Second Life Ranker

6. Rabbits and turtles (6)

“What's that supposed to mean?” Yeon-woo's eyes glow coldly. What the hell is that sound? You think he's gonna die unsuccessful? However, the spirit seemed to emphasize the hindsight even more.

That she might already be dead.

“You mean I'm not the one who bought it?” Yeon-woo was violent. I was going to pull the beagrid out myself. Killing will be like a storm.

At that moment, I could see the eyes of the surveillance from behind. Queek.If you draw your sword here, he will not stand idly by. This is the palace where the High Septon and Emperor Jade Emperor stay. It was unacceptable to take out the organ.

Nevertheless, Yeon-woo was unafraid. I had to know what the housekeeper meant. No, I felt instinctively wrong not to find out. It might depend on whether or not he can achieve his goal.

“I don't know. I don't know.” But the housekeeper glances at Yeongwoo's open hand and shakes his head.

“If it was destined to die, if the original name was a short coronation, I would have read it right away. He would have even talked about how you were going to die. But I didn't see a year.” Yeon-woo felt like she was penetrating the soul of the visionary god.

“If you're asking if you're dead, that's not it either.

If I had, I wouldn't have seen anything on the lord's estate. Samsinsan is a mirror that only the living can see. The dead are not here, they're in charge. ”Isn't that because I inherited the throne of death?" Not even the gods and demons who put death as a god can't escape Mount Trish. Circuit and destiny are absolute things that cannot be avoided by gods and demons. No, you can't escape the restraints of causality because you're that kind of person. ”We have a lot of burden, so we have to be influenced by the causation rate. And Samsinsan, who relies on a single point of causality, could not escape his fate.

In the end, Yeon-woo had to keep her mouth shut. How am I supposed to take the words of an Astronaut? What was that dark darkness I saw on Mount Samsin?

Of course, there was no guesswork at all.

Dark. I thought, "Maybe the darkness that Yeon-woo saw was not 'nothing', but maybe it was itself."

If they are transcendent beings and the cosmic beings are revered. If his progeny were branded, it would be one step away from the causation rate or the wheel of a lubricant.

“No, not that either.


“You're not him, are you?” The new housewife smiled as if she had read Yeon Woo's thoughts, and even threw away her last guess.

So there is no answer for Yeon-woo after all. 'However, Yeon-woo also thought that this would be okay in its own way.

That there was no destiny for him. Not being able to read the future. That means that whatever it is, you can walk as you want to and achieve your goals.

“You're a strange man, aren't you? Usually in these cases, it's frustrating or serious. Accept it freely. Whether you are good at rationalizing, comfortable, or just as confident. • • • •. It's hard to know." The housewife had the power to see everything that was happening inside Mount Samsin.

Its power included not only seeing the person pass through the three territories, but also noticing the prerequisites of the process of life and death of the soul, including thinking, thinking, and unconscious awareness.

That is why many gods and demons did not come to Mount Samsin easily.

Although the flow of space-time was also burdensome, he was concerned that all his destiny would be read to the housekeeper.

The more divine you are, the stronger your destiny will be. No one wanted to expose issues that could be weaknesses.

So, the housekeeper always drifted over the sea of space-time, always asking for boredom, and occasionally, when guests come, he kept their destiny and spread it beyond the need.

The many things that caught his eye were surprising visitors.

Though it has a lot of trauma, it's okay to accept it. It was too thick to be right to think of Zarri as disconnected from the past, rather than having a strong mental strength.

It's mine, but I feel like I saw something that didn't belong to me.

'I feel like I have not become the world, but I feel like I will be again.

So it feels like he's dead, but he's not.

I mean, don't you always have to put it like this?


I wrote whatever I wanted, and when I didn't need it, I felt that my soul was not only my body that can be thrown away freely.

What kind of life does that have to do with anything? I was a stay-at-home housewife, but I couldn't understand Yeon-woo's accident.

Though he calls it a convenient tool, he's actually on his way out. Everything in Yeon-woo was strange because it seemed so awkward to even consider her life.

