted, even if I couldn't see it, anything related to it, even a clue.

If it came out that he could not reach his goal, he was prepared to change his existing plan because he was walking the wrong way.

What the hell is this, a muse? I was thinking for a moment about where Yeon-woo should go.

Shhh - Suddenly, the darkness splits apart and disappears.

Yeongwoo arrived at the tip of the hillside. There was a huge, purple Eastern palace, like the legend said.

And in front of that, there was a boy.

I think he's about five years old. He had cute red cheeks like a peach on a sheep's cheek. But it was silk, and it was telling me that the quality that flowed around it was hard.

Yeon-woo could see that she was a housewife who had dragged Laflax out of Mahal without anyone telling her.

The body of a great turtle carrying Mount Tricin. In addition, there is a secretary who oversees his work on behalf of the sleeping Jade Emperor.

However, the housewife stared at Yeon-woo without saying anything.

Her eyes were so deep that she felt like she was being sucked into it without even knowing it. It looks like there's an empty hole in the snow.

“Are you human?” Then, when Yeon-woo challenged her to say something, the housekeeper asked. A question that is difficult for Yeon-woo to answer.

“Even descendants of the black, as long as they're already in the Leap Circle, there's no future. No, if you're living in this universe, even gods and demons, you can't escape them.

Fate. And yet you have no future. No, there's no future in the first place. ”What? Yeon frowns. The housewife was convinced, not doubtful. There is no such thing as destiny when you hear a story about it.

However, the housewife was still chatting nonetheless. Like a wise man who masters all knowledge. With eyes wide open.

“This is a one-time thing.

He empowered me.

“Die. Hemp =.

At that moment, the black eyes glowed.

“Dead already. ”