Second Life Ranker

8. Akasa's Record (2)

The time.

Heave-ho! "Everyone, hurry up!” From the position of Laplace, "the central administration was completely turned upside down. It was because word got around that the pursuit troops that were sent to capture the Yeon and Laplaces were exhausted.

This led to a drop in emergency boundaries at the Central Administration.

I urgently set up an investigative unit to find out the exact nature of the matter, and put together an additional punitive force. Danek and Ruffi, the guys who killed two of the top managers, were the best in the history of the punitive force.

• Alternately, "Director Cluss frowned slightly as he stroked the paperwork required to form such an investigative and punitive force.

This was an unthinkable situation.

Tanek once had a Demon King who had plagued many resources and space, and Luffy was a monster who preyed on many gods and demons. They were both trapped in the system, and they were never this great to be fooled.

But they're dead. We can't leave a cadaver.

Clus has already confirmed the disappearance of the and the sun from the admin list, and that the tomb 21359 has grown differently. I had to boil inside.

"The Celestial World. Are you sure you want to come down to the Summer somehow?" By pioneering a bypass? 'Klaus considers Lapath and the Mahea troops to be some kind of aphrodisiac, but there is a heaven behind them.

It turns out that the Rooftop Emperor's successor and homemaker had attributed Laflax to the system.

The gods and demons of the heavenly world detained on the 98th floor were always attempting to influence the summer, and each time they were drawn, they had to be blocked in Allfoon.

At the time of drawing, the Bureau empowered Olfowon like a spoon, but on the contrary, Olfowon did not hesitate to prevent him from going up the stairs.

A delicate balance of three such forces has been established for thousands of years.

During the Quantum Slaughter War, there have been many near-balanced crises called Lucifer's Rebellion, but they are still letting go.

But there was also a limit to this.

Even within the administration, which should always be the back of history, there were occasional complaints, and the heavenly world was amazingly angry.

If you keep expanding, the pressure will increase. The pressure eventually reached its limit, and it had to explode. I just couldn't figure out what Trigger was.

However, the celestial system crawled up the trigger and found it.

Many high school goddesses, classified as the highest and highest in each society, try to make a living with Allfowon.

A new ally named Mahara has been forced to attack the Administration itself.

'You're planning to put two superbottles in front of you, press Allfowon and our management department at once, and then push the power you've gathered together into overwhelming quantities.' Clus was covering his face with his hands.

“I thought things were gonna be okay for a while.” It was simple because the heavens had to be detained on the 98th floor even though they had great power. It was because there was no reason to ask for them.

As with the upheaval within Olympus, the devastation of Olympus and Le Infine1rnal, and the ongoing confrontation of diplomacy and separation = 0, they were never a group that could be united.

Conflicts between factions, conflicts between societies, and the personal history of the transcendents in them. They were so vivid and personal that it was impossible for them to take orders from someone.

Nevertheless, I don't know how I came to an agreement this time, but it seemed to work together. I wasn't strong enough.


'From the time I left the administration of Laplace until now, there has been a conspiracy. Under a thorough calculation, there is a mysterious knack for placing predators that seem unrelated to each other and collecting them all at once. Who the hell is this plot?' Clus argued that there must be someone who has brought the celestial world together.

If someone hadn't stepped up and led the way, they never would have moved like this.

'The problem is we have no idea who he is. Who is it? I knew this country too well. I knew the heaven and the Orphon's tendency to go straight to the east, but I didn't have a clue what the unknown veil was planning next.

Right then.

“Director.” Suddenly, a portal opens in front of him, and someone appears.

A person who has delicate eyes and a skin that looks like he will fall quickly. He was a chief manager, primarily in the role of a chief of staff.

“What is the status of Laplace? Did you find it?" White was pursuing Lapath's trail on Kluse's orders. The rest of the humanitarian recognition was too elaborate, but on the contrary, the distinction between work and work was clear.

Fortunately, she was able to get Klaus' orders back safely this time.

“Yes, but White nodded for a moment.

Klaus narrows his eyes. White says, hesitant? It was the first time I'd seen it. Moreover, even the slightest fear was read in White's eyes.

“What's he doing?” “Laplace is where • • • is going.” Klaus rises from his seat without even knowing it.

White was referring to the head of a clearly deceased alien god.

If the dead thracian god had been in disguise with food that had been swallowed over the years, the head was the most powerful star in the body.

A history that began since the first universe was founded in chaos. What if it's God's will to observe it all? Needless to say it was dangerous.

Laplace is about conquering it.

He was about to become the true god of the dead! “Laplace became a player.

If such a man becomes King of the Kingdom, the balance of the tower will be completely broken! This guy can't even crawl between the gears. ”If the god of the other world, one of the great old things, becomes a player, The tower's function is inevitable.

It was only difficult to pierce once, because once pierced, it would be two and three in a row. Then the tower will be filled with gods of this world.