However, the housewife did not put such thoughts in her mouth.

It was just a guess, and I thought that I might be more aware of myself.

On the other hand, I thought that it might have been given to me by King Jehovah. In many ways, they were very similar. A creature that may seem intelligent, but without stupidity.

“Anyway, I'll think about you later.

What errands did you come here to complete? Can I have it? ”Yeon-woo is momentarily lost in thought, then quickly takes out the letter and hands it to him.

Thinking about what the tenant said, and what I saw on Samsin Mountain, there are no answers. Eventually, I had to find the answer on my own.

“Ralph, when I asked you to, you were so desperate. I don't know what to do if you answer me so late.

But you've finally made up your mind.

The housewife pouted her lips and grumbled lightly. For the first time, I thought it looked strange because it looked like it looked familiar to me.

[Surden Quest (Star insufficiency) has been successfully completed.] [You have accomplished something that no one can easily accomplish. Additional public space will be provided.] [You have gained 100,000 Public space points.] [You have gained 150,000 additional Public Lands.] [As a reward, you have obtained the 'Qualification to Visit Trish' and 'Tutorial Tickets' privileges.] ['Qualification to visit Tricinic acid' is an authority to enter Tricinic acid with or without the permission of the resident. Get detailed instructions from your housekeeper.] [Now 'Tutorial Tickets' is available. For more information on how to use it, see the information book.] Ow! A bunch of light appeared in Yeongwoo's pockets, and a Tutorial ticket was floating on the palm of my hand.

[Tutorial Ticket] Type: General Goods Class: EXDescription: Ticket that can be moved freely to the Tutorial stage. Usually, the tutorial rules are that it is impossible for players to enter, but exceptions are made for e-ticket holders only.

Use caution as it is originally administrator-only and disposable and cannot be reused. When someone who is not a manager is using it, it will automatically go up to the Administration's attention.

I finally got it: 'From Anec's Rock Cave to Maha and Mount Samsin. The journey that was supposed to end briefly took longer than expected, and the Central Administration's pursuit became more intense. Still, I was lucky to get the tutorial ticket safely.

Of course, the situation isn't over here. The Central Administration's pursuit is still an unfinished opponent. Danek and Ruffi, who were already as corrupt as their pride, would never let him go. Maybe the whole tutorial stage was a mess.

'It's also important to focus on catching Akasa's snake. If we're going to take them on, we're in a lot of trouble.

How far does Yeonwoo want to go? Capturing Akasa's snake was an intermediate process for that, so I had to experiment before that.

Meanwhile, the housekeeper reads the entire letter and laughs nonsense, tearing it apart.

Yeon-woo was furious. It was important, wasn't it? I wanted to be a housewife.

Fong! Suddenly, as the wind blows, the scriptures scatter, and a gem of vivid blood debt appears and falls into the neighbor's hands.

Yeon-woo found out what it was.

Blood. Is it better than that? 'Even the precious blood information from Aneg's Rock Cave seemed to possess more mystical powers. If Heterolite and Blood were simple Ore, that would be a shiny jewel, but I don't know.

'The day is ripe. What?' At that moment.

I could feel the sinister stone in Yeongwoo's heart trembling well. I feel as if I've met a friend who is happy. It felt completely different from when I encountered the other adra rivals.

“Bleeding. That's what we usually call it. It is one of the few deep traces left here by the god of the other world 'inside'. One of the fragments that was broken when the light woke up when only darkness was like darkness in the beginning.

The resonance of Sin Stone grew.

“It was around the same time as your sinful stone, so it shouldn't be too hard to tremble.” “What is a • • • • • • alternative?” Yeon-woo's voice trembles.

I can see the blood flow is more advanced than blood. Ask what the exact tablet is.

“Told you? It's like a cool fire when the universe first arose. All the details pertaining to the creation of space are prohibited, so far. Qualify if you want to know, or go to the open air library later. You'll know more details than I'm telling you.

