Second Life Ranker

9. Akasa's Record (3)

[You have entered compartment E. Yeon folds the wings of fire and quickly leaves the cave. After a while, this tutorial reminded me of an old memory.

Don't you remember that the other challengers were dazzled, my lord? I was so frustrated. Poor bastards. "Sanon shook his head in horror, thinking of the provocative challengers who were trapped in the trap.

She glanced at the lightning as she flew past the wings of the fire.

Rather, I felt sorry for Sanon who was watching the scene.

Perhaps I don't know, but many of them would have done it at all. They were more likely to think that Yeon-woo was the same challenger as them. They'll blame themselves for all the monsters in the tower.

It was worse than destroying the stage and causing the administration to be rotten, hurting the beginners' heartache.

“That's what I said.” Why? "Most of them will be frustrated even if they enter the tower.” Somehow, Sanon couldn't argue with that. He used to be frustrated by the wall of a ranker, so he had to fall through more than 50 floors.

“If they were to stop there, it would be better to just give up and go back home.” Dae. I have nothing to say after that. "In fact, Sanon said that they were 'pure' beginners in a joke, but none of them were really pure.

Since you're qualified to challenge the answer, you've already made quite a name for yourself on every world and planet. As with any world, a pure deliverer was much harder to find than those who did not.

Moreover, as a pond that doesn't intend to leave the tower as it is, I was thinking of closing the tutorial first.

So if many of the challengers were demoralized, they didn't even know it was a good thing to grow up.

And on the one hand, it wasn't just showing off your skills.

I saw people with good qualities.

Among them, there were some who wanted to bring her to Artiya.

They had already taken their appearance on the list and handed it over to Doyle. They were probably going to move in as soon as they passed the tutorial.

It's still very fun to go through the tutorial. I feel like I've come back from time to time. I like you. "Suddenly, Arang shook slightly beside the lotus, and Lana appeared. Her long spear-grabbing face looked so refined that she led the presidential election as a blue rose before her life, but hardly ever felt relaxed as if she had always been chased. After the lion summoned, I spent the night worrying about Jungwoo, so I was even more impatient.

Then I was able to recall my childhood, so it was good for a change of mood.

Yeon-woo follows Lana, smiling slightly, and suddenly I don't see one person around.

Where's the Vampire King? 'I found it when I went through the portal, but I couldn't see it at all.

I thought I was waiting outside, but I was surprised I didn't see it. I didn't hear the location of Earl Daphne, and I wouldn't be the one to leave Lana behind. Then.

Looking for me? I turned my head to hear Yeon's voice. But strangely, nothing was seen.

Do you do it monthly? Did you open your eyes? “Where are you?" ”Yeongwoo became a silly face when she didn't see the Vampire Monarch even when she looked around.

Clearly, the voice was heard in the intellect, but there was no trace of its existence. I opened Yongsin wide to see if he was hiding, but there was no sign of him at all.

Stupid things. Look down! "Under? 'I looked down, but I couldn't see anything. It's just beagrid, the arena, and Krashna's dagger that they pulled out of the subspace and hung behind the revolution.

Suddenly, you see Vigrid shaking well.

What are you standing so distantly for? At that moment, Yeon-woo's eyes were frozen.

“No way • • • Cain, I think it's right, but I saw Vigrid with a vain laugh. As Yeongwoo pulled the beagrid out of the revolution, the shivering moments became more intense and the comforting azirang rose.

He became a fairy the size of a bird, clumping together. As it became very small, the energy was too small to recognize. However, the cold and sinister eyes remained.

“Why are you looking like that?” Why do you think it is because of me • • • Allfowon? ”Phew! He's annoying. He's rude. Yeon went to sleep with her tongue. There was a fact that I had forgotten briefly.

The Vampire Monarch has already gone through infinite battles in the Sea of Macau and transcended. The problem was that you couldn't come to the stage like that.

It was the sanctions of Allfowon.