It was Klaus who found out why the tower was built when he became the managing director. It was never supposed to happen. The First Covenant of Trinity Wonders must not be broken here.

This is not a 'Not yet' day. 'Grrrgh! But Cluss' thoughts were not this. Suddenly, the whole wall of the bureau was torn apart with a huge explosion.

“Randen!” also appears as the chief administrator, Axe (19985;), with his bones covered in blood, muttering in muttering. It saved them.

All of a sudden, Klaus and White's complexion hardens.


Jerbuck- “Oh Hyo-Hyo Hyo! Truly, I wanted to give you a relaxing rest in the summary of the past." Hello, Director. Nice morning for a walk, isn't it? ”Cluss smiles as he steps over Randen's corpse and looks at the goblin with an unbelievable look on his face. The fangs protruding out from between my lips looked very ugly today.

Behind him stood Diablo of Jin (+36784;) and Laffith Lajuli of Yu (+37193;), some of the chief managers and special forces.

It was already noisy outside. The system was running everywhere, and there was a fierce battle between the attackers and the two forces that were divided into defenders.

It was a rebellion.

In addition.

He felt that all the questions in his head had been solved at once.

“Was this all you?” I've been dragging the celestial system, moving Laptop, and placing Mahhae. Then he tied up the hands and feet of Olfowan, and now he's trying to make a name for himself in the administration. It all makes sense.

If he wasn't the first super manager to win the title of "," who could have planned all this?

“Oh Hyo Hyo. A black film. I've only sent one hand to empower everyone to live well together.” Klaus ignores what Everke has to say.

for the "What the hell are you up to?" Tower.

“A tower? That's funny. You're just trying to break the balance and shake the system for the tower?” No. It's right for the tower.

To keep the tower as a tower, return to its original function. to ensure that the First Covenant is properly fulfilled.

I am committed to my duties as a manager. Ibulke added something like that.

1 tightly shut up. It was because I thought I could understand what 1-Blacke was saying.

And what he's after.

There were many things I wanted to refute. The pursuit of the covenant that he thought was at stake. But I didn't want to convince him.

The organization, including Ifuqué, has already undergone gigantic work, and there he is the only obstacle that must be overcome.

In that case.

'I'll be a good distraction.

Klaus clears his mind and opens his eyes. Then I heard something ripping from the inside of my humidity. to free the main body.

“Oh, dear. I don't think the Director's with us. It's a pity.” But unlike what Ijuke said, he takes a step back without losing his relaxed smile.

Then Diablo, standing behind him, steps forward. An impostor who, among the first administrators, was expected to form a twin wall with Klaus. Although unknown at the time, he was the first dragon.

“Director, I wanted to have a proper live fight with you one day.” At the end of the sentence.


The blood of the killer and the dragon begins.

[This is the tube on the 0th floor of the tutorial.] [You are not eligible to participate in the tutorial day. Warning! You already have the power to pass the tutorial. The tutorial is a challenging gateway to entering the tower. But if you intervene, there is a risk that the test will not be done fairly. So never intervene in the challenger's test. If an intervention is made, a corresponding penalty will be awarded.] [Warning! Tutorial is not a place for you. Rather, living here for long periods of time can adversely affect your accomplishments. It is recommended to return to the original staircase.] [Warning! You are • • • • • •.] As soon as you enter the stage of the Yeongwoo tutorial, you put your tongue in a warning message that fills the retina: 'The Purifiers took on this and ran the Arangdan, right? I should have paid less for those who came here.' Yeonwoo came up with an idea that if Arniya's dominance became strong, she would reach out to the tutorial as well. I thought that if I touched it wrong, it would be more damaging than profit.

'Regardless, Ryuttoyl was going to shut the door completely this time, but if the central administration heard about it, he was going to let it blow up.

'It's been a while since I've been here.' The tickets given by Laplace, to be precise, allowed me to retry the tutorial.

Tickets sold in small quantities only for those who do not pass through the lower levels and want to rebuild their achievements from scratch.

It was possible that the accomplishments that Yeon-woo had accumulated could fly away all at once.

I had already realized a lot that didn't really happen, but it was dangerous. As a Laplace, it was a simple prank.

Maybe that's why.

The waiting room was where the kite arrived.

The place you entered when you first opened a gate on Earth. The dark, narrow room completely surrounds you.

[372: 88: 65-04] [372: 88: 65 03] 'Has it been about two weeks?' Yeon looked at the counter and nodded quietly. We have more than a full day left. This was not enough time to capture the snake alive and study it around.


Then turn off the softening counter, and it enlarges the cognitive area around it.

'I don't see a duvet. Tutorials are usually his thing. If you think about what happened to her, you should have come straight here. He didn't snore at all. I wonder what happened.

However, Yeon-woo decided to think easily. Laplace caused such a commotion, it's hard to concentrate on the tutorial, even if it's a duvet.

It was a good thing for him to grow up not to be disturbed.

The fireworks spread the wings of fire. First of all, I thought I'd have to go through a lot of trap compartments.