Second Life Ranker

7. Akasa's Record (1)

Just before tearing up the ticket.

Suddenly, she felt the fluctuations of all the space-time flowing around her.

Beyond Trish, a massive vortex is forming. As if water had been sucked into a chathole, all the fabric of space-time was twisting into the rabbit's den.

The group seems to have managed to escape from Mount Samsin, and Danek seems to have done something about it.

Yeon-woo wanted to tear up the ticket somehow.

[Portal creation failed] [Portal creation failed.] [Not available here.] [The portal will not be created because the coordinates of the construction cannot be specified. Go to a stable area and reuse.] Tanek's continued interference has made it very difficult.


The fireworks swept through together without holding back.

Wind pressure says, "Oh, crap! Tanek really seemed to be upside down. In the Mainland Sea, Laplace wields monsters and disturbs them.In the sea of space-time, the Vampire Master wields a strange darkness.

In addition, Vlad Chepesh and Jill Dre, who were sent to catch Yeon Yu, have returned to their senses.

Awakened by the Devil, it's not completely extinct, but it seems like it will take some time for the corresponding blow to heal.

This is dangerous.

So I decided to go. This could have been a deadly blow to the mainframe, but now was not the time to be picky.

Fruit! The main body of Tanek in the Sea pulls the rabbit oyster tighter and tighter, forcibly holding it in its grasp.

The giant body trembles. It was almost as if the foothills were ringing in an earthquake.

Twisting the crack between Hidden and Hidden stages.

And forcibly pulling them out into the open. It was a great burden for such a fierce creature.

But the effect was clear.

Tannect pulls more than just a crack in the silk space. The causality that was there was mixed.

We intend to make the seal that the Yeouido party had opened the rabbit's den and the seal that they had gone to the sea of space-time (v., as a result) into the absence of & '93; rains. &' 94; It was a compulsory reversal of causality.

The cracks spread along the body as the fruits, fructy-tannecks feared, as a deadly blow struck him. This means that the damage will be done to the grid. It was a sign that Klaus had exceeded the acceptable causal rate.

Nevertheless, Tanek turns on his eyes and attempts to force the Yeon Clan to kneel here. Oh, I was going to chew them up somehow.

But the people out there, they're not even worth it. Yeonwoo was the successor to the throne of the Four Kingdoms, and the Vampire Monarch was the king of the Sea. There was no forced change of caution easily, around the time Danek's insides were closing in.

“Kahaha,. You're back!” Instead of magically pushing Luffy into the air, Ralph suddenly bursts into laughter as he looks up at the sky.

The middle-aged man in Skinhead had a snickering smile.

But whether others think so or not.

Ralph was very pleased with it.

As he slammed his arms and saw MoE soaking with joy, Danek seemed to know what he had done.

The reason Laplace was stuck back in Mahali was simple. It was because I had abandoned the principle of compulsory interference as a manager and wanted to reach out directly to the player. Exactly what he was trying to do, grab a decent player and hijack his system.

Gain freedom by qualifying yourself as a player. There was nothing quite like it for the guy who was filled with desire to escape because of the strict rules of the administration, which he wanted to see in the Mahea or the outside world, but it was not well known to the outside world.

I'm guessing that Klaus found out about it first and sent Ruffi to stop him. It was a huge death sentence, even if it was a little later.

The Central Administration has suspended all system privileges in spite of his role as the Chief Administrator. Baroque was the reason I had to flee to Mahai. There was a clear end to the "Iregler" designation in the tower.

On the contrary, the Central Administration has left the system unattended because the atmosphere in Maha Hae is difficult.

Suddenly, Laplace bursts into laughter.

As long as I'm not a fool, I can easily tell that things are going to get ugly.

Beyond the rabbit hole is a sea of space-time, Tricinic acid, and the rooftop is sleeping. And the Rooftop Agency has the authority to intervene directly in the system without the mandate of the Central Administration. What if he made a deal with him? “I think you're already late. What should I do?” What a grinning Laplace looks like! It's creepy.


Puppy - [The system applies to the newly designated 'Laplace' [Calculate the capability figure.] [Organize a list of skills.] [Map your power. ⁄ [Player 'Laplace' has a new title 'Cleared of Management' created.] [Player Laplace will be created with a new title, 'All at once'.] A massive gust of gust follows Laflax. No king of the Sea can breathe.

“Uh, what's going on? Ph, Ph, you gonna be a player or what?" Luffy stares up at Tanek with a shaky gaze, barely balanced.

But I couldn't answer Luffy's words.

Rupee didn't ask because she didn't know either. It just didn't make any sense to him at the moment. Although theoretically possible, nothing has ever happened in the history of the tower that spans thousands of years.

Superadmins become players.

. The existence of Hoyta has become a player.

“What could it be?” Ralph laughs as he sees the blessings of the system so eagerly applied, and the status field rise before his eyes.

“You're all fucked up.” And I cast what was at the top of the skill list 'Liberate the Body' light! A middle-aged man with rabbit ears suddenly bursts like a balloon. Instead, Magi, the chaos that was hurled at her, intersects the sky and reveals a monster of enormous size.