Perhaps Yeonwoo has already faced Allfowon by inheriting the throne of death.

Luckily, I was able to slip out of it by throwing him to the many Creators and Acolytes, but if Yeon-woo had been deserting or transcending, he would have left immediately. Now I was in a tight position at the reference point, so I just no longer sanctioned it.

The Vampire Monarch, on the other hand, was different.

She already has the ability to compete with any kind of substitute. I was naturally forced to stand out in the eyes of Olfowon.

Maybe he hid his identity in a mask to avoid the attention of Olfowon.

Of course, that's not enough, so I'm taking it up with the Bureau of Administration for a while.

At that moment.

[Someone who doesn't know your name keeps an eye on you. You can feel her body peering through the sky as [someone unknown to you wants to find something].

God has a completely different view of the devil. It was full of heartless gaze with no desire or emotion at all.

It was Allfowon. I started using 'Cheonan' to see this place.

Did he feel the cost? The Vampire Monarch was also frustrated by the feeling of it. But Olfowon doesn't even want to recognize himself.

And for so long the breathtaking moment, blurred 0 1, - [someone unknown by name looks away.] The gaze was only directed elsewhere.

The sound of a violent exhaling vampire militarism was tightly mixed together: He is really annoying.

After all, I should stay here during lunch as long as I feel better. Yeon-woo nodded quietly.

Vigrid is a sword filled with the essence of many heroes. In fact, there couldn't have been a more comfortable place to stay because there was a reduction to Yeongju.

Though there was a tradition of building a bad zone, I thought it would be good for the Vampire Lords. Luckily, it seemed fine. No, she seemed more comfortable.

Good for me to grow up. Beagrid's power will rise for a while. The longer the Vampire Lord stays, the better. 'The deeper her mind goes, the more the sealed traditions of Vigrid will awaken.

However, there was a risk that Allfowon might be interested in coming back here while the Vampire Monarch did/did.

Fortunately, the Rhetorical Stage or Hidden Stage is Hidden Stage. Even if Allfowon noticed something strange, there was no limit to his intervention.

Perhaps the Vampire Lords did the calculations and the action.

By the way. You have now arrived at the Rhetorical as you requested.

Jim kept his faith as best he could as promised. The Vampire Monarch folded his arms and solemnly said. It's time to settle as promised. Yeon-woo nodded her head because she knew.

Lana looks at you nervously. I had to leave early in the early days, so I left earlier than my mother, and now I don't remember where Abiji is. Where could he be? So let me ask you. Where is the Earl? "Yeon said in a calm voice.

“77.” What? The Vampirist's eyes are wide open, and Lana looks back at Yeongwoo, saying, "What are you talking about?"

“Your husband is now tied up in Allfowon on the 77th floor.” Jang Lang-hyuk. Hyuk. A hot pot. The sound of cold shells falling onto the body of a fallen man covered in blood.

And much colder eyes and voices than that.

- That's all for now, Zhang Wei.

Zhang Wei opened his eyes. An unforgettable dream. But the dream I never wanted to have again forced him out of the world.

Kahahaha! I'm up! He wakes up! "Then Zhang Wei looks at himself and sees someone clapping and giggling.

He was hardly recognizable because he was wrapped around his body in bandages. It was hard to assess whether it was a man or a woman. Even the voices are overlapping and creepy.

At that moment, I remembered in Zhang Wei's head someone who had a similar haircut.


Super Loogie with no face.

But he hid his kind from Segae, just like he always did.

He was definitely not in contact with himself. Then why is he beside himself? Zhang Wei was instinctively bitten back at the moment. No, I tried to get bit.

It was a van habit after entering the tower and becoming an archer. If the user doesn't keep a steady distance from the opposing Pokémon, it becomes difficult to win.


“That's far enough. You'd better not move." ”In a creepy, cold voice, Jang Wei's body stiffens. Suddenly, a bandage ties up his limbs, and a swollen head points up at his neck. I was ready to be pierced.