The Sky Library.

The words were firmly embedded in Yeon-woo's head.

“Then may I ask what you will use it for?” Yeon-woo was not paying any attention to things that were not originally relevant to her. The attention and speech within Tom could call for self-harm.

But the blood was different. Something that has nothing to do with Sin Stone.

I had to know as much as possible how to use what appeared to be a spiritual piece of another god.

The god of the other side is based on chaos, so it is very nominal to the gods and demons in the tower. So I thought it might be experimental or weapons.

The housekeeper's answer was too unexpected.


“Yes, the real liver of Laplace. It's like a magical gas that wakes up a princess-like monk who never wakes up from his sickness and slumber.” That was not what I expected at all.

“I brought Laflax, who used to live in the Maharae, out of the world to seek medicines for the treatment of diseases commonly afflicted by various creatives and statesmen, including the emperor. However, the wicked rabbit noticed the danger and immediately took his time." I think I know why Yeon-wooing Laplace was in the administration. If you were in the Bureau of Maintenance at a balancing point completely different from the heavens, you'd think that a housekeeper wouldn't be able to harm you.

'Then he got into an accident and got out of the administration, and then he teamed up with the housewife again.

What the hell was Ralph doing? Why would he run away to the Maharajah and try to get himself up again by grabbing the housewife's hand?

I thought Yeongwoo was not just curious about the power source that caused Laflax to move. There was a huge cost, a price he hadn't thought of yet.

“Anyway, now that you've received this, the Emperor's Horse will soon tire of it. And I'm paying for it.” By the way, the housewife grabbed her little hand tightly. Then the blood dissipates, and instead, a thick book appears in front of your head and spreads out.

“Releasing him from his bondage and giving him freedom.

That was the deal. ”It seemed vague to me what was the book summoned by the Villager.

System legacy book.

to exert the authority to directly interfere with the system of the new power, the tower, that it was only granted to the senior citizens of each society.

The housewife closed her eyes slightly with a smile and memorized the alphabet.

“Bind, be severed.” There was a small wavelength in the space along the household.

“Law, be granted.” This time a slightly larger wavelength spread out: This allowed Laplace, which was always classified as a separate being in the Sea of Macau, to have the freedom in the tower, under the authority of the royal rooftop system which had a housekeeper.

I mean, yes.

'It means you don't have to be chased by the Central Administration anymore.

It's different.

Yang! Suddenly, shockwaves spread across the seas of space-time. A wavelength so intense that it can pass through the harsh flow of space-time. It means that Ralph finally unlocked the real power he was pressing down on.

I don't know, but as long as there's a pile of women, the collision with the bruised rupees is sure to get rough.

'The King of the Sea, who was blessed by the system.

It was horrible just thinking about it. It's gonna be a lot more chaotic if we go on stage. It was possible that Allfowon would show up immediately.

'No. Maybe that's what he was after.' If there was a huge cost to moving Laflax, wouldn't it have been aimed at this in the first place? Bring about chaos. If anyone had heard of it, they wouldn't have thought it was an elixir imagination.

“And take this.

The housekeeper folded the system legacy book back and threw the cost price to Yeongwoo.

A bead that resembles bloodstream.

However, the color sparkled pink like a maple leaf.

“What is this?” Piece of paper. ”The housewife was seduced by an unknown laugh.

[I can't confirm this item. I can't read it? Since this was the first time, Yeon-woo's eyes slightly widened.

I couldn't read anything in the canopy or in Yongsin.

“Apart from Laplace, a gift I thank you for. I just think of it as a reward for building a good achievement. I'm sure it'll come in handy.” Pieces of leaf. Yeongwoo whispered a small word that she had never heard before. And without saying a word, the housekeeper gave it to me, so it would be good, and I put it in the sub-space.

It was given to me by a reader of the destiny of those who visited Samsin Mountain, so I must have read the cost price from myself and handed it over.

Yeong-woo thanked me, turned around and grabbed the ticket.

It was finally time to move on to the tutorial stage.