Nessie and Tanek appear to be the king of the Sea, whose disguise is too big to compare.

It was too large and too strong to be easily extracted from the Maharae.

With the system favored, there was no longer any burden on Mahai's recognition of his realm. The difference was not received by the system. This is what it was like to be free.

Though it bothered me to have a causality challenge.

It's enough to sweep away those who aren't cute. The giant rabbit, Ralph, shook his hand tremendously as he poured out the righteous.

It appeared to be a mere wave of hand: but it seemed completely different to the fierce beings who could see behind the world.

The law was breaking.

A lot of causality and truth broke at my fingertips like a domino.

The space returns to nothing. The chaos and chaos along the skin were boiling like steam. If I got caught there, I was more worried that my soul would dissipate completely, rather than end up dead.

It was around that time that Yeongwoo and the Vampire Monarch were resurfaced in the Sea of Mahhae due to the reversal of causality.

The sight of the Sea before the body was even picked up shocked him.

"This was enough to blow up the Alternate • • • • • • .IJ Sanon.

The other clans have not only spoken, but have been in shock for a long time.

The line was breaking at the fingertips of Ralph's, like a sand castle swept by waves. The monsters Ralph summoned, as well as the scouts who came with Tanek, all the chasers split into small particles and disappeared. I can't even scream.

A long time ago, the army that wandered along the great Demon King Tannek-Maxwell's list of resources and universes vanished into thin air, and within it was the rupee of the sun. The notorious Supreme Administrator's last will was so strange that he always liked the idea of being eaten unconditionally because he was hungry.

+ 'Oh my, I'm trying to eat it, but it worked! Nothing, nothing, nothing! But this, too, is fun! ”The body of the fruit-laplast was cleaned of all the obstacles above the sea, then smiled satisfactorily and this time headed towards the body of Danek.

Danek takes a slight step back.

The Demon King was feeling 'fear' for the first time, but not for the second time.

The feeling I felt when I met the King.

It was a humiliating feeling that I could never have as the Demon King, and I never wanted to feel again.

No! You can't just become my "liver." Ralph grabbed Tanek and ripped off his limbs with such ease. Blood spills out like a waterfall, instantly drenching the sea red. Monsters that lived deep in the Sea came up to the surface and ate some delicious flesh.


The screams of Tanek and the moaning of the Kama Sea were drained away.

"That. Already. 'Great. Old fashioned 2012;' near zero. E:" Yeon was somewhat frightened, watching the chief administrator die in vain, and turned around and quietly appeared behind her.

The Great Old Ones? "Otherwise known as the old ruler."

The Vampire Monarch suddenly appeared and cut off his adjective.

“They are the highest of all the other gods. The master of this disguise, the king of kingdoms, was originally one of them. Of course, he's still a lot less than that, but he's still pretty good at talking to people.

He's not the second king of Mahai for nothing. The Vampire Monarch was hesitant to say so, and more than anything else, the words' the second king of the Sea 'reached my heart.

There were eight kings in the Maharajah. If that's what the second one is, how strong is the first one? Obviously, it wasn't the Vampire Monarch.

'And what else is the so-called' so-called 'so-called' so-called '' so-called '' so-called '' so-called '' so-called '' so-called '' so-called '' so-called '' so-called 'so-called' '' 'so-called' 'so-called' so-called 'so-called' so-called 'so-called' so-called 'so-called' so-called '' so-called 'so-called' 'so-called' 'Maybe he's part of the Great Old Testament.

I couldn't understand where these monsters were coming from.

At that moment, Laplace, who finished all his meals, looks back this way, raising his huge body again.

Yeon-woo was very nervous. You open your power at once and pull out the wings of the sky to grasp the beagrid.

At that moment, the part that I thought was his face revealed a smile.

Oops. Oops. You don't have to be so upbeat. No matter how hungry I am, I don't just go out to harm the Silver Man. Suddenly, you seem to have lost your way here. I'm sorry. As soon as you were on your way, the mahogany that Ralph broke stopped.

And just like the cassette tape, everything fell back.

The evaporated mangroves are repaired, and the extinct monsters are reassembled and returned to their homes. The rabbit hole, which was connected to the sea of space-time, was completely closed and the unstable space calmed down.

Ralph shrugs as if you were free to go.

Yeongwoo tore the tickets for the tutorial, looking at such a laplace with a cautious glance for a moment. You slowly swallow him and the Vampire Lords as a red portal forms beneath your feet.

Good to go. Laplace slowed down his huge hand and walked away.

Watching him disappear beyond the portal.

Yeon-woo mutters a small muttering with her sunken eyes.

What kind of monster have I unleashed on this world? "I've felt it before, but it's for a funny friend. Ralph laughed once more, looking at the place where Yeon Woo disappeared.

Since I was a tutor, I've been interested in duvet directly. I thought it was worth it. I thought maybe I'd see them again in something less than "them."

Then let me move again.

Ifuke keeps pushing me to come. Bang.


Laplace moves a large body.

Where my colleagues are getting into serious trouble right now.

Central Administration.

I had to visit a place that was also an old job.

The sea was chaotic.