It was such a sharp look that I thought it was someone who had just enjoyed it like a child. It was as if someone had changed in an instant.

At that moment, Zhang Wei was able to read the many kinds of energies that were floating beyond his eyes.

Archers are supposed to have excellent snow sleds because they can bend the battlefield from a long distance. Zhang Wei is the best of the archers, so he can see through a lot of what the opponent has.

Faith, in his eyes, was a monster that forced many creatures into being. Hundreds of thousands of souls are tangled up in chaos.

But among them, there was one who sank to the bottom.

The moment he faced it, Zhang Wei had to straighten his waist.

“It's been a long time, hasn't it?” A deep, sunken voice. The eyes of Py1Islis curled.

Zhang Wei was definitely the first person to hear about it, but he had once heard a lot of things out of spite. Master of Purification, Swordsman.

“How do you live with yourself?” Kim Mu-Sin definitely went from the battle with the Summer Queen to the death of Ilbo, who was beheaded by him. And thrown to the Red Dragon, Zhang Wei only thought he was dead.

But I never thought I'd live like this. It seemed like I had regained my strength at the time. Moreover, he, who was naturally mute, seemed to have overcome even his disability. Maybe it was more than that in the past.

“Suddenly, Very lucky. I was also lucky enough to save you, Mal010} but this time, the voice of Kim Mu-Sin disappeared and a worthy voice appeared. I felt a slight tingling of hard air.

• • • No kidding, Plana? ”“ Of course. "“ Ridiculous • • • Plans. The shaman who used to cleanse with the swordsman. The one who was also King's brother was right here. He couldn't believe the situation.

But do it or don't.

Faithless returned to Kim Mu-Sin and glared coldly at his eyes.

“If all kinds of strange things happen at the top of the tower, what would be weird if they happen?” Zhang Wei kept his mouth shut. He was right.

Isn't it just by looking at yourself? I was destined to die in a cold closet when I was supposed to. I accidentally came back to life and possessed this magical power.

Moreover, I was able to meet the commander who was the enemy of my sister. Though I was caught by a strange man before I even tried.

“What are you going to do with me?” Zhang Wei closed his eyes tightly.

He had already been preparing for his death since he opened his eyes. The biggest reason why cleanliness went down was yourself. For them, he was their greatest enemy. It was amazing to leave it like this.

However, if there is a grudge, you have to close your eyes and do nothing after discovering the lotus. It was a question of whether I would be able to see her work properly if I went that way.

“Haha. I guess you're mistaken about the cost.” But I felt something strange.

1--. Opening, Faithless was looking down at him coldly. A proud and independent look. At the time of leading the cleanliness, it was always the eyes of the gumiho.

“From that day on, I died and was reborn. I, no, we don't commit murder like you guys.” At that moment, the eyes vomited a bright light.

The tip of my lips slightly fluttered.


“And you can always be with us.” Zhang Wei kept his mouth shut. 'We' as Faithless says. But why does he hear "Cage"? We are the ones who keep so many beasts captive.

“But before we do, there is something we would like to offer you.” • What? ”“ Seems you have a vendetta against the king. Correct? "“ I tried to ask how he knew, but soon I realized it was a stupid question and kept my mouth shut. If it was enough to save itself from the void, Imiface had stepped on the grasslands a long time ago.

Then I don't know what your relationship with Yeon-woo will be, but you can expect a story.

“But at that time, we also have deep regrets for the king. I want you to hold hands together. Though the intentions were different in the middle, what we saw was good enough for you. It'll be a big help.” “" But that doesn't mean I'm going to lose to a barologist right away. Arnia is already much tougher than I thought, and its location is a mystery, so it's hard to get close to it. ”“ So? ”“ So we're going to take a step away from his surroundings. Just like he did, blood rushes to the periphery so no one notices. So that he can understand why he's so precious. So we first said, "At that moment, Faith's eyes burst into a blue glow.

“I intend to assassinate the King. ”